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Astrology is just a tool for conscious awareness.


Thursday – Friday

June 23 – June 24, 2022

  • Sun in Cancer 2° 0′
  • Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus 0° 0′
  • VOC Moon square Pluto Rx: 8:02am Jun 23 – 11:58am Jun 23 UTC
  • New/Full Moon: New Moon in Cancer 7° 22′ 2:52am Jun 29 UTC
  • Prominent Sign: Taurus
  • Prominent Planets: Juno
  • Prominent Polarity: Yin
  • Prominent Mode: Cardinal
  • Prominent Element: Water
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Semisextile
  • Retrogrades: Pluto Rx, Saturn Rx
  • Mercury, Mars, Neptune in Signs of Rulership
  • Venus in Gemini
Sun in Cancernovile True Node. Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus square Pluto Rx, sextile Saturn Rx, Sun, Lilith. Mars octile Vesta. Saturn Rx square Taurus Stellium. Jupiter octile True Node. Chiron square Ceres, novile Vesta. Juno quintile Venus, septile Pluto Rx. Cardinal Water.


Moon | Cancer
Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus square Pluto Rx sextile Saturn Rx, Sun, Lilith, semisextile Neptune, Venus

Over-analysis can conjure up unnecessary worry. You have permission to relax, slow down, stand firm on your values.

True feelings may be in conflict with cheap material desires, lust, or the past. Accepting deeper emotions can awaken the truth of what you really love and guide choices in a natural flow of universal harmony. That’s how you know it’s the right choice. If in doubt, hold out.

Some may be going through intense heartbreak, self-criticism, self-rejection, or just a really bad mood. And it may last a while – through Oct 23. If you can let feelings be, a previously dormant Inner Force may cut through deception and become an indestructible pillar of strength. With loss, something new can begin through beautiful metamorphosis.

Emotional nurturing may come through material security, sensual comforts, physical affection, devotion to home and family, the status quo


Mars, Ceres, Chiron | Aries, Taurus, Virgo
Mars semisextile True Node, octile Vesta. Chiron square Ceres, novile Vesta.

Certain health issues may be disturbing but information may be missing. Consider various opinions before making assumptions. Maternal issues of nurturing may be a factor in nutrition, lifestyle, or mental health.

Endurance training may feel especially good, or any slow, consistent health or beauty routine. Addictions or hyperactivity can result in laziness or fatalism. For calm consistency (and joy), balance discipline with pleasure.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Eighth Rib, Nerves, Senses, Endothelial Cells, Uterus Lining, Lining of Intestines, Allergic Reactions through June 25 or Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026


Sun, Moon, Juno | Cancer, Leo, Libra
Sun in Cancer sextile Moon, novile True Node. Juno quintile Venus, septile Pluto Rx.

Trusting someone too much really isn’t a good idea, especially if lust is involved, the past, or complicated pretense. A relationship with a mother figure may be ‘in the dark’ as it undergoes a transformation. Otherwise, sweet love and harmony are possible, especially in the safety or security of home and boundaries. Consider removing mentors or people you follow who don’t fulfill your soul. Danger or loss from dependency or trusting manipulative people who lack common sense: Caution advised.


Venus, Lilith, Vesta | Taurus, Cancer, Leo
Saturn Rx square Taurus Stellium. Venus quintile Juno. Vesta semisextile Moon, Jupiter, octile Mars, novile Chiron. Lilith sextile Moon.
Lilith square Jupiter (Jun 19-24)

Envision a future with a beautiful high quality home and furniture. There’s no need to settle for cheap stuff. Maintaining standards of style in a home or living situation leads to a deeply satisfied life. Just say ‘no’ to tacky decor, housemates, or neighbors – but also nags. Consider low-key friendly respect of personal space.

Watch for housing scams through June 24. Danger or loss from trusting others with personal responsibilities, such as housecleaning. A mother fixation can block establishing own home.


Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, True Node | Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Jupiter octile True Node, semisextile Vesta. Saturn Rx sextile Moon, square Pallas. Pluto Rx square Moon, septile Juno. True Node novile Sun.
Jupiter square Lilith (Jun 19-24). Saturn Rx square Taurus Stellium.
Saturn Rx until Oct 23, Pluto Rx until Oct 8.

Willpower may be tested but strength is available to maintain vision. It may not be instinct, but consider maintaining personal standards and integrity even if you lose followers, business, money, or employees.

For some, there may be internal conflict between personal responsibility and public resources or “entitled” support. Consistent action and extraordinary endurance may be needed while changes occur subconsciously. Prepare for a new attitude that nurtures your own material security by providing value to others. Consider a global alliance or partnership for creative inspiration but don’t give an incompetent person an important job!

Careers, investments in favor: Geology, Meteorology, Earth Science, Science, Statistics, Business, Philosophy, Humanitarianism.

Today in finances: Resistance, fatigue, squandered resources. Tomorrow: Stagnation, tests, false breakouts.

FINANCE MARKETS: Possible upside after June 23 but watch for quick, false breakouts. Potential loss July 3-7, 13. Potential financial crisis July 18-20. Global illusion, trigger event around Aug 1. Sell before Nov 8 or hodl. Buy March 2023. Traditional finance structures collapse and transition into REGULATED digital currency through 2025. Long term investing in ‘wonderful companies’ with consistent quality production in favor. Downtrends or volatility, in that case, may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams. Remain steady, RESILIENT.


Mercury, Uranus, Pallas | Gemini, Aquarius
Pallas square Saturn Rx

Lust, manipulation, pretense, shallow entertainment… sociopolitical conflict, fall from grace, outright evil…. It may not be the best day for travel, shopping, or socializing. Consider maintaining boundaries and snob-level integrity; willpower may be tested for authenticity. Long term plans may be in conflict, internally.


