Gemini Moon square Saturn

All the joy is right where you are, as you are. Psychic day but escapism keeps you stuck. Deep sex mysteries only revealed to the mature. Attraction flips to repulsion. Contradictory comms, evacuation blocked. Design projects in favor. Wait for investments to mature. … Continue readingGemini Moon square Saturn

Sun square Pluto

Anticlimactic day but must make dreams concrete in real world. To avoid consequences or attacks, don’t rush. Make right choice of alliance for secure, emotional connection. Discord, impolite, cruelty. Destruction, theft. Consistency and diplomacy eventually prevail. … Continue readingSun square Pluto

Eclipse square Pluto

Harsh reality check makes it easier to compromise. For calm through crisis, learn universal harmonics principles. Let light, dark dance together. Stay connected, turn on lights, go outside. Brand new energy but first, cut false connections. After rebirth, spread joy. … Continue readingEclipse square Pluto

Saturn trine S Node

Excellent day to start at bottom, work to top. Don’t push too much, ambitions lose steam. Some in darkness. Mature self-analysis required. Painful past inspires beautiful future. You’re never alone. Opportunistic aristocrat, fighters, empty show of power. Build home. … Continue readingSaturn trine S Node

Creative Projects

Feel the joy of freedom but respect diverse opinions. Show chivalry even to enemy. Relax control to dissolve tension. Look within for real desires. Diverge from norms but slow wins race. Nurture with nutrition for mental health. Not a good day for people in power. … Continue readingCreative Projects

Love Goggles

Feel bliss of a life well lived. Collaborate but take off love goggles or expect venomous bite. Cult of success. Notorious tool for evil powers, ambush, injuries. What is within becomes reality. You’re at gateway to desires, good or fatal. Communicating is beautiful. … Continue readingLove Goggles


Entertainment, friends, group. But lackluster or two-faced. Slackers are confused; indecision loses credibility. Fights, glorification of power, rebellion against old structure, assault. Painful path has ended, cut losses, look for new. Clarity within, have faith. … Continue readingUnstable


Feel good vibes, free spirit. Everything will succeed if you have merit. Confused? Generous, devoted… but are they evil? Servile, sycophants, lonely. Stark, surreal, apocalyptic. Gravediggers. Allow change to cleanse. Rise above with creative work, self-excellence. … Continue readingMerit


Crime, scandals, enticement, regret. Impending danger of reversal. Living alone in fear, hoarding money. Fear of loss results in loss. Broke free, lost everything, now what? Situation not great, but it will be. Stay pure, exit the rat race. Look for the trailblazers. … Continue readingGreed

Art of Love

Beautiful day for friends, family; love, not so much. Polite on surface but harboring violence or lies. Channel repressed energy into hard work, creative project. Permission to relax. No need to fear loss; hope always near. Practice art of love, magic of sympathy. … Continue readingArt of Love

Glittery Bling

Outer bling, inner brokenness; success but no love. Avoid the controlling ego AND the lounger slob. Work or play? Can’t enjoy either. Terrible realization you know nothing. If sick, can’t chase goals, may be more psychic. Enjoy new life. Intuition makes it all clear. … Continue readingGlittery Bling

Test of Honor

Tests by fire. Pain, hard work pays off with a life well lived. Simmering conflict, projection of own issues. Beware of blood. Heal disorder within, have mercy, keep your word. Some prefer to be single. Avoid bling; stay true to the best. Purity, courage will win. … Continue readingTest of Honor

Insecure Martyrs

Martyr appears devoted to family, country but ego just wants attention, protect identity. Sinister rage, mindless drama, empty show of power. Caution with knives, alcoholics. Careful words, confident integrity wins day. Take out trash to feel wonder of life again. … Continue readingInsecure Martyrs

Emotional Allegiance

Sweet kindness? Run other way! Can’t say ‘no’ makes easy prey. Pride before fall influential male or artificial vanity. Homicide. Build something original: Lasting success. Recovery in favor. Avoid seduction, smear campaigns, aggressive bias. You have been warned. … Continue readingEmotional Allegiance

Purify And Protect

Trust clarity even if no solution yet. Purify mind from bad dreams, bad omens; detox from seductive poison. Reinforce security systems, while fools rush in. Cultivate love, intend no harm. Amazing victory if you had faith, guts, discipline. Sail toward Rising Sun. … Continue readingPurify And Protect

Tired But Inspired

Feeling shy, insecure, some hide, lick their wounds. Conflict, clashes but new things in favor, build confidence, rise from ashes. Channel energy into art. If too tired, get organized. Purge ego, wrongs. Commit to love. Integrity is everything; make sure you have it. … Continue readingTired But Inspired

Stirring The Pot

Seething with rage, words are weapons of war. Rash reactions have consequences. Avoid conflict with undeveloped soul who feels/is worthless; you can’t win. Alter egos, polar emotions, lies, gossip. Develop confidence, trust. Humbly transform dream into concrete plan. … Continue readingStirring The Pot

Cautious Weakness

Despite how hard you tried to protect yourself, still facing loss. Compromise was a lie. New may not last. Trust gut conviction, Providence for protection. Accidents, slow healing, but can get out of tight spot. Closure needed before celebration. Connect with nature. … Continue readingCautious Weakness

Rise And Fall

People who build castles in the air fall out. Chase ambition, realize too late you lost what really loved, needed. Logic, security saves from later regret, danger. Crimes punished. Avoid superficial, deceptive people at all cost. Study, build slow wealth, enterprise. … Continue readingRise And Fall

Dark Silence

Life can be dark, heavy, difficult but success achieved with relentless effort. The shy, lazy lose out. Are you cause of own unhappiness? Materialism, false security. Violent feelings hiding under altruism, lavishing gifts. Seclusion, think ten times before deciding. … Continue readingDark Silence


Great day to complete tasks. Avoid wasting energies on filth. Child with power. Vanity, porn, stalking. Collisions, weapons. Success but wrong way – unsatisfied. Think first! Require standards, protection. Own your right to enjoy quality food, art, natural beauty. … Continue readingDefenses


One lacks self-control, another is honorable, reliable, inborn kindness. Both fearless but one marked by lack of reflection, thoughtless choices, violent passion. Will not change, will not apologize. All things related to home in favor. Design, build but stay humble. … Continue readingFearless

Fall From Grace

Excellent day for well-planned work. Otherwise, get organized to avoid bad choices, implosion, betrayal, regret – or a breakdown. Pretentious tasteless show: Fall from grace. Awaken consciousness or return to unconscious dust. Healing, cleaning, planning in favor. … Continue readingFall From Grace

Delusional Ambition

Excitement for false security of past or delusional future. Dreams lie, potential lost. Your future could go any way, stay rooted, cut off the false, don’t risk health. If you worked hard without giving up, expect deeply rewarding results, bright new, fresh vitality. … Continue readingDelusional Ambition

Different Eyes

Empty chats exhausting. If confused, delusion involved. New eyes can see who intends harm. Theft, gamblers, power fails. Time has come to reap what sowed. Wrong info can put health in mortal danger. REST. Work well done deeply satisfying but careful planning advised. … Continue readingDifferent Eyes

Caution Advised

Relax, listen to inner voice, trust Divine Providence. Naive choices, painful loss. Victimized justify hurting others. Conflict, divorce, freedom, bad friends. Confident, open to intimacy. Tragedy, demon possession, caution advised. Amazing potential if hard work. … Continue readingCaution Advised


Pressure valve implodes. Fighting attitude good for war, not for relationships. Win a fight but lose what you needed. Permanent separation, painful endings clear field. Play end game. To mitigate angst, face challenge, don’t give up. Or rest, organize your future. … Continue readingAnarchy


Some dream while others work. Self-gratification, sex, the opiate fails: Left with boredom, exhaustion, regret. If playing both sides of fence, people lose respect for you, wealth lost. Delusions create walls, perfect love creates happiness. Research for good health. … Continue readingDeception

Unexpected Events

Stay centered as life goes up, down. Vanity, apathy, regret, breakdowns. Trust there’s a purpose, order; pain will pass. Travel by sea not advised. City taken in war. Relax, flow for harmony; gain by force becomes curse. Failures can turn into success, don’t give up. … Continue readingUnexpected Events

Hidden Snakes

Indecent exposure, sinister fame, seduction. Skills lost which could have profitably contributed to world. Espionage, criminals caught, deceiver most deceived. Simmering conflict, stuck in past. Unexpected events make life exciting. Beautiful day if no addictions. … Continue readingHidden Snakes

Beliefs Tested

Bloodthirst. Feisty religious, political views. Deceptive slander from own circle. Safeguard finances. Is your faith based on reality? Strict beliefs can force life to break you; assume nothing, live fresh. Mystical intuition can guide your way through any challenge. … Continue readingBeliefs Tested

Money But No Love

Limp and confused. lllusions, dollar sign eyes, money but no love. Medication may be poison, beware of alcoholics. Planning promises success. Clear out anything outdated to regain focus. Become an oasis for yourself. Feel immense joy of progress made. Light a candle. … Continue readingMoney But No Love

Think First

Lack of control or too much control can lead to catastrophe. Caution advised violent sports, transportation. Hostile schemes, misplaced sympathy, divorce, discord. Focus on business, discover treasure. Think it through before action. Stay, humble, quiet but confident. Enjoy a bath spa and massage. … Continue readingThink First


Clashes from trying too hard. Sudden collapse of ivory towers. Eccentrics may feel especially estranged from a group. Exit toxic situations. Establish better alliances. Either sink or swim: Floating will fail. Total surrender, full immersion into creative project. … Continue readingOpposition


Obstacles are own projection of problems. Ghosts of unfulfilled past, unlived life. Suffer all consequences after giving in to desire; accept punishment. Everyone contributes their best in a group but expect conflict. Stop catering to family. A dog is a good omen. … Continue readingObstacles

Magnitude of Destiny

Normal is boring, convos awkward. Something is over. Pretentious, self-inflated ambition is powerful, but logic is blurred. Reckless aggression puts life in danger, mistakes made are permanent. Have courage but avoid risks. Be street smart, leave revenge to the gods. … Continue readingMagnitude of Destiny

Heavy Work

Simple hard work can turn a small income into future prosperity. Alone, drugged, stuck in memories of past, dreams of future. Innovative insight, courage to change gets you unstuck. Discipline can be fun, feel good. Elites continue to fall. Rage, protest, rebuild. … Continue readingHeavy Work


Challenge is to find your Center. Dead weight, dark interspace, pretty but pointless trinkets. Faulty structures collapse, inspiration enlightens. Complicated, indecisive. Rage or harmony. Life is easier if you blend in, but what fun is that? Be unique, live true. … Continue readingComplicated

