Accepting Change

A hard angle square between the Sun and Pluto along with a waxing Gemini Moon are ready for big change. If you find yourself resisting change, a nice little crisis may come along to give you an extra boost. … Continue readingAccepting Change

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Effortless action

The Gemini Moon say’s it’s a great day for learning, brainstorming, and publishing. The Aries Sun, Jupiter in Aquarius, and Venus in Taurus is favorable for finances. But the excited atmosphere can feel flustery. … Continue readingEffortless action

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New Commitment

Venus joins the waxing new moon in Taurus and it’s an excellent day for business and trading, especially alternative trade, or doing anything different from the usual, due to the still prominent cardinal mode. … Continue readingNew Commitment

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Shake Free

As Juno retrogrades, the Aries Sun sextiles Mars, and the waxing new moon triggers this year’s Saturn Uranus square, don’t be surprised if your usual mode of operation gets shaken off its foundation. … Continue readingShake Free

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Stop And Align

It might feel a little difficult to get moving today with the Void of Course moon before it finds itself in Taurus. Slowing down can allow you to make changes in order to do life more effectively and efficiently. … Continue readingStop And Align

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Finally Getting Unstuck

Merry New Moon! It’s okay if you don’t have a plan. You’re not supposed to have a plan. All you need is true passion to guide your way. Real creative inspiration is the key to this New Moon energy. Simply being your creative self can dissolve doubts and uncertainties … Continue readingFinally Getting Unstuck

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Going For It

Enjoy today’s inspired energy by opening your heart, celebrating yourself, and letting it all hang out. Sure, you might be rejected for being yourself but really, who cares? There’s a point where you get tired of playing that game and it’s time to live! … Continue readingGoing For It

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Steady Determination

Feel free to take it slow and make sure things get done right. You can feel good at the end of the day even if you only accomplished a few tasks or offered support to loved ones – as long as they were the RIGHT actions. … Continue readingSteady Determination

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DAILY ASTRO Mercury sextile Saturn Sun in Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini, Lunar Eclipse Nov 30, 2020 @ 9:44:01 am UTC Gemini 8°38´ Venus quintile … Continue readingBalance

True Security

DAILY ASTRO Venus opposite Uranus Rx, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury conjunct Juno, Pluto sextile Juno Sun in Sagittarius, Waxing Gibbous Moon in Taurus Capricorn Stellium: … Continue readingTrue Security

Final Touches

DAILY ASTRO Venus trine Ceres, Mercury trine Neptune Rx Sun in Sagittarius, First Quarter Moon in Pisces Saturn septile Neptune Rx, Venus septile Vesta, Pluto … Continue readingFinal Touches

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A Brick Wall

DAILY ASTRO Sun sextile Saturn, Venus square Saturn, Jupiter conjunct Pallas Sun in Scorpio, Waning Crescent Moon in Capricorn and Aquarius, VOC 4:29pm – 8:25pm … Continue readingA Brick Wall

Time To Build

DAILY ASTRO Mercury sextile Vesta Sun in Scorpio, Waxing Crescent Moon in Capricorn Sun semi-sextile Venus, Saturn septile Neptune Rx, Jupiter quintile Chiron Rx Capricorn … Continue readingTime To Build

True Power

Sun sextile Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas, Venus trine North Node, Jupiter conjunct Pallas, Uranus Rx trine Vesta, Neptune Rx trine Juno Sun in Scorpio, New … Continue readingTrue Power

Living True

DAILY ASTRO Capricorn Conjunction 22°: Jupiter, Pluto, Pallas Sun in Scorpio, Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo and Libra: VOC 10:58am – 4:09pm UTC Capricorn Stellium: … Continue readingLiving True

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DAILY ASTRO It’s natural and even wise to question yourself. Did you make the right decision? Are your blind spots covered? Is it worth the … Continue readingQuestions

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Not So Fast

DAILY ASTRO Before jumping into an impulsive desire, take time to close your eyes, breathe, and let it all go. Your true heart has plans … Continue readingNot So Fast

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Stand Firm

DAILY ASTRO You have immense value simply because you exist, not because of anything you earn or achieve. Stand firm on unconditional love to avoid … Continue readingStand Firm

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False Love

DAILY ASTRO You’re on the right track but your routine actions need more authenticity. If you hit a brick wall of confusion, take a break … Continue readingFalse Love

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No Limits

DAILY ASTRO You must first break free from conditioned expectations and responsibilities before you can achieve your life dream. Limitations of time, distance, money, abilities… … Continue readingNo Limits

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Moving Forward

DAILY ASTRO Buried feelings become obstacles on your path. Achieving your life goals might appear too difficult with immovable roadblocks but it’s only your rejected … Continue readingMoving Forward

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Numerology 22

The Number Of Unorthodoxy, Balancing Opposites, Precision and Efficiency, Future Vision, Soul Passion, High Potentiality, Life Success, Collective Evolution … Continue readingNumerology 22

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Numerology 8

The Number Of Money, Financial Abundance, Generous Giving, Provision, Strife and Struggle, Loneliness, Precision, Nature, Music, and Compassionate Love, Devotion to World Change … Continue readingNumerology 8

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Numerology 7

Numerology 7 Is The Number Of Religion and Spirituality, Higher Wisdom, Intuitive Research, Spiritual Development, Dream Work, and the Study of Metaphysics … Continue readingNumerology 7

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