A Dark Day

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Astrology is just a tool to connect with your conscious awareness.


Monday – Tuesday

April 18 – 19, 2022

  • Sun in Aries 28° 36′
  • Waning Gibbous Moon in Scorpio 23° 58′, Moon in Sagittarius
  • VOC Moon sextile Pluto: 11:54pm Apr 18 – 2:17am Apr 19 UTC
  • Next New/Full Moon: New Moon in Taurus 10° 27′ 8:27pm April 30 UTC (Eclipse)
  • Prominent Sign: Pisces
  • Prominent Planets: Venus
  • Prominent Polarity: Yin
  • Prominent Mode: Fixed
  • Prominent Element: Water
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Semisextile
  • Retrogrades: All Major Planets Direct
  • Sole Dispositor: Neptune
  • Pisces Stellium: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune
  • Fixed T-Square: Scorpio Moon, Saturn, True Node
  • Sun square Pluto
  • Mercury conjunct Uranus 13° 48′ Taurus
  • Venus sextile Mercury, Uranus
Sun in Aries opposite Full Moon in Libra 26° 45′

Emotional Wellness

Moon | Cancer
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon square Saturn
  • Moon conjunct S Node
  • Moon opposite N Node
  • Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter
  • Moon sesquiquadrate Chiron
  • Moon sextile Pluto
  • Moon quincunx Pallas, Sun, Lilith
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Moon square Mars

There may have been easier days but challenges can draw out or refine your best contributions to the world. Look for healing around 12:22am Apr 20 UTC. Life WILL get easier but you don’t want to miss the opportunity now to rise to the challenge. A critical choice may be needed; if you choose discipline (doing what you love), it will pay off enormously after May 10.

Face the past to make peace with the past – by seeing how competent it made you.

It’s okay to be sad, scared, or angry. It makes you a beautiful, conscious human. Resisting emotions is the thing that creates unnecessary problems.

Emotional nurturing may come through emotional security, especially from within or from an intimate relationship with protected boundaries, although it may be a rare occurrence or difficult to find. Intuitive abilities may be strong but watch for brooding suspicions.

Health and Body

Mars, Chiron | Aries, Virgo
  • Mars in Pisces (Stellium) until May 24
  • Mars square Moon
  • Mars quintile Mercury
  • Chiron in Aries until June 19, 2026
  • Chiron sesquiquadrate Moon
  • Chiron semisextile Uranus

There may be real challenges in mental, physical, or metabolic health yet some may be easy to ignore. Deeply buried emotional issues of the past probably doesn’t help.

Failing to make a critical choice in fitness, nutrition, or mental calm can be detrimental to health. You can start by getting organized or look for inspiration from a new source.

If health goals are stuck, release control and consider something different from the usual.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Extremities, Third Eye or Pineal Gland through April 27 or the Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026


Sun, Pluto, Ceres, Juno | Leo, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
  • Sun in Aries until April 19/20
  • Sun square Pluto
  • Sun quincunx Moon
  • Sun septile Ceres
  • Pluto in Capricorn until Mar 23, 2023
  • Pluto square Sun
  • Pluto sextile Moon
  • Ceres in Gemini until May 15
  • Ceres septile Sun
  • Juno in Aquarius until April 20

Self-doubt may be creating relationship issues; or an inflated ego (which is self-doubt under the surface) may destroy trust.

The only way to resolve a relationship conflict or issue, at this point, may be to release control. Perceptions of control never brought security in the first place. It’s safe to open your heart and be yourself, as long as it’s the right person, which you know deep within under all the seeming risks and complications.

For joy and harmony, it would be wise to make those commitments solid, and simultaneously release toxic attachments of the past.

Home and Property

Venus, Lilith, Vesta | Taurus, Cancer, Leo
  • Venus in Pisces until May 2 [Material Resources and Public Service]
  • Venus sextile Mercury, Uranus
  • Venus novile Pallas
  • Lilith in Cancer until Jan 8, 2023
  • Lilith quincunx Moon
  • Vesta in Aquarius until May 24

To resolve a home or property issue, consider relaxing so the solution can come to you naturally. A realization may humble you, but also liberate you, allowing new forward movement.

