Tarot: Queen of Wands

An Entrepreneur, Monetary Ambition, An Artistic or Spiritual Woman

The Queen of Wands is an artistic or spiritual woman whose ambition is to make money through her professional, creative or spiritual enterprise. She might be the querent or someone the querent trusts or pays for a service.

This queen might be a painter, musician, dancer or spiritual or intuitive guide. But overall, she has an eye for money.

She might work in the field of finances, agriculture or animal farming. Her projects are creative, refined and cultured.

She’s calm, cool and collected, patient, passive, courteous, good-natured, loyal and obliging. She’s economical, and profit is her signature or primary drive. If she’s not wealthy now, luxury, riches and possessions are definitely on her mind. She’s steadily resolved to create her life of wealth.

While honest, her ambitions are sometimes for egotistical purposes. We can’t help but wonder how much of her soul she sacrifices to live in luxurious abundance, even if she’s doing the work she’s good at and loves.

Queen of Wands by Sarah Wheatley, Barbieri Tarot, Kat Black for Golden Tarot and Witches Tarot, intuitivefish.com
Queen of Wands by Sarah Wheatley, Barbieri Tarot, Kat Black for Golden Tarot and Witches Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The Queen of Wands Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You’re likely in general good physical health when the Queen of Wands shows up in a reading. Your calm, steady and passive nature, as well as your ability to enjoy life and get along well with others reflects in your physical well-being. The only thing you might need to work on is the cultivation of your inner self which is easily neglected in external pursuits.

Occupation and Finances: If you’re considering a career in banking, exchange, agriculture, or an occupation in the general arts and especially painting, music or dancing, the Queen of Wands is your confirmation sign. Steadily and faithfully work your way toward your fortune. Seek culture, refinement and high quality in your work. Consider economical investments rather than high-passioned risky ones. If you’re considering hiring a business coach or intuitive guide, they’ll be of profitable service to you. This card is a favorable sign for things that concern money.

Relationships: Someone might be interested in you! You can trust them to be kind, generous and faithful. Although they might be a little moody and materialistic, they’re loyal, reliable and enduring. They don’t get easily fired up with passion, but they still possess a strong sense of sensuality. This relationship is beneficial for money matters, even if someone doesn’t have money at this time.

Hidden Meaning: True wealth and abundance is of the soul, yet also results in material needs being met. Existential fulfillment is found in beautiful, creative projects, contributions and ventures that reflect your unique thoughts, emotions and experiences. Material possessions are simply a natural byproduct of inner bliss which is always present regardless of external circumstances.

Queen of Wands by Andrea Matus DeMeng
Queen of Wands by Andrea Matus DeMeng

Reversed: Whether this card represents the querent or someone the querent informally trusts such as a friend or acquaintance, this woman has excellent creative, enterprising or spiritual skills. But she can’t be fully trusted – not necessarily due to deliberate deception but because she herself might be deceived. She might persuade with flattery or promises, but may likely betray those promises – especially if she profits from them, directly or indirectly. Whatever your inquiry, be cautious about relying on this unstable energy. In a relationship, someone might be a little too clingy, smothering or overly-sacrificing which means they’re also cantankerous or short-tempered at other times. The Queen of Wands reversed could also indicate someone or something who would be of great benefit to you, but it’s inaccessible, possibly because it’s too high of cost. Or, this card reversed could refer to relaxing, letting go, and being divinely guided in the right direction.

Advice: The Queen of Wands is a message of favorable success especially when it concerns monetary investments and endeavors. Stick to a practical lifestyle of refined minimalism, as well as honesty and integrity. Stay true to wealth consciousness. Steadily resolve to create your fortune from the ground up. You might also want to consider utilizing help from someone who has offered to assist you. The primary message here is to remain steady, whatever your pursuit might be.

Astrological Association: Taurus

Element: Air on the Second House

Timing: April 20th to May 21st

Court Cards: A resolution to an issue may depend on the actions of another

Yes or No: Yes, but keep going

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