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Astrology is just a tool to connect with your conscious awareness.


Monday – Tuesday

May 23 – May 24, 2022

  • Sun in Gemini 2° 27′
  • Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces 13° 0′
  • VOC Moon conjunct Mars: 9:33pm May 24 – 9:40pm May 24 UTC
  • New/Full Moon: New Moon in Gemini 9° 03′ 11:30am May 30 UTC
  • Prominent Sign: Pisces
  • Prominent Planets: Mars
  • Prominent Polarity: Yin
  • Prominent Mode: Fixed
  • Prominent Element: Water
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Semisextile
  • Retrogrades: Pluto Rx, Mercury Rx
  • Neptune in Sign of Rulership
  • Pisces Stellium: Moon, Mars, Neptune, Juno, Vesta
  • Vesta in Pisces
  • Sun sextile Jupiter (May 23 UTC)
  • Mercury Rx sextile Mars (May 24 UTC)
  • Mercury Rx trine Pluto Rx (May 25 UTC)
  • Venus sextile Saturn (May 24 UTC)
  • Mars sextile Pluto Rx (May 22 UTC)
Sun 3° Gemini sextile Jupiter. Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces octile Pluto Rx, conjunct Neptune 25°, sextile Uranus, trine S Node. Mercury Rx trine Pluto Rx. Venus sextile Saturn. Mars sextile Mercury Rx, Pluto Rx. Vesta in Pisces square Mercury Rx.

Emotional Wellness

Moon | Cancer
  • Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces
  • Moon quintile True Node
  • Moon octile Pluto Rx
  • Moon semisextile Chiron
  • Moon conjunct Juno, Neptune
  • Moon sextile Pallas, Uranus, N Node
  • Moon trine S Node

Obstacles may feel discouraging, especially if sucked back into a habit of the past; otherwise, forward movement is officially happening. If you finally get fed up with the past, it just might inspire a new habit.

For optimal wellness, relax any regimes and resolve to take simple small steps toward an objective. There’s no rush. It’s okay to revel in simple natural beauty – just watch for media manipulation.

If the mind is on overdrive or floating in fantasy, considering putting your creative intelligence to work. Keeping the mind busy on a task or project may support mental harmony. Guided meditation may also be helpful.

May 5, May 15, May 20-22, and May 29 may be tough days for some people. The more you can relax, stay flexible, and avoid drama, the easier it may be. Gently release buried emotions before then to avoid a bad decision. Safely check in on people who may be depressed or prone to violence. Life gets easier after May 24 and even better around June 20. Until then, consider staying focused on a meaningful project and skip those dates if you can. Simply erase them from your calendar.

Wait until June 20 for concrete clarity; until then, the mind may be playing tricks. Communications may also be off kilter.

Emotional nurturing may come through creativity, art, music, romance, fantasy, emotional connection, or caring for others

Health And Body

Mars, Chiron | Aries, Virgo
  • Mars in Pisces until May 24
  • Mars sextile Mercury Rx, Pluto Rx
  • Chiron in Aries until June 19
  • Chiron semisextile Moon

Success in a health, beauty, or fitness routine may be just on the horizon – especially if you put in the hard work to master a skill over time through immense challenges. For now, stay flexible.

Meditation in favor through May 24 – especially active meditation.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Extremities, Fingers, Toes, Third Eye through May 24 or the Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026


Ceres, Sun, Juno, Pluto | Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio
  • Sun in Gemini until June 21
  • Sun sextile Jupiter
  • Pluto in Capricorn until Mar 23, 2023
  • Pluto Rx until Oct 8
  • Pluto Rx sextile Mars
  • Pluto Rx octile Moon
  • Ceres in Cancer until July 23
  • Juno in Pisces until Jan 13, 2023
  • Juno conjunct Moon
  • Juno quintile True Node
  • Juno sextile Pallas

A global alliance, military or financial alliance may be reaping rewards after a bond of compassion unites them through an extreme challenge. Or maybe you’re bonding with someone in a mystical way that can’t be explained with words. Either way, this partnership is in favor, as long as manipulation isn’t a factor.

