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Intuitive Fish
5-Planet Triple Scorpio
with a 12th House Stellium
and a Pisces North Node
Numerology 1 and 11

Is astrology a hoax? In fact, yes. Most people use the intuitive arts in a superstitious way which is nothing more than a DELUSION.

However, there’s knowledge that you KNOW that you don’t realize you know….

Astrology, tarot, numerology, etc are mere TOOLS that allow you to bypass social conditioning and mental programming in order to RECONNECT with your common sense intelligence as well as your own honest feelings.

The intuitive arts allow you to get in touch with your INTUITION. Your ‘gut feeling’ is what you KNOW but forgot that you know.

There’s nothing “magical” or “dark” about the intuitive arts. They’re simple, innocuous TOOLS which can be used the wrong way or the right way.

Your common sense logic, honest feelings, and intuition all work together to help you make the right choices, achieve your best potential, and experience your best life. The intuitive arts are a fun and wonderful way to reconnect with your intuition and live your BEST LIFE.


“Elizabeth has a remarkable insight into all things divine. Her intuition and discernment are spot-on….” – Kelsey

“Elizabeth has a connection to the divine, unseen mysteries of this world. She was able to offer me guidance that my inner most soul had been whispering! It was like she illuminated things that had been vague, but starting to take shape for me, and emboldened those inner soul whisperings.” – Amanda Christine

“My consultation gave me answers I have been searching for and have been unable to either find or accept. My consultation gave me such a feeling of relief. I have never felt so seen before. I was surprised by the great advice I received about my relationships with others…. I feel like I have gained great knowledge for moving forward.” – Katie, Student

Daily Astro

Gemini Moon square Saturn

All the joy is right where you are, as you are. Psychic day but escapism keeps you stuck. Deep sex mysteries only revealed to the mature. Attraction flips to repulsion. Contradictory comms, evacuation blocked. Design projects in favor. Wait for investments to mature. … Continue readingGemini Moon square Saturn

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Sun square Pluto

Anticlimactic day but must make dreams concrete in real world. To avoid consequences or attacks, don’t rush. Make right choice of alliance for secure, emotional connection. Discord, impolite, cruelty. Destruction, theft. Consistency and diplomacy eventually prevail. … Continue readingSun square Pluto

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Eclipse square Pluto

Harsh reality check makes it easier to compromise. For calm through crisis, learn universal harmonics principles. Let light, dark dance together. Stay connected, turn on lights, go outside. Brand new energy but first, cut false connections. After rebirth, spread joy. … Continue readingEclipse square Pluto

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Saturn trine S Node

Excellent day to start at bottom, work to top. Don’t push too much, ambitions lose steam. Some in darkness. Mature self-analysis required. Painful past inspires beautiful future. You’re never alone. Opportunistic aristocrat, fighters, empty show of power. Build home. … Continue readingSaturn trine S Node

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