Tarot: The World

Liberation, The Authentic Self, Ultimate Bliss

The world in this case alludes to the universe more than a planet, such as Earth, which is born from the cosmos. But it includes Earth too.

In fact, we can take it even further to understand that the physical universe is a result of pure etheric energy. And that’s really what we’re talking about here.

The World is the “return” to our source after we’ve experienced the limitations, challenges and adventures of physical evolution.

This card is both literal and metaphorical, as it pertains to both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Like coming out of some bodily affliction, we feel blissfully liberated when the shackles of false identities are removed, and we’re free to be ourself.

As a matter of fact, returning to the authentic self, and experiencing genuine soul connections from that state, is the highest bliss to be had. 

The World by The Black Ibis Tarot, Artist Unknown [Please contact me if you know the name of this artist], Rider-Waite-Smith and The World Spirit Tarot, intuitivefish.com
The World by The Black Ibis Tarot, Artist Unknown [Please contact me if you know the name of this artist], Rider-Waite-Smith and The World Spirit Tarot, intuitivefish.com

When The World Shows Up In A Reading

Health and Body Image: Your vibrant inner health is the cause of and solution to your bodily well-being because it keeps your circulation in motion. Just make sure you stay grounded, especially if you feel disoriented. Consider walking or hiking for your regular exercise routine.

Occupation and Finances: Continue to listen to, trust and follow your higher dreams. Get lost in the passion of your work, which the universe will return to you. If you can let go of perceived limitations, your success is assured. There may be a change of location concerning your work place, or perhaps one is needed. Or it could refer to a change in your route.

Relationships: The World is a symbol for beauty, bliss and soul connections in your relationships. This flowing, dreamy state might not do much to help with Earthly responsibilities, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it in its place. This relationship may involve a visit, or a change of residence.

Hidden Meaning: Time, space and distance doesn’t exist in a state of universal flow. When you lose track of time, you know you’re in that state. Boundaries are virtually non-existent. This is what provides the sensation of bliss and tranquility.

The World tarot card by KmyeChan at Deviant Art
The World tarot card by KmyeChan at Deviant Art

Reversed: Reversed, this card could indicate a state of inertia, stagnation, coldness or density. Perhaps you’re having a difficult time achieving your dreams or mastering what you’ve taken on. It might feel like you’re swimming through sludge. Something {likely material} might be keeping someone from finishing their job or completing their mission. It could also indicate something fixed or permanent, such as a state institution or empire, but not necessarily in a good sense, as success, love and health require freedom of movement and flow. In a relationship, someone might feel stifled or trapped, or someone might not want to move out of their comfort zone so the relationship can evolve. But stick with the relationship and look for ways to encourage freedom.

Advice: Flowing with your higher aspirations might get you into trouble in a society that routinely suppresses it. But ultimately, it’s the only way to be fulfilled in this material realm. Relax, let go and just be your honest self. Trust the universe to provide your physical needs as recompense for contributing your skills, passions, and your own existence.

Astrological Association: Pisces, Neptune

Timing: Generally, the archetype of a major arcana card must be mastered before a favorable event can occur

Reversals: Generally, an obstacle must be overcome before a favorable event can occur

Yes or No: Absolutely

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