Tarot: The Star

Eternal Love, Beauty, Art, and Wealth Reflected In The Physical Realm

Everyone wants to experience love, beauty, art, tranquility, wealth and eternal youth. We intuitively know these existential aspects are inherent to our being. These experiences are what The Star – a personification of  Venus – represents.

So why don’t we experience them?

We lose touch with who we are and what we deserve when our body and soul are out of harmony.

When we falsely believe that love, beauty and wealth are sourced from the physical realm – the outer being a reflection of the inner – we leave the soul out of the equation.

But when we cooperate with the intuition and insight of the inner self, we naturally vibrate, create and organize exquisite art and luxury in the physical realm, or wherever we are.

The Star by Sepia Stains Tarot, Thoth, The Steampunk Tarot and Labyrinth Tarot, intutivefish.com
The Star by Sepia Stains Tarot, Thoth, The Steampunk Tarot and Labyrinth Tarot, intutivefish.com

When The Star Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: The Star represents eternal youth and beauty delivered from The Sun. This is immortal beauty which extends beyond the grave and is a result of harmonizing the True Self with the body. Your inner journey and open heart is bringing you renewed energy. If you’ve endured some health issues, you’re in a state of healing and there’s bright hope ahead. Your disposition is marked by calm energy, as well as clear mental and emotional health, or at least this is your destiny.

Occupation and Finances: Are you considering some kind of artistic career? This card is your confirmation. Or perhaps you need more creativity and aesthetics in your occupation. Either way, you can expect prosperity as you follow your inner guide and organize your art accordingly.

Relationships: The Star is a good omen for love, reconciliation and harmony. Look for ways to express your love from within, as well as your appreciation for the beauty of art, nature and the human body. Remember, love is eternal and therefore has no limits in its expression.

Hidden Meaning: We are not finite beings, but eternal; therefore, so is our creativity, love and wealth consciousness. We’re currently on this planet to express and experience these things in physical form.

Reversed: A reversed Star might indicate someone or something is lacking power or substance. You might be procrastinating on something you’d like to create or accomplish. Or maybe you feel weak and tired. You might need a time of rest, letting go of the pressure of expectations so that your inner passions can flow. Turn your apathy and slack into love for beauty and art. Then get organized and put your passions into action.

Advice: Is your body out of harmony with your soul? Are you trying to accomplish what you know you deserve through physical means alone? Tangible action is necessary, but if the energy of your soul is suppressed, so will be your own life experiences. Dare to relax, follow your soul passions and allow your soul to shine through this material realm.

Astrological Associations: Virgo

Timing: “Major Arcanas mean that no timeframe is specified but instead the issue indicated by the card must first be resolved. Reversals should be noted, as with this system they represent obstacles that must be overcome before the event can occur.” – Barbara Moore

Yes or No: Not the best idea

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