Tarot: King of Wands

Mastering The Mind, Initiation, A Secure Union or Marriage

The King of Wands is passionate about obtaining knowledge, and mastering an intellectual trade or language. He might be some kind of intellectual authority.

While he’s disciplined, ruthlessly committed to strict formality, he’s also high-spirited, quick-witted and he initiates enterprises.

He might also be a high official, high priest, postmaster, or a director or manager of business. A.E. Thierens says: “It must be some one representing a high authority himself or uniting opposite interests, while he himself, on account of the same authority he represents, may not or cannot be contradicted.”

His forte is uniting opposite interests. He could be a notary or a civil authority who concludes a civil union or marriage. This card can also refer to news or a message of one’s heritage.

You can trust this king’s honesty, unless the card is reversed. His energy is conducive for making responsible decisions, living a self-disciplined, simple life, initiating action, or remaining uncompromising in your integrity.

Whether this king refers to you or someone else, and whether it applies to your health, career, or relationship… you can count on security as result.

King of Wands by Artist Unknown [If you know the name of this artist, please contact me], Julia Iredale, The Golden Tarot by Kat Black and Artist Unknown [If you know the name of this artist, please contact me], intuitivefish.com
King of Wands by Artist Unknown [If you know the name of this artist, please contact me], Julia Iredale, The Golden Tarot by Kat Black and Artist Unknown [If you know the name of this artist, please contact me], intuitivefish.com

When The King of Wands Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: It’s time to take responsibility with your health. The King of Wands might refer to a strict, uncompromising health regimen. Or there might be a food, liquid, herb or supplement which might taste bitter or be a little harsh, but is important to your vitality. It could also reference a stern man or practitioner, perhaps someone who uses integrative medicine. You can trust this person’s authority and honest intentions.

Occupation and Finances: Whatever your occupation, be confident and uncompromising in your intellectual authority. You deserve adequate monetary compensation for your contribution even if you’re not selling tangible items. Stand firm without wavering on your standards and integrity, and you’ll achieve financial security. If there’s a particular intellectual authority you’re considering working with, you can trust their principles as well as their sincerity. If you’re interested in becoming a civil authority, notary, postmaster, director, manager, governor, Secretary of State, minister or some type of high official, the King of Wands is your confirmation.

Relationships: The King of Wands indicates someone who is high-spirited, cerebral, honest and conscientious, albeit perhaps a little erratic or harsh. They don’t like to be contradicted. It could also be a message to stand firm without compromising your own principles or personal beliefs. If there’s a relationship conflict, the resolution may depend on the actions of another, but be prepared to resolve the issue in a planned out, controlled manner. Overall, this is a favorable card for a secure union or marriage, especially as it concerns the coming together of two different, even opposite, people.

Hidden Meaning: In order to accomplish anything, there must be a balance between fervent enthusiasm and self-discipline – controlled passion.

King of Wands by Andrea Matus on Flickr
King of Wands by Andrea Matus on Flickr

ReversedA reversed King of Wands could indicate a block in your intellectual pursuit that you’re trying to master. Or it might indicate someone or something which is too strict, rigid or formal. Maintain integrity but lighten up. Seek to be more lenient or tolerant. Let go of false perceptions of limitation, and break out of any ruts, self-imposed or otherwise. Another message from the King of Wands reversed could be that there’s some doubt to the absolute integrity of an authority. Perhaps someone is using their power or their charm to get attention for self-interests. Or maybe they display a condescending attitude.

AdviceWhether upright or reversed, the advice in the King of Wands is to move forward in your devout passion, while also mastering your mind. Even if others are threatened by your intensity or fervent zeal, you’ll be the one who makes progress. Be prepared to take action in a painstaking, determined, unwavering, but a spirited and candid manner. Seek to unite opposite forces or interests. Security is assured, whatever your inquiry.

Astrological Association: Aries

Element: Air on the 1st House

Timing: March 21st to April 19th

Court Cards: A resolution to an issue may be dependent on the actions of another

Yes or No: Yes

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