Finally Getting Unstuck

Photo by Alex Powell from Pexels


April 11, 2021

  • Sun in Aries
  • New Moon in Aries, sextile Mars, sextile Jupiter, square Pluto, trine Juno, conjunct Ceres, separating conjunction to Venus
  • Aries Stellium
  • Dominant Mode: Cardinal
  • Dominant Element: Fire
  • Dominant Aspect: Sextile
  • Retrogrades: All Planets Direct
  • Mercury sextile Saturn
  • Venus sextile Jupiter, square Pluto

Merry New Moon! It’s okay if you don’t have a plan. You’re not supposed to have a plan. All you need is true passion to guide your way.

Real creative inspiration is the key to this New Moon energy. Simply being your creative self can dissolve doubts and uncertainties, get you unstuck from a bad rut, and reveal a clear path forward.

RELATIONSHIPS: You can utilize the optimism of this New Moon energy to break free from old ruts and move past obstacles. Just be careful you don’t run over loved ones along the way. Watch for feigned superiority or bragging to make others feels jealous. Instead of trying to prove yourself, consider opening your heart for support, networking, business partnerships, and mutual investments.

This moon is loaded with sextile aspects as well as Aries fire. The fire of Aries sometimes runs a path of destruction, but with harmonizing sextile aspects, the theme is creative inspiration.

Creative inspiration is powerful yet gentle enough to create a UNIVERSE.

Frustrating roadblocks continue all month long as the Saturn Uranus square continuously gets triggered by planet after planet. You might be excited to start a new project, only to plow into a BIG WALL.

If you like ‘stop and go’ traffic, you’ll do just fine! But for the rest of us, incessant roadblocks can feel discouraging.

There’s a need to transcend the entire cycle of jumping in only to give up. But how?

The trick is to SLOW DOWN. Remember, time is an illusion and life is not a race. When you slow down and make CONSCIOUS choices to do what you LOVE (and say ‘no, thank you’ to everything else), you actually create MORE TIME for yourself. In fact, pure stillness is the portal to infinity. Meditate more to ACCOMPLISH more.

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Inspired Energy For Forward Movement

April 5 – April 11, 2021

  • April 6: Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini
  • April 9: Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries, Mars square Neptune, Saturn trine North Node
  • April 10: Mercury sextile North Node, trine South Node, Venus sextile Jupiter
  • April 11: New Moon conjunct Ceres in Aries, Venus square Pluto

This is an excellent week to get clear about who or what you really love and make the commitment – even if you don’t know all the details – and even if it feels a little scary.

All planets are direct with an Aries stellium. Although it’s a Dark Moon phase, this is inspired energy for forward movement. As long as you’re clear about your direction, take the first step to get unstuck and find your momentum through the New Moon on Sunday.

This will be a fun ride! ENJOYING each step of the way can reduce stress.

Be on the watch for new opportunities and support. How can you give or receive support from others?

If you aren’t clear about your forward path, you might take time to get in touch with deeper emotions. These emotions are important guides. Allow them to show you what you really love and value.


April 2021

Conscious Forward Movement Into The New

All planets are direct with an Aries stellium as they transition into Taurus. This is an excellent opportunity to move forward with new projects, plans, or relationships, even if you don’t know all the details. Channel nervous energy into courage to make the jump!

But it’s important to jump into the new – cautiously – and avoid spinning your wheels while Mars is in Gemini until April 23. There will be plenty of reality checks along the way as multiple planets trigger the Saturn Uranus square throughout the month. It’s okay to feel uncertain. Break free from old patterns, but avoid mindless risk-taking.

Simply take things one step at a time.

When Mars is in Cancer on April 23, watch for unnecessary conflict caused by hidden or buried anger. Consider channeling anger or rage into new projects to express your own thoughts, ideas, and emotions that have been lying dormant. Respecting your own thoughts and feelings brings awareness to TRUE relationships so you can connect with the right people.

A Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26 may feel especially intense and confusing as the Moon opposes or squares influential planets in Taurus. Establish your boundaries in order to meditate or go within and experience a beautiful transformation that liberates you but also establishes new, more authentic commitments.



Conscious Choices and Life Changes

After the year 2020 uprooted foundations and outdated securities, 2021 is the year for exciting change, especially as it might concern your career or relocating to a new home. Multiple new beginnings and new cycles present opportunities for major structural change.

Final choices made by the end of the year establishes new life experiences for the long term – so choose wisely. You might not know exactly what’s ahead but that’s okay. Dare to follow your true heart and you’ll be glad you did!