Numerology 8

Numerology 8 Success

The Number Of Money, Financial Abundance, Generous Giving, Provision, Strife and Struggle, Loneliness, Precision, Nature, Music, and Compassionate Love, Devotion to World Change

Numerology 8 Gemstones: Black Diamond, Blue Fluorite, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Coral, Emerald, Gaspeite, Hematite, Jasper (Bumblebee), Malachite, Nuummite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Pearl, Rhodolite Garnet, Pink Opal, Serpentine, Topaz
Numerology 8 Colors: Antique White, Crimson, Earth Yellow, Ecru, Old Gold, Orange, Purple, Raw Umber, Violet
Numerology 8 Power Numbers: 1, 2, 9, 40, 42, 47, 49, 59, 62, 64, 65, 67, 94, 400
Numerology 8 Power Days: All
Numerology 8 Symbols: Physical Mother, Chronos, The Rhythm of Sound Which Creates Nature, Symbol of Perfect Rhythm, Symbol of All Possibilities, Lemniscate of Bernoulli (Infinity Symbol), The Mandala, Diamond
Numerology 8 Planet or Star: Pluto and Saturn
Numerology 8 Astrology: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Some Aquarius Qualities

Numerology 8 Traits

Numerology 8 is associated with:

  • The Individual Self, Independence
  • Isolation, Loneliness
  • Defiance, Strife and Struggle
  • Desire for Security
  • Devotion
  • Change, World Change
  • Law
  • Creative Organization
  • A Precise Mind, Precision
  • Hard Work, Success through Hard Work, Slow and Steady Achievement
  • Money, Financial Abundance, Material Success, Material Accumulation
  • Hoarding
  • Giving and Generosity
  • Abundance as a Result of Giving
  • Provision
  • Nature
  • Music
  • Love

Numerology 8 might exhibit these traits:

  • Analytical
  • Strong Appreciation for Music
  • Tenacious, Self-Driven, Hard-Working
  • Unyielding Drive to Financial Success
  • Strong Business Acumen
  • May Encounter Opportunities for Financial Success
  • Wants Financial, Material, and Relationship Security
  • Conforms to Institutions or Reforms Them
  • Hyperlogical, Lacking in Logic and Wisdom
  • Accident Prone
  • Focused on Future rather than Living in the Present Moment
  • Tends to get into Financial Trouble
  • Shallow
  • Suppressed Emotions
  • Lack of Emotional Connection
  • Respects Distinguished Excellence
  • Overcome with Material Envy
  • Needs to Make Time for Spirituality
  • Needs to Balance Materialism with Spirituality
  • Needs to Restore Balance through Generosity and Giving

Numerology 8 Mental and Emotional Health

Number 8’s overall mission is to achieve financial success in their lifetime. Monetary success can come easy for them, or it might be difficult, even if money is a top priority in their life. While they’re born with the natural capacity to make their fortune, they typically face some tough obstacles along the way.

Some Number 8’s lack self-confidence. They might judge themselves (and others) according to their level of prestige and social status. Or maybe they believe they were destined for a life of poverty. This certainly isn’t the case, and they need to know their soul wants to be financially successful and is also capable of achieving it.

Some Number 8’s are engulfed by greed, whether they’re wealthy or not. They believe they can only be happy with a lot of possessions or expensive possessions. They might feel overwhelmed in their work due to their need to accumulate. They might justify their desire to cut corners or cheat others in their race to the top. But this is far from the mission of Number 8. They won’t feel satisfied until they achieve their wealth with integrity and by using their time, energy, money, and attention to make a better world.

Many Number 8’s live with an internal sense of loneliness. They can be intense and intimidating, which can lead to strife or distance in their partnerships. They might suffer from an addiction or mental illness, including chronic anxiety or depression. Overall, Number 8 is a tough energy to work with.

But if they can balance their logic, they should have no problem accomplishing their soul mission of financial wealth. Their logic needs to be balanced with their emotions and some sense of spirituality or nurturing of their soul. If they feel internally lonely, this is often a sign there’s a need for solitude for Number 8. They need solitude in order to cultivate their spirituality or a connection with their own soul.

They also need to notice their thought life. Do their thoughts continually promote a sense of lack or greed? If so, these thoughts are not aligned with their soul nor with reality. Those thoughts can create an illusory experience of reality. It may help them to meditate on the natural, always multiplying abundance of nature. Or perhaps they can find ways to experience joy through giving, even if they seem to have very little to give. The attitude of giving will begin to bring their wealth to them, sometimes in unexpected ways – as long as they’re not giving only to receive.

