King of Pentacles

Business Integrity, Favor or Protection From Someone In An Influential Position, Prosperity in Love or Wealth

It might be difficult to imagine a younger or youngish wealthy male who’s some kind of a power figure as being honest, loyal and sincere…. But this is the King of Pentacles.

His intentions are respectable, reliable, conscious and forthright. He’s intelligent and he’s a natural born leader.

If you know someone like this, consider yourself in favor with the gods – especially when it comes to love, business or health. Your life will prosper in wealth, luxury or all around goodness and well-being with this influential energy.

Maybe he’s an investor, business coach, doctor or spiritual guide. Or maybe he’s simply someone who has built their wealth or intelligence on warmth, honesty and principle. You’ll want to seek out this person’s assistance to support you in some kind of an endeavor.

But you have to reach out to him, because he’ll never come to you. He only gives his energy to those who know they’re worthy of it. This is also how he maintains his integrity. And that’s a good lesson for all of us.

King of Pentacles by Deviant Moon Tarot, [Unknown - please message me if you know the name of this deck], Sepia Stains Tarot and Steampunk Tarot,
King of Pentacles by Deviant Moon Tarot, [Unknown – please message me if you know the name of this deck], Sepia Stains Tarot and Steampunk Tarot,

When The King of Pentacles Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Are you in the market for a spiritual guide, fitness trainer, therapist or health care practitioner? If so, this card is a good omen for finding a successful practitioner or health guru who can motivate you to restore your health and wellness. This person will likely be youngish, or at least not very old. You can trust their honesty, integrity and command; they’ll get the job done. But you’ll need to seek this influential person out, and be persistent.

Occupation and Finances: The King of Pentacles is a favorable card for a profitable occupation or business affair. Look for a prominent power figure to assist you in the ‘brass tacks’ or mechanics of your occupation. Also, ensure you’re only giving your energy to that which has earned it. Maintain total integrity in your occupation even if everyone else is taking shortcuts or working underhandedly. When your audience prospers under your direction, your prosperity is also assured. If you’re considering a career in art, agriculture, business economy or spiritual devotion, this king is your confirmation card.

Relationships: If you’re wondering about a particular person, especially a younger or youngish male, the King of Pentacles tarot card would tell you this person is sincere, honest and trustworthy. Although this person is an individual, you can count on gaining their love and protection. Unless this king is you, you may need to do the initiating. If you’re facing a relationship conflict, the resolution may ultimately depend on the actions of another. Still, this card is a sign of success in love or marriage no matter what the situation.

Hidden Meaning: There’s a King of Pentacles within us all. It’s that masculine energy which knows we deserve the power and influence we occupy, because we’re self-respecting, honest and we refuse to indulge those who don’t feel worthy of us.

Reversed: Reversed, the King of Pentacles has a few flaws but he’s still honest and characterized by integrity. His vice might be egotistical pride, or a love for gambling. Maybe he likes to show off with an air of formality, or maybe he’s an art snob. Either way, this king can be relied upon in spite of his vice, for love, wealth or well-being. He might have too much pride to reach out to you, so you might need to initiate contact. But no worries, you can trust a favorable response from him. With a yes or no question, someone or something may not be perfect, but stick with it anyway and it will bring you goodness or prosperity.

Advice: Whoever this person is in your life, they’re a master of their craft, or they’re well-loved by everyone. In this sense, you have to be confident you deserve their attention, because they have too much pride, self-realization, influence or principle to cater to those who don’t. This card is also a reminder to maintain your integrity by refusing to waste your energy on those who haven’t earned it. Seek equity over equality.

Astrological Association: Leo

Element: Fire on the 5th House

Timing: July 23rd to August 22nd

Court Cards: A resolution to an issue may depend on the actions of another

Yes or No: Yes, absolutely

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