The Mission

Facts blurry, details missed. Internal conflict, critical choice: Organize from sense of power, tenacity. Betrayal of service, proud of power, leaders fall. Aviation, drones. Flow with current for mastery but avoid delusions, opiates. Be there, stick with mission. … Continue readingThe Mission


If you mastered your craft, you should think more highly of yourself. Don’t cast your pearls before swine. It’s not that they don’t like you; they fear or revere you. Compromise can lead to darkness, perfectionism to burn out. Trailblazers mocked but will succeed. … Continue readingCompetition


Does all seem lost? You’re just getting started! Just watch for lust which can flip attraction to repulsion, or cut your life short. Deep scars, confusion from social conflict. Challenges prove your greatness. New race of humans unfolding. Don’t mess with real love. … Continue readingMetamorphosis

Relentless Dedication

Nostalgic past in conflict with better future. Problems are self-made. Real success or defeat. Anti-religion is still religious. Express divine through material. Ritualize your niche. Territorial conflict, weapons, violence, the sea. Lounging not advised, carpe diem. … Continue readingRelentless Dedication

Fools Gold

Fools gold, disgrace, final downfall. Avoid finance schemes at all cost. Lust, cravings driven by inferiority, desperation. Rash action immobilizes; commit to long haul. Outages, danger at sea. Can salvage what was lost. Aim high, there’s plenty of hope. … Continue readingFools Gold


Self-shame can make you self-sacrifice for friends, family, new romance: Result is disenchantment, confusion, carnage. Doing things for pure love (not rewards) breaks you free from karma and a dead existence. Long-winded, insincere convos. Conflict news. … Continue readingConfusion


A goal might seem impossible but you know it will work. Relentless independence. Some work best in solitude, silence. Cautious, mature, wise eventually wins out but hard control creates fear. Sudden destruction. Protect what is vulnerable. You know things; go within. … Continue readingPsychic


Greed is a powerful whirlpool that can swallow your whole life. Entertaining friends, secret negotiations, delusions of grandeur, neglect. Zigzag path, you’ll eventually get there if you can prioritize, protect yourself from social violence, utilize psychic power. … Continue readingGreed

Divine Love

Anxiety dissolves but so does discipline. Hidden rage, if triggered, can get you moving – or getting bullied. Slacking off: Loss of what you hold dear. What REALLY drives you? Cast your fate to the wind. Rigid beliefs create confusion. Reap what you sow. … Continue readingDivine Love

Creative Intelligence

Slow down to avoid doing things the hard way. Everything in its place, in sync. Easily influenced, lust blocks enlightenment, guilty suffer. Live wire; revenge. Choose nature over artificial, creative over boring. Plant right seeds or get weeds. Misfits. Unconditional respect for all. … Continue readingCreative Intelligence


Balance routine with dreams. Repressed shame can trigger conflict or escapism but mistakes are natural. Misanthropy, dissociation. Break free from situation that isn’t working. Refuse to bow to shallow opinions. Favorable day for separations or reading. … Continue readingControl

Creative Power

Whatever you’ve been putting off, excellent time to tackle it; failing to do so may not be pretty. Embrace creative power, cut out unnecessary to get unstuck. Stark reality, make corrections. Tech snags, verbal fights, life-threats but daring heroics. … Continue readingCreative Power

Slacking Off

Avoid gambling. Fearless willpower favored but forcing things is old way; softness is a superpower. Addictions, too much comfort, slacking off: Wasted potential or worse. Balance dreams with healthy fear. Life-changing shifts, cut your losses. Honor Mother Nature. … Continue readingSlacking Off

Stale Mansions

You might find yourself obsessively interested in politics, news, socializing but all feels meaningless. Overconfidence, manipulation to hide self-doubt. Errors, regret. Outdated beliefs block clear picture of grand new future. Blend power with sympathy. … Continue readingStale Mansions

Slow Down

Mastery takes time. Better to sit than fall. People might not like what you say but better than living a lie, disconnected from reality. Reckless accidents, homicide, suicide. Rely on right people, make a beautiful oath. Good things ahead, keep going! … Continue readingSlow Down

Discipline and Mastery

People may be easily triggered but walking on eggshells may not help. Balance sensitivity with audacity. Excess food can cause stomach issues. Unexplained tragedy, be mindful of danger. Something great can be achieved with discipline, learning, patience. … Continue readingDiscipline and Mastery


Rage leads to violence, spite if principles were sacrificed. Pour energy into a difficult challenge for the win. Purge the past. Disillusionment draws out personal power; face it, use it instead of running. Lust, vanity, actions that cause pain. Good day for sports, medical. Books. Lost, found. … Continue readingViolence


Some may want to organize your apps, social media, or communications technology; however, change can create conflict and you may not have all the info. If you can find harmony with the world, healing can occur. Or – conflict can inspire you. Prepare for a revolution. … Continue readingWillpower


It hurts when the ego is annihilated but now you’re free to actually enjoy life. Success happens with faith, liberating changes, AND going the extra mile. Own your right to love your work, fine-tune your craft. Healthy pleasures lengthen lifespan. Link in bio. … Continue readingGenius


Look for a happy surprise. Intellectual precision points out obvious truth with graceful expression. Conflict but hardcore ideologies soften when facing danger together. Slacking off creates problems but friends won’t let you won’t sink. … Continue readingFriendship


Narcissism, sex affairs, or gambling, speculation can create some real problems with no easy solutions – or even lead to disease or premature death in rare cases.
However, there’s also heightened potential for creative power, especially in the production of future design. … Continue readingEgotism


Life may force you to surrender as you realize the most established human institutions can wash away instantly – as all ego things do, thankfully. … Continue readingResolve


Tragedy is ahead for those living “the good life” unless capable of required change. Lust mixed with meds or stimulants marks a worthless, perverted life even if sweet and quiet on the surface. Hidden rage may explode; satire can bite. … Continue readingAntisocial


Double-talking provocateurs and tech chaos may be a stressful mix. Enticing conflict is an illusion, speculation not advised. A career or property has high potential if you can refine your style of communication. Make art not war. … Continue readingUnleashed

Commitment Tested

Strange dreams. Harmony in political alliance. Sharing beautiful food and wine is an art but maintain health. Commitment tested. Drop assumptions, outdated conventions; analyze experience. Doubts are cleared like lightening. A battle won. Murderers caught. … Continue readingCommitment Tested

Tame Your Power

Today calls for consistent care and protection of things that are fragile, such as children, or your soft, sensitive side – or intuition, hopes and dreams. There’s also a warning: Seductive lust, competitive or pretentious ventures or world travels… may result in some kind of downfall or, in rare cases, a violent death. Horses may be a theme, or the Dark Goddess. It’s easy to neglect what is important, such as emotional honesty. For an ideal outcome, direct powerful energy into matured, tamed, quiet hope – or a creative project. Above all, stay pure. … Continue readingTame Your Power


Hope, harmony, and beautiful gratitude. See? Life isn’t so bad. And it’s going to get better. You can’t rush the process, but you can enjoy the process while waiting for the fog to clear – which may happen sometime around Jan 22. For now, consider new ideas that are emotionally-satisfying. … Continue readingHarmony

Talk It Out

Life is getting easier! You can’t escape your problems but you can use them to achieve greatness. Aim energy into getting organized for the win. If you feel rushed and ragey, slow down. Smell the roses. Talk through it for healing. Cooperate. … Continue readingTalk It Out

Slow Start

Is that person toxic or are they just different from the crowd? Deep, lonely wounds may get triggered but you can trust your intuition to recognize a soul alliance. Consider rest and relaxation unless working on a creative project. It’s an excellent time to get organized – or sleep. Aim for a slow start. … Continue readingSlow Start

Intense Passion

Love and passion may feel more intense today. Avoid making decisions based on fear or a fantasy. Make changes that allow you to relax and enjoy life, or focus on a creative project. Prepare to move forward Jan 12. … Continue readingIntense Passion


It’s a good day to focus on a completely different future. Entangled in conflict. Crusades. Scheming individuals, no real solutions, regret. Bombs, explosions. Angels of hope. Light after darkness is matured, unpretentious. Now you’re ready. … Continue readingCrusades


It’s a good day to communicate to keep minor issues from snowballing. Freeloaders, plagiarizers, emo reactions. Religions tend to be superstitious. Confidence is when you have nothing to hide, refuse to compromise, rock your own skills. Travel not advised. … Continue readingComplicated


It’s a good day to commit to the right alliance. Dependent loners, mental distortions, malicious deceit. Broken comms. Critical choice. Battle to accept that old dreams can never be so new self and bright future can emerge. Let go. … Continue readingAlone


It’s a good day to own your power, especially if surrounded by vile, worthless people. Raw emotions can awaken higher insight. Anger is a virtue, courage can save a relationship. Mystical protection is available in darkness. … Continue readingReserved

Easily Deceived

It’s a good day to trust your inner truth. Be cautious about past; the shy, fragile are easily deceived esp by family. Let a destructive pattern destroy itself. Avoiding commitment isn’t safer but new starts not advised until Jan. Nestle in, release past. … Continue readingEasily Deceived

Eccentric Defiance

It’s a good day to make space to hibernate and learn, master your intellect. Multiple affairs result in multiple failures. Eccentric defiance of consequences, lust and crime. Major overhaul needed to get unstuck, find guru to face dangers of inner journey. … Continue readingEccentric Defiance

Gold Rush

It’s a good day to avoid gambling away everything for a dream. Lust, greed, gold rush, illusions. Longing for love distorted. Repressed fears block true passion. Repulsive. Death. Excellent time for research. Balance free spirit with integrity. … Continue readingGold Rush

Hidden Non-Conformists

It’s a good day to slow down to dissolve tension. Illusions on high. Gossipy double talk isn’t attractive but it’s an excellent time to correct or refine details. You know it’s your life passion if motivation is consistent. Don’t fight, ignore. … Continue readingHidden Non-Conformists

Pipe Dreams

It’s a good day to make sure you aren’t chasing a pipe dream. Ambitions deceived, incapable of carrying project to completion, wrong team. Volcanic. Knowledge saves you. Dig deep to realize real desires. When you know, you know. … Continue readingPipe Dreams

Deceptive Peace

It’s a good day to be more fully prepared even if engines are revved. Pacifying, avoiding conflict out of fear, deceptive peace. Political bluffs. Chronic addiction to feast or famine. Do it because you love it, not for enslavement to false security. … Continue readingDeceptive Peace

