Tarot: The Sun

Feeling Safe, Confident and Free; Your Most Authentic Self, Enlightenment/Ascension

The Sun represents masculine energy and government in its proper place of protecting and caring for its own, rather than stripping the masses of their self-empowerment through domineering control.

When we feel confident, safe and cared for, this sense of security unleashes our higher aspirations through unlimited, authentic expression. Our soul aspirations lead us to who we really are and what we’re here for, resulting in true wealth and a better world for all. This is called awakening or the ascension of the planet.

This powerful but not egotistical masculine energy desires to protect and care for you through tangible, material means. This benevolent Being is at your beck and call, for it’s the Source of life force energy within us all.

The Sun by Rider-Waite-Smith, Swiss Tarot, Alchemical Tarot, and Amor Universal Classic Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The Sun by Rider-Waite-Smith, Swiss Tarot, Alchemical Tarot, and Amor Universal Classic Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The Sun Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body ImageThe Sun indicates general good health, or that recovery and wellness is certain.

Occupation and Finances: Your job is to determine how your prosperity will come to you. It’s time to find your passion and take charge of the professional direction you’d like to go, trusting you have what it takes, and the resources necessary to accomplish it. Keep in mind that wealth doesn’t only consist of money and material possessions, but also love, bliss, freedom and relaxation.

RelationshipsThe Sun is a good omen for a healthy, fulfilling relationship in which two whole and independent individuals come together to experience life and the universe together. Maybe you’ve been longing for this kind of a relationship, but perhaps you’ve been too afraid to desire it in fear it won’t materialize. The Sun reminds you to set your powerful intentions high with confidence.

Hidden Meaning: Your self-empowerment and the life force energy of the universe work in tandem, and in fact are the same energy. The more self-empowered you feel as an individual, the more the universe sends powerful Beings into your life to protect and care for you. The universal energy field is neutral and goes exactly where our thoughts and beliefs direct it.

The Sun from @nyxrowan on Instagram
The Sun from @nyxrowan on Instagram

Reversed: Reversed, The Sun might indicate a blockage in energy or emotion, such as love, passion or feeling carefree between someone and a child, friend, partner or twin flame. The heart might be closed off, although love is powerful enough to still somewhat shine through. When someone expresses their authentic self, perhaps it’s met with a reprimand or pointing out the error of their ways instead of appreciating their passions or higher insights. Or perhaps someone dims their power because another feels threatened by it. Authenticity and the benefits of love such as help, assurance and protection aren’t free to flow as powerfully as they would otherwise. Or The Sun reversed could indicate a delay in success. It will happen, but it might take a little longer than expected. Narrow down and focus on your aim. Healthwise, it could indicate inflammation. Otherwise, this card implies all the upright meanings of authority, protection, powerful help and benefits, contentment, certainty and assurance – except in a lesser degree.

Advice: Confidently embrace your own inner power and focus your intention on a detailed picture of safety, help and material well-being in your life. Direct your energy, aspirations and intentions toward a diverse but unified world with benevolent leaders and governments in which all of Earth’s inhabitants are safe, have all of their survival needs and can enjoy the creative beauty of life without fear.

Astrological Association: Leo

Timing: “Major Arcanas mean that no timeframe is specified but instead the issue indicated by the card must first be resolved. Reversals should be noted, as with this system they represent obstacles that must be overcome before the event can occur.” – Barbara Moore

Yes or No: Definitely