Moving Forward

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Astrology is just a tool to connect with your intuition beyond the conditioned mind.


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

  • Sun in Aquarius 13° 40′
  • Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces 1° 28′
  • Next VOC Moon: 9:400am Feb 4 – 2:57pm Feb 4 UTC
  • Next New/Full Moon: Full Moon in Leo 4:56pm Feb 16 UTC
  • Prominent Sign: 4th Quadrant
  • Prominent Mode: Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable
  • Prominent Element: Earth, Very Little Fire
  • Retrograde: Mercury Rx
Mars sextile Jupiter (1° orb) conjunct Moon in Pisces, Feb 2, 2022


  • Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces
  • Moon square Nodes, conjunct Jupiter, sextile Mars, Uranus, Venus
  • Mars sextile Jupiter (1° orb)
  • Chiron semisextile Uranus, Jupiter (1-2° orb)
  • Chiron quintile Lilith, Pluto, Juno, Mercury Rx (<3° orb)
  • Chiron septile Ceres (1° orb)
  • Lilith square Neptune (1° orb)
  • Lilith quincunx Mercury Rx (2° orb)
  • Lilith octile Uranus (3° orb)
  • Lilith square Pallas (4° orb)
  • Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto (2° orb)
  • Mercury Rx sextile Pallas (2° orb)
  • Mercury Rx octile Jupiter (2° orb)
  • Mercury Rx sextile Neptune (3° orb)

Changing up your health or fitness protocol at this time can lead to bright hope and flourishing vitality. Just a little effort may be needed, or follow any subtle or spontaneous impulses. Your body knows what it needs to thrive. Utilize consequences from previous bad choices to inspire new motivation. Natural or unconventional remedies are favored, as well as releasing control and listening to your body.

Slow, steady action can mitigate forgetfulness, confusion, or careless mistakes through Feb 3 and 4.

Some might struggle with anxiety, panic, or paranoia as social structures shift. Some may be undergoing change in their sex identity, education, or relocating to a new home. Getting organized may provide comfort. Find inspiration in meditation or deep rest. Taking a first step can unlock momentum.

For fertility health or reproductive issues, logic may be distorted; rely on intuition for a resolution.

Plans for home renovations, relocating or changing schools may feel blocked, misaligned, or just plain difficult. Rest and flow to remember your life dream and organize a new strategy.

If traveling, some effort may be needed to relax. Prepare for possible delays or detours.

A minor possibility of landslides or earthquakes may lead to structural collapse, which can inspire change or the building of something new. Establishing a new, more authentic or aesthetic foundation is favored, metaphorically or literally.

Public health data may still be shifting or unreliable at this time. What information is hidden or missing? There may be more clarity after Feb 3, unless underground or censored information is included in published data. For clarity and forward movement, consider nuance before polarized viewpoints.


  • Sun in Aquarius
  • Venus conjunct Vesta
  • Venus, Vesta trine Uranus (1° orb)
  • Venus semisextile Sun (2° orb)
  • Venus square Chiron (2° orb)
  • Venus septile, sextile Moon in Pisces
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces
  • Pluto sextile Pallas Athena
  • Juno in Aquarius
  • Juno septile Neptune
  • Ceres trine Juno (1° orb)
  • Ceres conjunct N Node in Taurus (1° orb)

Your position in society or a friend group may be in focus now and harmony is likely. It might be easier to be yourself without worrying what others think, and this is a good thing. Consider prioritizing people who nurture yet also give you freedom to be you.

Social and political conflict may resort to sanctions, or there may not be enough resources to follow through with a war. Conflict may continue in public health issues; however…

Compassion looms large. Empathy for people who are normally condemned for their evil might feel sad or intriguing, yet also empower new social structures that unite people rather than polarize.

Frauds, scandals, or conflicts of interest in professionals or politics may be exposed: It’s a good idea to make a note for now. Censorship may continue to be a topic through Feb 14.


  • Capricorn Stellium: Mars, Venus, Pluto, Vesta
  • Mercury Rx sextile Neptune, Pallas (<3° orb)
  • Mercury Rx octile Jupiter (2° orb)
  • Venus quintile Neptune (2° orb)
  • Venus, Vesta trine Uranus (1° orb)
  • Mars sextile Jupiter (1° orb)

Slow steady work is greatly enriching and rewarding now, even amidst knots and quagmires. You might time to do the job right even if it requires overtime. More mental clarity arrives by end of the week, and tech issues may smooth out.

