Numerology 7

Numerology 7 Higher Consciousness

Numerology 7 Is The Number Of Religion and Spirituality, Higher Wisdom, Intuitive Research, Spiritual Development, Dream Work, and the Study of Metaphysics

Numerology 7 Gemstones: Moonstone, Pearl, Blue Aventurine, Garnet, Green Fluorite, Iolite, Chevron Amethyst, Smithsonite
Numerology 7 Colors: Indigo, Electric Blue, Sea Green, Peach, Tea Rose, Garnet, Berry
Numerology 7 Power Numbers: 5, 6, 8, 11, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 41, 400, 540, 930
Numerology 7 Power Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, especially Friday
Numerology 7 Symbols: Heptad, Heptagram, Septogram, 7 Days of the Week, 7 Classical Planets {Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn}, The Pleiades {Cluster of 7 Stars}, 7 Branches of the Tree of Life with 7 Leaves Each, 7 Branches of the Golden Candlestick, 7 Churches, Fortune, Occasion, Control, “Worthy Of Veneration,” Judgment, Makers Of The Cosmic Law Or Seven Spirits Before The Throne, That Which Leads All Things To Their End
Numerology 7 Planet or Star: Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, South Node
Numerology 7 Astrology: Taurus, Some Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Qualities

Numerology 7 Traits

Numerology 7 is associated with:

  • Religion, Spirituality, Paganism
  • Religious Devotion, Spiritual Rituals, Magic Rituals
  • Spiritual Development, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Awareness
  • Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Rest
  • Mysticism
  • Metaphysics, Study of Metaphysics, Metaphysical Research
  • Alchemy
  • The Exoteric and Esoteric, Secret Knowledge, Occultism
  • Intuition, Inner Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Dream Work
  • Ability to See the Future, Long Term Vision
  • Imagination, Mythology, Mythological Symbols
  • Intention, Manifesting in Illusory Realities of Space Time Continuum
  • Balance of Intellect and Emotion, Balance of Mind and Body, Stability
  • Steady Effort
  • Study, Education, Learning, Mental Analysis, Knowledge
  • Mental Ambition, Mastering, Refining or Perfecting Knowledge, Discerning the Truth
  • Technical, Scientific, or Methodical Research
  • Ideology, Ethics and Philosophy
  • The Written Word
  • Isolation, Solitary Confinement

Numerology 7 might exhibit these traits:

  • Logical, Philosophical, Brilliance, Genius
  • Specializing in a Particular Field of Interest
  • Persevering, Persisting in their Purpose, Ability to Endure Hardship
  • Unwilling to Compromise
  • Cynical, Hypercritical
  • Intellectually Arrogant, Narrow-Minded
  • Independent, Solitary, Antisocial, Closed Off, Unable to Share Thoughts or Feelings
  • Preoccupied with their Own Interests
  • Confused Sense of Time, Distance, and Direction
  • Disturbed by Noise
  • Inactive, Stagnant
  • Weighs Pros and Cons before Forming Conclusions
  • Driven to Understand the Unknown or Mysteries of Life
  • Seeks Out what is Soothing to their Easily Disturbed Mind
  • Prone to Escapism and Addictions
  • Unrealized Plans and Ideas
  • Thoughtful of Others, Loyal
  • Needs Freedom from Constrictions but also Possessive of Loved Ones
  • Needs Protection

Numerology 7 Mental and Emotional Health

Number 7 has a natural genius and intuitive ability but when their genius and intuition are suppressed or aren’t being utilized, this can result in health issues or unexplainable unhappiness. An inactive intuition and physical inactivity can both lead to cynicism, despair, or health problems. Addictions, escapism, or spending all their time on social media can exacerbate these problems.

Extreme isolation is a sign Number 7 may be suffering from a mental health issue. This can be resolved by looking for like-minded souls or people they genuinely connect with and by investing in these relationships.

Regularly exercising their brilliance and their intuitive abilities, and staying connected with others is imperative for a healthy, fulfilling life for Numerology 7.

Numerology 7 Skills, Finances, and Professions

Number 7’s may be brilliant but they often lack confidence in their capabilities. They may also be working with a physical disability or mental health issue. They don’t like to draw attention to themselves and may prefer to work in the background or alone.

They often work best in isolation and independently rather than working for someone else or a company. However, they aren’t typically successful in business as many business strategies conflict with their primary focus. They need time in quiet solitude with plenty of freedom to refine their knowledge or perfect their work. An absence of distractions allows them to relax so their genius or their best work can come out.

Number 7’s are deep thinkers and are able to comprehend complex subjects. They can miss details to gain the deeper or more meaningful knowledge. Attending to the details can feel laborious for them, although they like to have their information organized in a thoroughly-researched comprehensive system. Any career that requires scientific or methodical research and sharing that knowledge may appeal to Number 7. A University Professor is one example of how Number 7 might utilize their genius and intuitive skills in research.

They can refine or greatly improve already established knowledge based systems.

They don’t typically work for the money as much as they do for the deeper understanding of a particular field of interest. They might tend to give away their money to charity. But they take their careers seriously. Work that goes against their ethics are not suitable for Number 7. If they can choose their projects or clients, they may want to be selective in the cases they take, such as with a career as an attorney.

