Tarot: The Magician

Creative Power, Magic, The Self

The earliest discovered Magician tarot card was found in  the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck likely created in the year 1451 or 1452.

For those who believe tarot started out as just a game, this is quite an interesting image for a card-playing game. In this first card of the deck, we have a figure with a wand and magic artifacts. You’ll notice the 4 tarot suits among them: Wands, Coins, Cups and Swords. This is a solid indicator that tarot was associated with or used for divination or ritual magic.

{Later in tarot history, the magician appears to be doing stage magic in the Ercole I d’Este tarot deck.}

A.E. Thierens relates The Magician with “the consultant” or the querent consulting the cards, or magic, to set the first note or key in the song of this particular lifetime.

Some tarot forefathers relate The Magician with human will, or at least the power of human will. This could also be referred to as setting intentions.

And this is where we discover what I believe is the ancient esoteric meaning of The Magician tarot card: Magic, which is directing the power of the will, or intention, to create, change or influence reality.

It’s the beginning or the initiative of something that occurs in the material realm, which always begins with some will or intention from the Unseen Realm. 

In magic, the physical self consults the higher self {who has access to far more information than the conscious mind} for divination purposes, such as through tarot. Or we can think of magic as the will of the higher self flowing through the lower dimensional self, which is also known as “living from the soul.”

There’s nothing supernatural about magic for we create our reality every fraction of a second with thought, belief, focus and attention whether we’re aware of our power or not. But with magic, we create reality intentionally with conscious or directed thought that originates from the Higher Self.

The Magician can also refer to the self, or the querent receiving a tarot reading.

Altar artifacts such as a wand are symbols or physical representations of our inner power.

The Magician by Light Visions Tarot, Darkness of Light Tarot, InaAuderieth at Deviant Art and Favole Tarot by Victoria Frances, intuitivefish.com
The Magician by Light Visions Tarot, Darkness of Light Tarot, InaAuderieth at Deviant Art and Favole Tarot by Victoria Frances, intuitivefish.com

When The Magician Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: It’s time to take charge of your health and well-being. Would you like to feel healthy, alive and pain-free? How much do you want this? Do you believe it’s possible? Do you feel you deserve it? How do you envision yourself at your best? You can achieve this with a sheer force of will, as long as it’s aligned with your destiny.

Occupation and Finances: Have you considered working in the field of the magical arts? This card may be your sign. Either way, The Magician reminds you of your innate power to succeed in the calling of your True Self through the Will of the Universe. Set your focus of attention on your career and financial objectives received through your intuition, then faithfully follow any inspired actions, as the universe takes care of technicalities.

Relationships: If you’re expecting or waiting for a significant other to make all your dreams come true, you’re going to be waiting for a long time! The most fulfilling relationship is with your authentic self, creating new art, dreams and adventures in an unlimited universe. Set your intention on coming together with your twin flame or a soul mate who harmonizes with your most authentic self, rather than settling for anyone who happens to show up in your life.

Hidden Meaning: While it appears that other people collectively determine our life experiences, and while they do play a role, ultimately it is our core self {Source} that predetermines our life path or mission. When we incarnate, we forget we’re powerful creator beings of pure bliss so that we can experience fear, loss, suffering and other illusions.

The Magician from the unpublished Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Tarot
The Magician from the unpublished Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Tarot

Reversed: A reversed Magician most often indicates anxiety or feeling unsettled, especially due to a lack of trust or confidence in self or another. This lack of confidence manifests undesired effects. There could be an unfortunate situation, a moment of disgrace, or a possible mental illness. It could also refer to a physician, or magician who does stage magic, or a trickster trying to sell something. Physical illusions, deceit, vanity or too much focus on physical appearance in order to hide a lack of confidence could also be indicated. Be careful not to believe everything you’re told, even if it comes from a reliable source. You likely don’t have all the information you need, thus the unsettled feelings. You may want to hold off on moving forward along this particular path, or making any important decisions, until feelings are settled and you feel confident.

Advice: Whether upright or reversed, The Magician is about power and potency, as long as you’re flowing with the will of the universe, your Core Self. To know what that will is, practice deep relaxation so that insights and inspirations from your higher logic and intuition can flow. Don’t worry about how you’ll achieve your objectives. Once your intention is clear, focus on it, feel yourself experiencing it, then follow any soul inspirations that arise. These actions will naturally lead to the manifesting of your destiny.

Astrological Association: Mercury, Aries or Mars

Timing: Generally, the archetype of a major arcana card must be mastered before a favorable event can occur

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event an occur

Yes or No: Maybe or Yes, as long as you possess unfeigned confidence

The Magician, Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti-Sforza Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The Magician, Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo Visconti-Sforza Tarot, intuitivefish.com