Numerology 2

Numerology 2 Emotional Balance

The Number of Emotions, Equilibrium, Creative Design, Relationships, and Finances

Numerology 2 Gemstones: Pearl, Jade, Carnelian
Numerology 2 Colors: Orange, Apricot, Salmon, Gold, All Shades of Green, Cream, Pearl White
Numerology 2 Power Numbers:
Numerology 2 Power Days: Monday, Tuesday
Numerology 2 Symbols: The Moon, Polarity, Sun and Moon, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Spiritual and Physical
Numerology 2 Planet or Star: The Moon, Venus
Numerology 2 Astrology: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Some Gemini and Cancer Qualities

Numerology 2 Traits

Numerology 2 is associated with:

  • Receptivity, Relationships, Partnerships, Motherhood
  • Creative Visualization, Imagination, Inner Vision
  • Organization, Balance, Creating Order, Creative Beauty
  • Design, Detailed Precision, Working with the Hands
  • Earth, Nature, Animals
  • Physical Sensuality, Enjoying Materiality and Feasting
  • Song, Love of Music
  • Pursuing Life Path and Soul Mission
  • Currency, Money
  • Polarity, Law of Harmony, Harmony of Polarities
  • Memories, The Past
  • Childhood, Youth
  • Psychic Abilities, Intuition

Numerology 2 might exhibit these traits:

  • Vulnerability, frailty, emotional sensitivity
  • Feeling unsettled or fearful, afraid of being alone, afraid of being hurt, afraid of making mistakes, afraid of unexpected change
  • Uncomfortable being the center of attention, a ‘shrinking violet’
  • Lack of ambition when young
  • Submissive and yielding, a peacemaker
  • Mutual respect is a priority
  • Prone to codependency
  • Prone to depression
  • Restless inconsistency but longing for stability
  • Built with a strong sense of right and wrong
  • Ignorance, Self-contradiction
  • Criticism, Emotional manipulation
  • A strong need to Belong, Extroversion, Social Cooperation
  • Naturally sincere and sensitive to the needs and desires of others
  • Striving toward kindness, understanding, and tactfulness
  • Calm, Magnetic, Graceful
  • Stylish

Numerology 2 Mental and Emotional Health

There’s a need for Numerology 2 to be receptive to their feelings and learn how to process trauma. Because of their natural peacekeeping skills, they might tend to keep their emotions to themselves or bottled up. This can result in physical illness or imaginations of physical illness. Suppressed emotions are also the most common cause of their Depression. If they experience an unexplainable sorrow, it may be their longing for emotional connections first with their self, then with others. At their lowest, they can find themselves in cold lethargy, exhausted from too many dilemmas, or unable to take responsibility for themselves and those they love. This makes them vulnerable to codependency or settling for an unhealthy relationship to gain stability. Numerology 2’s might suffer from poor physiological or energy circulation. Otherwise, Numerology 2’s are generally health-conscious.

Numerology 2 Skills, Finances, and Professions

Part of Numerology 2’s life mission is to help others feel they belong. This creates a community which allows the 2 to also feel they belong. To create this community and sense of belonging, they have to be receptive of their own feelings and the feelings of others without stuffing them inside.

When emotional blocks are cleared, Numerology 2 can become aware of their finely-tuned intuition. This is a rare and powerful skill for any job or financial management. Utilizing their intuitive insights makes them excellent designers, especially if they’re working with their hands. An example is the design of food platters or the presentation of food dishes as a chef. Their intuition is also necessary for balanced judgment in careers requiring diplomacy and to be aware of everyone’s needs.

Numerology 2 is most fulfilled in their work when they’re creating beauty and socializing in an intimate community.

The most fulfilling work for 2 is to use their creative skills to communicate how they feel. For example, they might excel in coming up with the story line for romance novels. They might need to experiment with different ways of creatively expressing their feelings until they find their particular medium.

Their primary professional skills are: Attention to Detail, Sense of Balance, Intuition, Creative Design, and Community. If they’re in touch with their feelings, they can utilize these skills successfully. Opportunities readily present themselves to Numerology 2, but they can easily miss them if they’re overly focused on others before their own interests and abilities.

Numerology 2’s challenges are financial difficulties and indecision. Because they so easily enjoy material pleasures, it might be a struggle to stick to a financial budget.

