Full Moon Ritual


Achieve your life goals with the moon.

New Moon (Week 1)

Plan something new.

Waxing Moon (Week 2)

Take action toward your goal.

Full Moon (Week 3)

Assess, get creative, make adjustments.

Waning Moon (Week 4)

Establish your goal. Replace the old with the new.

Dark Moon (Last 2-3 Days)

Relax, clear mind, wait for clear inspiration.

(Also apply to Void-Of-Course Moon and Lunar Eclipse.)

Full Moon Ritual

A Full Moon is symbolic of an emotional awakening, enlightenment or nirvana. The Sun and Moon are at equal degrees and directly opposite each other. The full face of the Moon lights up and shines with the light of the Sun.

Around the time of a Full Moon, you can more easily see things under the surface or behind the mask. Maybe you were in denial of something, such as your honest thoughts and feelings. Or maybe you receive higher insights that clarify an issue. Something hidden may get exposed.

There may be some emotional intensity which shows you what you really love and value, getting you closer to your most authentic goals that deeply satisfy you.

“Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” –– Albert Einstein To Margot Einstein, after his sister’s Maja’s death, 1951; quote by Hanna Loewy in A&E Television Einstein Biography, VPI International, 1991.

A Full Moon also represents the time of harvest. You are now reaping what you sowed at the New Moon – whether you realized you were growing seeds or not.

A Full Moon is an excellent time to assess your goal, objective, or project started at the New Moon. Is it turning out the way you intended? Or maybe not quite so much?

Now is the time to make adjustments before establishing your goal or objective in your life.

Around the time of a Full Moon, Cosmic forces support both small adjustments and major shifts. Changes you make this week are more likely to succeed and align with your True Heart, because your intuition and emotions are more clear.

You can also move past setbacks and roadblocks more easily this week. If your goal or project brings you bliss, your intuition (higher intelligence) and emotions are tools to navigate more difficult challenges.

Here are some ideas for your Full Moon ritual:


You can do anything you want for your moon ritual. Just make it conscious and authentic.

To start your moon ritual, you might have a simple plan or write down the order of events. This allows you to be in the present moment which is necessary to align with your goal in present reality. THIS IS HOW THE MAGIC HAPPENS! Otherwise, your goal remains just a fantasy.

To remove all distractions and come into the present moment, you might take time to clean your sacred space, close your eyes, and patiently allow thoughts to pass and fade out.

Or, you might set firm boundaries and take charge of your energy. Everything is alive, even synthetic objects because everything is energy. Connect with the living essence of the universe within you and see your goal or project from a state of EMPOWERMENT.

When you’re ready, you can indicate the start of your ritual by ringing a bell, chanting a mantra, drawing a tarot card, or simply saying, “So we begin.”


You can celebrate your moon ritual according to the moon’s current placement in the sky. Constellation energy can be especially helpful if emotions or intuition are blocked and you aren’t sure what to do.

Refer to moontracks.com to follow the Moon’s signs, the Moon’s phases, Void-of-Course dates, and Lunar Eclipses.

  1. Moon in Aries: It’s time to celebrate YOU and your true life passion.
  2. Moon in Taurus: Focus on true beauty. Radiate from within. Make something look nice. This is an auspicious Moon!
  3. Moon in Gemini: Learn what you’re honestly interested in or join a fan club.
  4. Moon in Cancer: Who is your real family and where is your real home? Who or what makes you feel emotionally secure? This is another auspicious Moon.
  5. Moon in Leo: You finally have the courage to put yourself out there. Go for it!
  6. Moon in Virgo: Zero in on cleaning up your work life, daily routine, or food intake.
  7. Moon in Libra: Commit to real love or genuine connections without over-sacrificing.
  8. Moon in Scorpio: Integrate your fears, especially fears of intimacy.
  9. Moon in Sagittarius: It’s an excellent time for an adventure – with caution.
  10. Moon in Capricorn: Loosen up before taking on a professional commitment. Or just loosen up.
  11. Moon in Aquarius: Think outside the box, especially with friends and technology.
  12. Moon in Pisces: Solitude and art projects. But don’t forget those you love.


New Moon: Air Element (Intellect, Strategizing)

Waxing Moon: Fire Element (Inspired Action)

Full Moon: Water Element (Emotions and Intuition)

Waning Moon: Earth Element (Grounding and Establishing)

Water Element

The element of water traditionally symbolizes intuition, emotions, and a Full Moon. You might place a bowl of water with rose petals at your moon alter or sacred space. Take time to accept and honor your emotional and intuitive guidance.

Or you might take a ritual bath, imagining water as moonlight that cleanses, comforts, and rejuvenates you with its pure natural energy.

Or sit outdoors and take a moon bath, bathing in actual moonlight.

Journal It Out

Take time to feel and express your emotions, perhaps with a journal: How do you really feel? What do you really love and value? Find a safe space or a safe person to express your emotions and allow buried feelings to come out and flow through you.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is typically used to soothe difficult emotions. Hold this gemstone in your left palm to receive emotional comfort as you process buried trauma, grief, sorrow, fears, rage – or all of the above.

Hawthorne Tea

Hawthorne can support calm confidence during emotional upheaval. It can also open the channel to comforting and empowering insights in order to process emotions. Use this herb in a cup of tea and drink to the Full Moon. Don’t forget to write down your higher insights.

You might also listen to your favorite guru to transcend misled beliefs that create emotional suffering.

Feel Your Goal

As you close your eyes in silence, take time to feel your goal or project taking shape or coming into form. Then make some assessments. Is it going the way you would like? Don’t be afraid to get honest with yourself and consider different possibilities. Cosmic forces are in favor of this process and naturally support you. How does each choice make you feel?

Look for the choice that puts all the puzzle pieces together and makes you feel GOOD.

Celebration Dance

A Full Moon Celebration Dance can clear internal emotional blocks or liberate you from stubborn self-defeating patterns. You can dance solo, with a special person, or with your coven around a bonfire. Either way, dance like no one’s watching! If you’re feeling low, consider doing yin yoga to release suppressed emotions deeply embedded in the body.

Full Moon Incantation

Full Moon Incantation (Change the words according to your personal preference):

“I thank the universe for the opportunity to experience this goal or project. I take full responsibility for my personal choices and the consequences thereof. Please show me the way to my most fulfilling achievements according to my True Heart.”


Closing your ritual finalizes your energy work for a specific objective so you can move on to something else without crossing your wires. Closing your ritual is like hitting the “Publish” button after writing a blog post. You might tap a special singing bowl, make a complete circle with a crystal wand, namaste bow to the universe, or simply say, “So mote it be.” Or, “Inshallah.”

Stay open to signs and messages this week as your psychic intelligence reveals more clarity and direction about your goal or project. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments accordingly. You’ll be glad you did!