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Astrology is just a tool to connect with your intuition. Everything is energy.


Sunday – Monday

September 4 – 5, 2022

  • Sun in Virgo 12° 2′
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius 23° 1′, Moon in Capricorn
  • VOC Moon 26° 53′ trine Venus: 1:50am Sep 5 – 2:03am Sep 5 UTC
  • Full Moon in Pisces 17° 40′ 9:58am Sep 10 UTC
  • Prominent Polarity: Yang
  • Prominent Mode: Mutable
  • Prominent Element: Fire, Air, Earth, Very Little Water
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Semisextile, Sesquiquadrate
  • Retrogrades: Jupiter Rx, Saturn Rx, Uranus Rx, Neptune Rx, Pluto Rx, Vesta Rx, Chiron Rx, Juno Rx
  • Neptune Rx, Pallas, Lilith in Sign of Rulership
  • Finger of Fate: Apex Pluto Rx quincunx Venus sextile Pallas
  • Fixed Grand Cross: Saturn Rx opposite Ceres square Uranus Rx, Nodes
  • Yin Cradle: Sun opposite Juno Rx, trine Uranus Rx, N Node, Lilith
  • Venus in Virgo (Sep 5)
  • Moon sextile Saturn Rx, Vesta, square Neptune Rx, trine Venus, VOC, Moon in Capricorn, sesquiquadrate Uranus Rx, N Node
  • Venus sextile Pallas
  • Neptune Rx septile True Node
  • Juno Rx trine S Node, sextile N Node
  • Chiron Rx semisextile Juno Rx, True Node
  • Vesta Rx novile Jupiter Rx, semisextile Pluto Rx
  • Lilith square Chiron Rx, trine Juno Rx, S Node, sextile N Node
Finger of Fate. Fixed Grand Cross. Feminine Cradle. Sun 12° Virgo. Waxing Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius sextile Saturn Rx, Vesta, square Neptune Rx, trine Venus, VOC, Moon in Capricorn. Lilith square Chiron Rx, trine Juno Rx, S Node, sextile N Node. Yang Mutable Fire.


Some may be avoiding emotions or overindulging in escapism. For others, unstable emotional extremes may be in play, but if you dive in deeper, you may encounter a strangely confident inner calm. Breathe in the atmosphere of serenity and full joy even through the most excruciating challenges.

Saturn Rx: Some may be going through intense heartbreak, self-criticism, or just a really bad mood. And it may last a while – through Oct 23. If you can let feelings be, a previously dormant Inner Force may cut through deception and become an indestructible pillar of strength. With loss, something new can begin through beautiful metamorphosis.

Emotional nurturing may come through socializing, expressing opinions or ideals, having fun, moving your hips, or spoiling loved ones. Watch for overconfidence or emotional avoidance.


Do you tend to overindulge? Or do you have a good sense of balance and moderation? Consider a more polished, sophisticated fashion sense or style, and do the same with food and dining – if you’d like to enjoy a long life of health and happiness. Consider natural medicine for the cure.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Hepatic Arteries. Inflamed Intestines, Liver, Posterior, Backside, Buttocks, Soles of Feet, Foot Arches through Sept 5. Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026.


The warning is over-rated friends or overvaluing friendships, which can have fated results. Also watch for deceptive allurement, which will fade or put a romance on the rocks. Trying to prove self-worth or protect self can hurt someone precious or lead to wrong choices or ambitions. Gentle soothing harmony is more powerful than all of your enemies combined, which may include controlling, smothery parents, envious friends, or the whole world that ignores you. The weapons of enemies only hurt themselves. Someone who appears shy or uninterested may actually be calm, balanced. But honesty is far better than hiding behind a lie, which may be exposed.


Someone may be quite talented with organizational abilities, which can make a home feel soothing, and almost magical. A flower garden or medicinal herb garden can do the same.


If you’re inspired and strangely competent yet not overly ambitious, success is very likely for you especially in business or fine arts. Balance a rich, intuitive imagination with practical, active work for legendary fame.

Careers, investments in favor today: Business, Horticulture, Animal Trainer, Fine Arts, Fine Arts Connoisseur, Acting, Music, Lyrics, Poetry, Painting, Natural Medicine, Herbal Therapy, Intuitive Arts.


Taking most difficult financial challenges in stride with a smile. Fortune, wealth even without money or inheritance. Poverty no concern. Do you believe wealth should be more equally distributed?