The jobs market according to official stats may continue to shift or transform through Feb 14. School violence may be a minor possibility. Have you considered a non-traditional education structure?

Nonprofits, humanitarian or environmental careers may especially feel a boost today.

For some, achieving your life dream might feel impossible. Formal education may be in conflict with your life passion. But this is all in the head. Taking steady action steps can lead to big success and fortune, as long as those steps are genuinely inspired.

For designers and creatives, organizing structure in your art can inspire you and feel deeply satisfying as well. Organizing new patterns or designs can provide assurance of formal success, especially if you have a renegade community of support.


  • Sun in Aquarius, Decan 2: Major uptrend
  • Sun (Detriment) semisextile Venus and Vesta: Very slightly bullish with downturns
  • Sun square Saturn: Resistance
  • Jupiter in Pisces: Inflation, high oil prices, large company purchases based on fantasy, major market downtrend or slight uptrend
  • Waxing Moon in Pisces: Fluid market sentiment
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter, sextile Mars, Uranus, Venus: Diffusion or slight uptrend
  • Pluto in Capricorn: Potential rally or revolutionary bounce up, alt coins
  • Mars in Capricorn: Fluctuating downtrend
  • Mars sextile Jupiter, trine Uranus: Major uptrend
  • Neptune in Pisces (Domicile): Speculative risk in favor
  • Mercury Rx in Capricorn: Steep fluctuations with no real movement, ending up where started
  • Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto: Bullish uptrend
  • Mercury Station: Stagnancy
  • Venus in Capricorn: Market crash due to corporate government financial ties, but conducive for buying long term, patience rewarded
  • Venus trine Uranus: Spontaneous or unexpected steady uptrend, digital currency, tech innovations
  • Taurus Capricorn Earth Conjunctions/Trines: Resistance to uptrends due to corporate government financial ties
  • N Node in Taurus, Earth Heavy: Vienna Stock Exchange crash and Panic of 1873 due to bubble
  • Saturn in Aquarius (Domicile), Earth Heavy: Vienna Stock Exchange crash and Panic of 1873 due to bubble

Consider hodling through fluctuations or buying conservatively. Markets may be relatively stagnant Feb 3/4, marking the end of a cycle. New developments may be likely and are also in favor.

This is generally not considered the best time to buy or sell. There may be a market uptrend through Feb 3 but it may occur through loss due to financial fraud in fiat and digital currency. If buying, you might consider investing conservatively early or mid Feb during a drop in the market. Think in terms of patience, integrity, consistent production, conservative investing or hodling.

There is no essential difference between death and a new start.


Achievement through Hard Work

January 31 – February 6, 2021

  • Monday, January 31: New Moon in Aquarius
  • Tuesday, February 1: New Moon in Aquarius, VOC Moon
  • Wednesday, February 2: Moon in Pisces
  • Thursday, February 3: Mercury Direct, Mars sextile Jupiter
  • Friday, February 4: Mercury Direct, Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn, Moon in Aries
  • Saturday, February 5: Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn
  • Sunday, February 6: Moon in Taurus
All Planets Direct, Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn, Waxing Moon in Aries, Feb 4, 2022

It’s all systems go this week (after Tuesday) – as long as you previously established new career/finance goals and alliances that inspire you. Late Thursday/Friday is a big day in the Cosmos for fortune achieved through relentless hard work and revolutionary collaborations.

The week begins with a New Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus before it moves through Pisces and Aries, and ends with the Waxing Moon in Taurus and Mars square Chiron. By Friday, all planets are Direct as Mercury stations (Mercury Shadow until Feb 23.) Venus continues to trine Uranus with a 1-2° orb as Pluto trines the N Node (exact Feb 12) and Neptune squares Lilith. Mars, Vesta, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and Juno form a powerful Capricorn Stellium in another Cardinal Earth-Heavy Week in the 1st and 4th Quadrants.


Plans for your dream home may be put on hold this week as the focus shifts primarily to developing your career or work partnerships.

Personal health issues may also take a back seat, unless it relates to your occupation. If your health situation doesn’t allow you to work, organizing a new health protocol may put you at ease. To make solid progress, look for underground information that promotes common sense.

