4 of Pentacles

A Secret Longing, To Retreat From The World, A Gift Or Inheritance

In the 4 of Pentacles, there’s some kind of secret, some sort of personal desire, which cannot be expressed to someone else, or the outside world, because it might be misunderstood.

Yet, when this secret longing is kept hidden, it creates even further misjudgment, as well as a delay in being fulfilled.

This quagmire is a result of holding back or interfering with a natural personal desire expressed in a healthy way.

Still, some kind of material or physical benefit, such as a financial gift or a desired intimate relationship is likely to occur in the future. But it probably won’t happen without loss, sadness or some kind of drawback, as in the case of an inheritance.

4 Of Pentacles by Lunatic Tarot, Lumina Tarot, Fountain Tarot and The Phantomwise Tarot, intuitivefish.com
4 Of Pentacles by Lunatic Tarot, Lumina Tarot, Fountain Tarot and The Phantomwise Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The 4 of Pentacles Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You might want to take a look at your sexual vitality and ensure it isn’t being suppressed. Suppression of sexual or personal desires can create various health issues. Ensure you have a healthy outlet to express yourself.

Occupation and Finances: If you’re considering a career in finances or in the realm of psychics, this card is your confirmation. Otherwise, you can expect some help financially in the future, although it may come with some loss or disadvantages.

Relationships: A satisfying intimate or sexual relationship is in the cards, but it might take some time. There might be a delay or some drawbacks, making you feel that your heart desires may never be realized. There might be attachment or a secret longing for possession. When it isn’t satisfied, it can cause the person experiencing it to pull back from the relationship or hide away.

Hidden Meaning: There must be a constant letting go of the old, and of perceptions of control, in order to experience the newer and better.

4 of Pentacles from Ceccoli Tarot
4 of Pentacles from Ceccoli Tarot

Reversed: An unfulfilled desire might be so strong, you might be tempted to completely retreat from the rest of the world.  A reversed 4 of Pentacles can also indicate something that is too limiting, or being trapped or shackled. These limits create obstacles or a difficulty that delays your progress. Or there might be troubles caused from changes not carefully considered. You might be tempted to retreat or limit yourself, but it won’t solve your problems or allow your true desires to manifest.

Advice: It’s not easy to go out and get what you want. It takes some guts, a lot of vulnerability and the ability to channel desires in the right direction. But how can you experience the satisfying of your longings unless you make them known to the universe? Instead of clinging to “safe” attachments, consider putting yourself out there with independent confidence. Trust that obstacles can be overcome with the sheer force of passion.

Astrological Association: Scorpio

Element: Fire on the 8th House

Timing: October 23rd to November 21st, or 4 Weeks

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Yes, but some delay



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