Numerology 4

Numerology 4 Building Security

The Number of Secure Foundations, New Systems, Achieving Goals, Fate and Destiny, and Common Sense Logic

Numerology 4 Gemstones: Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
Numerology 4 Colors: Deep Green, Indigo, Cherry, Pink
Numerology 4 Power Numbers:
Numerology 4 Power Days: Sundays and Mondays
Numerology 4 Symbols: Square, 4 Astrological Elements, 4 Seasons, The Number of Time
Numerology 4 Planet or Star: Saturn and Uranus
Numerology 4 Astrology: Capricorn, Some Cancer, Sagittarius, and Venus Qualities

Numerology 4 Traits

Numerology 4 is associated with:

  • Creating a solid foundation, Constructing A New Foundation, Establishing A New Normal
  • Social Structure, Social Order, Routines, Systems
  • Practicality, Practical Planning, Preparation
  • Security, Dependability
  • Intractability, Cannot Be Easily Changed, Fate and Destiny
  • Justice, Social Justice
  • Social Festivals, Public Places, Family Traditions, Nationalism
  • Mathematical Geometry, Sacred Geometry, Language, Cultural Symbols and Myths, Creative Engineering, Science and Technology, Energy, Common Sense Logic
  • Quiet Determination, Methodical Study, The Dedicated Worker
  • Slow Change, Progress, Progressive Political Reform, Concern For The Collective Well-Being
  • Nature, Physical Woman, Physical Mother
  • Color and Beauty, Measure, Rhythm
  • Sexuality, Desire For Divine Union
  • Originality, Something Very New or Very Old
  • Individuality, Individual Self
  • Boundaries, Solitude

Numerology 4 might exhibit these traits:

  • Inflexible, Organized, Tenacious, Set in their Ways
  • Security, Reliability, Trustworthiness, and Loyalty are Important
  • Dislikes Change, Change can Lead to Confusion
  • Quiet, Serious-Minded, Boring or Uninteresting
  • Hard working, Disciplined, Self-Controlled
  • Patient, Enduring
  • Doesn’t Like To Be Hurried
  • Aggressive When Pushed Beyond Patience
  • Focused on the Bigger Picture
  • Always Building or Developing The Next Stage
  • Turns Ideas Into Physical Manifestations Due To Hard Work
  • Unconventional, Doesn’t Always Follow Social Convention, Inability to Adapt
  • Doesn’t Like To Feel Caged In
  • Capable
  • Clairvoyant
  • Must Learn to Balance Reason with Emotions and Logic with Instinct
  • Skills in Designing New Social Structures which Support the Weak and Oppressed

Numerology 4 Mental and Emotional Health

Numerology 4’s have a lot of guts when it comes to hard work. This is their primary drive and an admirable quality. They have an ability to achieve success by simply outworking the competition. But there can be a tendency to assume they can accomplish more than is realistic. They can also become workaholics which affects their mental, emotional, and physical health.

If they feel their hard-working efforts aren’t appreciated, that can feel very frustrating for them. They might bring their work stress home, but they’re only prone to stress when they overwork. This is the first warning sign. They can also be tense, cautious, and skeptical which only adds to their stress. This potentially loaded cocktail can result in speaking or doing things they regret.

They might resort to seclusion to avoid hurting others with their ill-temper. But they thrive best when they’re out working in society or working with social communities, since this is their primary aim in life.

Numerology 4’ life goal is to pass down down some type of legacy – something valuable they leave behind that they built. They thrive on building something with their hands, or designing a new social system that supports the weak and oppressed. Therefore, they need to ensure they 1) do the work they’re passionate about, 2) avoid overworking, and 3) open up to the people or community they’re working for.

Doing the work they’re passionate about releases the need for appreciation, since the work is the reward itself. Being realistic about how much work they can handle removes stress and hurtful reactions. This allows Number 4 to stay involved with other people, and pass on their personal legacy.

Numerology 4 Skills, Finances, and Professions

It’s vital for Numerology 4 to enjoy their work. Yet, financial security, and security in general, is often Number 4’s prime reason for working. They’re so money-focused, they might have a tendency toward dishonest gain.

They’re most fulfilled in their career when they’re taking ideas and putting them into practical reality. Building a house is an example of how a Number 4 might physically manifest their ideas. They can see the overall picture of the goal and work step by step to achieve it.

They also like to study, write, or talk about subjects such as Future Technology, the Science of Technology, Higher Math, Medicine, Nutrition, Science, Astronomy, or Metaphysics. These are other ways they might manifest their ideas in physical reality.

It would be wise to avoid jobs where speculation is a necessary skill, since Number 4’s work best with an organized solid structure, order, or methods. If their job lacks order or organization, confusion can set in.

Number 4’s make their money through hard work and in fact, they have a tendency to work too hard. If there are too many obstacles on the path to their goals, they can become overwhelmed. They might have a tendency toward anger or rage when they’re overworked, overwhelmed, or confused.

4 might need to bring their ideas more down to Earth so they can get anchored. Accepting that there are things in life that happen beyond our control can also help Number 4 to relax and enjoy what they do.

Narrow-mindedness can keep Number 4 from profitable collaboration with others which is needed for success. Accepting people who are different or do things differently can help them work well with their colleagues, and avoid missing out on opportunities.

Material success doesn’t come easy for Numerology 4, especially if they’re trying to achieve it alone. The best chance of success for number 4 is to work cooperatively within a group, company, or organization.

Part of their life purpose is to pass down their legacy, and they need a society or community to do this. They might seek to pass their career expertise to an apprentice or to their children.

