Awakening To The Real You

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This is a life course that takes you on a journey to the real you. We cover topics such as:

  • connecting with the real you
  • how to get unstuck in life
  • how to clear emotional blocks
  • how to process trauma and emotional pain
  • surviving loss, heartbreak, and loneliness
  • guilt and shame
  • codependency and narcissism
  • betrayal and abandonment
  • anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks
  • ‘bad trips,’ fear, intense dreams, nightmares
  • ADHD
  • frustration, anger, rage
  • addiction and binging
  • depression, wanting to die
  • the fear of death
  • relationships, soul connections, real love and intimacy
  • discovering your life passion

The Real You

We tend to think of personal and mental health issues as a disease or something to be fixed by a therapist. While therapists can be helpful, all of these issues are a pathway to the soul. They’re often a sign you’re waking up and your soul (the real you) is trying to get in touch with you.

When you’re attuned to the real you, you naturally experience real love, real relationships, and your very real life passion. You know what makes you feel genuinely and deeply good and what does not, without getting caught in manipulation traps.

Everything else is an illusory reality. Illusory realities are important too. They make imagination, fantasy, creativity, art and games possible. But they are still illusory. When we believe illusions are real, these are called delusions and they lead to all suffering – by way of relationship conflict, stored trauma, suppressed emotions, distorted logic, mental disorders, dysfunctional societies, and the whole works!

This isn’t a course about psychotherapy, healing, or getting rid of your problems. It’s about awakening to the real you and the real reality THROUGH your problems, which naturally RESOLVES your problems. This empowers you with an entirely new understanding of existence itself.

‘Awakening to the Real You’ is quite unlike any other course or path that I have taken.

It’s a deep dive into what is real and what is all delusion and illusion in one’s life and how to cut through that and be one’s true authentic self.

It helped me have a deeper understanding of some of life’s biggest challenges such as trauma, addiction, heartbreak, depression and how they relate to my conscious awakening.

The course is rich in detail and I found I was able to explore areas of my life in a completely different light and this has led me to a completely difference perspective on myself and my journey.

I am truly grateful for the journey that this course took me on. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to discover the deeper truth about themselves. – Guy Harvey

It’s About Soaring Rather Than “Manifesting”

This course also isn’t about growing spiritually, or “creating” your best life, or attracting a mass amount of money, or manifesting a life partner. While those experiences may be a result, this course is focused on one thing: clearing inner blockages so that your real, authentic self can fly free. Being the real you is the only way to experience real healing, real success, and real relationship connections. Not only that, it’s the only way to really LIVE.

You won’t find any of the usual platitudes in this course. There’s nothing else like it. We jump right into real life experiences. Sensitive subjects are handled with care without airbrushing reality. Solutions center on zen consciousness applied in a logical, practical, and even fun way.

Ultimately, this course is about being the real you in order to experience your most fulfilling existence!

So Many Things You Don’t Need

There are no homework assignments and no requirements or prerequisites. This course is for all ages, races, genders, spiritual beliefs, non beliefs, personal orientations, and identities – whether you’re struggling in life, or would like to help others.

You can start any time you’re ready and go through the course at your own pace. It might take you a week, or it can take you a year. Each section of the course builds on the previous one, so it’s ideal to do the course from start to finish.

You don’t need any materials. There are no webinars, email subscriptions, or required responses although questions and feedback are always welcome. You only need an internet connection to access the full written course online, broken down into quick, short paragraphs with some images – mostly memes!

You don’t need to know, utilize, or believe in meditation, energy, consciousness, the real reality, or quantum physics, although these topics are alluded to. You don’t need to agree with all the information in this course to benefit from it; in fact, its purpose is to connect you with your own grounded logic, emotional intelligence, and intuition.

Will This Course Be Fun And Easy?

It’s all the things! Fun, easy, challenging, bewildering, excruciating, liberating, empowering…. You’ll take a trip through your deepest shadows to your truest self. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

There’s nothing to be afraid of except when you’re stuck under common illusions, which we dismantle in this course. We take a whole section (Section 2) to set up your safety nets and establish your foundation of reality before you begin the inner journey.

If this course serves its purpose, you’ll know who you are as an individual, why you’re on this planet, and the passion to be that.

Let’s Do This Adventure Together

What makes me qualified to be your guide? I live and breathe this stuff. Adventures through the ‘underworld’ is my game (although there is no actual underworld, as it’s all one energy field.) I’ve made this trek many times for myself. While you have to experience your own inner journey, I’m available for basic email support every step of the way. Contact me any time! If you’d like a more in depth personal consultation, see my services page for info.

Resources I used to write this course are: zen teachings, esoteric research, conscious awareness, personal awakening experiences, humor, compassion, and common sense logic. If you resonate with my social media posts, this course takes my posts to a more personal, practical, and comprehensive level.

I’d love to join you on this wild adventure called life.

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To see Course details, click on the ‘Curriculum’ link at the top of this page. If you have any questions about the Course, you can contact me here and I will be happy to answer them.