After they’ve spent time in solitude getting in touch with their emotions and their soul, there will be a time to integrate back into the world. Once their mind, emotions, and soul are aligned, they’ll have the natural discipline to work toward meaningful success with quiet determination. Their respect and integration with all people, no matter what their status, assures their achievement as well. They no longer have to compete with others. If they work for the benefit of others, people are more than happy to return the favor. Abundance may seem to come to Number 8 in seemly effortless ways.

Number 8’s often experience poor health when they’re young, but they enjoy longevity when older. They may prefer country life to the city.

Numerology 8 Skills, Finances, and Professions

When Number 8 is their most healthy, natural self, they’re self-motivated, driven, and ‘self-made.’ They have an ability to focus on a grand goal and achieve it through good, old-fashioned hard work. Their unyielding focus and dedication, and their strong work ethic brings them opportunities for financial success.

Their primary skill is their precise, organized mind. They think in terms of logic rather than emotional ambiguity. However, this can also work against them. A precise mind may work well in business, but not in business relationships, or in relationships in general. They can be so logical that they lack logic and wisdom. Number 8’s are notorious for judging others according to their status rather than understanding the nuanced experiences, environments, and struggles others are born into. When Number 8 isn’t benevolently working with people, their inner wellness and financial well-being may suffer because success is dependent on collaborating with others rather than tearing them down to get to the top.

Number 8’s ethics will be tested along their path. If they’re working from the natural abundance and benevolence of their soul, they’re capable of taking calculated risks to achieve financial success and using their wealth to transform the world. But if they’re working from a sense of lack and greed, they may need some time to get in touch with their true self. They might feel overwhelmed with responsibilities or encounter failure or boredom in their until then, whether they’re wealthy or not. When they’re able to open up and give to the world without judgment or expectation of return, they’re ready to embark on their life mission of success.

At their best, Number 8 is the business-minded leader. They thrive in positions of responsibility such as in benevolent government, political, educational, or corporate leadership. At their best, they can take an old system, institution, or way of doing things and give it a much-needed overhaul. Otherwise, they may get stuck in meaningless, monotonous or lifeless work.

Numerology 8 Careers:

  • Architect
  • Art Director
  • Baker
  • Banking
  • Broadcast News Writer
  • Business Auditor
  • Chief Executive
  • Chemistry
  • Commerce
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Convention PlannerDatabase AdministratorEditor – Book, Film, Video
  • Film Editor
  • Film Producer
  • Food Supervisor
  • Gaming Producer
  • Investing – Establishing Conscious Investment Practices
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Secretary
  • Manager of Personal Services
  • Medical and Health Services Manager
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medicine
  • Multimedia Animator
  • Music Arranger
  • Music Mixer
  • Photography – Director of Photography
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Manager
  • Science – Marine Biology
  • Script Writer
  • Set and Exhibit Designer
  • Sound Engineering
  • Sports Official
  • Talk Show Interviewer
  • Talk Show Producer
  • Travel Manager
  • Video Editor
  • Writer – Creative Writer, Performance Writer, Writer on Mysticism

Numerology 8 Relationships

In relationships, Number 8 is admired for their subtle sense of humor, their loyalty, their desire for security, and their natural inclination to provide for their loved ones. Yet they tend to encounter strife and struggle in their relationships until they awaken to their purpose in life.

Because of Number 8’s inherent ‘provider’ sense, they might attract needy, clingy, or dependent people. Or, they might be drawn to the same which gives them a false sense of security in exchange for their provision.

Number 8 can neglect their loved ones if their career is too much of a priority, or if they’re driven by greed or status. Overworking, or clamoring after more than what they need, or dishonesty in their work can destroy their relationships of every kind until they learn to earn their wealth through the art of generosity and giving.

Number 8’s can also be missing an emotional connection or emotional availability which is needed for healthy relationships. Some may come across as miserly and cold but deep down, they long to be loved even if they tend to isolate themselves.

They’re generally faithful to their partners and typically are not risk-takers in relationships, since security is important to them. Yet they tend to experience betrayal from their business and intimate partners due to the lack of a strong emotional bond and reliability in simply being there. Trust can be revived in these relationships if their partner is willing to reestablish trust and Number 8 is able to heal and cultivate the health of their emotions and their soul.

