Numerology 6

Numerology 6 Family Security

Numerology 6 Is The Number Of Harmony, Balance, Service, Responsibility to Humanity, Need for Security

Numerology 6 Gemstones: Turquoise, Jade, Red Coral, Jasper, Pearl
Numerology 6 Colors: Turquoise, Red, Cherry, Crimson, Magenta, Violet, Orange, Apricot, Peach, Pearl
Numerology 6 Power Numbers: 4, 15, 24, 31, 40, 60
Numerology 6 Power Days: Monday, Wednesday, especially Monday
Numerology 6 Symbols: Sacred Marriage, As Above So Below, Symbol of the Androgyne
Numerology 6 Planet or Star: Planet 9, Some Neptune Qualities
Numerology 6 Astrology: Taurus, Gemini, Some Cancer Qualities

Numerology 6 Traits

Numerology 6 is associated with:

  • The Need For Security
  • Harmony and Balance
  • Perfection
  • Order in the Home
  • The Conventional or Traditional Family
  • High Standards
  • Time
  • A Secure, Stable, Healthy Home Life
  • Romance
  • Responsibility and Service
  • High Standards of Integrity
  • Duty to Humanity

Numerology 6 might exhibit these traits:

  • Responsible
  • Cheerful
  • Beautiful, Magnetic
  • Tactful, Graceful
  • Non-Judgmental, Easy-Going
  • Honest, Faithful, Reliable
  • Loving, Caring, Compassionate, Affectionate, Generous, Supportive
  • Full of Wisdom
  • Concerned for the Welfare of Others
  • Cannot Tolerate Injustice
  • Opinionated, Strong Beliefs about the Truth
  • Submissive
  • Selfless
  • Might Play the Martyr
  • Manipulative
  • Self-Righteous
  • Insecure, Fear of Rejection
  • Impractical
  • Overindulging
  • Wear Masks of Happiness and Contentment
  • Jealousy due to Concern about Appearances
  • Drawn to Romanticism

Numerology 6 Mental and Emotional Health

Number 6 tends to put on a strong or smiling face to hide their emotional insecurities. They typically avoid their fears and feelings and keep any conflict behind closed doors, which can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health issues including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

They always need to be working and serving as they need to keep moving or they may become aware of their worries, insecurities, or depression. They can become nervous very quickly. Feeling accomplished helps them experience the security they long for. After they learn to be honest about their feelings and find their security in their own life rather than depending on others, they can alleviate many of their health issues. They may also be prone to codependency.

Numerology 6 Skills, Finances, and Professions

Numerology 6 are often fulfilled in conventional work such as a service provider, high school teacher, or law enforcement officer. They’re responsible caregivers or willing to take responsibility for the well-being of others. They also have a special love for children. They’re able and willing to deal with the problems of others.

They’re generally willing to do repetitive work and they thrive on job security. They’re frugal with their finances and prefer to invest their money wisely. Number 6 needs a lot of encouragement and reassurance about their work and their efforts.

Like Numerology 2, they’re skilled in tasteful design and the arts. But Number 6 prefers more material luxury, food, and travel while Numerology 2 is more inclined toward natural luxury. Number 6 is drawn to more traditional or popular art and music rather than anything outside the norm. Like Numerology 5, Number 6 has healing capabilities but Number 6 lives more in the psychic realms. Not all number 6’s are aware of or attuned to their healing capacities.

They may have an ability for:

Astral Travel
Psychic Communication
Channeling Information
Deep Inner Knowing
Master Healing

Numerology 6 Careers:

  • Body Work
  • Caretaker
  • Catering Professional
  • Coach – Sports
  • Community Services
  • Construction
  • Cosmetic Beautician
  • Counselor – Relationship and Family, Grief Counseling
  • Curator
  • Diplomat
  • Doctor
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Flight Attendant
  • Floral Business Owner
  • Gardener
  • Hair Stylist
  • Healer – Mental and Emotional
  • Heath Consultant
  • Herbalist
  • Home Stager
  • Manager – Hospitality
  • Mediator
  • Minister
  • Parent – Full Time
  • Personnel Officer
  • Photographer
  • Physical Trainer
  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Restaurant Server
  • Social Services
  • Sustainability Specialist
  • Teacher – Middle School, High School, especially English, Social Studies, Politics, History
  • Therapist – Relationship and Family
  • Travel Agent

Numerology 6 Relationships

Number 6 is romantic, sexual, and can easily get lost in a romantic delusion. They typically rely on companionship for a sense of security, and that includes a home and family of their own. If they don’t have children of their own, they find other ways to express their nurturing abilities. A beautiful home of luxury and beautiful possessions are important to them. They prefer to socialize with family and close friends and readily welcome them in their home.