Shy Loners

It’s a good day to finally break free. Are you just another link in the chain? The past must be sacrificed before new horizons become clear. Commit to partner with emotional depth to satisfy the soul. Shy loners have more influence. … Continue readingShy Loners


It’s a good day to look into a mistaken analysis. Consider being perfectly imperfect instead of stressing out over the show. Pressure to be someone you’re not, isolation, bad advice, deceit. A new kind of community is the future. … Continue readingClarity

Part Of The Whole

It’s a good day to get organized to clear your head. You’re part of a community whether you know it or not; avoid ego-isolation. Someone might appear weak but has rare intelligence. Consider Mother Nature for emotional nurturing. … Continue readingPart Of The Whole


It’s a good day to own your life and love. Comms in conflict, deflection, too much patience. Pawns of aristocracy, indecision is a sin. Repressed fear creates very thing feared. Get clear, then do things. Protect the sacred. … Continue readingPawns


It’s a good day to release the past. The future may be unknown but real love will support the real you. Introverts prepare for a new social life. If overwhelmed, focus on one thing at a time. Prioritize what is genuine. Courage. … Continue readingCourage

Brilliant Strategy

It’s a good day for an inspiring brilliant strategy. Danger for opportunists who play to popular opinion. Victory or loss depending on choice made. Magic is in the air but courage must be summoned. Testing fate may actually work. … Continue readingBrilliant Strategy


It’s a good day to make your love real. A lot of relationships but cheap, worthless. Success, but an act. True pride or artificial vanity? Some show off morally, if not the lux life. Avoid aggressive protectors or human chameleons. … Continue readingPride


It’s a good day to follow your inspiration. However, too much self-confidence or subjective idealism can lead to dangerous isolation. Making the right choice in communications can be really good. Life is always new. … Continue readingOverconfidence

Suffering Alone

It’s a good day to stop being so perfect. Too much fantasy: Disappointment. Too much control: Also disappointment. Religious craze, suffering alone, too weak to cope with evil world. Ready for new? The usual doesn’t work anymore. … Continue readingSuffering Alone


It’s a good day for dreams that are real. Past glamorized. Self-righteous violence. Overthinking makes you unsure. Neither celibacy nor free love satisfies. Put books down for real wisdom. Being realistic, grounded is real magic. … Continue readingIllumination

Overthinking It

Happy Equinox! It’s a good day to stop being a recluse stuck in a dead routine. Overthinking, insanity. Strict, rigid cults. Too much stuff, overwhelm. Reforms just a repackaging of past. New alliance allows freedom from expected norms. Dare to be you. … Continue readingOverthinking It

Echo Chambers

It’s a good day to feel your feels even if pressured to think positive, be kind, or socialize. Neglect emotions now; regret later. Concrete plan imperative. How do you really feel? Echo chamber, deception, stuck. Catharsis empowers liberation. … Continue readingEcho Chambers

Well Tamed Animals

It’s a good day for a rebellion. Contradictory desires, tension. Hard look at self, painful but magic restored in life, love. Dream flash instantly destroys all the hard work. New finance: Invest in true self. Dream comes true when you give it your all. … Continue readingWell Tamed Animals


It’s a good day to diverge from norms to feel more alive. New future incoming inspired by the past. Sacred rituals, evolving structures. Passive sloth: Missed opportunity. Find deep emotional fulfillment in practical work but don’t take life too seriously. … Continue readingDisability

Misleading Influences

It’s a good day to stay grounded. Misleading fantasies, ambitions, distractions. Inspiring people may be a hypnotic trap. No success without logic, objective support, concrete plans. Choose friends wisely. Can’t escape true self. … Continue readingMisleading Influences

Loss Of Direction

It’s a good day for solitude, silence. Trade social expectations for pure innocence, fresh vitality. Winning but lonely, unhappy. Weakness feeds conflict. Ego feeds on drama. Get creative to harmonize opposing forces. Foundations shifting. … Continue readingLoss Of Direction


It’s a good day to take responsibility for a life dream instead of fantasizing about it. Make clear choice then allow details to fall into place. Watch for vanity, escapism: Only real life experience – even with risks, dangers, hard work – can satisfy. … Continue readingAdventure

It’s A Trap

It’s a good day to stay calm, poised on the inside. Powerful illusions, vanity, easily scammed. Careless. Soul tests. Regret. Too much “safety” can also destroy what you love. Vulnerability is self-confidence, real control. Be a guiding light. … Continue readingIt’s A Trap


It’s a good day for a lighter touch or step back. Pointing gun at thing you love. Comparing pros cons distorts thinking. Overly strict, cautious, life slips away. Clarity happens when you don’t chase it. Real success without trying. … Continue readingSerenity


It’s a good day to hold off on major decisions unless clear intuition. Mental chaos, illusions. Love, money conflict. Holding on to crumbling past. Unevolved worthless is loved, admired. Deep emotions reveal right choice. Organize brand new divinely inspired plan. Clarity after Oct 10. … Continue readingSympathy


It’s a good day to stay inspired by a life dream even if it’s a mission impossible. Rewards later. Entitled, profiteering. Business in front, party in back. Easy romance, marrying for money. Something valuable can be lost quickly. … Continue readingForesight


It’s a good day for inspiring ideas to revitalize shattered dreams. Past blocks you, settling for false security. Choose soul path for focus, real connections. Needs met over time for job well done. Avoid excess, shady legalities. … Continue readingLuminosity


It’s a good day to go back to the past to release it. Past hurts inspire future. Conflict: Career, finance, maternal issues. ‘Temple of Love’ is a trap. Critical choice. Much you can’t see, underground shifts. Fortune favors brave. … Continue readingMonotony


It’s a good day for paperwork or standard design. Exploited bourgeois. Talkative but bland. So stuck in rut, it’s dangerous. Implicit self-allegiance, expert self-deception, facades. Catch-22. Are you dead or alive? Future calling. … Continue readingSedentary


It’s a good day to trust your future plan. Too many goals, desires = delusion. Evil Parents, Friends, Fate. Poison. Enemies harm themselves. It might hurt but make true choice, release. Key insight, resolution in raw vulnerability. … Continue readingExposed


It’s a good day to visualize the future. Sex, relationship delusion. Mystical, mystery, research goes nowhere. Pain, past, codependency. Pulled in opposite directions, no clear winner, must take a stand. Stay light, don’t overthink it. … Continue readingQuandary


It’s a good day for guidance to soothe fears, clarify direction. Life dream feels heavy, stressful as it gets grounded. Reality different than ideal. Conflict: Smile and say yes, but do your own thing. Self-control without self-repression. Almost there. … Continue readingHarmonizing


It’s a good day to master a skill even it takes up all your time, energy. Neglecting something sacred, greed, desire, gambling life away. “Unavoidable” disaster can be avoided. Enjoy your work, be proud of your ‘Tour de force.’ … Continue readingNeglect


It’s a good day to say ‘no.’ Overreach, casting pearls before swine. Passive neglect of self or your own. Addicted to getting noticed, easily misled, abused. Target for evil. Eloquent words. Nature, longevity. Meditate on trees. … Continue readingExploitable

Social Skills

It’s a good day to simplify. Inspiring convos but conflict simmering if pathological shyness. Frigid, caustic, defense mechanism. Blend sensitivity with intellect for eloquence, mastery. Seek ancient knowledge. Make corrections. … Continue readingSocial Skills


It’s a good day for a soul alliance. Childhood scars, financial scars. Bitter consequences of splurging instead of achieving. Empty desire vs true beauty. Burning. Dark pathway. Relax, soul passion, make commitment. Natural law. … Continue readingConsequences


It’s a good day for nurturing soul alliances. But this is NOT the time to be quiet. All work, no play. Trying to fit in, awkward. Avoiding conflict can be dangerous. Jump into the fray! Feel alive again. “Walls do not make a home.” … Continue readingLifeless

Divine Protection

It’s a good day to organize new ways to connect or trade. Material blockage, destruction, collapse. Tyrant. Fake falls apart for real, true. Altered state between past, future. Invisible forces guiding, protecting. Nature, nurture. … Continue readingDivine Protection


It’s a good day for stillness and honest observation. ‘Computer emotions.’ Investigation, injustice, outrage, popular writer, illusions of drama. Simplify to relax. Success assured after slow, consistent fine-tuning. … Continue readingObservation


It’s a good day to organize a strategy that INSPIRES you. Precise, flawless. Lifeless, placid, stasis, passive. Missed promotion. Approaching storm, eruption, threat. Caution advised. Life is more than belief or theory. Feel more. … Continue readingEruption

Test Of Greatness

It’s a good day for fluid stillness. Deep hurt, hold ground, new future. Parties, games, ravenous greed, superficial deception, suspected victims. Chemicals. Culture war. Cyberwarfare. Test of personal greatness. Stay low and slow. … Continue readingTest Of Greatness


It’s a good day to share your knowledge base, service to the world. Good health, home life imperative for success. Hidden unveiled. Entitlement, self-victimized. Power sacrificed or powering through. Bleak despair, high spirits. … Continue readingInformation


It’s a good day for consistent commitment, even if old habits die hard. Chemicals, intellectual poison, deep wounds. Confusion, heavy dread, immobilized. Major shifts occurring. Go deep for clarity. Relax for harmony. Tie the knot. … Continue readingCommitment

Double Identity

It’s a good day to organize and stick to a plan. Social life, games, chats, wasted potential. Stress if scattered. Instant karma. Chemicals, delusion, danger. Deceptive strategy. Defensive fire. Cooperate without self-sacrifice. … Continue readingDouble Identity

Bad Publicity

It’s a good day to relax the iron law. Paranoid guard, fighting words, monopolizing conversation. Insecurity blocks. Watch for things falling, coming back to bite you, stay on high ground. Research, simplify. Rewards come later. … Continue readingBad Publicity

Steady Effort

It’s a good day to be inwardly honest and carefree, outwardly calm and cooperative. Hidden forces, conflicting intel, misleading. Espionage. Danger of sinking from excess. Slow down to get things done, map it out, go north. … Continue readingSteady Effort


It’s a good day for brilliant solutions to implement over time. Lust, allurement, easy prey. Avoid shepherds who need a flock. Unstable. Inner stillness, steady effort, discipline needed to avoid danger, reach goal. … Continue readingImbalance

Hour Is Ripe

It’s a good day to keep it simple or if working too hard pointlessly, let go. Hidden power, unintentional destruction. Cult leader. Recalls. Broken things. Drama. Sex energy, spectacular feats of endurance if raw energy tamed. … Continue readingHour Is Ripe


