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Astrology is just a tool for conscious awareness to successfully navigate collective energies


Tuesday – Wednesday

June 7 – June 8, 2022

  • Sun in Gemini 16° 43′
  • First Quarter Moon in Virgo 15° 8′
  • VOC Moon trine Pluto Rx: 12:08pm Jun 8 – 3:23pm Jun 8 UTC
  • New/Full Moon: Full Moon in Sagittarius 23° 25′ 11:51am Jun 14 UTC
  • Prominent Sign: Taurus
  • Prominent Planets: Uranus
  • Prominent Polarity: Yin
  • Prominent Mode: Cardinal, Fixed
  • Prominent Element: Earth
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Octile
  • Retrogrades: Pluto Rx, Saturn Rx
  • Mars, Venus, Neptune in Signs of Rulership
  • Taurus Stellium: Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Pallas, True Node
  • Mutable T-Square: Sun, Moon, Juno
Sun 16° 50′ Gemini square Moon, quintile Jupiter, semisextile Uranus. First Quarter Moon in Virgo trine Venus, Pallas, Uranus, N Node, Mercury, Pluto Rx, opposite Juno, Neptune. Mercury quintile Juno. Mars octile Saturn Rx, quintile Pluto Rx. Neptune semisextile Saturn Rx, septile Uranus.


Moon | Cancer
First Quarter Moon in Virgo trine Venus, Pallas, Uranus, N Node, Mercury, Pluto Rx, sextile S Node, quintile Lilith, sesquiquadrate Pluto Rx, Venus, quincunx Chiron, Saturn Rx, square Sun, opposite Juno, Neptune

Emotions may be intense and you may be feeling all of them – or lost in the clouds (which is great for mystical or psychic work, but not for much else.) Emotional reactions may not have the full story. Or, maybe your pedal to the metal hits a roadblock which can trigger the monster within.

Either way, consider slowing down to avoid mistakes. But keep the body moving to avoid trapped energy, aka anxiety.

June 8-12 may be mentally challenging. There’s a lot to celebrate, but some might need to retreat, or go backward to go forward. Rely on a trusted alliance to stay grounded in the truth. Illusions abound.

Some may be going through intense heartbreak, self-criticism, self-rejection, or just a really bad mood. And it may last a while – through Oct 23. If you can let feelings be, a previously dormant Inner Force may cut through deception and become an indestructible pillar of strength. With loss, something new can begin through beautiful metamorphosis.

Emotional nurturing may come through tangible service especially in a house or home, through knowledge of medicine, or administration of basic needs or healthcare


Mars, Chiron | Aries, Virgo
Mars octile Saturn Rx, quintile Pluto Rx. Chiron quincunx Moon.

Health, body, or fitness may not be in the best shape and a reality check may be a little too real unless mentally checked out. Some may be trifling with a breaking point, but a difficult (yet rewarding) metamorphosis may offset danger from an illusion. Some may need to just keep going; results are around the corner.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Spine, first rib, breathing or lung issues, loss or injury of hands, eyes. Breathing, Endocrine Messenger System, Hormone Creation through June 8 or Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026


Sun, Ceres, Juno | Cancer, Leo, Libra
Sun 16° Gemini square Moon, quintile Jupiter, semisextile Uranus. Juno opposite Moon, quintile Mercury.

Conflict may be internal or associated with health or a friend group.

Some may be caught in a romantic illusion which is a trap that manipulates, controls, or robs energy.

It may be necessary to organize social media to alleviate mental distress. Look for people with a matured intellect to understand the mysteries of life.


Venus, Lilith, Vesta | Taurus, Cancer, Leo
Venus trine, sesquiquadrate Moon. Lilith quintile Moon.

It’s an excellent day to clean, design, or organize a home. Efficiency rules the day. Watch for underlying disagreements in a property or living situation if discussing exciting plans with a potential housemate.


Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, True Node | Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Jupiter quintile Sun, Saturn Rx until Oct 23. Saturn Rx quincunx Moon, octile Mars, semisextile Neptune. Pluto Rx until Oct 8. Pluto Rx trine, sesquiquadrate Moon. True Node trine Moon.

Happily stuck in the past can block progress in a business or career. Or, too much self-protection or inner focus can veer you off track. A social alliance is imperative, even if you don’t especially like people. Organize contacts for the win. Look for associates who are active, intelligent, and relentlessly dedicated.

