Cautious Action


Sun in Sagittarius square Vesta in Virgo 14°

Sun in Sagittarius, Waning Gibbous Moon in Leo, VOC Moon 10:28pm UTC Dec 5 – 7:46pm UTC Dec 6

Capricorn Stellium: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Pallas, Yod Apex: Venus in Scorpio

Vesta Sesquiquadrate Pallas, Chiron Rx Semi-sextile Ceres, Mars Semi-sextile Neptune, North Node Octile Lilith, Sun Octile Pallas, Jupiter Septile Neptune, Mercury Septile Jupiter, Venus Quintile Pallas

December 5, 2020

Are you doing something to avoid facing your pain? Or are you doing it to earn approval, which only increases your pain? Or are you listening to your pain and discovering the path of your true heart? You can refuse to take action until the right choice becomes clear.