Travel, Shopping, Social Media, Weather

Mercury, Pallas Athena, Uranus, Neptune | Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Mercury in Taurus until April 29 [Land vehicles, tractors, vehicular theft]
  • Mercury conjunct Uranus (Apr 18)
  • Mercury sextile Venus (Apr 18)
  • Mercury quintile Mars
  • Pallas in Aries until April 30
  • Pallas quincunx Moon
  • Pallas semisextile Neptune
  • Pallas novile Venus
  • Jupiter in Pisces until May 10
  • Jupiter trine Moon
  • Uranus in Taurus until July 7, 2025
  • Uranus conjunct Mercury (Apr 18)
  • Neptune in Pisces until Mar 30, 2025
  • Neptune trine Moon
  • Neptune semisextile Pallas

The atmosphere may be electric and there may be some tough challenges or conflict in a travel plan or strategy. Otherwise, it may be a lovely day for travel and shopping if you can stay relaxed through unexpected events.

Look for social alliances who are grounded with integrity, to avoid a grand delusion. It’s okay to be humbled by the achievements of another because they can inspire you. Some people really are worth following, even if there are only a few.

International Events

Sun in Aries 28°, Sun square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus 13° 48′ Taurus, Venus sextile Mercury, Uranus, Scorpio Moon square Saturn, trine Jupiter and Neptune, conjunct S Node, opposite N Node, World Point

Natural disasters, earthquakes, intense conflict, violence, death, quick or unexpected events, stuck in the past or finally liberated from it. Sanctions, oil, gas. An overbearing aristocrat, plutocracy. A heavy, critical choice must be made. A dark, somber day but a beautiful awakening is possible. In other news, a humble yet strong person enjoys rewards of their hard work, becoming stronger and more loved through challenges.

In some places, there may be incidents involving increasing crime, crimes against the vulnerable, mass violence, shocking or unusual conflict or fights, repeat crimes, theft, political or religious wars, social equality issues, vehicular violence or collisions, explosions, downed aircraft, vehicle theft, issues in transferring artillery or material resources, sanctions, cyberwarfare, biochemical weapons, oil, gas, chemicals, air pollution, or the atmosphere… through June 17.

Intensified empathy or compassion through May 10. It may be difficult to tell the difference between your own thoughts and feelings, and that of others.

Incidents related to a pandemic, drugs, chemicals, gas, oil, or space through May 10 but generally, success in rescue efforts. Conflict may be especially volatile around March 21, April 5, and May 29. Bans, blockades, sanctions, mandates, or lockdowns may fail or be lifted through Mar 20 (or May 10?) with exceptions along the way. Public protests may be in the spotlight Feb 14 – Mar 17, April 12, and May 29 this year. Supply chain disruptions through 2025.

Refined capabilities and milestones of success may occur around April 5, April 12, May 29, and June 17 after immense challenges.

Plagues, Aggressive Virus through May 10; Mars and Jupiter in Pisces, Chiron in Aries. Edit [April 13]: “CDC to extend travel mask mandate for two weeks to monitor uptick in COVID-19 cases. – AP”
Edit [April 18]: “Shares in Chinese pharma firm tank as Covid medicine questioned
Edit [April 18]: “A federal judge in Florida has voided the national mask mandate covering airports, planes and other public travel. – AP
Edit [April 18]: “US announces global Covid summit: A global summit to chart an end to the Covid-19 crisis and plan for future upheavals will take place May 12” [Jupiter from Pisces to Aries May 12]
Edit [April 18]: “TSA says it will stop enforcing people to wear masks after a federal judge struck mask mandate down” “Thousands of Ukrainian Civilians Are Holed Up in a Steel Plant in Mariupol, Officials Say – The New York Times”
Edit [April 18]: “National state of disaster declared by South African President after disastrous KZN floods
Edit [April 18]: “Cristiano Ronaldo has announced the death of his baby boy.
Edit [April 18]: “US State Department spokesman: Iran is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, and we will confront its destabilizing behavior in the region.
Edit [April 5]: “GEN. MILLEY: ‘We are now facing two global powers, China & Russia, each with significant military capabilities, both who intend to fundamentally change rules based on the global order. […] The potential for significant international conflict between great powers is increasing.'”
Edit [April 9]: “China Is Accelerating Its Nuclear Buildup Over Rising Fears of U.S. Conflict of Ukraine.” — Wall Street Journal
Edit [April 12]: “The Japanese government is concerned about possible use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine crisis, the top government spokesman said on Tuesday.
Edit [April 16]: “North Korea tests new weapons system aimed at enhancing ‘tactical nukes’ efficiency: state media
Edit [April 13]: “Sweden and Finland’s prime ministers have just held a joint press conference outlining plans to join #NATO. Sweden expected to move first. PM Marin says she won’t give a timetable but ‘it will happen quite fast—within weeks, not within months, we will have the discussion'”