When Number 8 can balance their materialism with love and generosity, they’ll likely see their relationships thriving. They may need to concentrate on ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ or find the right people who support their personal path and understand their dedication to financial success on a soul level.

Numerology 8 Life And Soul Path Number

Both Life and Soul Path 8 are devoted to hard work. They go all in and typically aren’t inclined toward retirement. They enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from work.

Although they’re not afraid of hard work, they may achieve success or experience loss or failure. They might have an attraction to financial success or an aversion to it. Some have both an attraction and aversion to material success.

Some Number 8’s don’t realize they’re here to achieve financial success on a soul level. They might not feel capable. Some have a tendency toward greed which can destroy their success. They might be overcome with envy, criticizing those they envy, or condescending and judgmental toward people with a lower income or social status. Their hostility keeps them from experiencing the abundance that comes from collaborating with and benevolently giving to others.

They may need some cave time to realize it’s their own soul that wants to achieve success and is capable of doing so with integrity, reliability, and by trusting others rather than being suspicious of them.

Life Path 8 is tenacious, with an unyielding focus on achieving status, wealth, or business success. In fact, they can be overly concerned with the material aspects of life to the neglect of their true self. They might resort to dishonesty or a general lack of ethics to get ahead. If they’re imbalanced and overly driven, they can feel overwhelmed with the heavy responsibilities of life then see themselves as victims due to all the strife and struggle they create for themselves. However, if they can gather some wisdom, they can use their self-imposed struggles to become aware of the hardship that other people experience too. They can start using their finances to benefit others – not just their own people but strangers too, without expectation of return. If they can harmonize money with virtue and a desire for a better world, they’ll see their finances naturally grow.

Soul Path 8 might lack self-confidence or be overly focused on materialism, the imbalance of which leads to a sense of lack. Their struggles are intended to test their ethics. Can they learn through their struggles to be generous and give to others, even if they feel they have very little to give? Can they embrace a cause rather than just work to get money? Can they give as well as receive? This is the way of nature. It’s always giving itself away, so that it naturally and effortlessly multiplies and grows in abundance. The way of nature is the mission of Soul Path 8.

Numerology 8 Major Life Cycles and Challenges

Overall Challenges:
Lacking in logic and wisdom
Intense, miserly, and cold but inwardly longing to be loved even when isolated
May feel the heavy responsibilities of life at a young age
Thoughts, words, and actions based on lack distort reality and create these experiences

Overall Life Aim:
Change financial habits and focus on lack by meditating on the abundance of nature
Live honestly and ethically
Give from your resources to make a better world
Embrace a personal or social cause
Leave a job that’s only for the money to focus on your life passion
Discover your sense of humor toward life

Numerology 8 Major Life Cycles

Life Cycle 1 During this Cycle, you might feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. You might want to move to the country and get away from it all! But you may want to observe your thoughts to see how they can create unnecessary overwhelm for you. Your career or making money might be too high of a priority. Moving to the country might actually be a good idea. Getting away from it all can help you rediscover your sense of humor and align your thoughts and life pursuits with your soul passion. Living from your soul makes work feel like play. You may need more of a meaningful purpose behind your work as well, such as giving to others in some personally meaningful way. Through your struggles, you can awaken your empathy for other people and beings who struggle as well, and remember that work isn’t just a job, it’s a soul connection.

Life Cycle 2 During this Life Cycle, your mission is to use your finances and material means for the benefit of others or for some kind of benevolent cause. The objective is to give your time, money, resources, or attention to make a better world. But you may not feel you can do this. How can you give to others when you feel overwhelmed with your own responsibilities and life struggles? Yet, not giving to others is precisely why you struggle. Natural abundance comes from giving. Your life hardships are intended to connect you with others and learn to give to those in need. Instead of isolating yourself or hoarding your possessions like a miser, you can now understand the importance of giving and receiving help. There may also be a need to shift your focus on lack to a focus on growth and abundance. Instead of thinking small, how can you think big? Instead of thinking about all the work you have to do, how can you enjoy a sense of accomplishment? Instead of closing yourself off to people who are different from you, how can you openly expand your contacts and your reach? Instead of working for the money, how can you work for a meaningful cause?

