Authentic Solutions

White Spiral Photo by Ethan Wu from Pexels
White Spiral Photo by Ethan Wu from Pexels


Saturday, September 4, 2021

  • Sun in Virgo 12° 26′
  • Waning Crescent Moon in Leo
  • VOC Moon: 2:21pm Sept 5 – 11:05pm Sept 5 UTC
  • Moon sextile Mercury, opposite Saturn Rx, square Uranus Rx
  • Prominent Mode: Mutable
  • Prominent Element: Air, Very Little Earth, Fire, Water
  • Prominent Aspect: Trine, Sesquiquadrate
  • Retrogrades: Jupiter Rx, Saturn Rx, Uranus Rx, Neptune Rx, Pluto Rx, Chiron Rx, Pallas Rx
  • Grand Air Trine
  • Grand Fire Trine
  • Mercury trine Saturn Rx

It’s a great day to organize creative solutions or figure out a routine structure to achieve a concise objective. Confidence in your objective is necessary even if it’s a mission impossible.

Mercury makes an intellectually inspiring trine to work-focused Saturn Rx while the not so illuminating Leo Moon continues to wane into the Dark Moon phase ahead of tomorrow’s all day void-of-course after a self-empowering trine to Chiron Rx and a square blocking maverick Uranus Rx. Two powerful Grand Trines prepare us for a bold, inspiring New Moon September 6. Ground work Venus and Saturn make nagging aspects to dreaming Neptune Rx while the work perfectionist Virgo Sun holds its necessary surrender novile to aesthetics Venus in a continuously changing atmosphere.

Patient tenacity may be needed as all the best things take time as well as meticulous hard work.

A reality check concerning work or income can feel discouraging unless you have the solid confidence required to stay committed through difficult challenges.

To feel more confident, you might want to construct a sustainable plan or daily routine that will allow you to work every day toward your objective. However, a leap of faith may be required and you’ll need the guts for that too.

Or, it might be necessary to establish your group of support (including online alliances or technology apps and tools) needed to achieve your objectives. Just make sure your support has proven their integrity or loyalty, or you could face problems down the line.

You either have what it takes or you don’t; there’s no shame in taking an easier route if that’s what is called for.


Your Social Network

August 30 – September 5, 2021

  • Monday, August 30: Mercury in Libra, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini
  • Tuesday, August 31: No Major Aspects
  • Wednesday, September 1: Moon in Cancer
  • Thursday, September 2: Mars opposite Neptune Rx
  • Friday, September 3: Moon in Leo
  • Saturday, September 4: Mercury trine Saturn Rx
  • Sunday, September 5: Venus square Pluto Rx, Moon in Virgo

It’s a relatively quiet week, perfect for getting clear about long range plans, daily routine habits, and supportive alliances.

As the Moon wanes into the dark phase before next week’s New Moon in Virgo, life quiets down. Mercury in Libra is more interested in surface conversation about the weather.

There may be a lack of excitement in conversations. Clearly stating your ideas allows others to get on board, if that’s important to you.

On Thursday, Mars opposes Neptune Rx which may fizzle into a lack of motivation. There may relentless desires to socialize just to feel something. It’s easier to be assertive and put yourself ‘out there.’ However…

Watch for oversacrificing your values in order avoid offending people or to “keep the peace.” Conflict may result later.

By Saturday, it’s clear that practical work needs to be done to advance your career when Mercury trines Saturn Rx. Authentic alliances are also needed to stay inspired.

On Sunday, Venus squares Pluto Rx. Intense pressure in social relationships can result tension, jealousy, or manipulative strategies to control people which eventually backfire.

To alleviate angst, consider releasing any pressure to prove yourself; look for people who respect the real you. Relax and carry on.


September 2021

Breaking Free and Ready to Fly
New Moon in Virgo September 6

The New Moon in Virgo on September 6 kicks the month off with clear skies and grounded action with plenty of gorgeous inspiring ‘Trine’ aspects.

But the bass drop of Earthy Virgo can catch you off guard if you aren’t ready for the precise, hard work required for satisfying achievement.

The Cosmos gave us an opportunity to shift into a new direction or life passion back in May at the Taurus New Moon….

If you stayed committed to this life passion, powerful Uranus aspects this month give you a chance to fully cut loose from lifeless, outdated traditions (as well as human opinions) that keep you stuck so you’re fully READY for all systems go by the end of the month (in spite of Mercury retrograde.)

However, if you’re unclear about your direction or easily distracted, uncertainty and tension can cause some to check out, feel lost, or stay trapped in anxiety or other people’s opinions.

Mid Month, Venus finds herself in her ‘Fall’ in Scorpio while Mars crashes in his ‘Detriment’ in Libra. Watch for manipulation in relationships such as smothering or trying to make someone jealous. The Cosmos gave us plenty of clear seeing in August to know who your true alliances are by now.

Mercury and Mars in aspects to Uranus in the second week want change NOW but mental clarity fades as Mercury slows down for his shadow. Clear thinking may be nowhere to be found by mid month when the Sun opposes Neptune. If you’re grounded – as the Cosmos prepared you – you can avoid irresistible bad choices, especially as it concerns work or relationships.

Outer planets retrograde plus powerful Pluto aspects this month force us to go deep within, seeing things we may not be ready to see, especially as it concerns unhappiness with the way things are or perhaps, bad choices made. Some may resort to escapism at the Pisces Full Moon September 22 to avoid facing ‘the buried stuff.’

The Sun joins Mars in Libra September 22 at the Equinox. If you’ve got a nice balance between social diplomacy and audacious authenticity, you’re on a GOOD TRACK.

The Sun and Mars trine Saturn by the end of the month finally showering us with magnificent energy for solid, feel good achievement – as long as you dealt with ‘your stuff’ earlier in the month and broke free from the prison of other people’s opinions.



Conscious Choices and Life Changes

After the year 2020 uprooted foundations and outdated material securities, 2021 is the year for exciting change, especially as it might concern your career or relocating to a new home. Multiple new beginnings and new cycles present opportunities for major structural change.

Final choices made by the end of the year establishes new life experiences for the long term – so choose wisely. You might not know exactly what’s ahead but that’s okay. Dare to follow your true heart and enjoy exciting new opportunities that come your way.