5 of Pentacles

The Emanation of Love, Expanding Horizons, Travel or Emigration

Somehow, the 5 of Pentacles migrated away from its original meaning over the years.

It’s commonly interpreted as “ruin” or “left out in the cold.” While material problems are certainly one interpretation, there’s far more hope in this card.

It is, in fact, the solution to getting out of material dilemmas, or in other words, changing poverty or misfortune.  

The 5 of Pentacles is foremost about expressing love and passion. It implies expansion, or broadening your horizons.

To break the cycle of lack in finances, love, health or any life area, there must be an expansion of consciousness. Instead of hoarding in greed or self-protection, you must embrace an attitude of abundant generosity, even if you have very little or nothing to give.

You must give out, if you also want to receive. 

Expanding yourself could mean anything from traveling overseas with a friend or partner, or moving to a larger or newer home, even when you’re not sure how you’re going to pay for expenses.

This requires a difficult step of faith. The world will criticize your irresponsibility. But a genuine, tangible action filled with excitement and passion lets the universe know you’re serious about changing your limiting circumstances. The universe will meet you half way, and match the amount you put in.

When The 5 of Pentacles Shows Up In A Reading

Health: With the 5 of Pentacles, you might need to put out some money or energy you might not have in order to invest in a health therapy or protocol. Since your health is priceless, this is an investment worth making wholeheartedly.

Occupation: The 5 of Pentacles is a favorable sign for expansion in your occupation. It might involve a partnership or collaboration with others who are like-minded. Allow your passions to lead the way. You may need to initially put out more than you’re getting in return, in order to grow. While collaborating and investing, it’s important to maintain your sense of individualism and intelligence in order to avoid ruin.

Relationships: This card is a favorable sign for traveling with a friend or growing and evolving with a lover. This step of faith will do wonders for the relationship, as well as give you hope, bring you excitement, or generally cultivate your sense of well-being. This card is about a joined force, two people emanating love, and enjoying life together in tandem. Believe in love, and love will take care of you.

Hidden Meaning: It’s not possible to receive love, goodness and abundance unless we also give it out. What goes around, comes around. This is also known as the Law of Karma.

Reversed: 5 of Pentacles reversed might indicate wandering with no aim, confusion, disorganization, mistakenly giving things away for free, a lack of responsibility or reckless extravagance – all which lead to problems. There may be a disregard for convention, such as love outside the safety and protection of a committed partnership. Whatever the case, you can count on chaos, disorder, and material troubles as a result. If recklessness isn’t carried too far, problems can be resolved.

Advice: The message from the upright 5 of Pentacles is that it’s time to expand your horizons by making some kind of tangible investment for the future. This will require taking an important, but wild risk which is sure to draw criticism from others. Allowing fears and self-doubts to hold you back only results in your fears coming to pass. But when you believe in your ability to manifest your needs and desires no matter what your circumstances, you’ll manifest prosperity. How can you give what you want to receive, even if you have nothing to give? What sacrifice can you make now as a tangible investment for your future? Where can you direct your love and passion? This could involve initiating a new friendship, getting married, making love to your partner with wild abandon, taking a trip overseas, expanding your occupation, upgrading your health routine, moving into a more spacious home you can’t afford, or all of the above! If you’re considering traveling or emigrating, this will bring you much good. Some may need to request assistance.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Element: Fire on the 9th House

Timing: November 22nd to December 21st, or 5 years

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Yes, but keep it within reason or yes, if you ask for assistance


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