FINANCE MARKETS: Final downturn, sideways action Aug 12-Oct. Potential trend reversal Sept 9. Bottom, Low: Oct 1-11, esp 6-9. Sept-Oct Possible bailout results in future crash 2031. Sell potential before Nov 8 or hodl. 2022 – 2026 Finance scandals. Potential buy March 2023. Traditional finance structures collapse and transition into REGULATED digital currency through 2025. Long term investing in ‘wonderful companies’ with consistent quality production in favor. Downtrends or volatility, in that case, may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams. Remain steady, RESILIENT. 2031 – 2037 Potential financial collapse, market shift to China?


Someone may really like entertainment, sports, friends, food and fun. Also, animals and learning, or school. However, friends may be a little too important, which can destroy a whole life. Caution advised.

If you’re forgetful, that may come back to bite you – or poison you.

Avoid impulse decisions through October 2022. Think it through.


“A large black cloud, around which are bright silver lights.” — The 360 Symbolic Degrees


Progressives, progressive.

Birds, animals, animal trainers.

Rollercoaster ride of challenges, emotional extremes, failure and success. Misfortune, treacherous schemes. Violence. Chemicals, poison. Masculine, Son, Father, Husband.

Trusts Divine Providence through the most difficult challenges. Unveiling of mysteries long protected by secrecy. “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride.” Masculine action empowers artistic feminine, dream visualization, nature.

Ancient cosmology. Devoted to various disciplines of natural medicine, relics, holy places, temples, churches, statues, pictures of saints, world religions throughout time – which symbolize true analogies, divine ideas, concepts. Secret meaning of rites with personified deities. “A rose on a Greek cross (the Rosicrucian symbol).” Attracted to occult science, diagnosis with pendulum, intuitive arts, possible opportunity for a real initiation.

“A dog sniffing a dead animal.” “Searching for clues, you probe the straight line and the intricate curve, tapping the mind’s powers for intricate operations. Prone to find the pathological, the destructive, and the inverted, the bloodhound sleuth checking everything out everywhere. Curious, fascinated, alive with speculations, hunches, notions. Wanting to track something down, to get resolution. Needing to know, poking about in the dark. You possess remarkable senses and an almost purely telepathic mind, tremendously skilled and adroit. But you can get poisoned by skepticisms and by too heavy an exposure to the dark underbelly of things. Desperate to learn how to also accept and embrace all that is, unconditionally, to let go into rightfulness and goodness in the very thick of things being rotten and pervasively wrong.— The 360 Symbolic Degrees

Internal and external conflict, roadblocks, blockages, transportation issues, collision.

Weapons, assaults, fire, explosion, energy, oil, gas, chemicals, poison, illness.

Aug 20 – March 23 (Mars in Gemini): Fraud exposed. Media wars, media revolution. Innovative communications, new ways to trade. Fast-changing viral news, aggressive propaganda, weaponized words, incisive litigation. Witty humor, distractions, information overload, micromanaging, neurosis. Cyber attacks, cyber harassment, data leaks, online scams. Transportation crisis, traffic issues, chaos in the air. School violence, violent protests. Family deception, neighbor conflict. Fighting words: Utilize subterfuge, wise, measured response for community harmony. Sep 10 – Oct 2 (Mercury Rx): Peak of vague, confusing communications. Tech snags. Oct 30 – Jan 12 (Mars Rx): Lockdowns, censorship. Vehicular incidents, especially military. Double down learning, publishing for extraordinary results, or make corrections.

UPCOMING: Viral spread Oct 28-Dec 20 (Jupiter in Pisces.) Collapse of social, political structures, alliances, karmic judicial issues of past through Oct 23 (Saturn Rx.) Ideologies in conflict, religious controversy, media propaganda, opportunistic aristocrats, manipulative influencers, large fortunes lost or used for defense through Oct 28 (Jupiter in Aries.) Global illusions through Dec 4 (Neptune Rx.) Sudden change in material assets, home, technology, supply chain through 2025 (Uranus in Taurus.)

August 30, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse [Partial] in Taurus, Venus 27° joins Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces


Misplaced hope in a global illusion. Rebellion.

March 16, 2023

Saturn in Pisces


The start of the greatest shifts in global consciousness of our time.

August 2023

Multiple planets in 4th Quadrant at 27° success degree.


International alliance may reach a powerful or successful agreement such as a formal acceptance into a diplomatic major world alliance.

November 1, 2023

Pluto’s last pass over 27° Capricorn


Completion of transformation related to career, government, underground wealth, new security structure after collapse.

Aside from war and violence, there’s potential for deep intimacy, unity, harmony, and unique courage, relentless determination, or achievement on a grand scale – as long as disciplined hard work and grounded common sense are utilized. This powerful energy in alliances can be used for different purposes. It’s vital to keep your head clear and avoid conflict, if possible.