[Click here for daily updates on the Russia Ukraine conflict from an astrological perspective.]


Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, N Node | Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Capricorn: Pluto
  • Pisces Stellium: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune
  • True Node in Taurus until July 17. 2023
  • True Node opposite Moon
  • Saturn in Aquarius until Mar 7, 2023
  • Saturn square Moon
  • Jupiter in Pisces until May 10
  • Jupiter trine Moon
  • Uranus in Taurus until July 7, 2025
  • Uranus conjunct Mercury (Apr 18)
  • Neptune in Pisces until Mar 30, 2025
  • Neptune trine Moon
  • Neptune semisextile Pallas

When overwhelmed, you might wonder if all the hard work is worth it. It would be a good idea to take time to look within to find out the truth, so you can focus and remove distractions. But keep an open mind. The truth isn’t always a popular opinion.


Jupiter | Sagittarius
  • Sun in Aries: Major uptrend Decan 2
  • Full Moon in Libra: Conflicting or indecisive downtrend
  • Jupiter in Pisces until May 10, 2022: Inflation, rising interest rates, high oil prices or fortune from crude oil, fortune from creative investments, speculation exaggerated or unreliable, large company purchases not advised, extended or mass sell offs, uptrend due to inflation or market bubble after a crash
  • Pluto in Capricorn until Mar 23, 2023: Immense underground wealth of an elite may collapse, long term investing, immense underground wealth, ultra slow market movement, tightening of corporate or government regulations
  • Taurus Scorpio Nodal Axis: Long term investing, material integrity and stability in favor
  • Uranus in Taurus: Digital currency, new financial structures or material assets in favor but may require long hard work or excruciating challenges
  • Neptune in Pisces: Slog but speculative risk in favor

Currently, finances may be favorable for making a bold change before April 30. Some may want to sell before April 30 during a rise, and buy back end of June during a low. Ultimately, consider hodling investments with integrity. Financial scams collapse while solid, stable investments ultimately pay off.

Immense underground wealth that isn’t visible to the public may lead to structural collapse or tightened regulations. Inflation, rising interest rates, high gas and oil prices may be a theme through May 10, 2022.

The U.S. Pluto return is currently taking place through 2023 and beyond, collapsing traditional finance structures to be replaced by regulated digital currency.

2022: Long term investing or hodling in companies with high quality production is in favor. In this case, downtrends or volatility may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams.

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Bitcoin Drops Below $40,000, Ethereum Falls Under $3,000 Yet Again” — @decryptmedia

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Bitcoin dropped to its lowest level in more than a month as cryptocurrency continued to be hurt by investors’ risk aversion” — Bloomberg Crypto

Edit [April 18, 2022] “As a single individual reportedly lost about $650,000, crypto wallet @MetaMask has warned its users of possible phishing scam attacks through Apple’s iCloud service.” — Bloomberg Crypto

Edit [April 18, 2022] “IRS investigators see crypto and NFTs as ripe for fraud, including money laundering, market manipulation and tax evasion—and even celebrities could get caught in the agency’s probes” — Bloomberg Crypto

Edit [April 18, 2022] “The U.S. Treasury Department has tied the North Korean group Lazarus to the more than $600 million hack of a software tool used by the popular Axie Infinity game” — Bloomberg Crypto

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Over the weekend, the NBA launched a Web3 Twitter feed @NBAxNFT, a Discord server, and announced plans to release Ethereum NFTs tied to the NBA Playoffs” — @decryptmedia

Edit [April 18, 2022] “What’s next for digital cash? These six e-cash experiments could change how we think about money” — Bloomberg Crypto