Inspired Effort

It’s a fabulous day to socialize or follow your inspiration. Manipulation or lack of capability becomes more visible. Revise accordingly. Balance respect and diplomacy with authenticity. … Continue readingInspired Effort

Surrender Control

It’s a lovely day to find your safe space so you can relax. Utilize diplomacy with those who tend to be more controlling rather than supportive. Shift daily habits so they’re more healthy or sustainable. … Continue readingSurrender Control

A Test Of Stamina

It’ a good day to stay committed to higher values. To get back on track, become aware of misleading information or delusions that led you off track. You don’t have to compromise your true principles. … Continue readingA Test Of Stamina

Clear Resolutions

It’s an excellent day to resolve an issue with common sense intelligence. Utilize communications to brainstorm ideas or to restore mental health. Rely on another to make a decision or broaden your understanding. … Continue readingClear Resolutions

Real Solutions

It’s a good day to accept the facts of a matter. It might not be easy to face a hard truth but it can awaken your honest thoughts and feelings which are needed to make the right choices. … Continue readingReal Solutions

True Confidence

It’s a great day to be more genuine in relationships, public image, or finances. Become aware of regimes that fail to accept flaws or celebrate mistakes. Authenticity is needed for true confidence and real love. … Continue readingTrue Confidence

Conscious Choices

It’s a good day to listen to frustration and revise alliances. Getting creative with tasks of the home, food, or body can be rewarding even if emotions or inspired motivation are lacking. Enjoy simple pleasures. … Continue readingConscious Choices

Staying On Track

It’s a good day to take a step back and consider fresh creative solutions, especially concerning your occupation, public partners, or political systems. Social conflict may hit a dead end with no resolutions. … Continue readingStaying On Track

Wasted Energy

It’s a lovely day for art, music, slacking off, or mundane multi-tasking. But watch for pointless or confusing information. It might be easy to get side-tracked or sucked into a rabbit hole of misinformation. … Continue readingWasted Energy

New Inspiration

It’s a fabulous day to make tangible innovative changes. Revise details so they’re more authentic or inspired. Take a monumental task one step at a time. Watch for big talk and no action. … Continue readingNew Inspiration

Messy Mistakes

It’s an excellent day to mitigate anxiety amidst destabilizing structures by keeping the intellect busy with problem-solving or making upgrades in work, health, or communication routines. … Continue readingMessy Mistakes

An Upshift

It’s an excellent day to accept your feelings and change something up. It might not be easy – and you can keep avoiding it if you want to – but in your heart of hearts, you know you’re ripe for an upgrade. … Continue readingAn Upshift

Beautiful Things

It’s a great day to make something beautiful. But irresistible distractions can derail your focus. Relax but stay on track. Aesthetic design is important; just don’t forget to enjoy your work and share the love. … Continue readingBeautiful Things

Swollen Egos

It’s a good day to be cautious and aware. Avoid errors by taking time to clear the mind before taking action. Watch for overblown or over-inflated thinking. Be selective in your alliances and information sources. … Continue readingSwollen Egos

The Real You

Merry New Moon! It’s a beautiful day to stand by your own side. Instead of shaming your feelings, how can you feel proud of your authenticity? Instead of catering to dehumanizing expectations, how can you live true?
Continue readingThe Real You

Change Is Needed

It’s a good day to look at what isn’t working and consider a fundamental change in the usual. Total surrender may be needed to break free from a self-defeating pattern or social structure that appears invincible. … Continue readingChange Is Needed

Awakening To Joy

It’s a great day to publish your content or appreciate the knowledge of others through research. For some, it might be a pleasant day for local travel. Ease up by embracing flaws. See beauty where you didn’t see it before. … Continue readingAwakening To Joy

Going Rogue

It’s a good day to blaze a new trail. Entertain revolutionary ideas to break free. A short fuse is a signal to stop sacrificing yourself to coercive people, channels or belief systems; maintain your standards. … Continue readingGoing Rogue