Market volatility but overall, flatlining. Ups and downs may cancel each other out through June 23. Especially difficult day June 18. Potential stability or fortune after June 20 with quality investments. You may want to wait to buy back or buy in around June 20, 2022. Traditional finance structures may collapse and transition into regulated digital currency through 2025. Long term investing or hodling in companies with consistent quality production in favor. Downtrends or volatility, in that case, may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams. Remain steady.


Mercury, Uranus, Pallas | Gemini, Aquarius
Mercury trine Moon, quintile Juno. Uranus trine Moon, septile Neptune. Pallas trine Moon.

It couldn’t be a better day for travel and shopping, especially with a partner. Or, consider planning your next wild get away for a change of scenery. Romance is in the air.

Social connection is also in favor. Just watch for people with an agenda. They may not have your best interests in mind.


Neptune, Mars | Pisces, Aries
Neptune opposite Moon, semisextile Saturn Rx, septile Uranus. Mars octile Saturn Rx, quintile Pluto Rx.
Sun 16° Gemini square Moon, quintile Jupiter, semisextile Uranus. First Quarter Moon in Virgo trine Venus, Pallas, Uranus, N Node, Mercury, Pluto Rx, opposite Juno, Neptune. Mercury quintile Juno. Mars octile Saturn Rx, quintile Pluto Rx. Neptune semisextile Saturn Rx, septile Uranus.


TRIGGER EVENT through Aug 1. Powerful unexpected crisis related to war, explosions, weapons, mass violence, protests, jobs, supply chain, environment, fire, nature, culture, space, technology, social media, business, inflation, finances, crypto. Shocking event may bring loss or grief but ultimately new advancements and alliances.

Bad omen. Dying sunflower. Loss of power, failed objective, impractical dreams, unrealistic expectations, unable to execute vision in a practical way (unless others do the work, but visionary may be tyrannical, egotistical.) Danger in a zealous, moral, or religious cause. Scathing views, vitriol, sarcasm. Rushing into conflict, overconfidence in a fight. Wasted effort, especially after a struggle. Lapse in practical skill or intellect. Or, development of expertise, intellectual energy, power in planning, coordination, innovation. Invincible, untouchable, stable and secure, courage wins even under attack as pain inspires successors. Lack of strength, lack of reward or recognition, exhausted but victory close. Or, success achieved in secret, success without fame. Let go and breathe into infinite source to achieve self-evident destiny no matter how impossible.

Life mysteries, metaphysics, psychic ability, intuition, teaching, music.

Ambush, defeat. Home inheritance. Electrical, technology. Chemical burns or corrosion. Spine, first rib, breathing or lung issues, loss or injury of hands, eyes if afflicted mid Gemini.

Tomorrow: A critical degree. Ambitions of grandiosity, erratic or unpredictable excitement, high energy, missed target. Lost in a cause. Dual personality. Mental metamorphosis, from emotion or instinct to matured intellect. Inner understanding radiates power. Courage disarms enemies. Quick, unrestrained precision in action, sharp execution, an expert in quick wit or fast-changing movement. Strong power of persuasion. Success in business, politics, gaining favor of important people. Violent tragedy, homicide, separation or divorce. Sex issues or emotional sex. Romance, poetry, gifted imagination, writing a novel, eloquence in public speaking. Children. Electrical, technology. Nerves, kidney disease, second rib.

End of pandemic, freedom from lockdowns May 24, may resurface Oct 28 temporarily. Violence unleashed, powerful explosions, fires through May 29. Military leaders of honor, refined capabilities, victory or milestones of success after immense challenges May 29 through June 17. Communications errors, tech snags, vehicular conflict through June 3 and June 20. Bold rescue missions through July 5. Shock event triggers conflict or social, environmental development or tech advancement through Aug 1. Collapse of social, political structures through Oct 23. Ideologies in conflict, media propaganda, opportunistic aristocrats, manipulative influencers, large fortunes squandered or used for defense through Oct 28. Supply chain disruptions through 2025.

[Click here for daily updates on the Russia Invasion of Ukraine from an astrological perspective. Note: This page is no longer accessible for edits. Web host is working on it and will hopefully be updated soon.]