7 of Pentacles

Friendships, Social Network or Community, Profitable Collaboration

It’s a “dog eat dog” world, so the popular saying goes. How can we find true, genuine relationships is a world of advertising, brutal competition and heartless conformity?

It’s in the realization that every sentient being in existence is interrelated. Therefore, we’re social creatures by nature. We experience our highest bliss by living and working together.

The only way to create and enjoy a healthy community is to contribute to one. Sharing your own creative skills, informed intelligence, generosity and kindness, as well as your authentic self naturally results in receiving the same, by karmic law.

Living in a society of refined, high-quality and functional products, services and loving relationships requires each of us to contribute and value exactly that. This is the primary thrust of the 7 of Pentacles.

When The 7 of Pentacles Shows Up In A Reading

Health: It may be time to detox with a purifying cleanse. Otherwise, you can expect health and wellness because of sacrifices you’ve made to eat clean food, live purely, and surround yourself with good energies.

Occupation and Finances: Have you considered joining or creating a community of people who are passionate about your line of work? This is necessary for any successful occupation. Just make sure you’re cultivating genuine friendships. People intuitively know when they’re being exploited. You can expect material advantages thanks to these authentic friendships you’ve cultivated.

Relationships: If you’re wondering about the potential for a particular friendship, you’re looking at a credible friend. You’ve been honored with a genuine relationship. Continue to invest in the relationship in question – friend, family or acquaintance – even if you’re ready to give up. You can count on them to bring pure goodness into your life if you stick with them, even when things look bleak.

Hidden Meaning: By universal law, we essentially receive or experience what we put out. By giving to others, you are in actuality giving to yourself.

Reversed: Apprehension. Is it worth it? When the 7 of Pentacles is reversed, you might prefer to work alone, or march to the beat of your own drum. But the fact is, you need to authentically harmonize with friends and collaborators for any kind of fulfilling success. You might need to loosen your grip on your own wishes and desires in order to invest in quality relationships which bring you the advantages of community dynamics. In this case, it’s for your own welfare to let go of individualist or self-involved tendencies and embrace a more cordial, amicable, selfless attitude, whatever your situation. Release frantic impatience to really look people in the eye when conversing with them. Diligently connect with others as they are. Take great care to be sociable, good-humored, sympathetic and understanding. A philanthropic attitude will bring you good business, good company, and reliable help when you need it.

Advice: The 7 of Pentacles is the assurance of material advantages due to your friendly surroundings and practical cooperation with others. You can expect a natural outcome from your investments in people who are more than happy to return your favor. Seek purity, innocence, simplicity or candor in your friendships and collaborations. You can expect desirable results or wealth because of your good-will contributions to others, especially if you contribute what you also enjoy. Compensation, reimbursement, or some kind of reward is in the cards for you.

Astrological Association: Aquarius

Element: Fire on the 11th House

Timing: January 20th to February 19th, or 7 years

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Yes

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