Be Yourself

It’s a great day to write down your practical plan, as long as you’re inspired, confident, and already working. If not, consider restructuring. Alleviate tension by removing unnecessary social obligations. … Continue readingBe Yourself

Real Self-Worth

It’s a good day to take a time out. Consider whether you might need a breakdown or breakthrough to move past the trap of ego desires. Genuine self worth is needed for achievement in your OWN life and work. … Continue readingReal Self-Worth

Pure Love

It’s a good day to consider brand new ideas or possibilities previously rejected. Still, solid hard work or commitment eradicates doubts. The easy road is a trap. Ego ambitions might fall apart but genuine passion stays consistent through uncertainties. … Continue readingPure Love

Effortless Hard Work

It’s a good day to get out of your head and focus on hard work to mitigate self-doubt, stress, or fear. Precision feels especially good today. Take time to get things exactly right in routine actions; feel proud of your achievements.
Continue readingEffortless Hard Work

The Right Alliances

It’s a good day to collaborate and make progress one humble step at a time. Egotism will not serve you but bold confidence pays off as you make a clean break from energy wasters and refine details for long term objectives.
Continue readingThe Right Alliances

Direct Your Energy

It’s a great day to express yourself authentically or achieve victory in a health or fitness goal. A lot can be accomplished with any objective if you’re focused and committed. Conflict only creates more conflict. … Continue readingDirect Your Energy

Rise To The Challenge

It’s a great day to take your creative inspiration and hard work to a whole new level. Rely on intuition to take a bold, yet calculated risk. Extreme stress, distractions, or big talk may signal a lack of confidence in choices made. … Continue readingRise To The Challenge

An Assessment

It’s a good day to take a day off, if possible, to organize your life vision or tend to emotions. Watch for overindulging as a way to escape uncomfortable feelings. Later in the day, hard work and multitasking feel best. … Continue readingAn Assessment

Personal Integrity

It’s a good day to face your mistakes, even if uncomfortable. Secrets revealed can floor you or empower confidence in your personal integrity. Wasting energy on conflict or charlatans will not feel good. Stay focused on your own work; avoid shortcuts. … Continue readingPersonal Integrity

Clear Inspiration

Happy Aquarius Full Moon! It’s an exciting day to let go so inspiration can flow. Some may need space to feel a little moody, or make a simple but profound shift concerning an ambitious life goal, friendships, or group support…. … Continue readingClear Inspiration

Your True Heart

Who or what do you really love? It’s an excellent day to correct any errors OR take your game to the next level – especially as it concerns a group of support, a creative career, or physical health. … Continue readingYour True Heart

Gentle Patience

It’s a good day to give people space to deal with their own stuff. You can be patient with difficult people who are out of self-alignment. Emotions may be off due to emotional blockages. Moods shift later in the day. … Continue readingGentle Patience

Quiet Integrity

It’s a good day to enjoy your simple, daily routine. Developing your personal foundation can augment comfort, security, and self-honor, as well as circumvent an unhealthy addiction or impulse. … Continue readingQuiet Integrity

Vital Changes

It’s a good day to accept mistakes and differences and broaden your understanding – yet continue to make vital changes. Look for rare, trusted alliances and bravely clear the deck to lighten up and soar. … Continue readingVital Changes


It’s a good day to stay busy with your own work or collaborate with trusted alliances. Steer clear of people who need conflict to feel something. Accept loss to soothe trauma before moving toward something better….
Continue readingSelf-Empowerment

Heart Inspiration

It’s a beautiful day to open the heart to love and enjoy the beauty of simple things. Process emotions to feel life and real love. Emotional sensitivity is your power to make the right choices. … Continue readingHeart Inspiration

Inner Rest

It’s a good day to take a breather, rest, and do the usual in a whole new way. Watch for cracks in the usual securities, especially family, childhood home, or groups of the past. For some, it may be time for the inner journey. … Continue readingInner Rest