They often prefer a peaceful environment to noise or chaos. They also feel a need to keep their personal affairs in order. They work hard to avoid negativity and negative people. Limitations and restraints may provide a sense of security for them which is their primary focus.

Number 6 is the conventional husband or wife or proud parent. They put much effort into traditional family activities and like to make sure their family members enjoy those activities. Family vacations and holiday celebrations are a priority for them.

They might have to make a conscious effort to allow their children to make their own life choices. They tend to get attached and hold onto relationships long after their demise.

Their joy comes from showing others affection and taking care of others and being loved and adored in return. They like to pamper their loved ones, and provide comfort and help when needed. They feel needed and useful when they’re fixing relationships and talking through their problems in order to maintain harmony with their loved ones.

They might take on the burdens of others unnecessarily or compromise themselves to maintain a false sense of peace in the relationships. They might also defend their home and protect their relationships at all cost, even if that means sacrificing their own life calling and well-being.

In their mind, if they can be useful, others will need them and that gives them a sense of security. Their service and generosity may or may not be genuine. That depends if they’re looking for security from others rather than finding it in their own life.

Number 6 can be demanding in relationships, overly protective, or smothering. If they aren’t shown the admiration they crave, they can lose their well-kept composure and go to emotional extremes. They care very much about appearances and are often drawn to an attractive image or the image itself while overlooking a person’s actual being.

They thrive best with a partner who’s sensitive, understanding, and reassuring, and will help Number 6 face their honest feelings. Until Number 6 learns to get in touch with their own feelings, they may do a lot of work for their partner and loved ones, but a fulfilling emotional connection will be lacking.

Numerology 6 Life And Soul Path Number

Both Life and Soul Path Number 6 are naturally inclined to nurture others. They’re willing to make sacrifices, especially for their loved ones. People may be drawn to them for their sense of balance, their sense of responsibility, care, concern, or their willingness to help. If Number 6 doesn’t recognize their gift of helping others with their problems, they can become resentful.

Numerology 6 might tend to keep their own problems and feelings hidden, even from their own self, for the sake of presenting a “perfect life” to others. They might also romanticize or glamorize certain people. They can be demanding when people don’t live up to their expectations.

Their mission is to treat everyone as well as they treat their own family and loved ones, and to embrace their gifts of service without expectations.

A Life Path 6 especially exemplifies these idealistic expectations of perfectionism, including toward their own self. When appreciation or admiration isn’t reciprocated for their help or efforts, they can become petty, opinionated, or self-righteous by making others feel wrong or guilty. While Number 6 is typically harmonious, they can become vicious once their happy, positive masks fall off.

There’s a need for Life Path 6 to get in touch with their honest feelings instead of working hard to convince themselves and others they’re living the perfect life. They may not always feel virtuous and that’s okay. Accepting how they really feel can bring their high ideals down to reality. They can see the perfection of imperfections. They can then enjoy their gifts of genuine love, care, and commitment to those in need without expectations of return.

Soul Path 6 might sense they have a responsibility to the well-being of family and humanity. They might attract into their lives needy people or unevolved people who need help. Or they might feel they have to do the work themselves if they want something done right. The mission of Soul Path 6 is to balance responsibility between self, family, and humanity without neglecting one for the other. They might not get the love in return that they put out, but putting up a wall won’t give them the fulfilling life experiences they long for. Only forming and sharing their own thoughts, values, and personal interests, and using their beautiful gift of nurturing compassion can do that.