Communications may be blocked at home if there’s internal conflict.

Home And Property

Venus, Ceres, Lilith, Vesta | Taurus, Cancer, Leo
  • Venus in Aries until May 28 [Sassy]
  • Venus sextile Saturn
  • Vesta in Aquarius until May 24
  • Vesta square Mercury Rx
  • Lilith in Cancer until Jan 8, 2023

Progress may be blocked in a home, property, or living situation unless a critical choice is made which supports organization or cooperation.

Travel, Shopping, Social Media, Weather

Mercury, Pallas Athena, Uranus, Neptune | Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Mercury in Taurus until June 13
  • Mercury in Gemini until July 5
  • Mercury Rx until June 3
  • Mercury Rx sextile Mars
  • Mercury Rx trine Pluto Rx
  • Mercury Rx square Vesta
  • Pallas in Taurus until July 5
  • Pallas sextile Moon
  • Pallas octile Neptune
  • Jupiter in Aries until Oct 28
  • Jupiter sextile Sun
  • Uranus in Taurus until July 7, 2025
  • Uranus sextile Moon
  • Uranus semisextile Chiron
  • Neptune in Pisces until Mar 30, 2025
  • Neptune conjunct Moon
  • Neptune semisextile Saturn
  • Neptune octile Pallas

It may or may not be the best time for travel, shopping, or social media unless you’re relaxed, cooperative, and have a clear objective. People may be reaping what they sowed, and this is just the beginning. Otherwise, it may be a pleasant day, or you might encounter a pleasant surprise.

Relax and cooperate in any unexpected health-related incidents for best results.

International Events

Sun 3° Gemini sextile Jupiter. Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces octile Pluto Rx, conjunct Neptune 25°, sextile Uranus, trine S Node. Mercury Rx trine Pluto Rx. Venus sextile Saturn. Mars sextile Mercury Rx, Pluto Rx. Vesta in Pisces square Mercury Rx.


Security and success in war from organized intelligence, legal or cautious defense coordinated with fearless attack. Law defeats brute force. Rise to eminence if sharp intellect, order, skilled precision, mastery, dignity, loyalty proven or developed through challenges. Success in health, education, communications, law, or finance over time. Sensual, artistic, finesse. Metaphysical, mystical, psychic, mind control, changing mind. Concerned about social status or self image. Mental energy must be directed into an objective or can be self-destructive. Greed, manipulation become victims of another scam artist: poetic justice, misfortune, conflict, imprisoned. Justice for sex assaults. Death of friend or partner in rare cases.

Tomorrow: Acceleration, intensification of conflict, fires, explosions.

Issues related to a pandemic, virus, pharmaceuticals, drugs, chemicals, gas, oil, or space through May 24.

Health in conflict, aggressive virus or biological warfare (but not a widespread pandemic) after May 24. End of Covid?

Women’s rights, women’s health, or women in conflict may be a topic through May 29.

Public protests may be in the spotlight Feb 14 – Mar 17, April 12, May 15, May 29 this year.

Conflict may be especially volatile or violent around March 21, April 5, May 15, May 29.

Delays, changes, or conflict due to: Misinformation, propaganda, conspiracy theories, data leaks, cyber warfare, censorship, troll or spam bots, social media issues, grammatical errors, communications, technology, trade, transportation, transfers, roads, bridges through June 3, 2022

Conflict related to religious politics, holy wars, extremists, ideologies, violence or evil flies banner of moral fight for justice, “mission from God” through May 24 and Oct 28, 2022. [Misinformation campaigns through June 3.]

Success in emergency or rescue efforts through May 24 – July 5.

Large fortunes squandered, lost, or utilized for reckless aggression, or for strategic defense through Oct 28, 2022. [Potential fortune in finances July, August]

Disruptions or sudden shifts in supply chains, technology, digital currency through 2025. Remain conservative but shift into the future.

Refined capabilities and milestones of success may occur around April 5, April 12, May 29, and June 17 after immense challenges.