Some Number 7’s are called to a spiritual career. They may need to take their focus off mundane matters and shift it to developing their religious beliefs or to their spiritual awakening process. They may be called to studies in religion, spirituality, paganism, or metaphysics. They may need to take a pay cut or adapt to more simple lifestyle, but the sacrifice is worth the inner fulfillment.

Numerology 7 Careers:

  • Astrologer
  • Attorney
  • Comic Writer
  • Computer Analyst
  • Cultural Studies or Expert
  • Debater – Professional
  • Deep Sea Diver
  • Energy Worker
  • Engineer – Research
  • Historian
  • Investigator
  • Marine Biologist
  • Math Professor – Higher Math
  • Medicine – Alternative
  • Military – Navy
  • Museum Specialist
  • Non-Profit Organization – Researcher
  • Numerologist
  • Poet
  • Psychoanalyst
  • Psychotherapist
  • Science Professor – Quantum Physics
  • Spiritual Guru
  • Tarot Reader
  • Theologian
  • Trainer – Job and Career
  • University Professor – Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Math, Engineering, All Subjects
  • Vendor, Importer or Exporter
  • Writer – Poetry, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Numerology 7 Relationships

Number 7 can easily get lost in romantic infatuation. Their primary form of escapism might be daydreaming or fantasizing, or they might waste their energy on unrealistic pursuits. The 7 can be cynical or hypercritical of others when they get a reality check or are forced to come back to reality. Number 7 is often drawn to people who are more practical in order to achieve balance through a relationship.

They also don’t prefer crowds or loud noises as it can disturb their inner equilibrium. They might spend their small amount of social time with just a few close friends who they consider to be soul connections. They might have a tendency to close themselves off from sharing their thoughts and feelings, and may have to make a conscious effort to seek out genuine relationships where they can be more personally expressive and express admiration to their partner.

Some Number 7’s tend to fear abandonment especially if they experienced betray in the past. But neglecting a communicative, emotional connection with their loved ones can lead to the manifestation of that fear. In fact, Number 7’s might leave or mentally and emotionally abandon their partner first to avoid the hurt of abandonment. When 7 realizes their capabilities, they can feel more confident in their relationships and therefore be more likely to open themselves up to intimacy.

Other Number 7’s express their love frequently. They might feel more confident in their relationships when their loved ones do the same. They may need to openly communicate with their loved ones and let them know of their need for the public display of affection. And they may need to ask their partner to clearly communicate their needs and desires as 7’s can over-analyze their relationships or hyper focus on insignificant details.

People who are spiritual aware or who share similar spiritual perspectives are the most attractive to Number 7. Their ideal partner gets excited with them in their newly discovered insights. A partner with opposing spiritual beliefs can be a source of great conflict in the relationship.

A partner with an ability for philosophical discussions, mind mapping, or friendly debates assists Number 7 in developing their spiritual beliefs or their intuition, which is part of their life mission. A partner who’s willing to take care of mundane tasks and responsibilities may also be an attractive point as Number 7’s focus may be on that aforementioned existential or philosophical wisdom.

The 7 typically needs a lot of freedom from relationship rules and constrictions, yet they can also be possessive of their partner. They take their parenting responsibilities seriously and are committed practically to the general well-being of their children.

Otherwise, Number 7 is generally loyal, direct, and thoughtful of others. They can naturally bring out a person’s intelligence or encourage deeper thoughts and ethics.

Numerology 7 Life And Soul Path Number

At some point in their life, both the Life and Soul Path Number 7 may start asking questions like, “Why are we here? What are we supposed to do here? What is the real reality?” They might long for a meaningful life purpose or a deeper understanding of existence. They intuitively sense their physical circumstances won’t be at peace until they get in touch with the grander reality.

They might feel a need to start researching the mystics and philosophers to find clues to secret knowledge or the meaning of life. But they need to do the investigating themselves to arrive at convincing answers. They need to have their own belief system or understanding of existential reality.

Both the Life and Soul Path 7 thrive on the finer things in life. They look for the finest quality, and they may be particular about their possessions, selective about their home, environment, places they frequent.

Many suffer from perfectionism and the fear of making mistakes. Or they might struggle with feeling alone or as if they don’t belong in this world. They tend to resort to isolation, addictions, escapism, or spend all their time on social media. Unless they’re actively utilizing their brilliance and intuitive skills, they might encounter dramatic life experiences, setbacks, or slow, difficult progress in life.

Life Path Number 7 typically enjoys books, especially fantasy, science-fiction, and biographies. They might also be drawn to sports, or more specifically to learning the complex strategies used in sports.

A home is the most important place to Number 7 as its where they spend most of their time, whether it’s their own home or the home of another. They generally prefer small social occasions with those they love. They may feel their best in a home designed with Feng Shui principles or a home with a calm, quiet, balanced atmosphere. Anything that’s soothing to their easily-disturbed mind will be appealing to a Life Path 7.