Neptune, Mars | Pisces, Aries
Neptune semisextile Moon, Saturn Rx. Mars semisextile True Node, octile Vesta.
Sun in Cancernovile True Node. Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus square Pluto Rx, sextile Saturn Rx, Sun, Lilith. Mars octile Vesta. Saturn Rx square Taurus Stellium. Jupiter octile True Node. Chiron square Ceres, novile Vesta. Juno quintile Venus, septile Pluto Rx. Cardinal Water.


“A creeping plant—worms eating at the root— growing over a rustic summer-house.” — The 360 Symbolic Degrees

Milestones of success in an organized global alliance with military, political leaders of honor, refined capabilities after immense challenges, who have no need for manipulation tactics, hold steady under accusation. Or: Lust, evil, fall from grace, affairs, hiding evidence. Important job given to incompetent person, “justifying” lack of reason. Self-made martyr, or dictator. Power trips. Critical choice.

Structural friction, destruction, earth, mother nature. Explosive liquid. Fire. Heat. War. Adverse sudden or unexpected events.

Financial conflicts of the plutocracy, public authorities, political alliances. Hidden wealth. Internal conflict or blockages: Natural resources, public resources, weapons, food, health, waste. Humanitarian aid. Housing scams. Entitlement. Discriminating against wrong person from trying to avoid prejudice. Loss from catering to “social justice.” Mothers, mother fixation. Women’s rights issues through June 24.

UPCOMING: End of pandemic, freedom from lockdowns May 24, may resurface through Oct 28 temporarily. Housing scams through June 24. Most beautiful day June 26-27. Brave rescue missions through July 5. Shock event triggers conflict or social, environmental development, tech advancement around Aug 1. Collapse of social, political structures, alliances, judicial issues of past through Oct 23. Ideologies in conflict, media propaganda, opportunistic aristocrats, manipulative influencers, large fortunes squandered or used for defense through Oct 28. Supply chain disruptions through 2025

TRIGGER EVENT around Aug 1. Powerful unexpected crisis related to fire, explosions, nuclear arsenal, WWIII, alliances, mass violence, protests, supply chain, environment, culture, space, technology, trade, inflation, finances, or crypto. Shock event may bring loss or grief but ultimately new advancements and alliances.

June 24

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planets in rare alignment. Also, domiciles. Saturn Rx square Uranus, Taurus Moon Triple Conjunction.


Intense feelings override logic, reason. Easily seduced, deluded, misplaced trust, betrayal, repeating cycles of the past, dreaming, speculating without evidence, pitfalls, don’t go on that adventure. Water danger. Ground is not solid, unexpected adverse events. But also sharp discernment, intelligence to detect wrongs, people who are untrue. Justice.

June 26-27

Sun 5° Cancer. Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus, Mercury, sextile Jupiter, Chiron, Mars, trine Saturn. Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Chiron.


Most beautiful day. Fashion, luxury, extravagance. Fortune or success in communications, travel, alliances, victory in war. Watch for excess or entitlement.

July 13

Sun in Cancer 21° 21′ Full Moon in Capricorn opposite Mercury Combust, parallel Venus, contraparallel Pluto Rx, trine Uranus, N Node. Mercury sextile Uranus, square Chiron. Venus trine Saturn Rx, square Neptune. U.S. Pluto Return.


“A jeweled crown falling from a height into mud.” — The 360 Symbolic Degrees

Rise to power with no honor, integrity, capabilities of their own. False education. Influential person, influencers. Vain, superficial, glittery, flaunting, freakishly morbid, sucks people’s energy and vitality, never satisfied, annoyed, moody, loves the artificial. Artificial upbringing. Loves mother, home, perfume. Failure, misfortune from inertia, lack of interest, idealism. Dreaming instead of working. Painful or tragic ending. Extinction. Gift of healing. Sacrificing life for homeland. Music, poetry.

Success over fears, obstacles through knowledge.

July 18 – 20

Sun, Mercury opposite Pluto Rx. Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter square Venus, Pluto Rx, Sun, Mercury


Intense conflict, internal or external. Emotions out of control. Yet, suffering is unnecessary. Trust TRUE faith.

July 31 – Aug 1

Mars, Uranus, N Node Conjunction 18° Taurus


Betrayal, unexpected disaster beyond someone’s control, feeling defeated or victimized, unwilling to make effort to grasp a golden opportunity, stuck doing an unwanted job unnecessarily.

TRIGGER EVENT around Aug 1. Powerful unexpected crisis related to fire, explosions, nuclear arsenal, war, WWIII, alliances, weapons, mass violence, protests, jobs, supply chain, environment, culture, space, technology, social media, trade, inflation, finances, crypto. Shock event may bring loss or grief but ultimately new advancements and alliances.

August 30, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse [Partial] in Taurus, Venus 27° joins Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces


Misplaced hope in a global illusion. Rebellion.

August 2023

Multiple planets in 4th Quadrant at 27° success degree.


International alliance may reach a powerful or successful agreement such as a formal acceptance into a diplomatic major world alliance.

November 1, 2023

Pluto’s last pass over 27° Capricorn


Completion of transformation related to career, government, underground wealth, new security structure after collapse.

Aside from war and violence, there’s potential for deep intimacy, unity, harmony, and unique courage, relentless determination, or achievement on a grand scale – as long as disciplined hard work and grounded common sense are involved. This powerful energy in alliances can be used for different purposes. It’s vital to keep your head clear and avoid conflict, if possible.