Getting Clear

It’s a good day to float and flow. Very few are thinking straight and details are inconsistent or unknown until Sunday. Stay cautious unless logic and emotions are clear to move forward with grounded confidence…. … Continue readingGetting Clear

Flowing With Change

It’s an excellent day to let go of the usual and try something new. Good results are assured as long as you’re clear and already steadily working. Otherwise, watch for roadblocks or conflict caused by buried emotions. … Continue readingFlowing With Change

Shattered Dreams

It’s a good day to stay in your lane and stay flexible. A life dream or relationship may fall apart, but only because changes are needed as well as practical grounding. Patience. Beneficial shifts are happening. … Continue readingShattered Dreams

Emotional Extremes

It’s a good day to stay calm and confident in your well-established choices and avoid veering off track with distractions. Illusions, wrong information, or empty promises, may trigger extreme emotions or desires. … Continue readingEmotional Extremes

Real Confidence

It’s a beautiful day to take an honest look at your life and discover what makes you feel truly secure. Some may need to stay true to self; others may realize they were manipulated. … Continue readingReal Confidence

A Warning Signal

It’s a good day to question beliefs or ideas which may be a diversion from the facts. Look for a possible warning signal from your intuition. Accept rejected emotions for clarity and clear guidance. … Continue readingA Warning Signal

Dare To love

It’s a beautiful day to make a simple, small change which can have a big, long-lasting impact. It’s also a good day for love, conversation, and collaboration in creative ventures. … Continue readingDare To love

Action Time

It’s an excellent day to avoid distractions and hustle, or refine the details. A dream may fall apart, but only because it’s time to get to work. … Continue readingAction Time

Keep Going

It’s an excellent day for bold words and bold actions as long as you’re confident, grounded, and resolved. Impulsive risks or gambles are not advised. … Continue readingKeep Going

Face The Music

It’s a good day to look into beliefs or opinions that lead to bad choices. Watch for abrupt emotion such as rage, which may be a sign of escapism or avoidance. Focus on creative inspiration. … Continue readingFace The Music

Accepting Change

A hard angle square between the Sun and Pluto along with a waxing Gemini Moon are ready for big change. If you find yourself resisting change, a nice little crisis may come along to give you an extra boost. … Continue readingAccepting Change

Effortless action

The Gemini Moon say’s it’s a great day for learning, brainstorming, and publishing. The Aries Sun, Jupiter in Aquarius, and Venus in Taurus is favorable for finances. But the excited atmosphere can feel flustery. … Continue readingEffortless action

New Commitment

Venus joins the waxing new moon in Taurus and it’s an excellent day for business and trading, especially alternative trade, or doing anything different from the usual, due to the still prominent cardinal mode. … Continue readingNew Commitment

Shake Free

As Juno retrogrades, the Aries Sun sextiles Mars, and the waxing new moon triggers this year’s Saturn Uranus square, don’t be surprised if your usual mode of operation gets shaken off its foundation. … Continue readingShake Free

Stop And Align

It might feel a little difficult to get moving today with the Void of Course moon before it finds itself in Taurus. Slowing down can allow you to make changes in order to do life more effectively and efficiently. … Continue readingStop And Align

Finally Getting Unstuck

Merry New Moon! It’s okay if you don’t have a plan. You’re not supposed to have a plan. All you need is true passion to guide your way. Real creative inspiration is the key to this New Moon energy. Simply being your creative self can dissolve doubts and uncertainties … Continue readingFinally Getting Unstuck

Going For It

Enjoy today’s inspired energy by opening your heart, celebrating yourself, and letting it all hang out. Sure, you might be rejected for being yourself but really, who cares? There’s a point where you get tired of playing that game and it’s time to live! … Continue readingGoing For It

Steady Determination

Feel free to take it slow and make sure things get done right. You can feel good at the end of the day even if you only accomplished a few tasks or offered support to loved ones – as long as they were the RIGHT actions. … Continue readingSteady Determination