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How To Thrive On Whole, Plant-Based Foods – Safely, Effectively, and Deliciously – Whether You’d Like To Eat MORE Plant Foods Or MOSTLY Plant Foods or ONLY Plant Foods

The Most Wonderful Food On The Planet

All nutrients come from the sun, water, the soil and plants. This includes complete protein and calcium. Nutrients in animal foods come from the plants they eat or by eating other animals who eat plants. Advanced primates thrive and live the longest by eating primarily whole, plant-based foods.

Plant foods taste delicious and are deeply satisfying because they’re loaded with nutrient density. Plant foods are colorful, beautiful, and diverse. They easily maintain your ideal weight without deprivation, provide plenty of happy energy, and prevent and potentially reverse ALL mental illnesses and fatal diseases…. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR FROM FOOD?

Yet, what if you don’t really LIKE plant foods? Many people find reasons to avoid it, which is understandable. Sure, you could force feed yourself healthy food, but how much fun is that? Are you actually enjoying your life?

Taste buds aside, is it REALLY possible to get all required nutrients from plant-based foods? Can plant foods REALLY prevent and reverse heart disease, cancer, and other major disease? What do PROMINENT meta analysis studies from medical science say? The answers might surprise you!

How To Enjoy Healthy Food

It’s important to understand WHY plant foods are beneficial and WHAT to eat on a plant-based food plan. But also, how can you WANT to eat healthy food and how do you honestly ENJOY eating that way?

Not only that, how do you STOP wanting to consume standard foods that destroy taste sensitivities and lead to unwanted weight gain or weight loss, mental illness, disease, or an early death?

This course is for you if you’d like to learn about plant food nutrition from top experts who are well-respected, qualified doctors and live researchers, dissolve food cravings or subconscious eating disorders, prevent or reverse mental or physical illness, reach your ideal body shape and weight, and most importantly, FULLY ENJOY EATING WHOLE, PLANT-BASED FOODS. Welcome to Healthy Food Pleasures.

This Course Covers:

  • Endless Benefits of Plant-Based Food According to Medical Science
  • Prevent and Reverse Disease With Beautiful, Simple, Delicious Food
  • Reach Your Ideal Weight With Plenty Of Food
  • What Are Whole Plant-Based Foods?
  • What Should You Eat? Macronutrients and Micronutrients
  • Easy, Creative, Healthy Ways To Prepare Plant Foods
  • How To Eat Plant-Based On A Limited Budget
  • Plant Food Protocols for Digestive, Inflammatory, or Autoimmune Disease
  • Plant Food Protocols for Chronic Anxiety, Depression, Mental Disorders
  • Plant Food Protocols for Various Health Issues and Diseases
  • Living In A World Of Pressure To Eat Unhealthy Food
  • Resolving Food Addictions and Eating Disorders
  • Dissolving Hardcore Beliefs About Food
  • When You’re Sick, Tired, Or In Pain
  • The Health and Pleasure Balance
  • Discover Your Healthy Food Pleasures
  • Dining Rituals of Enjoyment
  • Peace at the Family Dinner Table
  • Resolving The Animal vs Plant Food Controversy
  • What I Wish I Knew Before Going Plant-Based
  • Shiny Recipes

Personal Support

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