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Intuitive Fish
5-Planet Triple Scorpio
with a 12th House Stellium
and a Pisces North Node
Numerology 1 and 11

Is astrology a hoax? In fact, yes. Most people use the intuitive arts in a superstitious way which is nothing more than a DELUSION.

However, there’s knowledge that you KNOW that you don’t realize you know….

Astrology, tarot, numerology, etc are mere TOOLS that allow you to bypass social conditioning and mental programming in order to RECONNECT with your common sense intelligence as well as your own true feelings.

The intuitive arts allow you to get in touch with your INTUITION. Your ‘gut feeling’ is what you KNOW but forgot that you know.

There’s nothing “magical” or “dark” about the intuitive arts. They’re simple, innocuous TOOLS which can be used the wrong way or the right way.

Your common sense logic, true feelings, and intuition all work together to help you make the right choices, achieve your best potential, and experience your best life. The intuitive arts are a fun and wonderful way to reconnect with your intuition and live your BEST LIFE.


“Elizabeth has a remarkable insight into all things divine. Her intuition and discernment are spot-on….” – Kelsey

“Elizabeth has a connection to the divine, unseen mysteries of this world. She was able to offer me guidance that my inner most soul had been whispering! It was like she illuminated things that had been vague, but starting to take shape for me, and emboldened those inner soul whisperings.” – Amanda Christine

“My consultation gave me answers I have been searching for and have been unable to either find or accept. My consultation gave me such a feeling of relief. I have never felt so seen before. I was surprised by the great advice I received about my relationships with others…. I feel like I have gained great knowledge for moving forward.” – Katie, Student

Daily Astro


It’s a good day to focus on a completely different future. Entangled in conflict. Crusades. Scheming individuals, no real solutions, regret. Bombs, explosions. Angels of hope. Light after darkness is matured, unpretentious. Now you’re ready. … Continue readingCrusades

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It’s a good day to communicate to keep minor issues from snowballing. Freeloaders, plagiarizers, emo reactions. Religions tend to be superstitious. Confidence is when you have nothing to hide, refuse to compromise, rock your own skills. Travel not advised. … Continue readingComplicated

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It’s a good day to commit to the right alliance. Dependent loners, mental distortions, malicious deceit. Broken comms. Critical choice. Battle to accept that old dreams can never be so new self and bright future can emerge. Let go. … Continue readingAlone

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It’s a good day to own your power, especially if surrounded by vile, worthless people. Raw emotions can awaken higher insight. Anger is a virtue, courage can save a relationship. Mystical protection is available in darkness. … Continue readingReserved

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