Until they’re awake to their feelings and intuition, they might be plagued with indecision. It can take a lot of trial and error to figure out what they want to do as their profession. Their inconsistency especially makes it challenging for 2’s to reach success. Also, their professional skills aren’t necessarily secure, high-paying, or money-making skills in our modern world. But if 2 can commit to their creative imagination and put it to work, they can excel in any field of interest.

Possible Numerology 2 Careers:

  • Accountant
  • Business Partner
  • Caretaker
  • Chef, Entertaining
  • Counselor
  • Designer of All Kinds
  • Diplomat
  • Fantasy Novelist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Feng Shui
  • Fiction Writer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Homemaker
  • Interior Designer
  • Mediator
  • Medical Assistant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Psychic, Energy Reader
  • Psychologist
  • Romance Novelist
  • Sculptor
  • Spouse
  • Web Designer
  • Writer, especially on Mysticism or Mystical Topics

Numerology 2 Relationships

Although Numerology 2’s can be shy and their partners may have to do the initiating and leading, they enjoy having a lot of friends. A harmonious romantic relationship is especially important to them, as well as a secure home of luxury for their children.

They might sacrifice their own welfare for their loved ones which ultimately leads to relationship dilemmas. Or they can become so dependent, they lose their ability to do anything on their own, leading to further relationship issues. They have to be careful to be open and honest with their children about their personal struggles rather than maintain an appearance of a happy home, or it could create a gap in their relationships with their children.

Sacrificing themselves can also affect the success of their profession. If Numerology 2 can establish and reinforce healthy boundaries as well as remain open and vulnerable, this can resolve relationship issues and give them enough energy to focus on their own life path. They must live according to their own truths before they can secure harmony with others.

Because relationships are so vital to Numerology 2 and they want to be desired, they aren’t able to handle betrayal very well, and can fall into depression if relationship trauma is too severe. They can resort to emotional blackmail or smothering to keep someone by their side. If they feel cornered and threatened, they can become emotionally unstable, overcome with fear, disagreeable, or criticizing. They can be difficult to live with unless they find their sense of belonging in a particular group or community.

On the bright side, Numerology 2 can experience so much heartbreak they finally let go of attachments and focus on self-reliance and development of their individuated self. Relationships are much easier and more enjoyable from a self-empowered state.

When Numerology 2 has processed their trauma, is attuned to their feelings, and utilizes their creative abilities, they can experience healthy, fulfilling relationships. They use their sensitivity to be receptive of the feelings of others, instead of taking things personally. They’re naturally devoted, faithful, and adaptable and they have the capacity to love deeply when they aren’t sacrificing their own life path or soul mission. When they honor their own feelings rather than suppressing them for others, they can become the coexisting peacemaker they were truly meant to be.

Drawn to other 2’s

Numerology 2 Life Path And Soul Path Number

Numerology 2’s are generally graceful, magnetic, sincere, imaginative, and emotionally sensitive. They’re extroverted and thrive with plenty of friends, but they may not necessarily enjoy being the center of attention.

Like the universal womb of creation, 2 symbolizes receptivity. This enables them to let the outside world in, which is why 2’s are highly impressionable, and they’re also highly sensitive to their environment.

Relationships and partnerships are vital for Numerology 2. They’re here to experience an emotionally-fulfilling life. Part of their life mission is to help others feel they belong, which also gives them a sense of belonging – something they intuitively long for. This is why they’re innately gifted with receptivity and sensitivity, especially to feelings – their own and that of others.

This number stores memories of childhood, past lives, and other memories. They might struggle with restlessness and inconsistency, or a lack of ambition when young. They may move locations in an unpredictable manner, or at least dream of doing so.

Truth and learning is important to Numerology 2. They can see all viewpoints and possess a genuine ability to listen. They have been called the ‘silent-knower’ or the ‘behind-the-scenes peacemaker.’

Relationships are so vital to Numerology 2 that they may give all their energy to others while neglecting their own interests and ambitions. Or, if they try to do it all, they can end up exhausted. There’s a need to balance their energy between their life work and with others, without sacrificing too much of themselves to those they love.

2’s have a fantastic imagination. They can fall prey to excessive dreaminess, while never materializing the great enterprise of their visions. Still, their imagination is their greatest gift. They’re skilled in detailed precision, balance, and creative design when they’re living up to their highest potential.

They might struggle with indecision, codependency, depression, or the fear of being alone within their lifetime. But after they clear emotional blocks or process past trauma, they’re able to harmonize with others and find their sense of belonging in a like-minded social group. After clearing emotional blockages, they can also awaken to their psychic awareness or ability to receive psychic messages.

