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Astrology is just a tool to connect with your intuition. Everything is energy.


Tuesday – Wednesday

September 6 – 7, 2022

  • Sun in Virgo 14° 04′
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon in Capricorn 23° 14′, Moon in Aquarius
  • VOC Moon 26° 21′ conjunct Pluto Rx: 9:42pm Sep 6 – 3:42am Sep 7 UTC
  • Full Moon in Pisces 17° 40′ 9:58am Sep 10 UTC
  • Prominent Polarity: Yin
  • Prominent Mode: Cardinal
  • Prominent Element: Earth
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Semisextile
  • Retrogrades: Jupiter Rx, Saturn Rx, Uranus Rx, Neptune Rx, Pluto Rx, Vesta Rx, Chiron Rx, Juno Rx, (Mercury Rx Sep 10)
  • Neptune Rx, Lilith in Sign of Rulership
  • Fixed T-Square: Saturn Rx opposite Ceres square Uranus Rx, Nodes 1-4° orb
  • Yin Cradle: Sun opposite Juno Rx, trine Uranus Rx, N Node, Lilith
  • Pallas in Cancer (Sep 6)
  • Moon sextile Neptune Rx, Jupiter Rx, semisextile Saturn Rx, Vesta, sesquiquadrate Mars, Sun, quintile Jupiter Rx, septile Juno Rx, conjunct Pluto Rx, VOC, Moon in Aquarius, quincunx Ceres, Venus
  • Venus octile Lilith
  • Saturn Rx opposite Ceres
  • Chiron Rx semisextile Juno Rx
  • Vesta Rx novile Jupiter Rx, semisextile Pluto Rx
  • True Node sextile Juno Rx, septile Neptune Rx, semisextile Chiron Rx, octile Pallas
Fixed T-Square. Yin Cradle. Sun 14° Virgo. Waxing Gibbous Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune Rx, Jupiter Rx, conjunct Pluto Rx, VOC, Moon in Aquarius. Venus octile Lilith. Saturn Rx opposite Ceres. Yin Cardinal Earth.


Some may be trapped in sorrow, while joy is right in front of you. Others may be grounded, with down to earth thinking… but beware: Monotony may be worse than depression. Consider releasing a deeply rooted ancestral pattern for a whole new identity – or reality, even.

You can relax and allow the transformation that’s trying to occur.

Saturn Rx: Some may be going through intense heartbreak, self-criticism, or just a really bad mood. And it may last a while – through Oct 23. If you can let feelings be, a previously dormant Inner Force may cut through deception and become an indestructible pillar of strength. With loss, something new can begin through beautiful metamorphosis.

Emotional nurturing may come through dependable hard work or rare courage to rise to a challenge in order to support an established social structure, such as a country, home, or family. Watch for a tendency to disregard important feelings or try to prove yourself in order to “earn” love or support which is inherently unconditional.


Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, illness, doctors, surgeons, diagnosis, remedies for recovery…. Some may need to seek help for any symptoms or health issues. Check for food recalls or food-borne illness.

Graceful finesse may suit you unless substance is sacrificed for a dead, boring routine or social image that looks like everyone else.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Warts, Lumps in Breast or Liver. Skeletal System, Spine, Bones, Teeth, Shoulders, Joints, Muscular System, Muscle Tissue through Sept 7. Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026.


Someone may be well-balanced: Happy, successful, social, yet also modest, generous, and just delightful. They may be dedicated to home and family…. They’re the perfect… servant. RUN, don’t walk from this person. They may betray and destroy if they can’t manipulate with kindness. Real love requires more than soft, loving feelings. Serious warning against romance with married person. Courage may be needed to avoid danger. Go back to the past only to realize how much you evolved.


Do you love the grandeur of nature? It loves you too! How can you bring more of it into your home or property? Some may need to go back to roots to inspire a future home. Deep cleaning can set your whole life free.


This isn’t the time to be shy. It’s actually imperative to commit to your excellent capabilities to avoid risk of losing credit or in some cases, your entire career. Business success is favored IF you have guts as well as skills (which you do.) Be brave, conceive and carry out your grand achievement.

Careers, investments in favor today: Business, Executive, Supervisor, Science, Military, Industry, Administrator, Planning, Service, Medical, Doctor, Surgeon, Stage Acting, Author, Design.


Potential for fortune, unless timid or shy.

