Numerology 11

Numerology 11 Symmetry

The Number Of Intuition, Metaphysics, Sacred Partnerships, Initiating New Innovations, Improving or Refining Systems and Databases, Healing

Numerology 11 Gemstones: Ruby, Yellow Topaz, Cat’s Eye, Honey Calcite, Carnelian, Malachite, Hessonite, Moonstone
Numerology 11 Colors: Aquamarine, Celeste, Skobeloff, Sky Blue, Rosewood, Scarlet, Mystic Red, Tuscan Red, Vermillion, Oxblood, Crimson, Wine, Red-Violet, Magenta, Peach, Peach-Yellow, Apricot, Papaya, Tea Rose, Amber, Aureolin, Straw, Ecru, Sunglow, Mustard, Olive, Black, Jet Black, Outer Space, Coffee Bean, Seashell, Pearl, Cream, Silver
Numerology 11 Power Numbers: 1, 8, 26, 28, 29, all numbers divisible by 4, 7, and 8, especially numbers divisible by 7 or that add to 7 but not numbers 4 and 7 alone
Numerology 11 Power Days: Sunday, Monday, Friday
Numerology 11 Symbols: Queen of the Gods, Matronalia, Council of the Gods, Lion
Numerology 11 Planet or Star: Sun, Moon, Pluto, Chiron, Juno, primarily Juno
Numerology 11 Astrology: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces

Numerology 11 Traits

Numerology 11 is associated with:

  • Sacred partnerships, Soul Connections
  • Symmetry, Harmonizing Opposites
  • Vibrational Energy
  • Inspired Achievement
  • Initiating New Innovations
  • Improving or Refining Systems and Databases
  • Conscious Awareness, A Highly Developed Intuition
  • Intuitive Insights
  • Instinctive Understanding of Metaphysics
  • Healing Abilities
  • Inspired Leadership

Numerology 11 might exhibit these traits:

  • Highly Sensitive
  • Extremely Empathic
  • Prone to Fears, Anxiety, Depression
  • Needs Soul Connections
  • Dynamic, Full of Rich Energy
  • Likes to know the ‘why’ or purpose of things
  • Self-Criticizing
  • Intuitively Aware
  • May Think Or Act Differently From the Crowd
  • Eccentric
  • May Lack Social Etiquette
  • Controversial
  • Philosophical
  • Artistic
  • Thrives in the Spotlight

Number 11 is of the most complex numbers. It has some traits of both numerology 1 and 2, as well as some traits of other numbers such as Number 3. Traits similar to other numbers are more pronounced in Number 11. It’s primary mission is to harmonize certain contradictory traits of 1 and 2 then combine that harmony with Numerology 7.

Numerology 11 Mental and Emotional Health

Number 11’s might deal with doubt, fears, phobias, social anxiety, and depression due to the high demands they place on themselves. They may be highly self-critical and always battling self-doubt. They might struggle with survival fears, the fear of failure, or the fear of being alone.

They can feel anxious in public because of their high sensitivity to the various energies in their environment, or they might exhibit uncontrollable nervous energy. An imbalance in their nervous system is not uncommon. They might embrace their power at the expense of resisting their soft, vulnerable side in order to protect themselves. But this only leads to a further imbalance resulting in more nervousness.

When Number 11 isn’t using their gifts and their potential, those gifts – such as empathy – can turn into obstacles and sources of anxiety.

An 11 may need to learn how to protect their energy field, as well as protect themselves from vampiric energies until they awaken to a level of consciousness where the unified field of consciousness naturally protects them.

They tend to sabotage their ambitions when they ignore or bury their fears. They might constantly struggle between fulfilling their life mission and being held back by their insecurities. Every achievement can feel like a monumental task (or failure) and is easily forgotten for the next self-demand.

If they can let go of unconscious imprints and what they think they have to do, and simply follow their guidance of their soul passion, they can achieve their life mission quite effortlessly. They need to know they’re accomplishing great achievements simply by being in their own energy, even without reaching tangible milestones.

Number 11’s typically experience intensely challenging circumstances in order to come out stronger on the other side. This isn’t an easy life task but it’s quite fulfilling once they accept that their challenges are actually their gifts. Accepting and utilizing their sensitivity, empathy, intuitive abilities, high ambitions, and artistic skills can take them to the other side.