It’s a good day to sleep off a bad mood. Or be a miffed tortoise. Nothing wrong with a little cynicism when you’re the smartest in the bunch. Serving others can be harmful; keep a low-profile yet powerful presence. Fights, homicide. … Continue readingIncitement


It’s a good day for a creative project. Or meditate. Or, sleep. Primitive naivety, easy prey, family deceit. Intoxicated, illness. Good for psychic reading but watch your purse. Nestle, nurture, protect. It’s okay, life can wait. … Continue readingDizzy


It’s a good day to let the plan morph into something better. Supernatural insight. Hidden issues, legally binding, documents, writers. Cauterizing. Vanquished pride. Secret to life: Let mistakes happen, enjoy good food. … Continue readingStamina

Immense Pressure

It’s a good day to stay calm as the circus surrounds you. No originality, born to obey, boring. Rebellion can be sacred – or baseless self-flattery. Trial by fire: Aura of unexplainable comfort. Only the false can burn. … Continue readingImmense Pressure

Cosmic Harmony

It’s a good day to organize a life dream which is more realistic now yet requires trust in the Universe. Brilliant schemes, good or evil. Karma. Two lines of investigation. Pulled in two directions. Make new what is old. … Continue readingCosmic Harmony

Joy After Crisis

It’s a good day for radiant brilliance. Shining new dawn after crisis. Self-advertisement, vendetta. Back off from spotlight, be unique for bulletproof achievement. Travel. Slip past border guards. Enlightened intellect. … Continue readingJoy After Crisis


It’s a good day to get off the rat wheel of global insanity. Frantic, rushed. Self-appointed expert, self-intoxication, theater. Mass illusion. Brilliance neglected. Bliss all around you; innate joy untapped. 4’s, quads. … Continue readingPerformers

Embodied Soul

It’s a good day to let the muddy water settle. Messy process of soul becoming human. Just don’t get cocky to overcompensate worries. Wait for ripe conditions. Bright future. Songs, true voice. Rise to fame, good or evil. … Continue readingEmbodied Soul

Broken Wheel

It’s a good day to face dead habits that kill the vibe. Laissez faire, aimless drifting, attached to parents, past, cliques, disconnected from reality. Fabrication, escapism, danger. Clear vision is vital. Where is home? … Continue readingBroken Wheel


It’s a good day for true essence which commands respect. False security of past. Well-trained deception. Privilege destroys passion. Fake bliss escapism vs natural live pulse. Pain inspires real, satisfying achievement. … Continue readingEssence

Hidden Poison

It’s a good day to organize, plan, design. Self-honesty hurts but exposes self-betrayal, awakens passion. Charity, ethics, modest, conservative. Family fortune, sheltered, nice things, happiness, success. Fatal flaw. … Continue readingHidden Poison

Willpower Crumbles

It’s a good day for unpopular discipline… Collective Rebirth. Wings unfolding, tears become jewels. Refuse to be rushed or compromised… Bad company, bad habits, enticement, lazy excess. Willpower crumbles. Cowardice. … Continue readingWillpower Crumbles


It’s a good day for caution after the Great Descent. Best-engineered ambitions fail. Blow to pride. Raging Fire. Fundamental courage, ruthless willpower. Great souls ignite savage envy. Cataclysm. Inner riches. New Life. … Continue readingApocalypse


It’s a good day to revolt against pressure. Leaving painful past, toxic dependency may hurt. Overdone, superficial, disfigured image. Devoid of True Worth. Old order refuses to yield. Vile. Volatile. Catabolic. Burns. … Continue readingCatabolic


It’s a good day to feel the bliss of inspired commitment. Torn between Living True and living in the world. Fire hits wall. Blocked comms, terrain, pathways in conflict. Savage rivals. Crucial event. Noble introverts. … Continue readingMetamorphosis

Delicate Balance

It’s a good day to pause even if you don’t want to. Are you still compromising your own brilliance? If not 100%, a golden opportunity may be missed. Social Crisis. Accidents. Deceptive grace, unfeeling evil. Divine Fire. … Continue readingDelicate Balance


Merry New Moon! It’s a good day to nurture the fledgling that will become excellence, heal what was lost, calm fears. Confusion. Subterfuge. Mass tragedieMerry New Moon! It’s a good day to nurture the fledgling that will become excellence, heal what was lost, calm fears. Subterfuge. Mass tragedies. Genius strategy defies policy. Fate awakens brilliant, humble True Heart.s. Genius strategy defies policy. Fate awakens brilliant True Heart. Harmonize. … Continue readingCourage


It’s a good day to drop anchor in a safe haven. Under pressure? Confidence to let it all go transcends all obstacles. Pretentious martyrs, bravado. Venomous rivalry. Trendy. Hustle culture, club trophies. Average. … Continue readingSnakes

Harnessed Power

It’s a good day to lay low and slow. Hidden betrayal, revenge, toxic family, country. Superhuman endurance for egotistical goals. Fake smiles. Bites. Authentic alliance inspires confidence not confusion. Wait until ripe. … Continue readingHarnessed Power


It’s a good day to do something “fantastically different.” Lifeless, mindless ambitions. Viral spread. Sophisticated idiots. Downward spiral conveniently ignored. Blockage becomes springboard to child-pure Divine wonder. … Continue readingWeakness


It’s a good day for a safe, secure home that allows you to relax. Split focus, strange whims, missed calling. Plagiarism, brave front, facades. Primrose path to slaughterhouse. Real success is an existential celebration. … Continue readingDrifting

Honor Or Pomp

It’s a good day for an unorthodox or atypical plan for material security. To calm panic, blend in and feel the way through. Be kind but without compromise. Excellence or pompous rhetoric. Nation-state karma. Aim high. … Continue readingHonor Or Pomp

Courage Of Idiots

It’s a good day for profound silence in a protected space while the herd is high on emotion, low on logic. Overcompensating half-wits. Immaturity incapable of power. Political conflict. Familiarity smothers. Self-loathing can break powerful bad habits. Get fed up. … Continue readingCourage Of Idiots

Fate And Revival

It’s a good day to reinforce security. Secret enemies, jealousy, theft, jail. Repressed fear, fiery rage, destruction, fate. Restraint is cocoon of protection. Make dreams real with Cosmic Partner. Sure while unsure. … Continue readingFate And Revival


It’s a good day to Live True. Beliefs distort reality, deceiver most deceived. Unnecessary suffering. The whole world functions on manipulation but you don’t have to. Look deeper to see the light. Loss. Transcendence. … Continue readingCataclysm


It’s a good day to avoid traps. Last stretch to victory. Infuse low point with beautiful visions of transformed future. Cruel. Affairs. Hypnotized by glitter. Born to obey. Worthless unless prodded like cattle. Downfall. … Continue readingTraps


It’s a good day to soak in the bliss of hard work that is precise. Things are falling or will fall. Credibility lost. Lust, rage, indescribable scene. Karma coming in fast. Stay low, slow, poised. Cosmic harmony awakens.
Continue readingCollapse


It’s a good day to defy norms. Gullible, groveling, porn, insanity. Short fuse. Danger. Karmic gravity, past shame. Insulated seclusion, purify mind. Immortal life pulse. Precise science. Refined tastes. Revered by Gods. … Continue readingDefiance

Critical Analysis

It’s a good day to relax control and get inspired with concrete goals – even if all hope lost. Or enjoy a book club. Lazy, cheap desires, snake-like schemes, social wars. Out of sync. Sharp intellect, satire. Mastery. … Continue readingCritical Analysis

Peace Or Delusion

It’s a good day to tap the fountain of new life. Dependency kills vitality. Vain display, professional bloodsuckers. Be unsatisfied with it all. Path to success is revolutionary but humble, intuitive, solo (not lonely). … Continue readingPeace Or Delusion


Happy Full Moon! It’s a good day to notice who or what is just a facade. Repulsive elites, unqualified authorities, influencers; false securities collapse. Sharp realization may hurt before it comforts, inspires, empowers. … Continue readingRevolts


It’s a good day to feel deep satisfaction of achievement after relentless challenges. Vivid imagination, paranoia. Series of unfortunate events. Karma. Cosmic law. Obey the soul not desire. Cultivate discipline, mastery. … Continue readingResults


It’s a good day for profound change, divergence from the norm. Misaligned resistance. Dependency with no dignity. Fawning doormats. Enslaved poverty, brilliance untapped. Who’s your master? Hidden Excellence: Courage. … Continue readingMisaligned

Soul Destiny

It’s a good day to prioritize basic essentials for inspiring achievement. Desire, pointless distractions, unsatisfied. Toxic fire. Insecurity. Dauntless search for community. Plans collapse, brilliant fresh mind AWAKENS. … Continue readingSoul Destiny


It’s a good day for a breakthrough. Seed painfully but finally sprouts. From blockage to joy of higher learning, organization, precision. Theft, loss, poison, artificial, violence, unrest. Maintain standards, boundaries! … Continue readingBreakthrough

Crisis Illuminates

It’s a good day to get real. Cathartic darkness is fertile for a breakthrough, awakening divine inspiration. Empires fall, security fails, ego cleanse. Mental noise, brilliance untapped. Bleakest hope can be finest hour. … Continue readingCrisis Illuminates

Shaky And Shady

It’s a good day to channel nervous energy into inspired willpower. Personal flaws, deep hurts empower conscious authenticity. Look for trailblazers! Or be one. Shady alliances, empty show of power, hidden insecurities. … Continue readingShaky And Shady


It’s a good day to nurture past hurts. Self-compromise deadens energy, inspiration. Subtle, slimy catering. Zero personality, artificial veneer. Frauds in high places. Pure search for truth. Own original art is bliss. … Continue readingCharlatans


It’s a good day to relax and flow. Communications tangled. Nostalgia. Mental imbalance. Cruelty. Brilliant learning drive, guardian of archives. Do the usual slightly different, refine don’t change. Enjoy fine food, art. … Continue readingHarmony

Inspired Leads

It’s a good day to stay in your own business and follow inspired leads. Conflict brewing. Enemy underestimated. Civil unrest. Enjoy beautiful, healthy food, ancient cultures. Trust authenticity. Good things take time. … Continue readingInspired Leads

Bent But Not Broken

It’s a good day to stay low key and observe from a distance. Sharp realizations, deflated dreams. Repressed passions unleashed. Sarcastic humor liberates from pretentious norms. Joy of consistent work. Future rewards. … Continue readingBent But Not Broken


It’s a good day to step back. Illusions provoke fear, despair, mistakes. Ignorance is bliss until it’s not. Popularity doesn’t imply competence. Trying to avoid pain is pain. Pressure. Relax. Create masterpiece. Experts. … Continue readingShipwreck


