Page of Pentacles

Student, A Favorable Offer, Benevolent News

The Page of Pentacles is generous, kind and benevolent. You can only expect good messages from her, even if the card is reversed.

She might bring news about your occupation or a relationship. Or maybe someone dedicates their book to you. Or perhaps it’s time to apply yourself in serious study and meditation for the career of your dreams.

It most likely has to do with your education or occupation, but this page isn’t limited in her subjects. She has something wonderful to give and she finds pleasure in giving it in any life area.

Whatever and whomever this card concerns, you can trust the message as well as the messenger to be in your favor. The energies in this card are reliable, honest, pleasurable and gratifying.

Page of Pentacles by Mab Graves, Ceccoli Tarot, Crystal Visions and Phantomwise Tarot,
Page of Pentacles by Mab Graves, Ceccoli Tarot, Crystal Visions and Phantomwise Tarot,

When The Page of Pentacles Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: You might receive a report with benign results or reassuring, welcomed news in general, regarding your health. You can likely trust that all is fine concerning your mental or physical wellness, although you might want to stay educated in health matters.

Occupation and Finances: Are you considering an occupation as an editor, publisher, book seller, bookkeeper, journalist or news reporter? Or are you looking to be an assistant, a director or directing manager of some kind? If so, this card is your confirmation. It’s also favorable for a career in civil service or commerce in general. Otherwise, be on the lookout for news about a position, contract, commission or a new occupation. You’ll want to jump on this opportunity. Your occupation may require study or education. The Page of Pentacles can also indicate a meeting with a committee or board of directors.

Relationships: The Page of Pentacles indicates news of a proposition, such as a marriage proposal. It might appear in a gentle, poetic way, or it might come from a friend being playful. But it will be no less serious and filled with passion and devotion. This is also a favorable card for making love.

Hidden Meaning: The kind of energy we give out comes back to us in various forms.

Reversed: If the Page of Pentacles is reversed, the message is to give, receive or consume something liberally. It signifies giving sumptuously to others out of the reservoir of your own luxurious abundance. In your profession, make it a priority to generously contribute your magnificent skills or products to the world, or share services or truths which have done much to help, serve, or enrich you personally. This card reversed refers to luxury, abundance, and magnificence. Or, a reversed Page of Pentacles can indicate over-indulgence, overconsumption, squandering resources, or any kind of excess. Giving too much to others or catering to the crowd could be a waste of energy, or lower your value.

Advice:  Did you know that you deserve good things in your life? Because you do! This is especially the case as it concerns your studies or your occupation; but it also includes relationships of integrity that only intend generosity and goodness toward you. Devote your intentions to the same, and allow the universe to return it to you sevenfold.

Astrological Association: Libra and Gemini

Element: Fire on the 7th and 3rd Houses

Timing: September 23rd to October 22nd – or – May 21st to June 21st

Court Cards: A resolution may depend on another

Yes or No: Without a doubt

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