Edit [May 23]: “Beijing extends work-from-home order as COVID-19 cases rise” ABC News
Edit [May 23]: “Risk of monkeypox spreading widely in general population ‘very low’: EU health agency” AFP News Agency
Edit [May 23]: “India sends food, medicine donation to crisis-hit Sri Lanka” ABC News
Edit [May 23]: “Iraq closed public buildings and temporarily shut airports Monday as another sandstorm — the ninth since mid-April — hit the country” AFP News Agency
Edit [May 23]: “Monkeypox outbreak is primarily spreading through sex, WHO officials say” — CNBC News
Edit [May 23]: “Bill Cosby sex assault case starts in California” — Insider Paper
Edit [May 23]: “29 People Arrested For Either Child Sex Crimes or Human Trafficking In Arizona Sting” — Breaking 911
Edit [May 23]: “50% jump in active-shooter incidents from 2020 to 2021: FBI” ABC News
Edit [May 23]: “D.C. attorney general sues Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for failure to protect consumer data following the Cambridge Analytica data leak.” ABC News
Edit [May 23]: “Pres. Biden says that the U.S. would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan, saying the burden to protect Taiwan is “even stronger” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” ABC News
Edit [May 23]: “China says US ‘playing with fire’ on Taiwan: Xinhua” — Insider Paper
Edit [May 23]: “Fed Finds Unbanked Americans Are Turning to Crypto at a Higher Rate” — Decrypt, @decryptmedia
Edit [May 23]: “Bitcoin recovered to trade just above the $30,000 level where it’s been mostly hovering since the collapse of the TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin triggered a selloff in cryptocurrencies” — Bloomberg Crypto, @crypto
Edit [May 23]: “GameStop launches a digital asset wallet that will allow gamers to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens” — Bloomberg Crypto, @crypto

[Click here for daily updates on the Russia Ukraine conflict from an astrological perspective.]


Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, N Node | Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • True Node in Taurus until July 17. 2023
  • True Node quintile Moon, Juno
  • True Node sextile Moon
  • Saturn in Aquarius until Mar 7, 2023
  • Saturn sextile Venus
  • Saturn semisextile Neptune
  • Jupiter in Aries until Oct 28
  • Jupiter sextile Sun
  • Uranus in Taurus until July 7, 2025
  • Uranus sextile Moon
  • Uranus semisextile Chiron
  • Neptune in Pisces until Mar 30, 2025
  • Neptune conjunct Moon
  • Neptune semisextile Saturn
  • Neptune octile Pallas

If you remained dedicated and determined in your life passion through extreme challenges, success is extremely likely now, in time – but you don’t need anyone else to tell you that. You can already feel it, even if it’s a mission impossible.

Order, organization, and precision may be especially conducive for mastering a skill or say, creating an art collab. There may be a better chance of meeting deadlines if you can forget deadlines.

Starting a new job or work project at this time is in favor.


Sun, Pluto, Jupiter | Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Sun in Gemini until June 21, Mercury Rx until June 3: Volatility and reversals
  • Jupiter in Aries until Oct 28, 2022: Market aggression, extreme greed, acting on impulse, volatility
  • Pluto in Capricorn until Mar 23, 2023: Immense underground wealth of an elite may collapse, long term investing, immense underground wealth, ultra slow market movement, tightening of corporate or government regulations
  • Taurus Scorpio Nodal Axis: Long term investing, material integrity and stability in favor
  • Uranus in Taurus: Digital currency, new financial structures or material assets in favor but may require long hard work or excruciating challenges
  • Neptune in Pisces: Slog but speculative risk in favor

Success in finance may be ahead, as long as manipulation wasn’t involved; in that case, misfortune may be the case. Consider sticking with honest investments and buying only what you absolutely need and love. It will pay off eventually.

Potential market recovery after May 24. Potential stability or fortune after June 17.

You may want to wait to buy back or buy in around June 20, 2022. Otherwise, hold on for the ride.

The U.S. Pluto return is currently taking place through 2023 and beyond, collapsing traditional finance structures to be replaced by regulated digital currency.

2022: Long term investing or hodling in companies with high quality production is in favor. In this case, downtrends or volatility may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams.