Numerology 3

Numerology 3 Clear Inspiration

The Number of Logic and Intellect, Imagination, Inspiration and Creativity, Self-Expression, Thoroughly Enjoying Life

Numerology 3 Gemstones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
Numerology 3 Colors: Purple, Violet, Blue-Violet, Sky Blue
Numerology 3 Power Numbers:
Numerology 3 Power Days: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday – especially Thursday
Numerology 3 Symbols: The Father
Numerology 3 Planet or Star: Jupiter and Uranus, Some Chiron, Vesta, Juno Qualities
Numerology 3 Astrology: Sagittarius, Some Aquarius Qualities

Numerology 3 Traits

Numerology 3 is Associated With:

  • Creative or Vocal Expression such as Singing
  • Art, The Creative Principle, Energy of the Creator
  • The Logical Mind, Intellect, Mental Clarity
  • Concentration, Acquiring Knowledge, Comprehension
  • Independent Thinking, Thought Forms, Expressing Thoughts
  • Intelligence In Action (Imagination)
  • Conscious Awakening, Conscious Awareness, Conscience
  • Ascended Masters
  • High Principles, Moralism, Idealism
  • Dogmatism, Religious Bigotry, Sharp Criticism, Ruthless Judgments
  • Prioritizing the External, Focusing on the External, Illusions of the Physical Realm
  • Fortune
  • Physical, Mental, and Financial Growth, Evolution, Principles of Growth
  • Society, Culture, Politics, Economics
  • Assistance or Benevolence that Supports the Oppressed
  • Action, Putting Something Into Motion, Concentrated Effort
  • Concentrated Work, Producing, Production
  • Cosmic Power, Spiritual Development
  • Positions of Control, Using Force, Law and Order
  • Deviance
  • Protection

Numerology 3 might exhibit these traits:

  • A Keen Intellect
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Skills in Speaking, Strategy, Business, Finance, Politics, Culture, Philosophy
  • Organized, Analytical, Punctual
  • Inspiring, Inspires and Cultivates Creativity
  • Benevolent, especially when others place their trust in them
  • A Provider
  • Natural Attraction to Money
  • Expect Obedience to their Plans and Statements
  • Overbearing due to their Sharp Criticism
  • Selfish Ambition, Conforming For Benefits
  • Egotism, Pretentious Vanity
  • Active, Ability to Have Fun
  • Spontaneous, Tendency to make Impulsive or Sudden Decisions
  • Healing Abilities and Qualities

Numerology 3 Mental and Emotional Health

Number 3’s might suffer from mental illness in general but especially mania. Because of their great curiosity, they commonly try to do too many things at once instead of focusing on a singular interest.

Intestinal issues also seems to be a common theme, relating to internal blockages. There might be a blockage when trying to express themselves authentically or effectively. Some might struggle with shyness. There’s a need to become aware of their feelings so they can speak their persuasive truths in a creative way.

Their words and speaking tone have a profound impact on their career and relationships and therefore their health and vitality. They need to watch for being gossipy. They can use their voice instead for creative expression that inspires and motivates others, which comes naturally to them when internal blockages are cleared.

Number 3’s might find it difficult to face criticism, although they have no problem dishing it out themselves. Slander and criticizing others can affect their mental health and emotional wellness in various ways.

Their optimal health is found in having fun and turning work into a light-hearted, playful expression rather than trying to achieve success for the sake of success. This attitude can organically expand their horizons.

Some 3’s have natural healing abilities. When they utilize the healing arts to help others, this simultaneously serves their own healing, since doing the work they love is inherently healing in itself.

Numerology 3 Skills, Finances, and Professions

Numerology 3 has considerable professional potential. This humber is considered beneficial for work, career, and wealth as long as resources aren’t wasted on pride or pomp display.

Number 3’s are generous in their overall composition, but they need to watch for pettiness when it comes to money. To discover their life passion and be fulfilled in their work, they need to remove financial security as their top priority and find the guts to expand their horizons.