To lower stress, it may be best to hold off on travel, in general and if possible, through mid February. Home is where the heart is. Are you able to learn or work at home?


Authentic connections and revolutionary collabs with people that inspire you are in good prospects, (especially after Tuesday) although…

Communications snags may act up (but should start smoothing out by end of the week.)

Social conflict may continue to hit an impasse as social and political structures collapse and rebuild through mid Feb; however, diplomatic discussions may smooth national tensions between countries threatening war by early next week.


Career obstacles and market resistance may begin clearing out this week and everyone can breathe again. Rewards are ahead if you used challenges to restructure work operations or your portfolio in alignment with the future.

Get ready to publish your masterpiece by the week’s end. If you enjoy mastering your craft and your life passion is grounded in reality, prepare to embrace success and fortune. Yes, you!

Just remember to keep investing or adding to your portfolio conservatively this whole year, committing to high quality companies that are both revolutionary and sustainable.

When dreams are built with committed and consistent hard work, success is inevitable.


February 2022

Harmony And Achievement

  • Feb 1 – New Moon in Aquarius
  • Feb 03 – Mercury Direct
  • Feb 04 – Mars sextile Jupiter
  • Feb 04 – Sun conjunct Saturn
  • Feb 04 – Mars square Chiron
  • Feb 08 – Mars trine Uranus
  • Feb 11 – Mercury conjunct Pluto
  • Feb 11 – Mercury trine N Node
  • Feb 12 – Pluto trine N Node
  • Feb 14 – Mercury in Aquarius
  • Feb 15 – Sun square N Node
  • Feb 16 – Venus conjunct Mars
  • Feb 16 – Full Moon in Leo
  • Feb 17 – Jupiter sextile Uranus
  • Feb 23 – Mars sextile Neptune
  • Feb 24 – Venus sextile Neptune
  • Feb 24 – Mercury square Uranus
  • Feb 24 – Mercury sextile Chiron
Full Moon in Leo T-Square and Venus conjunct Mars, Feb 16, 2022

Unexpected harmony, revolutions, and forward movement mark this lovely month. Although the month may have a rough start in the area of social conflict, the light at the end of the tunnel has officially arrived.

Mercury, Mars, and Uranus are in the spotlight this month along with sextile aspects and the 4th Quadrant. All planets are Direct through April 2022 after Mercury stations Feb 3 and heavy Earth energy shifts to Air mid month. Conjunctions: The Sun conjuncts Saturn, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and Venus conjuncts Mars at the Full Moon mid month. Mars in Capricorn (Exalted) makes harmonious aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, and Neptune. The month begins with a New Moon in Aquarius and culminates with a Full Moon in Leo on Feb 16. Mid month, the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto aspect the N Node in Taurus. Late in the month, Venus and Mars sextile Neptune. The month ends with a Mercury square Uranus.


  • Feb 5-7 Chiron square Mars
  • Feb 23-24 Chiron sextile Mercury
  • Feb 3-6 Mars sextile Jupiter
  • Feb 7-9 Mars trine Uranus
  • Feb 12-28 Mars conjunct Venus
  • Feb 22-24 Mars sextile Neptune
  • Feb 16 Full Moon in Leo
  • Feb 1-7 Lilith square Neptune
  • Feb 11-12 Lilith trine Sun

Allowing yourself to dream big and follow your inspiration can take care of basic material needs, in general. There’s no need to stress over the details. Are you enjoying life?

Dreams plans for the home may hit roadblocks until after Feb 7. Steady, patient action is bound for success.

Body and health issues may also hit roadblocks early in the month unless you’re open to a revolutionary new health protocol. Surprising events may encourage this health revolution. Stay true to what you know in your own body.

Excessive water conditions such as snow storms or flooding may begin to phase out. Mid month may be more conducive to start traveling again.


  • Feb 1-28 Juno in Aquarius
  • Feb 1-4 Venus trine Uranus
  • Feb 10-12 Mercury conjunct Pluto, trine N Node
  • Feb 12-28 Venus conjunct Mars
  • Feb 23-25 Venus sextile Neptune
  • Feb 24 Mercury square Uranus

It may be a month of steamy desire, although relationships may benefit from some space this month so that individuals can work on their own career goals, friend group, or position in society.

