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When You’re Addicted To Suffering

Do you know someone who likes to turn everything into a problem or an argument? Do they chase after all the wrong things? Do they somehow sabotage all the good things in their life? Is that someone you? The non-existent self (ideas ABOUT the self rather than the actual self) needs problems, conflict, and enemies […]

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True Devotion

You don’t have to remind me to eat real food, dance, walk in the sunshine, talk to people I love, meditate, and relax into sleep at night…. These things promote happy neurotransmitters and they feel good to me. But what makes us truly, honestly, and genuinely devoted to someone or something? Is it only the […]

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A Real Love Story

There’s a beautiful, epic love poem from the yogic tradition in Hinduism called Ramayana. Falling In Love When Rama, the prince of Kosala, sets his eyes on Sita, a princess, he falls hopelessly and deeply in love with her. Many princes competed to win Sita, the princess. But Rama was the one to win the […]

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Why You Aren’t Happy

One of my favorite things to do is hang out alone in a public place with my laptop and drink tea. I take up a whole table as I brainstorm, draw diagrams and write ideas in my notebook, accept my failures, scrap efforts that aren’t working, design new projects and… watch people. It’s fun to […]

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Heartbreaks And Desire

Heartbreaks. If someone leaves you and breaks your heart, is it really worth getting upset about them? Wouldn’t you celebrate the fact they’re no longer there to break your heart again? But why aren’t you celebrating? Maybe the problem isn’t that they broke your heart. Maybe the problem is that they didn’t live up to […]

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How To Deal With Injustice

Seattle has a homeless problem. When I first saw homeless people sleeping on the street at night in the cold weather, I couldn’t hold back my deep, intense emotions. I had to find a corner and let myself cry and cry and cry…. I didn’t understand how humans could let other humans suffer like that. […]

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Why Communes And Utopias Don’t Work

From Christians in the book of Acts to Zion to Kaliflower to Osho’s ranch… experiments in communal living around the world have come and gone. The Shakers, Yellow Springs, and Sointula are other failed examples. And of course, there’s Jonestown. In modern times, communes are called intentional communities, alternative or experimental communities, living ‘off-grid,’ or […]

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Who Or What Is God?

Depending on the language and culture, there are many different names for God, including: Creator of the Universe Source Tao The Great Mother Supreme Being Unified Energy Field of Consciousness Om Shiva Shakti Brahma All-Glorious Shangdi Akal Purakh [Timeless Being] Allāh Hu YHWH Elohim Jehovah I Am Jah No term or concept such as in […]

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Is There Any Truth To The Law Of Attraction?

Let’s say an unsuspecting person has a life-changing experience in self-realization. That person might become a respected leader or teacher. Entire branches of religions may develop from the teachings of this one person. As if often the case, people feel there’s some truth to the religion but ultimately, the religion fails to grasp the full, […]

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Are You An Intuitive?

How do you know if you’re an intuitive? Have you ever had a subtle but undoubtedly bad feeling about a celebrity that everyone loves and years later information comes out revealing they were involved in some scandal or pattern of abuse? That was your intuition that gave you that information. Everyone has intuitive capabilities, but […]

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The Importance Of Letting Go

“But why is my site undergoing so many spam and DDOS attacks?” That was the question I asked my web host technician. He said, EVERY website that gets traffic undergoes constant malicious attacks from spambot developers in order to steal data, send out mass junk mail, plant viruses and malware, overload your server, and increase […]

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Letting Go Of Perfectionism

Are you having a hard time accepting the fact of your mistakes? Here are some thoughts on perfectionism, spiritual holiness, eating disorders… and misery.