Tarot: Judgement


A Decision That Has A Lasting Effect, Caution Before The Next Step, Considering Consequences

Upright: Making a judgment (decision) that will have a lasting impact, a choice made that will affect the rest of your life, considering the lasting impact and effects of a decision, obstructions that cause you to stop and consider the gravity of a decision, ready to take a final step but an obstacle holds you back, being cautious before the next step, one final step to completion requiring a crucial decision, making a decision that is wise or foolish, becoming aware of what’s wise or foolish, becoming aware that what you’re aiming for will end in suffering, allowing yourself to let go of the past so you can grow and change, coming to terms with the past in order to leave it behind for something new, becoming aware of new possibilities after making a decision, transformation as a result of a decision, ready to make a very hard decision, ready to stop doing something that isn’t working, feeling a sense of freedom or relief from a wise decision, feeling more natural or authentic due to a wise decision, investing energies in new growth or social ideals

illumination, awakening, awareness? all that is honourable on one hand but also for illusions or vain aspirations on the other hand, deliverance from obstructions, delayed by obstructions? renewed by the innate power of motion (energy in motion), get your energy moving, fatigue due to obstructions, a reason to keep living, looking forward to moving on, ambiguities and obfuscations of the past, absolutes are taking place, a particular path, where you are and where you want to be, opening yourself up and high quality will emerge, life changing events, a life-changing opportunity, decisions need to be made quickly, too much waiting around can result in loss, a soulmate relationship or learn lessons from relationship, There are certain memories he has a hard time looking back on as they make him feel guilty, ashamed, angry. He knows that he’s never come to terms with what happened and he must if he wants to make that final transition, forgiving past for wrongs done by others, a time of significant change, become aware of what is and isn’t working, face what’s buried from the past, make the decision and change, a crossroads, have a feeling you’re making a wise or foolish decision, foolish makes you stop, being cautious because you feel it’s a critical decision which it may or may not be, stop due to obstructions, obstacles come because we’re hesitant or come from confusion but they are a blessing in disguise, obstacles allow us to stop and get in touch with the most wise decisions, impulse decisions can lead to a wrong decision, deep down we know what is the wise decision, facing what you thought was buried from the past can bring clarity or confusion

motion is the transformation that takes place, it takes place by getting moving.

Judgment is 

Why is the card titled ‘Judgment,’ you might ask? This was likely the original intention or mystical meaning of Judgment Day: It’s the day we awaken to the True Self. We become aware of false identities and are able to discern or judge what is the true self or false self. As illumination appears, our masks and false personas or roles are no longer needed and therefore they dissolve and disappear. Real terms were esoterically hidden behind false terms so that their meaning was only revealed to those undergoing the difficulty of transformation rather than to those taking intellectual shortcuts. This is the “judgment” or decision to allow the transformation of the false self to resurrect into the Real Self.

“An angel sounds his trumpet per sepulchra regionum and the dead arise.” – Waite

“Jupiter was the first and chief of the Gods, Theoi, Movers.” – Thierens

Reversed: Experiencing the process of transformation, consciously completing a process, avoidance of a difficult decision, a need to let go of the past or leave something old behind, a need to let go of a toxic person, a need for something new or better, becoming aware of a foolish decision made in the past and ready to make a different decision, continuing with something that isn’t working, making a decision based on the past resulting in undesirable circumstances, trusting misled impulses, a foolish decision that was quickly made, renewal of misled social ideals, renewal of misled enthusiasm for a relationship, experiencing a consequence from thoughts, beliefs, or actions

Resurrection from the grave, anything having an elevating effect, buried talents come through, possibilities, organic life, the force of eternal life,  deliverance, allow yourself to let go of the past, grow, and transform, personal decisions and the weight they have on our own destiny, a decision that was made or is being made has a lasting impact, may be experiencing a desirable consequence of decision made in the past (this is reliable), let go of those who cry foul, one final step to completion,all you thought was buried from the past is out in the open,

Reversed Judgement is

Judgment by Michael Shirley, Mystic Dreamer Tarot, Mystic Faerie Tarot and the Labyrinth Tarot, intuitivefish.com
Judgment by Michael Shirley, Mystic Dreamer Tarot, Mystic Faerie Tarot and the Labyrinth Tarot, intuitivefish.com

Judgement In A Reading

Mental or Physical Health: letting go of burdens conducive for health, coming to terms with the past in order to leave it behind for something new

Mental or Physical Health Reversed: decision will bring about a major shift in your life

Profession and Finances: You might feel blocked in your profession or business and it may be time to make a difficult career decision. The right decision will open the door for buried talents and opportunities. In business, it’s time to let go of how it’s always been done and invest in more conscious methods or new growth. You may need to be more honorable with your finances rather than waste money on illusions. Following a wise practice or making conscious decisions will provide a new sense of freedom. Profession: Business, Entrepreneur

Profession and Finances Reversed: You may be done with vain aspirations and now you’re ready for something more authentic as it concerns your profession. You may need some courage to follow your soul passion. A career or financial decision will bring about a major shift in your life, for better or for worse, depending on whether it’s an authentic or inauthentic decision. Profession:

Relationships: Relationships can go from dating to marriage or from dating to endings from a quickly made decision, new or existing relationship is meant to be and is part of a bigger plan

Relationships Reversed: Relationships can go from dating to marriage or from dating to endings from a quickly made decision (not a good thing), ending what isn’t working will lead to what will work, hanging on to the past may affect current relationship

Image by Tiabryn71 at Deviant Art
Image by Tiabryn71 at Deviant Art


Advice Reversed:

Astrological Association: Saturn or Pisces, Jupiter

Astrological Association Reversed: Jupiter

Suit: Major Arcana


Yes or No: Yes, if aware. ‘Maybe’ if upright; ‘a foolish decision’ if reversed

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