9 of Cups

9 Of Cups

Creative Work, High Quality Art, Inner Fulfillment

Upright: Creative work, creating art, utilizing creative abilities, creative imagination, creative quality, artistic quality, high quality art, creative manifestations, enjoying your creations, creating from soul passion and an abundance of energy, contentment that comes from being creative, creating from a sense of fulfillment, inner creative source, in harmony with the universe, natural health and beauty, emotional awareness, emotional sensitivity, emotionally fulfilled, enjoying the physical senses, intellectually and emotionally satisfying creativity, joy from results of work, benefiting others, material security from creative work, future assured, a sense of well-being, enjoying the finer things of life, doing work from a sense of love, nurturing family, teaching others, compassionate service, showing sympathy and consolation toward others

The 9 of Cups is 

Reversed: Disappointment in materiality, distorted belief of beauty, a romantic illusion, lost in a romantic fantasy, pretentious emotional fulfillment, an insincere display of joy, feigned loyalty to job, family, and friends, spoiling family or children, giving with the expectation of being loved, looking for love, sympathy or consolation from others, socializing to get something from people, mistakes, overly sensitive, emotional extremes, emotional pain, loss of hope, profound sadness or disappointment, overindulgence, addiction, lack of strength to stand up for yourself

The Reversed 9 of Cups tends to give in order to receive. There may be feigned loyalty or happiness to maintain a false sense of security in relationships. In reality, there may be profound unhappiness or a romantic delusion as well as a lack of strength to honor your own interests or life passion.

9 of Cups by [If you know the name of this deck, please contact me], Cosmic Tarot, azurylipfe at Deviant Art and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com
9 of Cups by [If you know the name of this deck, please contact me], Cosmic Tarot, azurylipfe at Deviant Art and Shadowscapes, intuitivefish.com

The 9 Of Cups In A Reading

Mental or Physical Health: There may be a need to consider more natural alternative health remedies. Natural health, as opposed to artificial beauty, can be more fulfilling for you as well as contribute to your longevity. If inquiring about a certain health remedy or protocol, it will be of benefit for you as long as its natural or organic.

Mental or Physical Health Reversed: The 9 of Cups Reversed can refer to an eating disorder. Or it can signify overindulgence binging, or an addiction as a way to cope with emotional overwhelm. Focus on emotional balance to increase the quality of your energy, as emotional extremes may be draining you. Utilize your creative skills for a sense of inner fulfillment which will carry over to your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Profession and Finances: You may not be emotionally-fulfilled in your current occupation or there may be a need to practically apply your creative talents in your career, or look for a career where you have more creative freedom. You can trust that your creative abilities can provide material security especially if it’s work that also benefits or supports others. Or, look for intellectual and emotional satisfaction from doing your job well. Profession: Teaching, compassionate service, any kind of creative career, especially music or acting.

Profession and Finances Reversed: You may be sacrificing your soul and taking on excessive work in order to make others happy, yet this only results in dissatisfaction with your work or mistakes made. Ensure you’re doing your work first and foremost for your own genuine sense of fulfillment and to produce your best effort, and others will be satisfied too.

Relationships: You thrive best in emotionally-fulfilling relationships, authentic love, and high quality connections. There may be a need to open up to more intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying people that make you feel secure. If inquiring about a certain relationship, there may be a need to establish more of an emotional connection or deeper intimacy which will result in a favorable outcome. Your greatest fulfillment comes from nurturing your family.

Relationships Reversed: You or another may be socializing or helping others only to get love in return. Or overly sacrificing self for family or loved ones. The 9 of Cups Reversed can refer to disappointment in a relationship. There may be a need to honor your own life passion first which will provide the love and energy to give to others.

Advice: Allow the ever-present exquisiteness, energy, and abundance of nature to fulfill you in the life areas of health and your creative work.

Advice Reversed: You may be not as fulfilled with your life, career, health or relationship as you might appear. Playing the role or trying to focus on or believe you’re happy, healthy, or in love won’t make it come true. Buried emotions may need attention. Honoring your honest feelings can awaken you to your higher creative abilities.

Astrological Association: Taurus

Suit: Cups (Relationships and Society) in the 5th House

Swords (Profession and Finances)

Wands (Life Pursuits or Soul Passion)

Pentacles (Creative Inspiration, Material Creation, and Children)

Timing: Number 9 in Numerology of the Day, Month, or Year

Yes or No: ‘Yes’ if upright, ‘maybe’ if reversed

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