Support your lover as they take on the world.

Communications may finally clear up mid month. It’s an excellent time for intellectual attraction and deep convos, although words may be blocked Feb 24. Enjoy silence together.

Dreamy romance may be in the cards Feb 23-25.

Censorship may continue to be a topic through Feb 14.


  • Feb 1-23 Pluto trine N Node in Taurus
  • Feb 3-6 Mars sextile Jupiter
  • Feb 4-5 Sun conjunct Saturn: Need a new approach
  • Feb 7-9 Mars trine Uranus
  • Feb 10-12 Pluto conjunct Mercury
  • Feb 12-28 Mars conjunct Venus
  • Feb 13-22 Jupiter sextile Uranus
  • Feb 15-16 Sun square N Node in Taurus
  • Feb 22-24 Mars sextile Neptune
  • Feb 16 Full Moon in Leo

The jobs market according to official stats may continue to shift or transform through Feb 14.

It’s a fortunate month for creative careers as well as financial advancements, especially after mid month – and, if you can embrace a new renegade approach Feb 4-5. But keep investments modest.

Investments with a long term focus as well as conservative new investments during a drop may be advised through mid Feb 2022. General leveraging or overbuying is not advised in 2022. Take your time and relax! Stress is so last year.



Holding Strong

  • Jan 14. Mercury Retrograde, Ceres Direct
  • Jan 18. Uranus Direct, Taurus/Scorpio Nodal Shift
  • Jan 29. Venus Direct
  • Feb 3. Mercury Direct
  • Feb 17. Jupiter sextile Uranus
  • Feb 22. United States Pluto Return
  • Mar 1. Venus, Mars, Pluto, Vesta Stellium in Capricorn
  • Apr 4/5: Mars conjunct Saturn
  • Apr 12. Jupiter conjunct Neptune
  • Apr 29. Pluto Retrograde
  • Apr 30. New Moon Solar Eclipse [Partial] in Taurus
  • May 3. Jupiter sextile Pluto
  • May 10. Mercury Retrograde
  • May 16. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse [Total] in Scorpio
  • June 3. Mercury Direct
  • June 4. Saturn Retrograde
  • June 28. Neptune Retrograde
  • July 19 Chiron Retrograde
  • July 25. Juno Retrograde
  • July 28. Jupiter Retrograde
  • Aug 24. Uranus Retrograde
  • Sep 9. Mercury Retrograde
  • Oct 2. Mercury Direct
  • Oct 5. Mercury, Mars, Neptune T-Square
  • Oct 8. Pluto Direct
  • Oct 23 Saturn and Juno Direct
  • Oct 25. New Moon Solar Eclipse [Partial] in Scorpio
  • Oct 30 Mars Retrograde
  • Nov 8. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse [Total] in Taurus
  • Nov 9. Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn T-Square
  • Nov 10. Mars, Venus, Pluto Yod
  • Nov 23. Jupiter Direct
  • Dec 3. Neptune Direct
  • Dec 23 Chiron Direct
  • Dec 29. Mercury Retrograde
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 16, 2022 Before Retrogrades

After the year 2020 uprooted foundations and outdated material securities, 2021 was the year for exciting yet possibly difficult change, especially as it might concern your career or relocating to a new home. 2022 is the year to establish new physical and material foundations.

As the nodes retrograde from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio, any structural shifts may appear more disruptive than they really are thanks to Jupiter in Pisces and this year’s U.S. Pluto Return.

You can remain steady and calm through global events used for fear-mongering through news and social media networks. If you established new foundations in the new world last year, there’s simply no need to worry, as you make your mocha latte just how you like it.


2022 is an excellent year to become well-grounded in new habits that harvest joy and earthy fulfillment, especially as it might relate to organic home gardening, natural herbal medicine, interior design, wine and art galleries…. But avoid overindulging. Relax with a natural bath spa to maintain optimal energy levels.

Consider focusing on your relationship with nature and caring for the planet, which may feel especially satisfying this year. Oil spills are a possibility through May.

Disturbing dreams are illusions; there’s no need for concern but consider removing fear propaganda from your newsfeed (through May 2022.)

Pandemic drama may finally diffuse around June 2022, although personal health choices continue to reap consequences according to laws of nature through 2024. If you naturally take care of your body, including mental health, you can relax and enjoy a happy healthy life.


