Knight of Pentacles

An Inheritance, A Financial Advantage, Help or A Gift

The Knight of Pentacles is one of those cards that carries a deeper meaning than how it appears, which is why it’s so obscure.

While the card has something to do with monetary advantage, it also relates to a close circle of persons such as acquaintances with similar passions and interests, soul connections, family, ancestors, or divine guides.

A.E. Thierens describes these persons represented by the knight as:

“Persons whom we have known before or who stand in a nearer relation to us than is known or announced publicly.”

As long as the card is upright, there’s nothing but material favor as well as relaxation and enjoying life together with benevolent beings who are close to you, whether you connect with them on this side of the veil or not.

Knight of Pentacles by Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, The Fountain Tarot, Animal Totem Tarot and Prisma Visions Tarot,
Knight of Pentacles by Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, The Fountain Tarot, Animal Totem Tarot and Prisma Visions Tarot,

When The Knight of Pentacles Shows Up In A Reading

Health: It might be time for some type of relaxing retreat together with someone close to you. Or perhaps you might want to consider past life regression for healing.

Occupation: You can count on profit, interest earned, a business loan or gaining some type of advantage in your occupation.

Relationships: The Knight of Pentacles refers to enjoying good things with a close circle or family. Pleasant memories might also come into play here. Or it could indicate a private or secret retreat. This knight could represent someone you’ve known before and is closer to you in relation than what is announced publicly. Another possibility is receiving financial assistance secretly, a loan without any hard conditions, or an inheritance.

Hidden Meaning: Our soul family goes beyond the illusion of flesh and blood ties, although it might include human family members too. Our soul family members primarily help us with our soul evolution.

Reversed: Reversed, the Knight of Pentacles indicates repose or a secret retreat. It’s a message to remain inactive in a certain situation at this time. Stay calm, and in a state of tranquility. Refuse to do or believe something you don’t support. Take a break from the outside world for a while, and enjoy life in the presence of your own company, or a private group or family circle. In extreme cases, it could indicate a slacker, or overly depending on help – a dangerous degeneration into laziness and idleness.

Advice: Help might come to you from an inconspicuous source, but the primary message here is that help will arrive. Make sure you’re open to receiving this assistance, but be careful not to overly depend on it or neglect your own responsibilities.

Astrological Association: Scorpio and Cancer

Element: Fire on the 8th and 4th House

Timing:  October 23rd to November 21st or June 22nd to July 22nd

Yes or No: Yes

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