Numerology 6 Major Life Cycles and Challenges

Overall Challenges:
Doing all the work
Hiding feelings under a mask of perfection
Seeking love, appreciation, admiration in return for service
Sense of self-righteousness or superiority
Putting self or others on a pedestal
Disappointment in imperfections

Overall Life Aim:
See the ‘perfection of imperfections’
Accept honest feelings behind the masks
Allow hardships to strengthen personal power and vision of justice for humanity
Balance responsibility to self, family, and humanity by caring equally for all
Creative achievement

Numerology 6 Major Life Cycles

Life Cycle 1 During this Life Cycle, you may need to bring your idealistic expectations on others down to reality so that you aren’t perpetually disappointed. You might tend to magnetize needy or irresponsible people to you. This is only to let you know you have the gift of nurturing others and a responsibility to use that gift if you want to experience your most satisfying life. Hardships are intended to help strengthen your own personal power, vision, viewpoints, and sense of justice instead of believing others are better qualified for the job. You’re the one that’s qualified and this is what you’re here for.

Life Cycle 2 You might begin to more fully recognize your responsibility to family and to humanity during this Cycle. You have a natural sense of nurturing compassion, and it feels good to focus on it. You might have a vision for humanity and justice that also needs to be nurtured. But you may first require some balance. You might experience difficulties in life that are intended to help balance your focus. There may be a need to connect with the feelings you hide so well behind a mask of well-being. Accepting your honest feelings and being more realistic about your ideals and expectations will allow you to accept other people as well. Balancing your responsibility to both self and others ensures all are cared for. There may also be a need to care for strangers as much as you do your own family. Learn to spread your care equally, for all are interconnected.

Life Cycle 3 When you don’t feel loved or appreciated, you might put on a robe of superiority or expect others to live up to your ideals and sense of justice. You might be a little demanding or make needy or irresponsible people feel guilty or less valued if they don’t exemplify your own virtues or happy life. This is only to hide from your honest feelings of disappointment if you haven’t received the love and admiration you deserve. But you may have been generously giving to others at your own expense. There’s a need to accept how you honestly feel and pay more attention to your needs, skills, and life calling. Your mission is to accept imperfections, recognize your responsibility to humanity, and create your own security rather than relying on others for that. Then you can serve others for the pure joy of serving without any expectations of reward.

Numerology 6 Challenges

Life Challenges for Numerology 6 involve letting go of perfectionist tendencies, busyness, and pettiness, and bringing high ideals down to reality. You might have a tendency to worship certain people while attracting all the wrong people who are needy or incapable. When you aren’t valued for your efforts, you might feel a need to express self-righteous opinions which furthers your disappointment in the imperfections of others. The challenge is to allow your natural nurturing abilities and responsibility to the welfare of others motivate you instead of sacrificing yourself in order to be loved.

Numerology 6 Personal Year And Current Numerology

This may be a time to create security in your life by focusing on your commitments to family or to humanity in general. You might need to be more accepting of the imperfections of others, yet simultaneously embrace your vision for justice and the well-being of all. Let go of perfectionist ideals or expecting appreciation or adoration in return for your efforts. Instead of putting up a wall when people come to you with their problems, consider how you might feel if you were in their position. Enjoy the art of giving for the fulfilling sense of beauty it provides in and of itself. Ensure you’re balancing your own feelings, values, and viewpoints with those of others so you don’t become resentful from over-sacrifice. Bask in the security and sense of achievement that comes from compassionately nurturing self and others.

Numerology 6 Repeating Numbers

Noticing a recurring Number 6 may indicate emotional denial or an imbalance in your love and care for others. Perhaps you’re over sacrificing yourself to family or loved ones with the expectation of receiving love and care in return. When they don’t show appreciation or admiration for your efforts, you might be feel frustrated, resentful, or caught up in petty drama. You might be tempted to hide these feelings behind a mask of busyness and happy positivity, but this only adds contrast to your disappointment. Or you might express your lofty standards to make others feel guilty for their incapabilities. Accepting how you really feel and nurturing your own needs and life vision allows you to balance self with others and accept others as they are too. Then you can serve people for the joy of serving without expecting a reward. Also, ensure you’re treating people outside your family as well as you treat your own. Balance the needs of self, family, and humanity equally for a fulfilling sense of responsibility and security.