Numerology 1

Numerology 1 Desire

The Number of Self-Development, Desire and Sexuality, The Force of Passion, War, And Authoritative Leadership

Numerology 1 Gemstones: Amber, Topaz
Numerology 1 Colors: Orange, Bronze
Numerology 6 Power Numbers:
Numerology 1 Power Days: Sunday, Monday
Numerology 1 Symbols: The Sun, Father, Monad, The Self, Phallus, Illuminated Male
Numerology 1 Planet or Star: Mars, Some Sun Qualities
Numerology 1 Astrology: Aries, Leo

Numerology 1 Traits

Numerology 1 is associated with:

  • Divine Inspiration
  • Cultivating Original Ideas
  • Opening Up To The New
  • Desire Energy, The Desire To Manifest Or Create Material Form, The Force of Passion Needed To Create
  • Awakening To Desire and Sexuality
  • Daring Ambition, Pride Of Purpose
  • Accomplishing Your Life Mission, Striving Toward Progress
  • Self-Development, Self-Determination, Self-Centered, Separate from the Multitude, Chasm
  • Fighting For Survival and Existence, Desire For War, Military Exercises and Drills, Weaponry
  • The Cause of Truth
  • Tests That Strengthen
  • Chaos, Life Crises, Accidents
  • Bodily Organs, Physical Illness

Numerology 1 might exhibit these traits:

  • Raw Honesty
  • Decisiveness
  • Assertive When Confident
  • Arrogance if Lacking Confidence
  • Lacking Motivation Or
  • Aggression Until Creative Inspirations Are Accepted
  • Unwavering Loyalty
  • Religious or Spiritual Devotion, Piety, Reverence
  • Selfish
  • Cold and Rational
  • Extremely High Standards
  • Their Own Worst Enemy
  • Requiring Variety, Respect for Diversity
  • Empathy, Sympathy
  • Harmony or Agreement of Interests or Feelings
  • Magnetic, Powerful
  • Excellent Communication Skills (Like Number 3’s)
  • Creative Talent, Unique Creativity
  • Doing Things Their Own Way

Numerology 1 Mental and Emotional Health

Number 1’s can easily fall into despair, especially if they haven’t discovered or developed an occupation they love and thrive upon. Number 1’s can be overly dependent on others – intellectually, emotionally, romantically, financially dependent… which can make them rather aggressive or controlling until they realize their need and desire for self-reliance. Once they embrace their self-sufficiency, they’re able to respect the freedom of others.

Numerology 1 Skills, Finances, and Professions

Number 1’s derive their sense of life fulfillment primarily from their occupation, and can fall into despair if they don’t find a career they love. Fortune might come from unexpected sources, although 1’s care more about loving their work and achieving a genuinely fulfilling than making money.

Their skills involve creative talent and it’s an original or unique kind of creative talent. They have plenty of ideas and inspirations but their greatest challenge is confidence in using those ideas to succeed. They’re skilled as a visionary who’s always striving toward progress and creating new opportunities.

They rarely enjoy working for others. Their primary career aim is to become a natural authority (rather than a controlling force) in their creative field and are willing to take responsibility that comes with that position. If they aren’t given enough space to express leadership skills and abilities, they might back off and allow a whole project or endeavor to fall apart.

  • Advisor
  • Any Career That Involves A Stage
  • Architect
  • Army Officer
  • Barista
  • Business Owner
  • Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Commissioned Salesperson
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Construction Worker
  • Consultant
  • Crisis Worker
  • Director
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Executive
  • Foreman
  • Forestry and Conservation
  • Future Technology Engineer
  • Healer
  • Innovator
  • Inventor of New Methods
  • Mentor or Guide
  • Military Commander
  • Personal Trainer
  • Philanthropist
  • Political Leader
  • Program Writer
  • Promoter of New Methods
  • Publisher
  • Researcher
  • Social Activism Leader
  • Solo Entrepreneur
  • Sports Official
  • Surgeon
  • Sustainability Specialist
  • Writer – Fiction, Biography, Instructional, Self-Enrichment

Numerology 1 Relationships

Number 1’s experience challenges in romantic or personal relationships because of their self-sufficient nature or innate need and desire for self-sufficiency which they may or may not be aware of. Still, being in love is vital to number 1, even if they have a difficult time finding genuine love. They aren’t satisfied when they settle for a relationship where real, fulfilling love is lacking. They want to see love in action and not just the words. Honesty is highly important to them.

Numerology 1’s are extremely loyal, although their high standards can also create distance between themselves and those they love. It can take Numerology 1 many years to realize they’re deserving of admiration because of their strong convictions and courageous life calling. They might place high demands on themselves, and therefore on others. They can feel disappointed when they realize no one can meet their high expectations. Because their mission is self-sufficiency, they might need to make a conscious effort to make relationships a priority if they want to experience love. They primarily find their fulfillment in life from their work, and relationships are less of a focus.

Numerology 1’s aren’t necessarily romantic but when healthy, they encompass the energy of passionate desire.

Before Number 1’s awaken to and accept their own need for independence, they can be manipulative and controlling, especially of their children. They can be cold and inconsiderate as their life purpose is development of the self. Once they start awakening to and embracing their authentic self and their self-reliance, they become much more lenient with those under their mentorship – allowing others to be who they are too.