Numerology 11 Skills, Finances, and Professions

Number 11’s can’t say what they think openly and directly, but they can best succeed by expressing their intuitive insights artistically. They are the highly intuitive creative artist. Although they aren’t prone to accept defeat, they may run into perpetual failure until they understand and express their intuitive abilities through their artistic skills.

Until they’re fully utilizing their gifts, they may painfully feel they were meant for more.

There’s something intriguing about Number 11’s manner of thinking and speaking and that draws in their audience. Their primary ability lies in awakening, inspiring, and motivating others toward their own achievement. After their skills are developed, they’re able to guide and direct people with their intuitive insights and intuitive energy.

Their contributions are more of an energy transfer or metaphysical experience than an exchange in materiality. They often help others in a non-tangible, mysterious way that is dynamically experienced but can’t necessarily be described with words.

Numerology 11 is sometimes called the ‘Master Teacher.’ This means they “teach” or rather, they provide an energy experience for others by sharing deeper knowledge as opposed to surface information. Their healing abilities may be utilized directly in a healing profession or indirectly through their art, which benefits humanity as a whole.

They function best by working with people one-on-one, but they unintentionally influence others on a grand scale. They might inspire significant social movements. But they don’t work well in groups and may tend to avoid groups because of their sensitivity to diverging energies.

They may need solitude in order to embrace and develop their intuitive abilities and learn to apply it to their own life. After that, they need social interaction to share their gifts through an artistic medium. When they harmonize their cultivated individuality with their social life, they can experience a high level of spiritual consciousness.

At that point, they naturally take initiative and may find themselves in a leadership position or in the spotlight. They might initiate new innovations, new projects, new ways of thinking, and new perspectives. They like to design new projects but not necessarily participate in them.

Numerology 11 Careers:

  • Astrologer
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Creative Artist
  • Designer of Metaphysical Symbols
  • Fashion Designer
  • Hair Stylist
  • Healer – Energy Healer, Soul Healer
  • Lecturer
  • Mathmatician – Higher Math
  • Musician
  • Medicine – Integrative, Natural
  • Metaphysical Researcher
  • Naturopath
  • Negotiator, Diplomat, Public Relations?
  • Philosopher
  • Psychic Reader
  • Psychic Sciences
  • Scientist – Ecology, Meteorology, Human Biology
  • Social or Political Activist
  • Social Scientist
  • Speaker – Motivational
  • Spiritual Guide or Teacher
  • Web Designer
  • Writer – Creative

Numerology 11 Relationships

Number 11’s are generally highly sexual as well as highly emotional, unless their powerful energies are suppressed. They’re typically true and faithful to their partners as loyalty is important to them. Because of their extreme sensitivities (which they may not publicly display), the slightest betrayal can permanently break them.

They thrive best and their best comes out if there’s a soul connection in their relationships.

Otherwise, they can be on the childish side. When they don’t feel comfortable or relaxed in a relationship or social situation, they might come out as overly carefree or too forthright which can feel threatening to others. Number 11’s internalized fears might be expressed as undeserved superiority, impatience, or criticism.

Number 11 might say and do things they regret when their inhibitions are down in general. Their lack of inhibition can be used in a beneficial way to clear internal blockages and honestly face their fears, but they can also damage their relationships or their credibility. There’s a need for tact, social etiquette, and knowing when to lead and when to follow… when they’re around others or in public – unless they can find their deeper soul connections.

Numerology 11 Life And Soul Path Number

At their best, the Life And Soul Path Number 11 has a highly developed intuition. While some people may not appreciate it, other Number 11’s or those who are more consciously awake are very much aware of Numerology 11’s psychic energy. This gift of intuition comes with the kind of potential most people wouldn’t even dare to dream.

Many possess a healing ability that can be used in energy or soul healing, or in their artistic work. They also have natural leadership skills expressed through their inspired authority.

They’re typically self-sabotaging as they project self-derailing assumptions onto people and situations instead of owning their personal qualities. Still, they don’t easily accept defeat.

Number 11 is often overly sensitive, although they may not show it, and may not even be aware of just how sensitive they are. They need to feel safe with their partner in order to awaken to their full sexuality and their carefree energy, although they can be overly carefree and forthright when their inhibitions are down, saying things they may regret later. They’re more socially confident and tactful when they encounter like-minded souls or soul connections.

The mission and objective for both the Life and Soul Path 11 is to let go of what they THINK they have to do and instead tap into the insights and passion of their soul. They’re here to live from a dynamic inner energy that’s ready to focus on a desired path and bring it to fruition. That desired path has something to do with their intuition and their artistic creativity.

A Life Path Number 11 especially needs to beware of acting on a whim or blurting out unwelcomed words. When they aren’t aware of their power, they can be ruthless. They have a different way of thinking which is more aware, but that can feel threatening to others. Or they might reduce their self-importance to make others feel more comfortable. But once they’re consciously awake, they’re confident in what they know, and in their life mission, and they won’t suffer any interference. That confident knowing is also more willing to work with the way things are.

They have a highly intuitive understanding of others and are able to direct people with their intuitive insights and energy after their skills are developed. Just their presence alone can influence people with their energy. Life Path 11’s are artistically creative, especially when it comes to creative writing. But they’re always striving to do better and can fall into depression because of the high demands they place on themselves.

Because of their heightened sensitivities, they may not prefer to be in public places or in groups where there are various energies swirling around. They may feel their best when they’re in solitude. They can easily gain the spotlight if they share their artistic creations but they need to make a conscious effort to cooperate with others.

A Soul Path 11 needs to be patient in developing their highly intuitive skills and acting upon their phenomenal artistic creativity. Committing to a meditation practice or being more meditative can help. They’re likely to awaken to their intuitive gifts and reevaluate their life mission after age 30. They may be more in the spotlight after age 50. They find their security by knowing their purpose in life.

A Soul Path 11 thrives in the limelight and they need social interaction in order to develop their gifts. But they need to work on social etiquette without sacrificing their child-like sense of play. They also need to balance social cooperation with their individuality.

When they awaken to their gifts, they’ll be able to see life and others with greater awareness and experience life in a conscious way. They’ll be able to spot an authentic connection right away (including with an object.) They may never how much they change people’s lives because their influence can only be experienced. It isn’t always a tangible result that can be easily pinpointed.

Numerology 11 Personal Year or Current Numerology

This is a time to focus on developing your intuition to make your life easier and more enjoyable. You might need a different perspective toward your challenges in order to realize they’re gifts that can take you to a new level of conscious awareness. For example, you might not fully appreciate or be aware of your sensitivities, yet these are needed to be more intuitive. Social phobias might reveal your need to look for authentic soul connections. Doubt might encourage you to express your truths creatively rather than directly so you have more freedom to express them. Criticism toward self or others might guide you to work with the way things are, rather than fight against the current. Or maybe more social etiquette is needed on your part, but without sacrificing your child-like sense of play. You might let go of what you think you should do in order to follow what your soul wants to do. Enjoy influencing people with your energy alone rather than trying to impress them with tangible achievements. Patiently focusing on your life mission can naturally bring it to fruition rather than struggling with success. Committing to a meditation practice or being more meditative can also help develop your intuitive abilities.

Numerology 11 Repeating Numbers

Noticing recurring 11’s in your environment may be a message to take a deep, introspective look at the life areas where fears may be holding you back. You may need to let go of all the demands you place on yourself, along with unconscious imprints of fear, and get in touch with the guiding dynamic energy force called your soul passion. Fear-based perceptions of control may be stringing you along difficult life challenges you simply don’t need, while perpetually feeling you were meant for more. You can accomplish great achievements with your simple energy presence alone. Staying focused on your soul passion rather than “all you need to do” can take you seemingly effortlessly to your highest potential – potential you never dared to even consider.

Repeating 11’s are similar to repeating Number 1’s except it’s more of a spiritual or metaphysical message. It’s a sign you’re personally awakening and dormant DNA strands are “activating.” It’s an activation code intended to wake you up to your life mission. You’re called as a pioneer to blaze a new trail into expanded consciousness.