Tarot: Page of Wands

Friendly or Helpful Influence, Benevolent Messages, Telepathy

Friendly or helpful influences is the general message of the Page of Wands.

This assistance could come through some type of online message or means of communication, including social media or good, old-fashioned snail mail. Or perhaps extra-sensory communication, if you’re the intuitive type.

This teaching advice, lesson or announcement could show up from a sibling, close friend, a colleague, business acquaintance or perhaps an off-planetary entity, but not necessarily.

What we know for sure is that this message will be helpful, and it will come from someone or something benevolent, faithful or agreeable with you. You’ll likely learn something valuable, especially by way of an innovative new development, unless you’re the messenger providing this service for others.

Page of Wands by wintersmagic at Deviant Art, The Cat People Tarot, Shadowscapes and Alice in Wonderland Tarot, intuitivefish.com
Page of Wands by wintersmagic at Deviant Art, The Cat People Tarot, Shadowscapes and Alice in Wonderland Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The Page of Wands Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Your health will benefit from a friendly health practitioner, therapist or just someone who is genuinely supportive of you, especially if their guidance or services are spiritually-inclined, or a little unusual. If inquiring about a certain health protocol, food or supplement, you can count on it being of benefit to you.

Occupation and Finances: If you’re considering an occupation as a postal carrier, or a career in communications or wireless connection, the Page of Wands is your confirmation. It’s also affirmative for an occupation as a purveyor, supplier, tradesperson, diplomatic agent, delegate or some kind of accredited representative. Otherwise, there might be a business acquaintance or some kind of an agent or administrator who will be of beneficial help to you, especially as it concerns an invention or new development. Or you might want to consider promoting your ideas, perhaps by sharing your insights on the internet, or using hashtags. Put yourself out there.

Relationships: There may be a sibling, schoolmate or friend with whom you are to learn something alongside as you explore new wonders, throw around ideas, as well as share advice and life lessons with each other. Pick up the phone! Or get in touch with them via an online message. This is a valuable relationship.

Hidden Meaning: Human language carries limitations and barriers. True communication occurs on a telepathic soul level, because in actuality, we’re souls, or beings of energetic consciousness.

Page of Wands from Shadowscapes Tarot
Page of Wands from Shadowscapes Tarot

Reversed: The Page of Wands reversed could be a message to withhold some information or certain terms, or don’t be so open and direct in your communication. Sometimes messages can be better received or understood if they aren’t too obvious. Share instruction or advice by using interesting or amusing stories, or anecdotes. Use suggestions, notions or impressions, and steer clear of boring textbook answers. Focus on originality. Highlight something admirable, wonderful or unusual to get your message or lesson across. The Page of Wands reversed could also indicate some kind of unexpected, miraculous or wonderful news or announcement. Or, there could be a lack of clarity in your aim for a certain goal. There’s a need to clarify your objective before publicizing it.

Advice: There may be a beneficial energy or benevolent influence who would be of great help to you, perhaps a younger man but not necessarily so. It could refer to a person, place or thing. It will likely be someone or something unusual or extraordinary. You can rely on their faithfulness and kindness and generosity, so be sure to utilize this message, helpful advice or instruction, or communication tool in general. You may have an intuitive or telepathic connection with this being.

Astrological Association: Gemini and Aquarius

Element: Air on the 3rd and 11th House

Timing: May 21st to Jun 21st – or – January 20th to February 19th

Court Cards: A resolution to an issue my depend on the actions of another

Yes or No: Yes, hands down

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