Moon Rituals

Moon rituals were practiced in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Indian, Native and other cultures as a way to honor the sacred birth, growth, death, and regeneration cycles of nature.

You can use your own modern moon rituals to align your energy with nature and the cosmic forces of the universe in order to achieve a goal.

New Moon

A New Moon is an excellent time to start something new in your life: Plant the seeds of a new creative project, a new relationship, a new health routine, a new attitude, anything!

Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon energies support tangible action necessary to develop your New Moon objective. Watch your seeds start to grow into material form.

Full Moon

At the Full Moon, your goal comes to fruition on some level – whether it turns out the way you wanted or not quite right. A Full Moon brings details to light that were hidden from your conscious awareness. You can fine tune your goal, make adjustments, or change it altogether.

Waning Moon

After the harvest and enlightenment of the Full Moon, a Waning Moon is conducive for establishing or grounding your goal or project for steady, long term success – replacing old beliefs, habits, relationships, or life goals that no longer work for you.

Dark Moon, VOC Moon, Lunar Eclipse

A Dark Moon occurs at the end of every lunar cycle. A Void-of-Course Moon occurs every 2 or 3 days before the Moon shifts into the next zodiac sign. And a lunar eclipse occurs 2-5 times a year. It’s difficult to see clearly during these times, so that big decisions or new starts may turn out very different than intended or perhaps fail to make progress. You can use this opportunity to lay low, meditate, dream, or continue routine tasks.

You can track the moon’s phases, zodiac signs, VOC, and eclipses at

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