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When You’re Addicted To Suffering

Do you know someone who likes to turn everything into a problem or an argument? Do they chase after all the wrong things? Do they somehow sabotage all the good things in their life? Is that someone you? The non-existent self (ideas ABOUT the self rather than the actual self) needs problems, conflict, and enemies […]

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True Devotion

You don’t have to remind me to eat real food, dance, walk in the sunshine, talk to people I love, meditate, and relax into sleep at night…. These things promote happy neurotransmitters and they feel good to me. But what makes us truly, honestly, and genuinely devoted to someone or something? Is it only the […]

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A Real Love Story

There’s a beautiful, epic love poem from the yogic tradition in Hinduism called Ramayana. Falling In Love When Rama, the prince of Kosala, sets his eyes on Sita, a princess, he falls hopelessly and deeply in love with her. Many princes competed to win Sita, the princess. But Rama was the one to win the […]

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Feedback From Clients

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– Marina McQueen

“I am impressed and so full of gratitude for your gifts in understanding my confusing situation accurately and providing me with wonderful new insights and perspectives that empower me. Thank you!”

– Sarah A.

“Elizabeth gets straight to the point with her consultation and insights and she gave me an excellent feedback on my questions after the consultation too.”

– Taylor

“My consultation provided so much clarity about my current situation. I’m definitely still processing, but it’s provided me some sort of route that I can follow to work through my thought processes & what I truly want to get out of life and how I want to go about getting there. Thank you.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation with Elizabeth. She is warm and welcoming, which eased my mind and made me feel safe. It did not feel impersonal at all. Elizabeth has a way of entering the space authentically with love and compassion. I was able to see some areas where I was, perhaps, working too hard to make things happen, when in actuality what I needed to do was let go of certain aspects she helped me see. I have since put that into practice and I feel much less anxiety around several areas of my life. I highly recommend a consultation with Elizabeth. It will be well worth it!”

– Anonymous