Choose Friends Wisely

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Astrology is just a tool to connect with your conscious awareness.


Saturday – Sunday

May 7 – May 8, 2022

  • Sun in Taurus 17° 4′
  • Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo 2° 3′
  • VOC Moon opposite Saturn: 12:38pm May 9 – 10:54pm May 9 UTC
  • New/Full Moon: Full Moon in Scorpio 25° 18′ 4:12am May 16 UTC (Total Lunar Eclipse)
  • Prominent Sign: Taurus
  • Prominent Planets: Mercury
  • Prominent Polarity: Yin
  • Prominent Mode: Fixed
  • Prominent Element: Water, Earth
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Semisextile
  • Retrogrades: Pluto Rx, Mercury Shadow
  • Mercury, Neptune in Signs of Rulership
  • Taurus Stellium: Sun, Uranus, Pallas, True Node
  • Pisces Stellium: Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Juno
  • Sun sextile Mars (May 7)
  • Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx (May 3)
Sun 17° Taurus sextile Mars, Cancer Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter, sextile Mercury, opposite Pluto Rx, Saturn conjunct Vesta

Emotional Wellness

Moon | Cancer
  • Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo
  • Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter, Venus
  • Moon opposite Pluto Rx
  • Moon square Pallas
  • Moon sesquiquadrate Mars, Neptune
  • Moon quincunx Juno
  • Moon semisextile Lilith
  • Moon sextile Mercury
  • Moon quintile Sun, True Node
  • First Quarter Moon in Leo

Your true inspirations might put you in conflict with certain people – or with a large group of people. But it’s an excellent time to look into how you really feel and stay true to that.

May 5, May 15, and May 29 may be tough days for some people. The more you can relax, stay flexible, and avoid drama, the easier it may be. Gently release buried emotions before then to avoid a bad decision. Safely check in on people who may be depressed or prone to violence. Life gets easier after May 24 and even better around June 20. Until then, consider staying focused on a meaningful project and skip those dates if you can. Simply erase them from your calendar.

Wait until June 20 for concrete clarity; until then, the mind may be playing tricks. Fantasies or dreams of grandiosity peak through May 10.

Emotional nurturing may come through giving or receiving attention, or parental love or family devotion and the pride of creating, maintaining, or identifying with a family or close personal group

Health and Body

Mars, Chiron | Aries, Virgo
  • Mars in Pisces (Stellium) until May 24
  • Mars sextile Sun
  • Mars sesquiquadrate Moon
  • Chiron in Aries until June 19, 2026
  • Chiron semisextile Uranus
  • Chiron quintile Ceres

Mental and physical health may be affected by maternal nurturing, or lack thereof. If energy can be utilized in a healthy way, a destructive tendency can be replaced with true enjoyment.

Upgrading a nutrition, health or fitness protocol is in favor, but may first need liberation from a regime. Utilize meditation to relax and see clearly.

Meditation in favor through May 24 – especially active meditation.

Healthcare may especially focus on: Heart, Blood Circulation, Thyroid Gland, White Blood Cells through May 9 or the Energy System, Nervous System, Migraines/Auras through June 2026


Sun, Pluto, Ceres, Juno | Leo, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
  • Sun in Taurus until May 20
  • Sun sextile Mars
  • Sun quintile Moon
  • Pluto in Capricorn until Mar 23, 2023
  • Pluto Rx until Oct 8
  • Pluto Rx opposite Moon
  • Ceres in Gemini until May 15
  • Juno in Pisces until Jan 13, 2023
  • Juno quintile Sun
  • Juno quincunx Moon
  • Juno semisextile Venus

A social or global alliance may be in the spotlight. Social media connections likely have a major influence on your quality of life – for better or for worse. Consider people who support your true passion. Others may be a distraction, or may lead down a very wrong path. For relationship discernment, consider deeper emotions. Decluttering contacts to focus on those who matter can be life-changing.

Home And Property

Venus, Lilith, Vesta | Taurus, Cancer, Leo
  • Venus in Aries until May 28 [Sassy]
  • Venus trine Moon
  • Venus semisextile Juno
  • Lilith in Cancer until Jan 8, 2023
  • Lilith octile Sun
  • Lilith semisextile Moon
  • Lilith novile True Node
  • Vesta in Aquarius until May 24
  • Vesta conjunct Saturn
  • Vesta semisextile Neptune

A lack of self-confidence can block progress in a home, property, or living situation. Responsibilities can feel heavy. Or – it might be difficult to release the old. Still, inspiration is available. A deep internal transformation may first be needed. Relax and release.

Travel, Shopping, Social Media, Weather

Mercury, Pallas Athena, Uranus, Neptune | Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Mercury in Gemini until July 5
  • Pallas in Taurus until July 5
  • Pallas square Moon
  • Jupiter in Pisces until May 10
  • Jupiter trine Moon
  • Jupiter octile Uranus
  • Uranus in Taurus until July 7, 2025
  • Uranus octile Jupiter
  • Uranus semisextile Chiron
  • Neptune in Pisces until Mar 30, 2025
  • Neptune sequiquadrate Moon
  • Neptune semisextile Saturn, Vesta

Travel and communications may be in favor; although there may be internal conflict in the ‘city square’ as well as simmering conflict at home. There may be weather extremes, electrical issues in some places. It may be a better day to relax, in general, unless there’s a medical emergency.

