Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Ripe Karma, Happenings and Facts, Manifesting Through Action

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up in a tarot reading, the focus is on your actions and the power to manifest your destiny.

The myth about karma is believing we’re stuck in cycles of fate. But karma is transcended when we awaken to higher consciousness.

Our lower mind believes we’re products of our environment, but in reality, our environment is a product of our hidden beliefs. What appears as chance is actually the fruit of former thoughts and deeds.

Karma simply means the consequences of our thoughts, but those consequences aren’t necessarily doomed or assured of success. Because the universe is fluid and interconnected, we don’t always get an exact manifestation.

We do, however, manifest successfully what we feel confident, passionate or successful about. Or we manifest failure when we don’t feel confident, passionate or victorious. And so on.

What are you manifesting? Are you enjoying the adventures of the universe? Or are you swallowed up by constant struggles and disappointments? Taking an honest look at your life, you can’t argue with the facts.

Observing life from your center of confident stillness changes your perspective and attitude toward any circumstance, which changes your reality and also your karma.

The Wheel of Fortune by rann poisoncage at Deviant Art, Alchemical Tarot, Mystic Faerie Tarot and Spiral Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The Wheel of Fortune by rann poisoncage at Deviant Art, Alchemical Tarot, Mystic Faerie Tarot and Spiral Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The Wheel of Fortune Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You’re likely enjoying good health at this point in your life. Have a set daily routine, but welcome a brand new day each morning. Eat the foods you know bring you health and vitality, but change them up every day. Same with your fitness and meditation routines.

Occupation and Finances: Bliss, success and fortune mark your path. Continue to direct thoughts and actions toward your career achievements, and don’t forget to enjoy the wild ventures and enterprises that manifest along the way. Do what others are doing, but do it in your own original way. Be proud of your unique position and title in the world, and the world will be proud of you.

Relationships: A healthy relationship has a solid foundation of trust and security, as well as plenty of freedom to enjoy the adventures of life together. The Wheel of Fortune is a sign of forward movement, adventures and ecstasy in your relationship.

Hidden Meaning: The four fixed principles of the concrete world are air, fire, water and earth. But these fixed principles manifest in infinite combinations, resulting in an always new and evolving reality. This means that life is always changing, as well as always staying the same. Flow with the universe, while holding securely to who you are as an individual soul.

“All mysteries will be revealed in time.” – A.E. Thierens

The Wheel of Fortune from Starchild Tarot
The Wheel of Fortune from Starchild Tarot

Reversed: A reversed Wheel of Fortune might indicate a period of growth and development in your life. It’s time to break out of a cycle of stagnating poverty, toxic relationships or any other rut in life. You don’t have to get stuck in the past or hung up on current events. These are only distracting illusions which might look favorable (or just familiar) on the outside, but appearances are deceiving. When you’re not moving forward, it’s easy to get stuck in set backs and misfortune. So get moving, if you’re not already. Now is the time to break free from some karmic cycle, expand your horizons, and produce an increase in abundance. It’s your destiny.

Advice: Stay focused on your desired life path, and allow circumstances to fly with the wind. This creates a healthy balance between stability and change. Sure, there will be ups and downs, but that’s what makes life so worthwhile. The message here is to stay in motion, continuously evolving toward whatever success means to you personally, while also remaining still in the center hub of the always changing wheel. While you’re subject to your environment and the laws of the universe, know that you also possess the magical power to change your experiences by changing your state of consciousness from which you observe them. For this reason, The Wheel of Fortune is a good omen for improvement, enhancement, bliss and prosperity. Your intentions might not manifest exactly as you intended, but you can expect an equivalent, or something better.

Astrological Association: Jupiter

Timing: The archetype of a major arcana card must be mastered before a favorable event can occur

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Big Yes or Big No

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