Real Self-Worth

Flower Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels
Flower Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels


Sunday, August 1, 2021

  • Sun in Leo 9° 39′
  • Last Quarter Waning Moon in Taurus
  • VOC Moon: 7:40am Aug 2 – 8:46am Aug 2 UTC
  • Moon sextile Neptune Rx, trine Pluto Rx
  • Prominent Spheres: Sun, Mercury
  • Prominent Mode: Mutable
  • Prominent Element: Earth, Very Little Water
  • Prominent Aspect: Sextile
  • Retrogrades: Jupiter Rx, Saturn Rx, Neptune Rx, Pluto Rx, Chiron Rx, Juno Rx, Pallas Rx
  • Masculine Rectangle
  • Yod Apex: Venus in Virgo
  • Sun conjunct Mercury
  • Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn Rx

It’s a good day to take a time out. Consider whether you might need a breakdown or breakthrough to move past the trap of ego desires. Genuine self worth is needed for achievement in your OWN life and work.

Mercury joins up with the Sun in Leo and both oppose Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. The Fixed Taurus Moon makes a gentle sextile to Neptune Rx then Pluto Rx while Venus continues her Yod apex and makes a quincunx to Chiron Rx. Mercury trines Chiron and Juno Rx while the Sun sextiles the North Node providing potential benefits over powerful roadblocks from Saturn.

Intense ego obsessions manifest as living vicariously through celebrities or using others for their achievement instead of developing your own.

As ego ambitions hit a roadblock or fall apart altogether, you might feel sorrow, fear, or anger from the inability to prove yourself in a way that you would like. Reality checks may have you running back to the past for security, before realizing there’s no security there either.

However, any delays or roadblocks are a mercy from the universe. This is an opportunity to get real with yourself and others and, if you dare, be your humble self.

Real security in life can only come from authenticity rather than trying to prove yourself.

Vulnerable authenticity may not be an easy fact to accept. Watch for ego wars in the collective, or working toward a fantasy that wastes your life altogether.

Instead of basing your self-worth on external achievements or progress, consider discovering… trusting… fully investing in… or simply enjoying your authentic inspiration.

If you can undergo a personal breakthrough, tangible progress in your own life can happen quickly and effortlessly. Distractions disappear while confidence, decisiveness, and focus return.


Disruptions and Liberation

August 2 – August 8, 2021

  • Monday, August 2: Sun opposite Saturn Rx, Moon in Gemini
  • Tuesday, August 3: Venus trine Uranus, Mercury square Uranus, Mercury trine Chiron Rx
  • Wednesday, August 4: Sun trine Chiron Rx, Moon in Cancer
  • Thursday, August 5:
  • Friday, August 6: Sun square Uranus
  • Saturday, August 7: Moon in Leo
  • Sunday, August 8: New Moon in Leo

Everyone’s squaring Uranus this week and it may be a week of rebellions and disruptions.

Pressure may finally reach breaking point.

Perhaps you receive some unexpected news that throws you a little off balance. But you sort of knew this information already. It can no longer be ignored now.

Decisions up until last week determine your next 20 year cycle (roughly) but the rest of the year focuses on shifting you into those decisions which means…

Disruptions may occur in relationships this week – especially your relationship with society or groups of the past.

Some may feel unsettled or anxious, depending on how easily you adapt to the new and different.

The overall objective this week is liberation from expectations – whether expectations from self or authority figures such as parents or people in the spotlight who set the standards for everyone else.

As far as relationships are concerned, vulnerable, humble communication can be beneficial. Power struggles can create unnecessary drama.

This week’s waning Cancer Moon opposes Pluto before Sunday’s New Moon in Leo which opposes Saturn and also squares Uranus. The Moon is having a rough week and may want to sleep from exhaustion after all the freedom fighting.


August 2021

Clarity and Calm

The month of July may end with unresolved issues or mental unrest. However, August provides various opportunities to become mentally calm and clear.

The key to this month is to become aware of what you feed your mind and how it affects your quality of life. False information or media programming can keep you trapped in unnecessary confusion, stress, anxieties, or other forms of suffering.

To keep your mind clear, it’s imperative to be extremely selective with information or media sources you’re exposed to. Don’t be afraid to turn off the TV, leave a social media platform, or get fed up with the political, religious, or Hollywood agenda used to control your mind, and your life.

A regular meditation practice may help some. Or, you might keep your intellect busy with research that makes your life better. Clearing out distractions that don’t align with your personal objectives can also support mental clarity and relaxation. Take time to care for your mind.

Those who are off track may experience an actual crisis or emergency this month; however, a clear mind can allow you to sail right through it.

After removing information sources and media entertainment that don’t serve your personal objectives and your well-being… now you can relax. Also, your natural creative inspiration and intellectual brilliance can flow through your actions, allowing you to achieve your best potential.

The whole month provides different opportunities to break free from mental tyranny so you can ENJOY your life and work, rather than get lost in social indoctrination or misled beliefs that make you suffer.



Conscious Choices and Life Changes

After the year 2020 uprooted foundations and outdated material securities, 2021 is the year for exciting change, especially as it might concern your career or relocating to a new home. Multiple new beginnings and new cycles present opportunities for major structural change.

Final choices made by the end of the year establishes new life experiences for the long term – so choose wisely. You might not know exactly what’s ahead but that’s okay. Dare to follow your true heart and enjoy exciting new opportunities that come your way.