It’s important to give Number 3 plenty of freedom to discover life passion or profession. They’re likely to change careers often until they discover the best way to express their creative abilities or services. They might need to experience different ways of expressing themselves before their life calling becomes clear. Allowing different kinds of work or work projects to come in and out of their life quickly, without getting too involved, can help them find their personal career choice.

Number 3 knows they discovered their life passion if they’re having too much fun with their work to worry about future finances. Finances take care of themselves when Number 3 is expressing their creativity, or utilizing their communication skills or healing abilities.

Their communication skills – or rather, the power of their voice – is their primary ability. They can inspire others (or destroy others) through their words and their speaking tone alone. But they need to speak their truth and engage in activities that support expression.

If they experience shyness or a block in their self expression, or if they can’t seem to express themselves authentically or effectively, they may not yet have discovered their life passion or their personal career choice. They may need to become more intimate with their inner self as they have a tendency to focus on the external. Finding their bliss in the present moment rather than seeking it from future success, event, or circumstance can also help them awaken to their passion which is always in the present. They might also need to expand their awareness to the greater reality beyond the material realm.

Some numerology 3’s are gifted in the Healing Arts or doing energy work that incorporates the mind and body. Some are called to be spiritual trailblazers.

Many 3’s are skilled in research or in the knowledge of world histories, cultures, and economics.

3’s thrive best in positions requiring organization and leadership, but they don’t do well in typical corporate or office jobs. These jobs might provide financial security, but suppressed potential or missing out on their life calling can have unseen or detrimental effects. They need to genuinely enjoy their work.

They might dream about being a leader or teacher of some kind but they may not find success or fulfillment in the position until they do the job for the sheer love of knowledge and sharing it rather than for a sense of status or control.

Their accomplishments largely depend on their social demeanor and their communication skills. They need to be actively employed for their overall well-being. They’re generally successful, whatever they do for a living.

Numerology 3 Career Ideas:

  • Acupuncture
  • Airline Pilot
  • Art Therapy
  • Body Work
  • Business Enterprise
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Chiropractor
  • Dance Therapy
  • Energy Medicine
  • Energy Psychology
  • Executive (Business or General)
  • Financial Expert
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Future Technology Engineer
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Lyrics Writer
  • Massage Therapist
  • Meditation and Visualization Guide
  • Military (Any Branch, Any Position)
  • Musician, Music Composer
  • Music Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Physical Trainer
  • Politician
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Script Writer
  • Singer
  • Social Activism Organizer
  • Speaker – Motivational
  • Sustainability Specialist
  • Travel (Any Job Related To Travel)
  • University Professor
  • Web Developer
  • Writer – Motivational

Numerology 3 Relationships

Just like the life area of career, Numerology 3 is generally considered beneficial for relationships as well.

They might come across as indifferent, but they have a need to be loved and admired. Generally, they’re highly sexual and appreciate sensual pleasures. Their ideal partners are attractive and possess a natural, sharp awareness.

A Number 3 may not be aware of their creative side. The right partner can bring out their natural desire to create something new. Even if they have never felt artistic or creative, a compatible relationship can spark their creative side.

Number 3’s are romantic and they naturally express love through creative ways such as through massage, conversational humor, or writing a song for their lover. They like to flirt and they crave an exciting romance more than a high maintenance relationship or a relationship built on domestic routines. They need a partner with similar interests for long term prospects.

Numerology 3’s like to have fun with their partner, their children and their family, or go on fun vacations together. When they’re with the right people, they have the ability to enjoy life to such an extent, they no longer worry about potential problems of the future. They can live in the moment, which naturally expands the quality of their life in all areas. This is one of the overall missions for Number 3.

They possess the gift of laughter, due to the quality of their vocal tone. Their laughter can be used to resolve relationship issues, lighten things up during conflict, or just make their relationships fun. They’re great at making people feel comfortable, and making time spent together worthwhile, especially when activities that support self expression are involved. They like to simply hang out and talk with their loved ones.

Their words can strongly affect their relationships, for better or for worse. Success in their relationships may strongly depend on how they use the power of their social composition and their words. They can converse on a wide range of subjects. They enjoy and do well on social media due to their communication skills, their fun-loving or sensual nature, and their tendency to focus on the good while ignoring the bad. But they need to face and deal with their criticizing, gossipy nature which can have irreversible effects on their relationships.

