Think Things Through

Black and White Photo by Samarth Singhai from Pexels
Black and White Photo by Samarth Singhai from Pexels


Friday, May 21, 2021

  • Sun in Gemini
  • First Quarter Waxing Moon in Virgo, VOC 7:56pm – 1:35am May 22, UTC
  • Prominent Planets: Venus, Mars
  • Prominent Mode: Mutable
  • Prominent Element: Earth, Air
  • Prominent Aspect: Trine
  • Retrogrades: Pluto Rx, Juno Rx
  • Mutable T-Square
  • Sun square Jupiter

You can avoid doomsday scenarios of the mind by staying active in the present moment. Also watch for empty promises. If you can think things through, you can be optimistic but also grounded.

Today’s big event is the Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces. Two massive planetary bodies in tension can feel so stressful, some may want to just give up – or check out with today’s VOC Moon and tomorrow’s Mercury square Neptune. But this only places you at the mercy of mental illusions.

If you can take a moment to relax or meditate, you can see more clearly, and experience REAL life satisfaction.

If you find yourself lost in overinflated dreams OR in expectations of tragedy – and the two always go together – you know you’re outside of reality.

Before speaking or making choices, it’s a good idea to take time to look for the logical response that is just right.


Release The Old, Accept The New

May 17 – May 23, 2021

  • Monday, May 17: Sun trine Pluto Rx, Venus conjunct North Node, Moon in Leo
  • Tuesday, May 18: No Major Aspects
  • Wednesday, May 19: First Quarter Moon in Leo, Moon in Virgo
  • Thursday, May 20: Venus trine Saturn, Sun in Gemini
  • Friday, May 21: Sun square Jupiter
  • Saturday, May 22: Moon in Libra
  • Sunday, May 23: Mercury square Neptune, Saturn stations Retrograde

It’s a week of saying…”I’ve had enough of this **@#%…” and LETTING IT GO.

You are now free to release things in your life you don’t even like.

Disingenuous foundations may fall apart, but this allows you to look for a more secure life foundation that won’t crumble during a challenge.

Honest feelings (or unwise choices of the past) that have been ignored may surface. You can either continue to reject these feelings, or listen to them. Of course, it’s always best to listen to your feelings, and make changes accordingly. You can trust that your GENUINE emotions are trying to guide you in the right direction.

Mental chaos, impatience, or anger are signs of repressed feelings trying to surface.

As we prepare for eclipse and retrograde season, you can stay resolved, or stick to the plan no matter what threats might appear in front of you. As long as you feel CONFIDENT about your current trajectory, details will come together on their own early July. You can stay focused on your personal improvements, learning, or creative work…. Keep going and stay steady.

Otherwise, life will challenge you to get clear about what you really want to do with your life.

Either way, it’s an opportunity to make a solid move toward a more authentic and deeply fulfilling existence.


May 2021

Let Change Happen

Life changes (which began around the time of the Aries New Moon) speed up during the month of May. These are beneficial shifts happening and overall, it’s a smooth-flowing month.

ENERGIES LIGHTEN UP this month, as planets transition into Gemini.

But resistance to change can create unnecessary stress, anxiety, or panic for some people.

There’s no need to fret if you stay in flow with life’s natural, beautiful change of seasons. It may not be easy, but there are plenty of benefits if you can relax and allow organic change to take place in your life.

Growing tension from this year’s Saturn Uranus square may feel like WANTING change but RESISTING change at the same time.

You can utilize this vital energy pattern by doing the usual operations but in a new, inspired, more authentic way. Aslo, take change SLOW in order to avoid harsh reality checks along the way.

With major planets aspecting Neptune throughout the month, watch for tendencies of escapism. If you deny the need (and desire) for change, or try to ignore changes occurring… resistance can result in missed opportunities or missing out on favorable events.

Mercury retrograde at the end of the month can play out in mental anguish or frustration concerning plans and contracts or those aforementioned reality checks due to escaping with “coping mechanisms” or delusions of fantasy.

Generally, it’s best to have contracts finalized before May 20, then stay low key until Mercury is direct around the end of June. If anxiety is an issue, consider committing to a strenuous daily workout or daily work routine, and/or a serious meditation practice.

Overall, it’s a good idea to stay clear and focused, but also relaxed. Allow life to shift and life will work out just fine. If you can stay in the game (instead of checking out) and go with the flow, you’ll be glad you did!



Conscious Choices and Life Changes

After the year 2020 uprooted foundations and outdated material securities, 2021 is the year for exciting change, especially as it might concern your career or relocating to a new home. Multiple new beginnings and new cycles present opportunities for major structural change.

Final choices made by the end of the year establishes new life experiences for the long term – so choose wisely. You might not know exactly what’s ahead but that’s okay. Dare to follow your true heart and enjoy exciting new opportunities that come your way.