It’s a good day to feel the enriching rewards of tenacity through hard challenges. A war victory. Escapism will never know bliss of being alive. Illness, energy blockage, unresolvable tension. Technical analysis. Poems. … Continue readingVitality

Lies And Honor

It’s a good day for quiet, consistent work that you love. Deeply satisfying, amazing results blossom in time while popular facades feel empty, unhappy. Reactive. Lies. Parade. Reserved, safely hidden, natural rhythm. … Continue readingLies And Honor

Secrets Revealed

Merry New Moon! It’s a good day for nesting, minimalism, refined art, style. Full release of control reveals truth, good or bad. Seduction, secrets, elites devour each other. Uncompromising illuminations. Nature spirits. … Continue readingSecrets Revealed


It’s a good day to collaborate with a community marked by refreshing intelligence. Discipline feels good, achieves difficult goals, carries through the dark. Flaws enhance beauty. Rockets. Reality checks. Alpha males. … Continue readingAlliances

Misplaced Trust

It’s a good day to rely on intuition to notice fraud or global insanity. Rebellion fails to resolve injustice. Rational insight appears out of touch; rely on it anyway. Right choice fulfills soul before eyes. Refinement. … Continue readingMisplaced Trust


It’s a good day for unusual yet grounded solutions that liberate from social pressure, financial stress. Solitude, creative brilliance or addictions, artificial desire. Heated conflict, the past. Breakthrough, long view. … Continue readingDefiance


It’s a good day to clarify what you really love which can mollify pressure, protect from fraud, culminate in joy. Maintain quality even if others label you a snob, lose followers, money. Leaders, lust, disgrace, tawdry. … Continue readingTrust


It’s a good day to relax and enjoy the good life. Feel the deep satisfaction of achievement after unwavering dedication through relentless challenges. Watch for lust, denial, conflicts of interest, war. Critical choice. … Continue readingAllegiance


It’s a good day for caution and intuitive insight as a whole herd happily runs off the cliff of positivity. Mastermind deception, seduction, ambush. Crisis purifies intelligence. Life is magical, fertile. Fire. Scams. … Continue readingDeception

Dark Sky

It’s a good day to stay consistent, devoted to soothe self-doubt, anxiety for the future. Quick to fight, weapons, crime. Chasing shiny things, shortages, sympathy. Sports, music, structural art. Worry is unnecessary. … Continue readingDark Sky


It’s a good day to work hard and love your work – which calms fears and comforts tears. Or, soak in the beauty of nature. If blocked: Go back, clean, clear out. Look for a master. Pressure. Internal conflict. Rupture. … Continue readingTears

Poetic Justice

It’s a good day to accept true feelings. Distorted beliefs create unnecessary tension or sorrow. Misfortune from fake people, cognitive dissonance. Look for genuine art, brilliant analysis. Refined quality takes time. … Continue readingPoetic Justice

Adjust Speed

It’s a good day to reinforce boundaries then relax and dance to your own rhythm. Expectations may hit a wall but status quo lacking sanity. Thick mental fog, logic out the window, escalation of conflict. Poetic justice. … Continue readingAdjust Speed


It’s a good day to be a recluse and enjoy the ecstasy of research or organization. Rage may indicate a need to take your power back. Multilateral tensions, hidden schemes, complex deception. Fear creates what is feared. … Continue readingSchemes

Danger Of Illusion

It’s a good day to stay consistent amidst chaos, conflict, or despair. As false securities and beliefs collapse, new light inspires structure and JOY. Look to ancient knowledge to see beyond eyes. Travel, socializing not advised. Pause before action. … Continue readingDanger Of Illusion

No Rising Dawn

It’s a good day to combine passion with discipline, consistency, conscious alliances. Compromise, catering = wasted potential. Universal alignment or heated conflict, misfortune, despair. Steady now. Rely on the mystics. … Continue readingNo Rising Dawn

Fog Of War

It’s a fine day for art, design, love, home, nature. The mind may be spacey, emotions heavy, but intuition on point. Watch for excessive idealism, wasted potential, haunting past, contagion, risks. Geopolitical tensions. … Continue readingFog Of War

Delusion Or Progress

It’s a good day to transcend social or financial pressure. A crisis of survival; boldly refusing to compromise values, a beautiful new path opens. Solution was previously rejected, now you’re ready. Surprising events. … Continue readingDelusion Or Progress

Dangerous Risks

It’s a good day for quiet courage. Lust, escapism are detrimental but so is obliging others. Misjudgements, fortune squandered, don’t mess with psychic power. For blissful calm, grounded solutions: Pause, look within. … Continue readingDangerous Risks

Stripped Bare

It’s a good day to feel sad, tired, or powerless. Too many demands or ambitions can create tension. Letting it all go, you’re now free to follow pure inspiration wherever it leads. A dark day but liberation possible. … Continue readingStripped Bare

Sharp Execution

It’s a good day to row your own boat. Ideas galore (and talking mouths) overwhelm unless relentless purge of energy exploiters. A challenging project may finally see sprouts, the first sign of life. Harmonize opposites. … Continue readingSharp Execution


It’s a good day to stay grounded and plan after a breakdown. Nostalgia can lead to a lapse of function; a past addiction may feel worse. Exhaustion but victory close. Let go and breathe. Some may be mentally checked out. … Continue readingDysfunction

Artificial Comfort

It’s a good day to relax control but avoid compromise. Ironically, total surrender leads to greater achievement with less effort. Artificial comfort for some, difficult time for others. Joy in learning. Avoid compromise! … Continue readingArtificial Comfort

Pouring Concrete

It’s a good day to give something time and attention to blossom. The more you slow down, the more you can achieve. Pour concrete for a solid foundation. Profound leader or brilliant liar. Artificial peace. Choose wisely. … Continue readingPouring Concrete

Mental Overload

It’s a good day to slow down to make the right choices. A time warp can incite unnecessary panic, conflict, feeling boxed in. Relax control, allow mistakes, path will appear. Social structures collapsing. Radical change. … Continue readingMental Overload

Theft, Greed, Deceit

It’s a good day to meticulously develop own skills to stay out of trouble. Impulse reactions may be triggered by past trauma, scattery ambitions, failed objectives. Watch for rug pulls, buzzy clickbait, ghosts of the past. … Continue readingTheft, Greed, Deceit


It’s a good day to wait for clarity. The mind can conjure up illusions unless laser focused and steadily working out details. Painful delays, karma, deceit, reversals, crises but true passion stays true and prevails. … Continue readingTenacity


It’s a good day to pause before reacting. Mistakes or assumptions are on a roll. Feel better taking inspiring, consistent, small steps to achieve a goal. Puzzle pieces are falling into place even amidst emotional crises. … Continue readingAssumptions

Quality Takes Time

It’s a good day to develop your own brilliance, service to world; avoid feeding off others. Info may change, research for accuracy. Using a partner may cause pain; benefits won’t last. First light after deepest darkness. … Continue readingQuality Takes Time

Intense Conflict

Merry New Moon! It’s a good day to commit to true passion. Contradictory goals can create conflict or pain. A major breakthrough may come through a major meltdown. Is that a flaw or your superpower to serve the world? … Continue readingIntense Conflict

Slow Down

It’s a good day to face reality, as painful as it might be. Running to the past, positive thinking, or fantasy may only add to conflict or confusion. To make a life dream tangible, slow down and rise to the challenge. … Continue readingSlow Down


It might feel good or sound good but are the eyes empty? It’s a good day to lose an artificial facade that only gives false security. Look for stark-naked honesty, aka common sense. Pressurized explosions through May 29. … Continue readingVortex

Extreme Patience

It’s a good day to transcend the material realm. An infinite rabbit trail with looming deadlines can trigger anxiety, overwhelm, or an explosion. But, letting it all go to enjoy a simple life was always the destination. … Continue readingExtreme Patience


It’s a good day to neglect responsibilities and dive deep into a project. It might not be easy to defy the usual, but a regime wasn’t working anyway. Release for a new start that satisfies the soul. … Continue readingRevolution

Magnetic Integrity

It’s a good day to focus on a project. High potential for success if extra jolt of energy is channeled into life passion. Acceleration of conflict, violence, fires on world stage through May 29. Integrity is magnetic. … Continue readingMagnetic Integrity


It’s a good day to start reaping what you sowed whether success or maybe not so much. Balance order, organization with artistic collabs, mystical finesse. New starts incoming. Poetic justice if manipulation was involved. … Continue readingDetermination


It’s a good day to give credit where credit is due. If you’ve been working hard through a long streak of relentless challenges, it’s about to pay off exponentially. Wasted potential may be linked to mastermind deception. … Continue readingCourage

Conflict In The Air

It’s a good day to choose friends and media sources wisely. The wrong alliance or intel may escalate stress or conflict but a relaxed, mindful choice avoids mistakes, supports harmony, security. Avoid shady opportunists. … Continue readingConflict In The Air

Dreams Of Freedom

It’s a good day to rise to a challenge. Some may be mentally checked out. Fantasy or media may be an enticing escape but, ultimately, sharing your skills and excellence in the real world is the only thing that satisfies. … Continue readingDreams Of Freedom

Freedom From Tyranny

It’s a good day for silence to calm a flustered mind. Physical senses may be sharp. Respecting emotions has invisible power to break free from tyranny of unqualified leaders, influencers, or commercialized manipulation. … Continue readingFreedom From Tyranny

Crucial Mistakes

It’s a good day to slow down, then slow down even more. Moralistic rage, addictions, and misinformation are not a healthy mix. Failure due to delusional ambitions; victory due to intelligence, discipline, cooperation. … Continue readingCrucial Mistakes

Allies Of Power

It’s a good day to choose integrity as it becomes clear who has it. Material support and security develop with the right alliances. Balance discipline with a leap of faith. Metamorphosis. Deep sleep before a new dawn. … Continue readingAllies Of Power

Mother Goddess

It’s a good day to trust your emotions and organize a new strategy. To stay calm through chaos, stand firm on higher standards. Conflict may be related to family control or religious manipulation. Liberation is possible. … Continue readingMother Goddess

Deceit of Virtue

It’s a good day to move slow in chaos and maintain standards even if you lose time, money, or “friends.” Challenges reveal intentions. Generosity, kindness, virtue may be manipulative. Avoid people on a mission from God. … Continue readingDeceit of Virtue

Core Value

It’s a good day to rely on your own core values as buried things surface. Conflict: it may be best to back away slowly. Focusing on a project may carry you through a mission impossible. A breakthrough is on the horizon. … Continue readingCore Value

Harmful Instincts

It’s a good day for caution. Progress may be blocked but instincts generate envy, lust, harm. To see through illusions, consider an alliance that may not make sense but aligns with your heart. Real love requires courage. … Continue readingHarmful Instincts


It’s a good day to be flexible yet dedicated in communications. Maternal issues, internal conflict, or unexpected events may be messy, but communications can heal. Keep expectations on the downlow but maintain standards. … Continue readingHealing


It’s a good day to liberate yourself from manipulation. Setbacks occur whether following your true passion or not – but true passion is worth it. The future is calling but may involve a dark period to fortify boundaries. … Continue readingResilience

Sweet Sorrow

It’s a good day for an emotional release. Consider maternal trauma, material security, or simmering conflict with the past. Sweet harmony or healing may come through an unexpected circumstance. Gently embrace change. … Continue readingSweet Sorrow

Relax And Release

It’s a good day to relax and stay grounded but keep the body moving so energy can flow. New solutions may show up through active meditation or repetitive body movement…. Stay calm and cooperative if unexpected events. … Continue readingRelax And Release

Mental Conflict

It’s a good day to make the right choices. To make the right choice, be selective in what you feed the mind. Mental calm leads to grounded logic, consistent action, and eventual success. If self doubt, stick to the plan.