Numerology 2 Major Life Cycles

You might experience a deep sense of emotional pain in any Major Life Cycle until emotions are accepted and embraced, and hurts or trauma are processed in healthy ways.

Life Cycle 1 You might feel like an overly-sensitive child, vulnerable, or easily hurt, making it difficult to thrive in your friendships during this Life Cycle. You may not know what to do with all of your feelings, fears, or your heightened sensitivities. You may be inclined to suppress them, but this will have ill effects later in life, or this may also suppress your life ambition. Your emotions are needed in order to experience love, creativity, and intuition. Your mother may be your strongest influence during this Life Cycle, for better or for worse.

Life Cycle 2 The Second Life Cycle For Numerology 2 is a time to let go of hurts from childhood and enjoy the material comforts of life together in a community of friendships or a close friendship circle. Your objective is to work in harmony with others, balancing your energy between your relationships and your own life path. There’s a possibility for deep love or painful disappointment in love, or a need to end an unhealthy relationship. Your intuition is needed to know who and what to invest your energy in. You may need to process emotional trauma before you can awaken to your intuition. Otherwise, you may find yourself in relationship dilemmas, indecision, or depression. Use the powerful magic of creative visualization to achieve success in your financial or creative work and to find your community. This is imperative for a fulfilling Second Life Cycle.

Life Cycle 3 Your aim for this Life Cycle is to be receptive and sensitive to your own feelings and the feelings of others’. This allows you to cultivate and develop harmony as well as a much needed sense of belonging within a community of like-minded souls.

Numerology 2 Challenges

Numerology 2 has a strong need to feel they belong in a community and experience emotional connections. Their Challenge is to process emotions and childhood or past trauma, release self-inhibitions, and express their creative visions through their work without fear.

This is a difficult test considering emotions don’t often receive the respect they deserve. It begins with accepting their own feelings and their vital need to express them in some shape or form, preferably in a creative way, such as through creative design. Reconnecting with their childhood dreams is also vital.

Being emotionally receptive is how Numerology 2’s develop their sense of belonging in a community. When emotions or trauma are suppressed, this can lead to feeling unsettled, indecision, shrinking back, or criticizing others – blocking the very thing they long for. At their lowest point, they may be unable to take responsibility for themselves or their loved ones.

Numerology 2 Personal Year And Current Numerology

Seeds nurtured in darkness start to grow. Developing creative vision in its beginning stages and waiting for the right time to act. Working out the finer details and focusing on precision. Relationships and your emotions well-being come into focus. Watch for jumping into an unwise relationship or committed partnership.
You might need to process suppressed emotions or buried trauma. Obstacles and delays serve to that end. Look for a community of like-minded souls to develop security. Work cooperatively with others and be considerate of the needs of others. A time to use your psychic gifts as you may be more psychically attuned or psychically aware, or you might experience Déjà vu more often than usual.

Numerology 2 Repeating Numbers

When you notice recurring or repeating 2’s in your environment, you might find yourself driven to partnerships in business or to emotional intimacy. A supportive community is also vital for you. But there’s a need to process unresolved trauma before you can establish healthy connections and move forward in life. Become aware of how unresolved trauma and internal blockages are affecting your current relationships. There’s a need to open up to your emotions, softness, and sensitivity. You might have psychic gifts you aren’t yet aware of or you might remember your long-forgotten childhood dreams after you clear emotional blocks and allow your emotional sensitivity to flow free.

22 Number 22

Work cooperatively with other like-minded souls who also hold your passion.
May have psychic gifts.
Driven to partnerships

The double 2 {or 4 for person/current and repeating} is the “Master Builder” or the “Architect of Peace.” 22 brings the heightened spirituality of 11 down to earth, and applies it in a practical way. You know you’ve got a special, powerful calling, and therefore, it will require many challenges along the way. Others may feel threatened by your powerful designs for a new foundation. Take one gentle but confident step at a time. Watch for traps of material desires, and avoid self-degradation.

“Today’s energies are very powerful.  It is a master number, 22, day – it is a day of empowered understanding and realizing the truth of your profound identity. It is a day to do deep inner work and by the light of this truth, dissolve the illusions held about your identity.  As you know, when Light is directed into a dark room, all is seen – That is the power of today’s energies.  Allow your illusions about Self to be seen and once seen, allow your Light to show you your Truth, which in the Light of Truth immediately dissolves illusions.  Use the incredible Light of today’s energies to show you your truth.”