Numerology 4 Careers:

  • Administrator
  • Attorney
  • Business Operator
  • City Planning
  • Clairvoyant
  • Computer Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Technician
  • Construction
  • Environmental Planning
  • Farming
  • Future Technology Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Math Instructor
  • Publisher
  • Real Estate
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Researcher
  • Scientist
  • Surgeon
  • Technology Engineering
  • Music Artist – Electronic
  • Writer – Essay, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Articles, Self-Development

Numerology 4 Relationships

A secure foundation at home is necessary for the success and well-being of Number 4. This is a number that likes to build, whether they build a home with their hands, or build a home and family in their life. Building things is how Number 4 experiences and shows love.

Security, trustworthiness, and loyalty in their relationships are important to Number 4’s. They generally want children and might see children as their legacy. They can be very protective of their loved ones.

If Number 4 is overworked or encounters too many work frustrations, they might bring their work stress home. They can also become aggressive when pushed beyond their usual enduring patience.

When 4’s socialize, they like to be in organized, orderly gatherings and public places, as well as go to movies and concerts.

Attracted to Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7

Numerology 4 Life Path And Soul Path Number

Numerology 4 represents thoughts and ideas which create reality. Number 4 puts the knowledge of number 3 into material form and builds something. It’s related to building or more specifically, establishing the foundations of a building.

In their highest calling, the reason Number 4 builds a secure foundation is to express their individuated, carefree soul. Social systems and buildings will one day meet their demise, but working and living from the soul is Number 4’s true legacy.

Since the soul cares about those in distress, their life passion might involve designing a new social structure which supports the weak and oppressed in society. Indeed, this is one of 4’s highest potentials.

Number 4 generally strives to do what’s best for everyone. They need time to review their ideas and think them through in order to ensure a solid foundation. While they work hard – and often overwork – to get their ideas into material form, they don’t like to be rushed. The bigger the project, the more time it will take.

They need to ensure they deal with any stress from taking on too much work.

The 4 is usually serious, organized, tenacious, and disciplined; in fact, they’re the most disciplined of all the numbers. They like to put everything in their proper place. This ensures the most secure, solid, and lasting foundation.

Numerology 4 can be set in their ways and be inflexible. Their control over others might be soft and quiet, yet they still possess a controlling power. It’s a tough challenge to convince a Life Path 4 of a different perspective. Their tenacity is needed to stay anchored and to establish security for themselves and their loved ones.

But a Soul Path 4 breaks free from the very foundations they create. Their security is found in their benevolent soul mission rather than material forms or brick and mortar buildings which don’t last. The eternal soul wants to enjoy the work, rather than just do the work. The soul wants to fulfill a purpose that expands beyond a human family and lasts beyond a human grave.

Numerology 4 Major Life Cycles

Overall Life Aim: To design a new social structure which supports the weak and oppressed in society.

Overall Life Challenges: Difficulty facing criticism, can become aggressive when pushed beyond patience, realizing and learning the value of organization and discipline, finding ways to relax the mind so ideas can flow, bringing ideas down to Earth

Life Cycle 1: During this cycle, there may be a need to review ideas and take time to really think things through. Refuse to be rushed into major life decisions such as with career and relationships. Patience will ensure you end up with a strong, secure life foundation that lasts. Realize relationships are a serious decision and not to be played around with. After your ideas come together, start bringing them down to material reality in order to get anchored. This is a time to establish the foundations that will hold up the rest of your life.

Life Cycle 2: Watch for stress during this cycle that comes from taking on too much work. Narrow-mindedness can create a disconnection from society and make work success much more difficult. Opening up to different perspectives and different people and their lifestyles can also open doors of opportunity. There’s a need to plan and work steadily toward a goal while keeping ideas open. Planning and steady work can lessen any stress load. Opening the mind can bring in important social connections and important ideas for creating.

Life Cycle 3: You may not be able to enjoy retirement as planned due to economic conditions or other factors. But you will likely value organization, discipline, and the sense of accomplishment during this cycle. A strong work ethic may become something you enjoy rather than something you want to avoid or leave behind.

Numerology 4 Challenges

  • There’s a need to plan and work steadily toward a goal
  • Watch for the tendency to be a workaholic
  • Watch for confusion from change or lack of organization
  • Take the time to review and think ideas through without being rushed
  • There may be a tendency to bury feelings. Be honest with yourself about your feelings, including stress and anger, or they can lead to worse issues.
  • Open up to broader perspectives so ideas can flow and to establish social connections
  • Stay connected with the overall picture of your path and follow the natural order of life
  • Focus on creating a legacy that can be passed on

Numerology 4 Personal Year And Current Numerology

You might not feel romantic or sexual at this time because you’re focused on work, or you might be suffering from stress as a result of taking on too much work.

You might be inclined to spend more time on your home or making home repairs. Or you might consider how to establish more of a foundation of security.

This is a time to put ideas into material form or practical reality so that they’re useful. Ideas need to be brought down to Earth and anchored. It might be helpful to find ways to relax the mind so ideas can come in and flow out. Otherwise, they can live and die in your head.

Focus on the overall picture of what you’d like to build, then plan and work steadily toward your goals. Follow the pace of the natural order of life rather than overworking or trying to do too much, too fast.

Numerology 4 Repeating Numbers

Seeing repeating or recurring 4’s may be a message that it’s time to manifest ideas into some kind of practical form or something that’s beneficial for yourself, others, or society. For example, you might want to do repairs or renovations on your home. Or you might want to look for a career you can pour yourself into. Or you might want to create a legacy you can pass on to others. You might need to open your mind to perspectives you wouldn’t normally consider so your ideas can flow through. You might also want to take time to review your ideas and really think them through without rushing the process. Focus on the overall picture of your goal and follow the natural order of life without hurry. If your ideas are held back, this can result in an anger problem, or rage. Or a general sense of confusion. It’s time to honor your ideas, get organized, and start building.