Tarot: The Hanged Man

Loss and Misfortune (From The Material Perspective), Sacrifice, A Soul Awakening

A soul awakening is the most fulfilling life experience for a human.

We begin to break free from the limitations and illusions of the physical realm such as poverty, loss and death.

We begin to understand that we’re eternal souls who can never die, and our power and wisdom extends far beyond this temporary physical vehicle.

But an awakening isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, it’s not only a blissful life experience. It’s also a painful one, sometimes requiring terrifying sacrifices, but sacrifices we can’t avoid if we seek to stay true to ourself.

When we realize the physical realm is made up of illusions, material things and activities begin to lose their significance. We might even lose our ambitions for the usual hopes and dreams such as marriage, children, houses, cars and vacations.

In fact, these mundane responsibilities might turn into a prison. The higher consciousness can’t bear the pain of such excruciating bodily limitations. Enslavement to earthly hierarchies, consumerism and working 9-5 jobs seem foolish and senseless.

Instead we prefer to function from the soul, rather than the programmed mind enslaved to social conditioning. We’d much rather invest our energy expanding our consciousness and understanding the mind-blowing secrets of the universe and existence.

But that gets us into plenty of trouble with the rest of the world. We might lose friends, family, our reputation, our job and our material security….

Yet that’s the sacrfice required to awaken to our most authentic self, and our true wealth and security – both material and beyond. Letting go of our attachments to the ways of the world is our initiation. Welcome to The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man by MitsukiHayashi at Deviant Art, Mary-El Tarot, Druid Craft Tarot and azurylipfe at Deviant Art, intuitivefish.com
The Hanged Man by MitsukiHayashi at Deviant Art, Mary-El Tarot, Druid Craft Tarot and azurylipfe at Deviant Art, intuitivefish.com

When The Hanged Man Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: How much are you willing to sacrifice to enjoy the health you desire? The key isn’t to restrain yourself or work hard through sweat, blood and tears…. The key is to let go of popular or commonly accepted health protocols and confidently follow the rare wisdom of your higher insights. This might require a radical departure from conventional fitness and medicine.

Occupation and Finances: Are you bored with your job? Does it feel like drudgery? Ready for something entirely different? The Hanged Man sure seems to think so! But it will likely require loss and even misfortune, at least from the perspective of the material world. From a higher perspective, you’ll achieve the kind of wealth and success that money can’t buy.

Relationships: It sounds like a relationship is ready for the next level of love, trust or intimacy. But understand the cost. It will require inner work, a letting go of old traumas and lifeless routines. If you and your loved one or partner can move forward with abandon, the transformation will take you beyond your wildest dreams.

Hidden Meaning: The severe limitations of the physical world contain wisdom. We chose this life of temporary illusions before our incarnation because we knew it would ultimately deepen and expand our awareness of our unlimited sovereignty.

The Hanged Man from Lumina Tarot Inner Hue
The Hanged Man from Lumina Tarot Inner Hue

Reversed: A reversed Hanged Man might indicate someone who feels it’s important to fit in with the crowd. They might self-identify according to their gender, skin color, level of privilege, or the country in which they live. Or maybe they’re hanging on to past self-concepts or constricting labels, rather than embracing their self-empowered, carefree soul. Instead of welcoming the inner transformation required to experience a more successful life, or a more intimate or accepting love, they clutch the false security of human institutions – even if they’re miserable. They’re unwilling to fully awaken to their inner truth and higher consciousness, as they cling to antiquated conventions and stale ambitions of security or worldly success. Or perhaps they fear the pain of progress, so progress isn’t made. The Hanged Man reversed also could indicate a decline, downturn or descent. Or a betrayal of trust.

Advice: It’s time for an entirely new perspective on life. We’re talking about the beginning of a deep life transformation. Yes, it will be scary as you step into the unknown. Yes, it will require some excruciating sacrifices as you let go of empty, meaningless life pursuits. But it will be worth the dynamic, elated, self-empowered life ahead. Plus, you’re ready for it; otherwise, this card wouldn’t have showed up in your life. Let go, and take your leap of faith.

Astrological Association: Aquarius

Timing: “Major Arcanas mean that no timeframe is specified but instead the issue indicated by the card must first be resolved. Reversals should be noted, as with this system they represent obstacles that must be overcome before the event can occur.” – Barbara Moore

Yes or No: No or small maybe. Spiritually yes; physically no

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