Continue readingMental Conflict

Relaxed Control

It’s a good day to organize your strategy before a mission impossible. If clear direction is missing, consider deeper emotions which might not be easy but subsequent clarity can calm the mind and inspire bold confidence. … Continue readingRelaxed Control

Gentle Control

It’s a good day to relax and flow with the tide. “Complicated” might be a theme all week triggering stress but a nonchalant attitude allows natural beauty to eIt’s a good day to relax and flow with the tide. “Complicated” might be a theme all week but a nonchalant attitude allows gentle calm and natural beauty to emerge. An addiction may be associated with a lack of nurturing.merge. An addiction may be associated with a lack of nurturing. … Continue readingGentle Control

Material Security

It’s a good day to trust your soul in the darkness. Material “security” may not be as secure as presumed. But it was always about the energy in which case, pure joy is possible – as long as spirit and matter are aligned. … Continue readingMaterial Security

Clear Resolve

It’s a good day to take a moment to listen to deeper emotions before making a choice. How do you really feel? What do you really want? It may or may not be what you thought but you can trust the facts, once you see them. … Continue readingClear Resolve

Gentle Communications

It’s a good day to rely on intuition to stay grounded. As long as your head isn’t in the clouds, there’s a high potential for success and joy. Choose a clear strategy you feel good about, regardless of others. Overconsumption can be detrimental to health. … Continue readingGentle Communications

Creative Harmony

It’s a sweet day for creative inspiration. Or commit to a life dream with a special partner. Have the confidence to treat others with genuine diplomacy, even enemies. A health protocol may be undergoing a transformation. … Continue readingCreative Harmony

Concrete Plans

It’s a good day to shift focus from any heavIt’s a good day to refuse bad advice and shift heavy, jaded thoughts into self-empowerment. Simply facing a problem with genuine emotion may transform overwhelm into soothing comfort or concrete plans to achieve a dream.y, jaded thoughts to troubleshooting an issue. Taking time to remove excess or streamline an objective may remove obstacles, transforming overwhelm into concrete plans to achieve a dream. … Continue readingConcrete Plans

Lighten Control

It’s a good day to question beliefs before acting on impulse to avoid unwanted consequences. Mental illusions may create conflict between past attachments and future alliances. Relaxing control leads to new solutions. … Continue readingLighten Control

Vanishing Hope

It’s a good day to take time to do the job right even if it doesn’t make sense. It might be easy to get derailed in this atmosphere but true passion and integrity holds out. Trying to prove your worth only creates confIt’s a good day to be patient. It might be easy to get derailed but true passion continues through setbacks. Trying to prove your worth only creates confusion or conflict. Vulnerable authenticity is a risk worth taking.usion and conflict. Consider the power of authenticity. … Continue readingVanishing Hope

Long Term Strategy

It’s a good day to clarify your future vision or your service to the world. A winning strategy requires genuine passion to endure risks and challenges. ‘Playing it safe’ is the same as overconfidence: Neither will work. … Continue readingLong Term Strategy

Internal Conflict

It’s a good day to tackle a challenge with grace, cooperation, and diplomacy. Take time to relax and allow a winning strategy to show up naturally. Acting arrogantly on impulse can destroy something precious. … Continue readingInternal Conflict

A Dark Day

It’s a good day to see what you’re really made of. It may be a daunting day with unexpected events triggering deep emotion. But there’s a beautiful opportunity to refine skills, resolve, or integrity – if you have it. … Continue readingA Dark Day

New Ideas

It’s a good day to relax your mind and your strategy, allowing new or different ideas to inspire progress. Slow down to avoid illusions or conflict. Balance spontaneity with structure, authenticity with love. … Continue readingNew Ideas

New Strategy

It’s a good day to hold your ground amidst setbacks. Progress may be roadblocked for now but steady hard work feels satisfying if it’s your passion. An unusual or unpopular strategy will work. Balance not compromise. … Continue readingNew Strategy

Gentle Force

It’s a good day to clear the mind before making decisions. To make progress in this atmosphere, consider gentle force. Pushing too hard meets resistance; avoidance meets delusion. Rewards only feel good after hard work. … Continue readingGentle Force


It’s a good day to consider the right alliances. Indecision, lack of willpower, or wrong judgements may lose friends or credibility in legal evidence. If you’re on the right track, your life dream is getting grounded. … Continue readingCommitments

Unexpected Extremes

It’s a good day to take the day off, as illusions fuel the atmosphere. Overwhelm or progress blocked may be due to conflicting goals. Healing and inspired solutions are available if calm reigns through unexpected events. … Continue readingUnexpected Extremes

Making Assessments

It’s a good day to assess a situation before reacting. Become aware of media or social connections that waste potential or create isolation. Victory is ahead for unwavering honor, commitment, and hard work after immense challenges. … Continue readingMaking Assessments

The Courage Of Joy

It’s a good day to relax control, transcend illusions, or enjoy simple pleasures. A humbling realization leads to tangible joy; excess numbs the senses. Relentless confidence and passion through challenges are rewarded. … Continue readingThe Courage Of Joy

Gentle Control

It’s a good day to relax control or slow down to make the right choices, stay mentally calm, or enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Inflated egos or grandiose dreams may hit blockages. A humble realization leads to success. … Continue readingGentle Control

Creative Solutions

It’s an excellent day for creative solutions after quietly contemplating the mysteries of life. Reality may seem a little too real but real change only happens in the subtle balance between discipline and inspiration. … Continue readingCreative Solutions

Karmic Consequences

It’s a graceful day good for enjoying the fruit of your labor. If it’s bad fruit, consider more selective alliances. The wrong ties can be a source of delusion, conflict, or loss. Slow conscious movement avoids mistakes. … Continue readingKarmic Consequences

Fate And Illumination

It’s a good day for a humble awakening. Strange or unusual events may collide with heavy reality checks presenting an opportunity to combine hiIt’s a good day to become aware. Unusual events may collide with reality checks presenting an opportunity to combine higher consciousness with material reality. Excellence requires time, commitment, and hard work.gher consciousness with material reality. Excellence requires time, commitment, and hard work. … Continue readingFate And Illumination

Maintaining Sanity

It’s a good day to be resilient through confusion, overwhelm, or conflict. Balance others with self-empowerment, dedication with laissez-faire. Look for a new or unusual alliance to get unstuck from the past. … Continue readingMaintaining Sanity


It’s an excellent day to align with others without sacrificing your own mojo. Challenges either sharpen skills or expose incapability – the first resulting in victory; the latter in reckless tyranny. True power is humble yet unwavering. … Continue readingRevelations

Dreams Becoming Real

It’s a good day to be patient, even if driven. Direct energy into a refined art. Blockages signal a metamorphosis. Joy comes after outdated beliefs are destroyed. Trust your dreams (patiently.) Health may be a topic. … Continue readingDreams Becoming Real

People Pleasers

It’s a good day to keep your head in the game. Unconscious fears can result in escapism, wasted potential, people pleasing, or detrimental compromise. Integrate buried fears which are natural when pursuing life passion. … Continue readingPeople Pleasers

Quiet Victory

It’s a wonderful day to make progress even if focus is lacking. Treat life like a gentle art. Accepting change may be easier; a dilemma may feel lighter. There may be a show of power rather than actual intent to do harm. … Continue readingQuiet Victory

Slow Down

It’s a good day to slow down and focus on the right goal and drop the rest, even if the right goal isn’t popular. However, humbly cooperating with others – without compromising your own awareness or value – is the best of both worlds. … Continue readingSlow Down


It’s a good day to stay humble, cautious, and grounded. Rely on a trusted partner or diplomatic harmony to see clearly or achieve an objective IF the alliance aligns with your true heart. More focus and clarity March 28. … Continue readingCaution

Organized Action

It’s a good day to listen to the quiet voice inside, and also stay calm and grounded. Illusions can create paranoia or avoidance. As long as you’re working gently yet steadily, an objective can succeed. Embrace the new. … Continue readingOrganized Action

Misaligned Ambitions

It’s a good day to take a breather before pressing any buttons. The mind may be sharp and active but misinformation is rampant. Some may encounter an awakening in consciousness. Look for mystical beauty or compassion. … Continue readingMisaligned Ambitions

Unexpected Events

It’s a good day to trust your true passion and release the rest. Some may be stuck in fantasy; some are organized and steadily working to realize their dream. Overwhelm is natural. Skills are refined through friction. … Continue readingUnexpected Events

A New Cycle

Happy Equinox! It’s a beautiful time for a new start, even amidst anxiety, relentless challenges, or volatile conflict. Powerful wisdom and tenacity are available for progress but It’s an inspiring Equinox for a new start amidst volatile conflict or difficult emotions. Intuitive insight and tenacity are available to make progress but watch for seductive illusions. Emotional relief March 22. seduction – or explosions. Look for emotional relief March 22. … Continue readingA New Cycle

Gentle Force

It’s a good day to slow down in order to align. Immense pressure may lead to an explosive reaction. Humbling mistakes are natural but watch for pretentious facades. Conflict reveals who is true versus an inflated ego. … Continue readingGentle Force

New Reforms

It’s a beautiful day to implement reforms in an intellectual or design project. Enjoying the material world with others may feel romantic but watch for scandals or false harmony. Overconsumption can be a health disaster. … Continue readingNew Reforms