They must discover their well-being in their own life before can experience that well-being in their circumstances. Their wellness comes from putting to their higher mind to work. There’s a need to move past the limitations of the lower mind and expand their knowledge.

Soul Path Number 7 may encounter an opportunity in their lifetime to refine and specialize their skills in observation, and higher, intuitive, or complex learning. It’s important to jump on this opportunity when the door opens. They’re also here to master a particular field of interest.

Soul Path 7 often evolves in 3 stages:

Phase 1: During this phase, Soul Path 7 refines their knowledge and intellect.
Phase 2: After their logic is developed, it’s time to focus on emotional balance.
Phase 3: By balancing their logic with their emotions, they can now use their intuition to interact on the metaphysical planes and use their intuitive abilities for life guidance.

Numerology 7 Major Life Cycles and Challenges

Overall Challenges:
Avoidance of emotions and repression of intuitive capabilities
Unspoken intuitive yearnings or unacknowledged higher directions of guidance

Overall Life Aim:
Honor need for inner equilibrium and a calm, quiet atmosphere
Move past limitations and disturbances of the lower mind
Trust and allow intuitive inner knowing to guide the thinking mind
Refine and specialize skills in observation, and higher, intuitive, complex learning

Numerology 7 Major Life Cycles

Life Cycle 1 During this Life Cycle, you might struggle with feeling alone or as if you don’t belong on this planet. It may be tempting to resort to addictions, escapism, or spend all your time on social media. But ultimately, this will only lead to more of a struggle. There’s a need to pour yourself into gaining knowledge and developing your intuition. You likely won’t feel fulfilled until you move past limitations of the lower mind and expand your awareness to the greater reality beyond the mundane realm. Your mission during this Cycle is spiritual growth.

Life Cycle 2 You might feel a yearning to become a serious student during this Life Cycle. But until you realize and unlock your intuitive genius, you may encounter slow, difficult progress. Crowds and loud noises might grate on your nerves. You might find yourself running to addictions or some form of escapism to alleviate your frustrations or despair. But your emotions may be blocked or you may be avoiding what you intuitively know. Once you honor how you really feel and accept your higher awareness, your intuition can guide you to your most fulfilling existence. Actively seek out opportunities to refine or specialize your skills in observation or higher, complex learning. It’s vital to your well-being to jump on this opportunity.

Life Cycle 3 During this Cycle, you might have a difficult time relating to people. You might prefer a more zen atmosphere or serene environment as noise and crowded places disturb your inner equilibrium. There’s a need to allow your intuitive knowing to guide your thinking mind, rather than the other way around. You may be guided to spend more time expanding your higher wisdom in a quiet environment where you can focus. Your intuitive guidance may lead you to refine or exact your knowledge, or organize it into a comprehensive system which gives you a firm understanding on life and existence.

Numerology 7 Challenges

Your Number 7 Life Challenges might involve feeling alone or isolated from the rest of society. You might struggle with finding people you connect to or relate with. To cope, you might turn to addictions or escapism such as excessive daydreaming and fantasizing. Your full capabilities are likely repressed or your spirituality may be neglected. There’s a need to become a serious student of higher knowledge or to develop your intuition and awareness of the grander reality.

Numerology 7 Personal Year And Current Numerology

At this time, you may feel more sensitive or attuned to the thoughts, feelings, and energy of people, places, and things. Crowds and loud noises might feel disturbing to your inner equilibrium. Maybe you prefer to socialize with only a few close friends or maybe you sense a longing for deeper soul connections. Or, you might feel alone or as if you don’t belong in this world. Dramatic life experiences might lead you to rely on addictions or some kind of escapism to cope with frustrations or despair. But if you can tune in to your own thoughts and feelings, you might find repressed emotions, unacknowledged yearnings, or intuitive guidance you’ve been ignoring. There may be an undeniable need to focus on your spirituality or to look further into the metaphysical side of existence. Or you may be called to honor your longing for a quiet environment in order to study and master a particular field of interest.

Numerology 7 Repeating Numbers

If you notice recurring 7’s, it may be a message to pay more attention to what you intuitively feel and know. Maybe you sense there’s a more expanded reality beyond the mundane realm. Maybe you struggle with integrating your life with the rest of the world. Maybe you find it difficult to relate to people, or perhaps you can’t find a particular group or community where you belong. You might battle with isolation or the opposite: the inability to be alone. Cynicism, hypercriticism, or an unhealthy pride might cut you off even more from others or from a quiet, undistracted atmosphere or deep relaxation your soul longs for. You may need to find your well-being from your own intuitive guidance before you can experience it in your life circumstances and with other people. Consider pondering the deeper aspects of your existence and dare to ask the hard questions of why you’re here. Rely on your intuitive knowing to guide your thinking mind, rather than the other way around. Investigating the metaphysical side of life or refining your intuitive insights can give you a solid understanding of existence as well as resolve disturbing feelings of separation.

Have you ever wondered what the vibrational frequency of the universe sounds like? Or your own natural resonance? It sounds like OM when it hits the note C# just right. Numbers 3, 7, and 9 are associated with Om, and especially Number 7.