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Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels


Saturday, April 17, 2021

  • Sun in Aries
  • Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini and Cancer, VOC 3:02pm-7:25pm, UTC
  • Prominent Mode: Mutable
  • Prominent Element: Fire, Air
  • Prominent Aspect: Sextile
  • Retrogrades: Juno Rx, Vesta Rx
  • Mercury sextile Mars
  • Mercury sextile Jupiter
  • Mercury square Pluto
  • Mars trine Jupiter
  • Sun conjunct Mercury (Cazimi)

It’s a busy yet fluid day – especially good for socializing or playing sports – as actions line up without resistance, thanks to the Sun, Moon, Mars, AND Jupiter in harmony.

The Moon feels comforted and protected in Cancer and a Sun Mercury cazimi is an excellent aspect for learning and sharing new information. Discussions about the future are also supported.

Venus and the Moon are in signs of their exaltation. It’s a beautiful aspect for enjoying sensual pleasures. Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini are also in mutual reception. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can show and receive love in physical ways or by enjoying material things.

Relationships: Enjoy your favorite food, travel, and splurging together with those you love.

If you feel ummotivated or low, focus on what brings you JOY rather than sorrow.

The Sun and Mercury in hard aspect to Pluto ask you to let go of what no longer defines you and STAND YOUR GROUND. It might be difficult to release the old, but release allows something new and better to come into your life without resistance.


Enjoying What You Really Love

April 12 – April 18, 2021

  • Monday, April 12: Waxing New Moon in Taurus
  • Tuesday, April 13: Sun sextile Mars
  • Wednesday, April 14: Venus in Taurus, Mercury conjunct Ceres
  • Thursday, April 15: Waxing New Moon in Gemini, Sun sextile Jupiter
  • Friday, April 16: Sun square Pluto, Mars trine Jupiter
  • Saturday, April 17: Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury square Pluto, Mars trine Jupiter
  • Sunday, April 18: Sun conjunct Mercury (Superior Conjunction, Cazimi)

Last week revealed what you really love and value. These revelations guided you to the RIGHT life choices and commitments.

This week, it’s time to ENJOY those things you really love and value.

Forget the usual desires and life goals…. What do you absolutely LOVE to do? Pluto squares this week provide opportunities to dig down deep and fully transform into your new, more authentic self, according to your true heart.

When you become aware of your real love, you naturally align with your true self in connection with the world. Now your dynamic, vibrant energy can flow.

When your natural energy flows, you naturally express real love in natural, physical ways. This allows you to look and feel your best. You can also FULLY ENJOY material possessions and the beauty of nature alike.


April 2021

Moving Forward Consciously Into The New

The overall theme for this month is becoming aware of who or what you really love and value. True passion is the energy force to break out of old ruts and embark on a new life track.

All planets are direct with an Aries stellium as they transition into Taurus. This is an excellent opportunity to move forward with new projects, plans, or relationships, even if you don’t know all the details. Channel nervous energy into courage to make the jump!

But it’s important to jump into the new – cautiously – and avoid spinning your wheels while Mars is in Gemini until April 23. There will be plenty of reality checks along the way as multiple planets trigger the Saturn Uranus square throughout the month. It’s okay to feel uncertain. Break free from old patterns, but avoid mindless risk-taking.

Simply take things one step at a time.

When Mars is in Cancer April 23, watch for unnecessary conflict caused by hidden or buried anger. Consider channeling anger or rage into new projects to express your own thoughts, ideas, and emotions that have been lying dormant. Respecting your own thoughts and feelings brings awareness to TRUE relationships so you can connect with the right people.

A Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26 may feel especially intense and confusing as the Moon opposes or squares influential planets in Taurus. Establish your boundaries in order to meditate or go within and experience a beautiful transformation that liberates you – yet also establishes new, more authentic commitments.



Conscious Choices and Life Changes

After the year 2020 uprooted foundations and outdated securities, 2021 is the year for exciting change, especially as it might concern your career or relocating to a new home. Multiple new beginnings and new cycles present opportunities for major structural change.

Final choices made by the end of the year establishes new life experiences for the long term – so choose wisely. You might not know exactly what’s ahead but that’s okay. Dare to follow your true heart and you’ll be glad you did!