Have a clear strategy and make sure you’ve got the right friends or social media contacts. Distracting noise or excess may be a drain.

It may be a good day for shopping but may create unexpected conflict.

International Events

Sun 17° Taurus sextile Mars, Cancer Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter, sextile Mercury, opposite Pluto Rx, Saturn conjunct Vesta


Peace. Many friends. Balance logic with emotion, mind with heart. Slow down ambitions, but also avoid careless laziness. Quick to fight will make many enemies and dangerous threats.

TOMORROW: SETTLING FOR LESS. Excess, luxury, or ease destroys passion, determination, true skill. Lazy, weak, lack of competence. A lot of noise, no substance. Passive aggressive. Internal conflict, sudden or unexpected fire or explosion, hopeless, healing a wound.

Intensified empathy or compassion through May 10. It may be difficult to tell the difference between your own thoughts and feelings, and that of others. Exemplifying compassion is in favor, as well as public service.

Incidents related to a pandemic, drugs, chemicals, gas, oil, or space through May 10 and May 24.

Plagues, Aggressive Virus through May 10 and May 24.

Bans, blockades, sanctions, mandates, or lockdowns may fail or be lifted through Mar 20 and May 10, with exceptions along the way.

There may be conflict in women’s rights or topic of women in conflict through May 29.

Public protests may be in the spotlight Feb 14 – Mar 17, April 12, and May 29 this year.

Conflict may be especially volatile around March 21, April 5, and May 29.

Success in emergency or rescue efforts after May 24.

Supply chain disruptions through 2025.

In some places, there may be incidents involving increasing crime, crimes against the vulnerable, mass violence, shocking or unusual conflict or fights, repeat crimes, theft, political or religious wars, social equality issues, immigration issues, vehicular violence or collisions, explosions, downed aircraft, vehicle theft, issues in transferring artillery or material resources, sanctions, cyberwarfare, biochemical weapons, oil, gas, chemicals, air pollution, or the atmosphere… through June 17.

Refined capabilities and milestones of success may occur around April 5, April 12, May 29, and June 17 after immense challenges.

Edit [May 7]: “CDC investigating 109 mysterious pediatric hepatitis cases, including 5 deaths” — ABC News
Edit [May 7]: “Unprecedented gusts expected to fan wildfires in New Mexico” — ABC News
Edit [May 7]: “Taliban order Afghan women to cover faces againReuters
Edit [May 7]: “After years of declining influence, unions are having a resurgence. Employees from companies across the country are increasingly organizing as a means of asking for more benefits, pay and safety from their employers.” — CNBC News
Edit [May 7]: “Wall Street just had one of its wildest weeks in years.” — CNBC News
Edit [May 7]: “North Korea flight-tested a ballistic missile that was likely fired from a submarine on Saturday, South Korea’s military said” — ABC News

[Click here for daily updates on the Russia Ukraine conflict from an astrological perspective.]


Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, N Node | Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Capricorn: Pluto until Mar 23, 2023
  • Pisces Stellium: Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Juno
  • True Node in Taurus until July 17. 2023
  • True Node quintile Moon
  • True Node novile Lilith
  • Saturn in Aquarius until Mar 7, 2023
  • Saturn conjunct Vesta
  • Saturn semisextile Neptune
  • Jupiter in Pisces until May 10
  • Jupiter trine Moon
  • Jupiter octile Uranus
  • Uranus in Taurus until July 7, 2025
  • Uranus octile Jupiter
  • Uranus semisextile Chiron
  • Neptune in Pisces until Mar 30, 2025
  • Neptune sequiquadrate Moon
  • Neptune semisextile Saturn, Vesta

Following your passion requires balance and gentle force. Trying too hard or too little simply won’t work. Relax but keep moving.


Sun, Pluto, Jupiter | Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Sun in Taurus until May 20: Decans 1 and 2 Major Uptrend, Decan 3 Downtrend
  • Jupiter in Pisces until May 10, 2022: Inflation, rising interest rates, high oil prices or fortune from crude oil, fortune from creative investments, speculation exaggerated or unreliable, large company purchases not advised, extended or mass sell offs, uptrend due to inflation or market bubble after a crash
  • Pluto in Capricorn until Mar 23, 2023: Immense underground wealth of an elite may collapse, long term investing, immense underground wealth, ultra slow market movement, tightening of corporate or government regulations
  • Taurus Scorpio Nodal Axis: Long term investing, material integrity and stability in favor
  • Uranus in Taurus: Digital currency, new financial structures or material assets in favor but may require long hard work or excruciating challenges
  • Neptune in Pisces: Slog but speculative risk in favor

You may want to wait to buy back or buy in around June 20, 2022. Otherwise, hold on for the ride.

Immense underground wealth that isn’t visible to the public may lead to structural collapse or tightened regulations. Inflation, rising interest rates, high gas and oil prices may be a theme through May 10, 2022.

The U.S. Pluto return is currently taking place through 2023 and beyond, collapsing traditional finance structures to be replaced by regulated digital currency.

2022: Long term investing or hodling in companies with high quality production is in favor. In this case, downtrends or volatility may be bullish or corrective, purging schemes and scams.