FINANCE MARKETS: Final downturn, sideways action Aug 12-Oct. Potential trend reversal Sept 9. Bottom, Low: Oct 1-11, esp 6-9. Sept-Oct Possible bailout results in future crash 2031. Sell potential before Nov 8 or hodl. 2022 – 2026 Finance scandals. Potential buy March 2023. Traditional finance structures collapse and transition into REGULATED digital currency through 2025. Long term investing in ‘wonderful companies’ with consistent quality production in favor. Downtrends or volatility, in that case, may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams. Remain steady, RESILIENT. 2031 – 2037 Potential financial collapse, market shift to China?


Will travel. Someone may like to visit various places, always be moving about… and this is a good thing, at least for planning. Travel can help release from a monotonous rut, or trap of the past. Think it through, then plan to get moving, flutter around town… preferably around end of Dec – Mar 2023.

Change, chaos, comms and transportation issues through Oct 8, 2022 (Mercury Rx Virgo, Libra.) Avoid rash, impulse decisions. Consider meditation, clean air, pure environment. Releasing past may hurt; focus on better future. Travel, relaunch, move forward Jan – Mar 2023 (Planets Direct.)


“A long steel screw.” — The 360 Symbolic Degrees


Life is a beautiful self-sacrificing woman with white doves, tender generosity, children hugging each other, a radiant rainbow… until it’s not.

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, illness, doctors, diagnosis, seek help. Recalls.

Identity trapped in severely strict framework of pragmatic patterns, habits, syndromes. Social programming, chronic mental blocks, droning grind, extremely non-creative, non-innovative, towing party line, loss of real direction. Waiting for it to end, endlessly, hoping something will pull you out from the dead end.

Humane. Feminine, effeminate. Good warrior, soldier who’s not exclusively in military, modest officer, military honor.

“Don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs.”

An answer that worked in the past, but reflect on how much you evolved to inspire a new future. May hurt to release past. Courage needed to avoid risk of loss if trapped in past or danger of monotony.

Transformation, Arising.

True creative spontaneity fulfills a collective need. Commit only to necessary actions (even if necessary for long term.) Student of deeper mysteries, capable of spreading, helping others see marvels, light of truth.

Internal conflict, delays, blockages, transportation issues. Want to move forward but stuck, slow progress, spinning wheels. Have backup plans.

Weapons, assaults, fire, electric, energy, oil, gas, chemicals. Danger related to air, chemicals, water.

Aug 20 – March 23 (Mars in Gemini): Fraud exposed. Media wars, media revolution. Innovative communications, new ways to trade. Fast-changing viral news, aggressive propaganda, weaponized words, incisive litigation. Witty humor, distractions, information overload, micromanaging, neurosis. TWO CHOICES IN CONFLICT. Cyber attacks, cyber harassment, data leaks, online scams. Transportation crisis, traffic issues, chaos in the air. School violence, violent protests. Family deception, neighbor conflict. Fighting words: Utilize subterfuge, wise, measured response for community harmony. Sep 10 – Oct 2 (Mercury Rx): Peak of vague, confusing communications. Tech snags. Oct 30 – Jan 12 (Mars Rx): Lockdowns, censorship. Vehicular incidents, especially military. Double down learning, publishing for extraordinary results, or make corrections.

UPCOMING: Viral spread Oct 28-Dec 20 (Jupiter in Pisces.) Collapse of social, political structures, alliances, karmic judicial issues of past through Oct 23 (Saturn Rx.) Ideologies in conflict, religious controversy, media propaganda, opportunistic aristocrats, manipulative influencers, large fortunes lost or used for defense through Oct 28 (Jupiter in Aries.) Global illusions through Dec 4 (Neptune Rx.) Sudden change in material assets, home, technology, supply chain through 2025 (Uranus in Taurus.)

August 30, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse [Partial] in Taurus, Venus 27° joins Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces


Misplaced hope in a global illusion. Rebellion.

March 16, 2023

Saturn in Pisces


The start of the greatest shifts in global consciousness of our time.

August 2023

Multiple planets in 4th Quadrant at 27° success degree.


International alliance may reach a powerful or successful agreement such as a formal acceptance into a diplomatic major world alliance.

November 1, 2023

Pluto’s last pass over 27° Capricorn


Completion of transformation related to career, government, underground wealth, new security structure after collapse.

Aside from war and violence, there’s potential for deep intimacy, unity, harmony, and unique courage, relentless determination, or achievement on a grand scale – as long as disciplined hard work and grounded common sense are utilized. This powerful energy in alliances can be used for different purposes. It’s vital to keep your head clear and avoid conflict, if possible.