Tarot: The High Priestess

The Divine Feminine, Repose, Devotion To Art, Nature and the Sacred, Wealth Consciousness

The High Priestess, or Divine Feminine, is often deliberately (and not without purpose) misunderstood as incapable, naive, slow or slothful, and even dumb.

But she’s far more powerful and efficient than we’re conditioned to believe, at least when she’s honored and allowed to rest secure in her rightful intuitive place – without persecution and without being viewed as a possession.

The High Priestess as the symbol of ‘womanhood’ {which is the polarity of The Magician as symbolic of ‘manhood} represents creativity, art, and its resulting earthly wealth.

Who dares to define feminine energy {within us all} with the sacred worship she deserves for her creative, natural abundance? Certainly not patriarchy.

This card also signifies devotion, dependability, durability and repose. It speaks of passive resistance or an attitude of waiting.

The High Priestess by grisabele at Deviant Art, Tarot Illuminati, Mystic Faery Tarot and Phantomwise Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The High Priestess by grisabele at Deviant Art, Tarot Illuminati, Mystic Faery Tarot and Phantomwise Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The High Priestess Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You might be dealing with female hormonal or reproductive issues. Honor the sacredness of nature and repose. Or perhaps you simply need more stability in your mental and emotional processes. Buried or ignored thoughts and feelings might be manifesting through your mental and physical health. Become aware of what is controlling you from behind the scenes in order to diffuse its power over you. You might secretly desire your aversions.

Occupation and Finances: At this point in your career, you may need to focus on stability, constancy and devotion to your work. You might need endurance to reach your fortune as opposed to active passion. If you’re considering an occupation involving art or the magical arts, this card is your confirmation, as well as a good omen for wealth.

Relationships: In a relationship, The High Priestess might encourage you to remain loyal, quiet, inactive and confident in your own conscious, inner richness, awaiting the person who can see and appreciate your art, intuition or magic. If you haven’t already discovered this believer, passively refuse to be possessed by the person who’s incapable of adoring you. They’ll either learn to stop lazily resisting their own divinity, or you’ll attract someone who’s a loyal admirer.

Hidden Meaning: The field of manifestation is a neutral power. It goes where we direct it, whether we’re conscious of our power or not.

The High Priestess by casimir0304 at Deviant Art
The High Priestess by casimir0304 at Deviant Art

Reversed: A reversed High Priestess might indicate a tumultuous period of agitation, unrest, excitement or commotion. It symbolizes an imbalance of opposites, and therefore a loss of clarity, knowledge or control. Someone or something is unpredictable, or it’s difficult to tell what’s what. It refers to effervescence, bubbling and fermentation, to be exact. If the inquiry is in regard to health, a certain food or substance might be agitating your intestines. There may be a need to cultivate your gut slowly with fermented foods and probiotics. In a relationship, a female might possess more masculine traits such as power, dominance, action and intellect as opposed to passivity, submission and emotion. She refuses to open the door to her inner self, wisely or otherwise. Or someone may be withholding information, intentionally or unintentionally. Whatever the case, there’s a need to {gently} cultivate the soil and regain balance between inner masculine and feminine energies. There’s a need to awaken, support, and express feminine qualities which are suppressed. Make sure your head and your actions are following your heart and intuition.

Advice: When we become aware of our power, it can no longer be used by ourself or others to create undesirable circumstances. It’s time to stop resisting life; and respect, possess and rest confidently in your personal magic or creativity. Get out of your own way so your inner richness can effortlessly manifest into physical reality. Whatever your situation, remain constant, stable and enduring – no matter what comes at you. Openly receive what honors your sacredness, and passively oppose what does not.

Astrological Association: Moon

Timing: “Major Arcanas mean that no timeframe is specified but instead the issue indicated by the card must first be resolved. Reversals should be noted, as with this system they represent obstacles that must be overcome before the event can occur.” – Barbara Moore

Yes or No: Yes but later


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