Life Cycle 3 Others may be planning for retirement during this Cycle, but you may have a different calling. While you might feel tired of the work and financial struggle, you may actually be called to pour yourself more into your work, or a new line of work. But a shift in consciousness has to first take place. Instead of working for the financial struggle, there’s a need to work from the passion of your soul. Instead of working from a sense of lack, there’s a need to meditate on the natural, effortless growth and abundance of nature. Instead of working for your own welfare, there’s a need to use your finances with integrity for the benefit and well-being of others – not just your loved ones, but for strangers too and people who are different from you, without expectation of return, and even if you have very little to give. If you can embrace a personal or social cause, you won’t want to retire. Your work will become your pleasure. Instead of struggling through life, you can find yourself laughing through life.

Numerology 8 Challenges

Number 8 challenges may involved experiences in life that test your abilities. Maybe you start working at a young age out of necessity. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all of life’s responsibilities for as long as you can remember. Because of your struggles, you might have become miserly and cold. But inwardly, you just long to be loved. There may be a need for cave time, even if you feel you can’t afford it. Taking a break in solitude, deep relaxation, or meditation can allow you to go beyond self-defeating thought patterns and reconnect with your soul. It’s important to understand that there’s an effect for every thought, word, and action. When you believe life is a struggle to survive, your experiences reflect that belief. But if you observe nature, you can awaken to the real reality, which is natural, effortless growth and abundance. This is the same essence as your soul passion. When you live from your soul, you find yourself naturally giving and sharing from your soul’s infinite abundance. You’ll automatically change any destructive financial habits yet find yourself taking smart, calculated risks for the first time in your life. Perhaps you leave your job for your life passion. Maybe you leave your usual social connections or comfort zone to collaborate with people who are different. Or maybe you find yourself laughing more instead of worrying or collapsing under pressure. Now you are growing and expanding, just like nature.

Numerology 8 Personal Year or Current Numerology

At this time, you might realize your need to level up your perspective on work and life itself. Instead of focusing on the heavy responsibilities of survival, can you find a way to lighten up and enjoy your contributions to society? Instead of feeling overwhelmed with your own struggles, can you use them to understand and help others who are also in need? You might feel like you have nothing to give. Perhaps you feel you barely have enough energy for yourself and your loved ones. Or maybe you feel nothing toward people who are suffering. But this is exactly why you’re not thriving in abundance and living from the passion of your soul. You may have been taught that you have to work hard in order to get something in return. But in reality, the reverse is true. An attitude of abundance, integration with the world, and generosity has to come BEFORE you experience that abundance. That can only come from letting go of the hustle and bustle to reconnect with your soul. What does your soul want to do for a living? You may find yourself leaving a meaningless paycheck to work instead for a world cause. You may find your financial habits changing for the better. You might find yourself living honestly with integrity and enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes from getting the work done. Whatever shifts you undergo toward life and work, the ultimate lesson is to understand that abundance comes through opening up to life, people who are different than you, and most importantly, through giving.

Numerology 8 Repeating Numbers:

If you notice recurring Number 8’s, this may be a message regarding the way you work and the way you view work. You may have adopted a belief that says life is a struggle, or that it’s a struggle to survive. This thought pattern may have led to life decisions that support that belief and your entire life may appear to be an overwhelming struggle with continuous circumstances to support it. But this is a distortion of reality. To know what reality is, observe the natural and effortless growth and abundance of nature. By letting go of programmed beliefs about work being undesirable or overwhelming, you can experience the nature of abundance as it is with no effort, because reality is always reality. There’s nothing you have to do except let it be as it is without imposing distorted beliefs upon it. As you allow the natural abundance of life to unfold, you may find yourself lightening up and opening up to different people, more authentic interests, or new ways of earning a living. Instead of working to survive, you might work from the passion of your soul for a meaningful world cause. Or maybe you find yourself changing self-defeating financial habits or living honestly, being more present, reliable and dependable for others, or generously giving without expectation of return. You may come to realize that abundance happens long before you experience it in your external circumstances. It begins in your heart.

Number 8 symbolizes the point where spirit and matter intersect. It represents the abundance of possibility in the material realm.

888 represents expansion. It’s a vertical symbol for infinity, is a gateway to soul level resources, and is the completion of Number 3 as an opening to the power of the soul. 888 is also the symbol of the metaphysical Lion’s Gate. When you see this configuration, the atomic energy of planetary energies is available to help you to push past energy blocks in order to experience fresh, new perspectives.