It’s a wonderful year to commit and enjoy beautiful romance, date nights, and relationships that give you a sense of security, including material security. Express your love to those who are faithful, and look for tangible ways to enjoy life (or work) together.

Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto through March 3 may dredge up painful issues in government-regulated relationships (such as marriage) or relationships built on traditional social structures. Consider looking for more organic connections that allow freedom for soul love to thrive (N Node and Uranus in Taurus.)

Social conflict may be fuzzy (who’s side are you on?) and political resistance may continue through mid Feb. Attempts to harmonize may see more failure than progress during this time. Look for more harmony in March or late April.

The Triple Conjunction of March 2

March 2, 2022 marks a rare and powerful New Moon Sun Jupiter conjunction in Pisces that is octile a powerful Mars Venus Pluto conjunction in Capricorn during another powerful Mercury Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Uranus is sextile the Sun Moon Jupiter conjunction, semisextile Chiron, and square Juno. Chiron in Aries is semisextile the Sun, Moon, Jupiter conjunction, septile Mercury Saturn, and quintile Mars Venus Pluto. Juno is semisextile the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, sextile Chiron.

March 2 indicates inspiring, surprising global support for financial transparency and new revolutionary health protocols will be in collective discussion organized by data scientists on censored communication platforms. These discussions (or protests) may be in conflict with governments or job security. Although these surprising yet inspiring protests may erupt from deep internal pressure and instigate intense challenges, disruptions, and conflict among official or political partnerships – or reveal hidden government financial ties – they may ultimately unite people through love, compassion, and service… culminating March 2, 2022.


Small business and humble startups may expect to do well with determined effort and consistent growth through 2022. Real estate assets may grow even stronger (before a downturn within a few years) as well as farmer’s markets, small farms, or local agriculture. A small but high quality design business, especially restaurant or home office interior design, may also be a solid investment of energy or finance.

However, Uranus in Taurus (May 15, 2018 – April 25, 2026) indicates unexpected or lightning fast changes toward regulated digital currency in current socioeconomic systems. Digital art including NFT’s may start reaping rewards beginning April 2022. Investments in clean energy (carbon, biomass, geothermal), electric vehicles, and sustainable technology may likely do well.

You might also consider work-at-home technology, communications or friend payments technology, or fintech investments. Biotech may do well in the future – but is not necessarily advised; it may be more talk than established products or companies with integrity. Sports, leisure travel, traditional religious organizations, or social justice causes may be overbought or old news by the next decade – as well as government regulated education. However, what do you really value? Consider investing there conservatively during a drop.

For those who were brave enough in 2021 to mentally shift to the future will likely see solid profit margins through 2028; others will stay stuck in the past through 2022 and have nothing but reruns and regurgitations of the usual problematic debt and federal bailout cycles – or just the same boring traditional structures in general, missing out on new fiscal and business opportunities.

Feb 17 and April 12 may be noticeably fortunate times to make a bold change in career or finances. End of April may indicate dreams coming true and success through conflict, mid June.

Businesses may finally open back up and supply chains may be back to normal leading up to April 12 after 2 years of pandemic lockdowns and closures.

It may be a fortunate year for yoga or meditation start ups or establishments, but watch for cult-like business scams.

Business scams, corporate government ties, and influencer manipulation may lead to a market crash early January 2022 and throughout the year, especially during Q1.

Take special care through March 3 to avoid ponzi schemes, pump and dump, whale-like investments, as well as sharp sell offs ; instead, consider buying in at a drop conservatively starting early to mid Feb 2022.

Inflation may be an issue through May, along with extravagant fortunes.

Investments in art or art collabs, especially digital art, made before Dec 29, 2021 may meet with a large pay off before 2026.

Ideally, you already have a solid portfolio established in 2021 as you hodl through market fluctuations through 2022. General leveraging, overbuying, overselling, etc are not advised. Investing in high quality companies wins the day. Look for financial advisors with integrity.

Long term hodling in sustainable companies, blockchains, and technologies amidst volatility likely meet a nice payoff through 2028 – as long as you naturally possess the determination to consistently add to a reputable portfolio with steady hands. Short term profiteering may not survive the fear market through Q2 2022 and even through 2023.

2022 is the year for long term investing in companies that exemplify consistent production.