They tend to be the leaders of a relationship or family, making the final decisions. The words they use and their speaking voice might have a leadership tone to them. For those who sing, their singing voice might also carry a clear, powerful, or authoritative tone.

They resonate best with numbers 6, 7, and 9.

Numerology 3 Life Path And Soul Path Number

Number 3 is the Cosmic power that creates entire universes.

Numerology 3 is the divine energy force that results from the union of Numbers 1 and 2. When Desire Energy (Numerology 1) combines with Emotional Balance (Numerology 2), we awaken to our Clear Logic and Inspired Creativity which is Numerology 3. We all possess these forces; it’s just a matter of awakening to or becoming aware of them. We focus on mastering a particular number’s energy force during each lifetime.

A Life Path 3 is curious about life. They are so curious, in fact, that they’re easily distracted. They learn one thing, then want to move on to the next thing. When a Soul Path 3 is at full capacity, they are completely inspired with life. They don’t just want learn new subjects and knowledge, they are the knowledge itself. Their expanded consciousness comes alive within them and they naturally and creatively share it with others such as through art, song, or energy healing.

A Life or Soul Path 3 is endowed with expanded consciousness or awareness and thereby inspires and cultivates creativity. They might need to learn self-discipline so they can focus on a particular creative passion or intellectual pursuit and not get distracted by their multiple interests.

They might have difficulty facing criticism which can lead to shyness, or even shutting themselves down or closing themselves off to life. There’s a need to let go of trying to make others happy at their own expense.

Many are inclined to make money or they’re attracted to money. Having the funds to enjoy life and create from their inspiration is important to them. Their primary challenge might appear in the form of a life crisis which forces them to realize that materiality is not the bringer of happiness. Infinite bliss comes from within and is projected onto material possessions and life experiences.

Their life crisis might come through a disability that makes everyday life challenging. Or, maybe long term goals or dreams may not come to fruition the way they were planned. Or maybe they can’t seem to clearly express themselves no matter how hard they try. There’s a block in their self-expression and creativity.

When Number 3 isn’t experiencing their power of creativity or creative expression, there’s a need to open up to their imagination and their feelings. They may be strong on intellect but it isn’t balanced with their emotions. When emotional blocks are cleared and emotions are harmonized with their logic, their creativity will naturally flow.

Their mission and their natural self drive is to express themselves in creative and persuasive ways with a sense of freedom. When they thoroughly enjoy life through self-expression so much that all worries of the future dissolve, they know they’ve reached the pinnacle of their mission.

Numerology 3 Major Life Cycles and Challenges

Numerology 3
Overall Challenges: Difficulty facing criticism, criticizing others, gossip, suppression of own thoughts and ideas, inability to express themselves clearly, authentically, effectively, or creatively, an awakening life crisis
Overall Life Aim: Discovering bliss comes from creative self-expression rather than from external things, harmonizing intellect with emotions and expressing that harmony in a creative way is their greatest achievement and life fulfillment.

Numerology 3 Major Life Cycles

Life Cycle 1 Expanding horizons is the key term for this Life Cycle. You may be drawn to experience life more fully or to expand your conscious awareness. But long term plans might not come to fruition the way they were planned. Life dreams may be shattered. You first have to get in touch with your emotions. As you harmonize your logic and intellect with your emotions, and express that harmony in a creative way, you can awaken to your real life dream. You may find that you’re drawn to the healing arts, creative communication, or to research and expanding your knowledge.

Life Cycle 2 During this Life Cycle, your mission may be to watch your words and how you use your voice. Instead of using the power of your voice or your communication skills for slandering others or criticizing society, use it to express your inner bliss and genuine enjoyment of life. To undergo this transformation, you might encounter a life crisis that results in disillusionment. You might become aware that external circumstances and material possessions cannot make you happy, or that they always result in some form of suffering. Your infinite bliss comes from clearing internal blocks and expressing your soul passion THROUGH external circumstances and material possessions.