Creative Imagination

It’s a good day to accept deeper emotions. Is there any light in the darkness or conflict? Unexpected joy may be found by taking back your power, being selective in your alliances, or following your creative passion. … Continue readingCreative Imagination

A New Strategy

It’s a good day to pause and look into a blockage or health issue. Administrative reforms are needed, but may require some type of surrender so that new insight or a new inspiring (yet realistic) strategy can emerge. … Continue readingA New Strategy

Heavy Challenges

It’s a good day to take time off, if possible. Enjoy the beauty of nature to release tension. Are you doing what you really love? Surrender control for an important realization that makes a goal authentic and achievable. … Continue readingHeavy Challenges


It’s a good day to accept differences that can’t be resolved and commit to alliances that support AND inspire you. The Cosmos provide an unexpected break for clarity before confusion, conflict, or challenges continue. … Continue readingRegroup

Resolve Tested

It’s a beautiful day to do the work you love even with intense challenges that test resolve. Misinformation, idealism, or a vice may encounter reality checks. Obstacles require change. Deeper emotions reveal what you really want. … Continue readingResolve Tested

Quiet Fortitude

It’s a good day for quiet rest or fortitude. Conflicting information can create tension because of hidden manipulation. Adjusting details in a project or routine until it feels just right can be stabilizing. … Continue readingQuiet Fortitude

Retreat For Clarity

It’s a good day to release people of the past for new, more selective connections after hard lessons learned. Loss of data can lead to a new start but overanalyzing can keep you stuck. Retreat, organize, trust intuition. … Continue readingRetreat For Clarity

Cyber Warfare

It’s a good day to be prepared for electronic issues, cyber warfare, or unexpected consequences. Internal conflict, tension, or confusion may feel discouraging or frustrating but can lead to something better. … Continue readingCyber Warfare

Irrational Conflict

It’s a good day to trust your intuition to assess a situation accurately, especially if it relates to a friend groupIt’s a good day to trust your intuition to assess a situation accurately, especially if it relates to a group or material security. Watch for an illusion in social alliances. Connect with nature for health and stability. or material security. Watch for an illusion in social alliances. Connect with nature for health and stability. … Continue readingIrrational Conflict

Mental Conflict

It’s a good day to feel grateful for beautiful things, even after loss. Conflict may shift to the sky, internet, social issues. A sharp intellect gets things done but may be reactive. To resolve conflict, look within to realize a hidden truth. … Continue readingMental Conflict

Immense Tension

It’s a good day to relax and flow, even if under immense pressure. There’s a way to skillfully and successfully take care of responsibilities in an authentic, inspired way that feels good – if you can take time to breathe. … Continue readingImmense Tension

Character Revealed

It’s a good day to stand strong under pressure which is intended to test and reveal a person’s true character and skills. Humble fortitude assures some type of success. Unbalanced aggression may have no help or fall from grace. … Continue readingCharacter Revealed

Pressurized Release

It may be a tough day of volatile tension which may reach a breaking point if related to a social position. Introspection, emotional release, or a pressurized explosion may bring sudden insight, grounding, or healing. … Continue readingPressurized Release

Focused Hard Work

It’s a wonderful day to celebrate the results of disciplined hard work that have been refined through fire. Watch for delusions or distracting information. Dig deeper for the truth. Communications may need patience. … Continue readingFocused Hard Work

More Conflict

It’s a good day to slow down and smell the roses. Watch for mind tricks or displays of egoism creating unnecessary conflict. Sanctions, blockades, or lockdowns may fail. Steady hard work with integrity wins the day. … Continue readingMore Conflict

Intuitive Insight

It’s a good day to be aware of empty power dynamics on display intended to intimidate. Natural remedies may be effective for mental health. Consistent action aligns with out of the box ideas to achieve success. … Continue readingIntuitive Insight

Scaling Back

It’s a a good day to scale back, especially if exhausted from mental friction. Surrendering control may be humbling as mistakes were made, but a realization can liberate and finally resolve an internal battle. … Continue readingScaling Back

A New Strategy

It’s a lovely day for socializing, collaboration, research, or organizing a new strategy. Justice may be a theme. There might be some indecision or conflict around illness but you can trust your logic. Aim for discipline. … Continue readingA New Strategy

Rattled Nerves

It’s a good day to stay grounded and active with the daily grind, home, or a health protocol. A breakthrough may appear for an unsuccessful project or political campaign but the facts are in conflict with the ideal. … Continue readingRattled Nerves

Getting Edgy

Happy Full Moon! It’s a good day to rise to the challenge. What do you do if there’s heavy conflict on all sides and only a slim chance of success? You bring out your secret weapon, of course – your inner renegade. … Continue readingGetting Edgy


It’s a great day to do the usual in a new way, or reform your routine. Consider dropping expectations or a perceived need to prove yourself in order to establish more authentic ways of doing life, work, or relationships. … Continue readingReorganizing

Creative Projects

It’s a beautiful day to enjoy music or a creative project. Travel is in favor if you can relax (without mind-altering substances.) A mother figure has a winning strategy. Conflict may be missing vital information. … Continue readingCreative Projects

Emotional Support

It’s a beautiful day for hanging out in the city or in nature with a person or group who nurtures love, care, protection, or overall wellness. Release control or organize priorities to alleviate stress. … Continue readingEmotional Support

Subtle Inspiration

It’s a great day for routine hard work but maybe not so much for tech or communications. Relaxation may mitigate empty threats or despair. Release expectations to feel lighter. Look for subtle inspiration in the mundane. … Continue readingSubtle Inspiration

Focus On A Project

It’s a nice day to call your mom or a friend, but keep conversations quick or on a surface level. Catching up on the news or latest trends might be inspiring. Focusing on a project may help calm the mind. … Continue readingFocus On A Project

Releasing Control

It’s a lovely day to defy the usual routine and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. To move past heavy inertia, release control for spontaneous inspiration to organize a new structure for emotional and material security. … Continue readingReleasing Control

All Systems Go

It’s a fabulous day to partner up, follow your passion, and achieve something. You might have to move slower than preferred; otherwise, clarity, inspiration, and good fortune are aligned! Bold new starts are favored. … Continue readingAll Systems Go

Moving Forward

It’s an excellent day to double down on your life passion, organize a design, or upgrade your health protocol. Consistent, inspired effort is greatly enriching or rewarding. Invest in a renegade community for support. … Continue readingMoving Forward

Release Tension

It’s a good day to slow way down, if possible, to mitigate mistakes and release tension. Roadblocks give you time to nurture new ideas and innovations. Surrender and rest for clear inspiration. … Continue readingRelease Tension

Regime Breakthrough

It’s a good day to reconnect with your true self. A twist of events, confusion, or pressure from ‘the group’ may inspire a check-in with yourself and your life goals. Are you enjoying your existence? Consider a revolution. … Continue readingRegime Breakthrough

Higher Inspiration

It’s a beautiful day to pour yourself into your life passion or a new project. There’s no need to worry about the details just yet. Instead, zoom out and fall in love with the big picture to awaken your natural inspiration…. … Continue readingHigher Inspiration


It’s an inspiring day to restructure work partnerships, work apps, or the way you work. Although forward movement may not be happening as quickly as preferred, you can still slow down, meditate, and plan…. … Continue readingRenovations

Inspired Effort

It’s an excellent day to dive deep into creative work, as long as you’re passionate about your work. Or share your digital art with the world…. Otherwise, something may be clogged. Consider restructuring your foundation. … Continue readingInspired Effort


It’s a good day to work overtime, and you just might need to. Inspiration may be off the hook, but revolutionary insights may meet with relentless bureaucracy or blockages from buried emotions. Tension may snap. … Continue readingBlockages

Fear And Passion

It’s an inspiring day to follow your dreams or create your fortune with renegade soul mates. Communications snags or general strangeness are nothing to worry about. Use the force (intuition) to calm nerves and connect. … Continue readingFear And Passion

The Vision

It’s a great day to become aware of your place in the world. An event may first humble you before it reawakens your inner maverick. Scaling down excess or refining priorities may alleviate tension or overwhelm, but first envision the plan. … Continue readingThe Vision

Open Doors

It’s an amicable day, conducive for nurturing feelings, especially if involved in conflict. Those who have the guts to take the unknown path can achieve something great. What was in the dark begins to see the light. … Continue readingOpen Doors

Keep It Light

It’s a good day to stay light-hearted and respectful through awkward conversations, delayed connections, technology snags, or ‘losing your keys.’ Take time to breathe and maybe even laugh or smile. … Continue readingKeep It Light

Calm In the Chaos

It’s a gently inspiring day to consider your mental health protocol and make changes if necessary. To see clearly, take a break. Or just take a break. For some, talking or collaborating can lift your spirit. … Continue readingCalm In the Chaos

Grounded Inspiration

It’s an inspiring day to pour yourself into a project especially if your work is unconventional, revolutionary, or deeply satisfying. Some may feel overwhelmed with too much to do or think about. Simple action steps may help calm nerves. … Continue readingGrounded Inspiration

Fear And Desire

It’s a good day to take a calculated step toward your objective, even if it feels a little scary. Both dreams and reality checks, in balance, are there to guide your way. Slow down to fully enjoy what you’re doing. … Continue readingFear And Desire

Surrender Control

It’s a wonderful day to rest and relax, if possible. Trust the universe. Allow yourself to dream. Fly the middle finger to work expectations or social pressure. Sometimes rock bottom is the best place to be. … Continue readingSurrender Control

A Beautiful Life

It’s a lovely day to do laundry, literally or metaphorically. You can find joy and comfort in the familiar as long as you honestly love your life and the people in it. Otherwise, what needs a good cleaning? … Continue readingA Beautiful Life

Verify Data

It’s a good day to question deeply embedded beliefs or assumptions. Watch for widely-accepted propaganda or misinformation. For mental clarity, consider different angles or go beyond the usual talking points. … Continue readingVerify Data

New Innovations

Merry New Moon! It’s an inspiring day for clear thinking and future innovations, as long as you have a secure foundation or solid structure within which to ENJOY CREATING your new masterpiece. … Continue readingNew Innovations

Ambitious Change

It’s a good day to cut yourself some slack, or step back and regroup. Take life to a whole new level by considering a different viewpoint or by stepping outside the bounds of usual assumptions. … Continue readingAmbitious Change

Your Sixth Sense

It’s a sapient day to quietly listen to your sixth sense. Logic may be flawed, manipulative, or run in circles with no solution. Subtle effort can lead to satisfying results if cautious intuition guides the way. … Continue readingYour Sixth Sense