1’s are attracted to people who are strong on individuality and purpose and are naturally devoted to those they respect and admire. They’re wonderful conversationalists because they tend to speak honestly and fearlessly. If others believe in them, this brings out their fullest capacity.

Drawn to numbers 2, 4, 6, 8.

Numerology 1 Life Path And Soul Path

Number 1’s at their highest potential are the visionaries, leaders, and courageous achievers. They’re capable of plowing straight through obstacles. Number 1 is the powerful thrust of energy needed to create within its own quantum field. In Palmistry, Number 1 is associated with the Mount of Apollo.

Success is wildly important for the evolution and vitality of numerology 1, especially success in their profession. They want to experience some element of glory in their lifetime, as this brings out their most authentic self. Numerology 1’s primary focus is self-development which means awakening to and being their true self.

They like to develop things, although they thrive best when they’re on front and center stage. If they have enough of freedom, they rise to the top of any endeavor. They revolt against the slightest restraint.

Number 1’s generally possess an inborn sense of fashion and style. They appreciate beauty and fine things, they require variety, and have extremely high standards for everything.

They have strong opinions because they’re divinely inspired. They can intuitive sense what’s true and keenly sense when everyone is asleep to it. They can be confident and assertive when they’re listening to and revering their own inspirations; otherwise, they tend to let others use and manipulate them. When they aren’t using their creative talent, expressing their truths, or experiencing the adventures of life, number 1’s can be stubborn, immovable, and set in their ways. Instead of leading, they find themselves mindlessly following the crowd. If this continues, they can fall into deep despair. There’s a need to awaken to their life mission.

Eventually, number 1 gains the respect they need and want after they learn to accept, trust and follow their inner passion. Their primary aim is to pour their life into an explicit line of work, and to gain an audience, achieve celebrity status, or that aforementioned respect for their authority in their creative field. 1’s might feel frustrated, repressed, and unmotivated until they learn to prioritize freedom which they need to follow their grand inspirations.

Numerology 1 Major Life Cycles

Life Cycle 1 It can be painful to watch other people attain status and achievement, but you can attain these things too after you learn to trust your instincts, intuition, and inspirations. Your primary life aim during this Cycle is to become and be your individuated self. As you thrive on finding creative solutions to problems you’ll want to move toward a position or new path where you can utilize this skill for others. If you don’t feel confident, you might come across as arrogant. Once you have the confidence to be your inspired self, you can better harmonize with society. Because of your strong need for independence at this time, you might be inclined to reject support from those who would be happy to assist you. Support is needed to awaken to your powerful life mission. You might not feel capable, but you’ll be glad you invested in people you admire and respect in order to build your community of support.

Life Cycle 2 It’s time to seek a new path during this Life Cycle by allowing your instinct and intuition to be your guide. Nothing feels satisfying apart from living a genuinely fulfilling life. How does one achieve a genuinely fulfilling life? That comes from remembering we determine for ourself how we experience reality. Enjoying a fulfilling life needs to be a top priority. Who and what brings out your inner passion? You’re being prepared for and challenged with inspiring leadership capabilities, but insecurity and arrogance can be your downfall. If you’re awake to your life passion, that provides all the confidence you need. Natural authority and leadership allows others to be who they are, and do what they love because that’s what you’re doing. When you’re honestly fulfilled in life, you naturally become less aggressive and controlling, and more allowing and passive.

Life Cycle 3 This is not the time to retire or slow down. During this Life Cycle, you might experience changes in life that draw out your heart’s ambition and your will power. You might encounter opportunities to express your unique and creative ideas. Or you might have to create your own opportunities through pure desire and self-determination. This is the time to accept your capabilities and desire for glory – meaning, the glory of authentic, personal excellence. It will be every bit of worth it.

Numerology 1 Challenges

Life challenges for you might involve a tendency to fall for toxic people until you realize how much you want someone you can trust and respect. After you learn to stand on your own two feet, it will be much easier to wait for the right partner. You might also be challenged to turn your vision into reality with courageous ambition. You might lack motivation in life until you accept your honest desires, embrace your creative inspirations, and confidently follow your divine vision. Remember, you determine how you experience reality. You also determine your responses to life and others. You might be competitive when it comes to expressing yourself – like Number 5’s – although Numerology 1’s might only feel competitive with their self. Life Challenge Numerology 1’s need to watch for bossiness.

Numerology 1 Personal Year And Current Numerology

This is a time to take responsibility for your life experiences or how you experience reality. This is achieved by becoming more self-focused without being inconsiderate of others. Self-focus means honoring your life passion and creative inspirations. It will take some guts but it’s time to embrace new ideas, new opportunities, originality, or achieve what’s never been done before.

Repeating Number 1’s

Noticing recurring 1’s in your environment is a sign you’re personally evolving. It can also be a signal for new beginnings. Repeating 1’s are a call to open up to a wider range of possibilities, and start putting your creative ideas into action or your vision into material form. Your ambition might look and feel like conceit unless you’re following your honest life passion. Authentic inspirations aren’t as concerned about reputation and success as they are about genuinely enjoying your contributions to the world. This is the time to use your instincts and intuition to fully merge with your most authentic or truest potential for success. Recurring or repeating 1’s are also reminder that you determine your own experiences of reality. So choose wisely.