Life Cycle 3 You might sense a natural attraction to money during this Life Cycle as it allows you to enjoy more of life’s pleasures such as food and travel. You might be interested in artistic endeavors or utilizing your creative skills, specifically as they enable you to express yourself to the world. For example, maybe you’re inspired to produce a podcast or video series to share your knowledge or wisdom. Or maybe you’d like to produce your own music. Or you may be inclined to learn the healing arts, work with energy, or integrate the mind and body such as with yoga. Your life accomplishments at this stage largely depend on your social demeanor, vocal tone, communication skills, and the way you express yourself.

Numerology 3 Challenges

Numerology 3 Life Challenges are intended to help the Number 3 to fully enjoy or experience life through creative self-expression.

There can be internal blockages resulting in suppression of thoughts, ideas, and creative endeavors. Creative ideas are held back or they’re not free to flow. There can be social anxiety, debilitating shyness, or an inability to fully experience life. They might find themselves living a half life.

Or perhaps the Number 3 tries to do too many things at once. Their curiosity leads them to various pursuits but they never discover a singular life aim to pour themselves into and master. Or they might lack the discipline needed to focus and avoid distractions.

They might waste their energies on tearing people down through criticism and gossip, rather than using the power of their voice to freely express themselves in creative ways to the world. They might not have any idea they’re a creative person with creative abilities.

These are all signs their inner bliss and creative self-expression are blocked. There may be a need to connect with their feelings and balance their intellect with their emotions. They might benefit from activities that support personal expression such as sharing their thoughts on social media. Or they might unleash their imagination through activities such as meditation or relaxing their mind. They must learn to harmonize their logic with their emotions and express that harmony in an inspiring or creative way.

Numerology 3 experiences their greatest success by directing their energy toward a single, specific type of creative self-expression such as singing, inspired writing, or mind and body work like energy healing or spiritual guidance. Success for them doesn’t come through pursuing success but through having fun with their work, or turning it into light-hearted, playful self expression.

They might undergo a life crisis that forces them to take their focus off external pursuits and worries such as finances when they realize the external or the material isn’t the bringer of happiness. If they can clear internal blockages to get in touch with their deeper emotions and their own thoughts and ideas, they can discover their true bliss comes from their own self. External circumstances and material objects are only mediums used to express and experience their creative imagination.

Numerology 3 Personal Year And Current Numerology

If you’re in a Personal 3 Year or the Current Numerology is 3, this is a time to focus on experiencing your most fulfilling life. Your greatest life enjoyment and success happens by aligning your mind, body, and soul. A personal crisis might occur that allows you to realize material possessions are not the cause of happiness. Your infinite bliss comes through freely expressing yourself in creative ways. Materiality and external circumstances are only a medium to express the bliss you already and always possess. There may be a need to laugh more, enjoy the present moment, or release the need to make others happy. Number 3 encourages the development of your social expression, communication skills, or a creative profession. You might be called to be an energy healer or spiritual trailblazer. Or you might find money naturally coming to you through some type of inspired communication or inspiring self-expression. Self-discipline may be needed to focus on a single creative endeavor without allowing your curiosity to create distractions and diversions.

Repeating Numbers 3

When you notice repeating 3’s, you may be encouraged to develop your creative career or to express yourself in creative, inspiring, or authoritative ways. You might not be aware of your capabilities in expressing yourself. Ensure you’re not holding in your own thoughts, ideas, and inspired revelations. Observe how you talk to yourself and how you communicate with others. Slander, criticism, or complaining may be undermining your creative productions. Or maybe you find yourself distracted and unable to focus on a single life aim. You might encounter a crisis that awakens you to the disappointment of elusive material pursuits. Or you might be faced with shattered life dreams. Your real bliss comes from intimate inner exploration, expanding your consciousness, and directly expressing your true self without fear. Look for activities that relax the mind such as meditation so your creative inspirations can flow, and consider sharing your ideas, knowledge, or wisdom with the world. The Number 3 is also associated with Ascended Masters. Seeing Repeating 3’s may be a message to align with their energy for the development of your authentic self-expression.

Number 333 is associated with multidimensional travel and the transmission of light code frequencies which can be used for healing and awakening to other levels of consciousness.