Standing Ground

It’s a good day to LISTEN to your cynicism and break free from the hive mind. Watch for empty shams preaching “Just be positive.” Going the extra mile to maintain standards pays off exponentially. … Continue readingStanding Ground

The Slow Lane

It’s a good day to REALLY go with the flow, working with possible lags or extreme delays. Life itself may appear to slow down. Great achievements can be made if you can release expectations. … Continue readingThe Slow Lane

Logical Solutions

It’s a good day to pay attention to things that annoy you. Do you have a safe space to express your own thoughts? To avoid conflict or verbal sparring, keep the intellect busy on projects that require problem-solving. … Continue readingLogical Solutions

Accept Mistakes

It’s a lovely day to rest and relax after an aftermath…. Enjoy creative inspiration, design, or publishing – or spend some time in nature. Consider looking into natural healing protocols. Indulge in the beauty of the Earth. … Continue readingAccept Mistakes

Be Yourself

It’s a great day to just be your humbled self. Release the past by enjoying the beauty of the present moment. Attending to details can feel especially satisfying. Laughter is good therapy. … Continue readingBe Yourself

Relax And Flow

It’s a beautiful day for accomplishing tasks with joy, as long as you can go with the flow and adapt to circumstances. If you aren’t sure what to do, consider relaxing and allowing new doors to open. … Continue readingRelax And Flow

Optimal Health

It’s a great day to change up your health protocol. To look and feel your best, follow your inspiration to implement a long term sustainable pattern of consistent, hard work toward optimal physical health. … Continue readingOptimal Health


It’s an excellent day to research, learn, or gather intel. New information or new communications technology can revive your spirit. But choose your info sources wisely. … Continue readingCatharsis

Sloppy Mistakes

It’s a good day to accept your emotions and trust them to guide your way forward. Making changes based on your own true feelings leads to immense rewards. However, slow energy with a need for change can result in sloppy mistakes. … Continue readingSloppy Mistakes

Inspired Sources

Happy Full Moon! It’s an excellent day to discover new information or an information source that inspires you. Forward movement may trigger emotions which help guide you to the right choices. … Continue readingInspired Sources

Be The Turtle

It’s a great day to make calculated changes in your partnerships, finances, intellectual work, or communications to inspire new social structures – especially if you can relentlessly stick to your values. … Continue readingBe The Turtle

Ready For The Long Haul

It’s a great day to work patiently – especially in research or communications – as the Moon enters Gemini ahead of Saturday’s Full Moon. As Venus slows to station retrograde with a simultaneous Saturn Uranus square, consider playing the long game. … Continue readingReady For The Long Haul

A Reset

DAILY ASTRO Saturday, December 11, 2021 Sun in Sagittarius 19° 56′ First Quarter Moon in Pisces 27° 28′ VOC Moon: … Continue readingA Reset

Inspired Effort

It’s a fabulous day to socialize or follow your inspiration. Manipulation or lack of capability becomes more visible. Revise accordingly. Balance respect and diplomacy with authenticity. … Continue readingInspired Effort

Surrender Control

It’s a lovely day to find your safe space so you can relax. Utilize diplomacy with those who tend to be more controlling rather than supportive. Shift daily habits so they’re more healthy or sustainable. … Continue readingSurrender Control

A Test Of Stamina

It’ a good day to stay committed to higher values. To get back on track, become aware of misleading information or delusions that led you off track. You don’t have to compromise your true principles. … Continue readingA Test Of Stamina

Clear Resolutions

It’s an excellent day to resolve an issue with common sense intelligence. Utilize communications to brainstorm ideas or to restore mental health. Rely on another to make a decision or broaden your understanding. … Continue readingClear Resolutions

Real Solutions

It’s a good day to accept the facts of a matter. It might not be easy to face a hard truth but it can awaken your honest thoughts and feelings which are needed to make the right choices. … Continue readingReal Solutions

True Confidence

It’s a great day to be more genuine in relationships, public image, or finances. Become aware of regimes that fail to accept flaws or celebrate mistakes. Authenticity is needed for true confidence and real love. … Continue readingTrue Confidence

Conscious Choices

It’s a good day to listen to frustration and revise alliances. Getting creative with tasks of the home, food, or body can be rewarding even if emotions or inspired motivation are lacking. Enjoy simple pleasures. … Continue readingConscious Choices

Staying On Track

It’s a good day to take a step back and consider fresh creative solutions, especially concerning your occupation, public partners, or political systems. Social conflict may hit a dead end with no resolutions. … Continue readingStaying On Track

Wasted Energy

It’s a lovely day for art, music, slacking off, or mundane multi-tasking. But watch for pointless or confusing information. It might be easy to get side-tracked or sucked into a rabbit hole of misinformation. … Continue readingWasted Energy

New Inspiration

It’s a fabulous day to make tangible innovative changes. Revise details so they’re more authentic or inspired. Take a monumental task one step at a time. Watch for big talk and no action. … Continue readingNew Inspiration

Messy Mistakes

It’s an excellent day to mitigate anxiety amidst destabilizing structures by keeping the intellect busy with problem-solving or making upgrades in work, health, or communication routines. … Continue readingMessy Mistakes

An Upshift

It’s an excellent day to accept your feelings and change something up. It might not be easy – and you can keep avoiding it if you want to – but in your heart of hearts, you know you’re ripe for an upgrade. … Continue readingAn Upshift

Beautiful Things

It’s a great day to make something beautiful. But irresistible distractions can derail your focus. Relax but stay on track. Aesthetic design is important; just don’t forget to enjoy your work and share the love. … Continue readingBeautiful Things

Swollen Egos

It’s a good day to be cautious and aware. Avoid errors by taking time to clear the mind before taking action. Watch for overblown or over-inflated thinking. Be selective in your alliances and information sources. … Continue readingSwollen Egos

The Real You

Merry New Moon! It’s a beautiful day to stand by your own side. Instead of shaming your feelings, how can you feel proud of your authenticity? Instead of catering to dehumanizing expectations, how can you live true?
Continue readingThe Real You

Change Is Needed

It’s a good day to look at what isn’t working and consider a fundamental change in the usual. Total surrender may be needed to break free from a self-defeating pattern or social structure that appears invincible. … Continue readingChange Is Needed

Awakening To Joy

It’s a great day to publish your content or appreciate the knowledge of others through research. For some, it might be a pleasant day for local travel. Ease up by embracing flaws. See beauty where you didn’t see it before. … Continue readingAwakening To Joy

Going Rogue

It’s a good day to blaze a new trail. Entertain revolutionary ideas to break free. A short fuse is a signal to stop sacrificing yourself to coercive people, channels or belief systems; maintain your standards. … Continue readingGoing Rogue

Be Yourself

It’s a great day to write down your practical plan, as long as you’re inspired, confident, and already working. If not, consider restructuring. Alleviate tension by removing unnecessary social obligations. … Continue readingBe Yourself

Real Self-Worth

It’s a good day to take a time out. Consider whether you might need a breakdown or breakthrough to move past the trap of ego desires. Genuine self worth is needed for achievement in your OWN life and work. … Continue readingReal Self-Worth

Pure Love

It’s a good day to consider brand new ideas or possibilities previously rejected. Still, solid hard work or commitment eradicates doubts. The easy road is a trap. Ego ambitions might fall apart but genuine passion stays consistent through uncertainties. … Continue readingPure Love

Effortless Hard Work

It’s a good day to get out of your head and focus on hard work to mitigate self-doubt, stress, or fear. Precision feels especially good today. Take time to get things exactly right in routine actions; feel proud of your achievements.
Continue readingEffortless Hard Work

The Right Alliances

It’s a good day to collaborate and make progress one humble step at a time. Egotism will not serve you but bold confidence pays off as you make a clean break from energy wasters and refine details for long term objectives.
Continue readingThe Right Alliances

Direct Your Energy

It’s a great day to express yourself authentically or achieve victory in a health or fitness goal. A lot can be accomplished with any objective if you’re focused and committed. Conflict only creates more conflict. … Continue readingDirect Your Energy

Rise To The Challenge

It’s a great day to take your creative inspiration and hard work to a whole new level. Rely on intuition to take a bold, yet calculated risk. Extreme stress, distractions, or big talk may signal a lack of confidence in choices made. … Continue readingRise To The Challenge

An Assessment

It’s a good day to take a day off, if possible, to organize your life vision or tend to emotions. Watch for overindulging as a way to escape uncomfortable feelings. Later in the day, hard work and multitasking feel best. … Continue readingAn Assessment

Personal Integrity

It’s a good day to face your mistakes, even if uncomfortable. Secrets revealed can floor you or empower confidence in your personal integrity. Wasting energy on conflict or charlatans will not feel good. Stay focused on your own work; avoid shortcuts. … Continue readingPersonal Integrity

Clear Inspiration

Happy Aquarius Full Moon! It’s an exciting day to let go so inspiration can flow. Some may need space to feel a little moody, or make a simple but profound shift concerning an ambitious life goal, friendships, or group support…. … Continue readingClear Inspiration

Your True Heart

Who or what do you really love? It’s an excellent day to correct any errors OR take your game to the next level – especially as it concerns a group of support, a creative career, or physical health. … Continue readingYour True Heart

Gentle Patience

It’s a good day to give people space to deal with their own stuff. You can be patient with difficult people who are out of self-alignment. Emotions may be off due to emotional blockages. Moods shift later in the day. … Continue readingGentle Patience

Quiet Integrity

It’s a good day to enjoy your simple, daily routine. Developing your personal foundation can augment comfort, security, and self-honor, as well as circumvent an unhealthy addiction or impulse. … Continue readingQuiet Integrity

Vital Changes

It’s a good day to accept mistakes and differences and broaden your understanding – yet continue to make vital changes. Look for rare, trusted alliances and bravely clear the deck to lighten up and soar. … Continue readingVital Changes


It’s a good day to stay busy with your own work or collaborate with trusted alliances. Steer clear of people who need conflict to feel something. Accept loss to soothe trauma before moving toward something better….
Continue readingSelf-Empowerment

Heart Inspiration

It’s a beautiful day to open the heart to love and enjoy the beauty of simple things. Process emotions to feel life and real love. Emotional sensitivity is your power to make the right choices. … Continue readingHeart Inspiration

Inner Rest

It’s a good day to take a breather, rest, and do the usual in a whole new way. Watch for cracks in the usual securities, especially family, childhood home, or groups of the past. For some, it may be time for the inner journey. … Continue readingInner Rest

Getting Clear

It’s a good day to float and flow. Very few are thinking straight and details are inconsistent or unknown until Sunday. Stay cautious unless logic and emotions are clear to move forward with grounded confidence…. … Continue readingGetting Clear