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Note: For an Astrology Chart analysis, I will need your full Birth Date, Birth Location, and exact Birth Time. For a Numerology Chart analysis, I will need your full Birth Date and Full Name given to you at birth.

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1-Question Mini Reading

1-Question Mini Reading includes a short, fully detailed answer to a single question with no Astrology or Numerology chart analysis.

1-Question Reading With Chart Analysis

1-Question Reading with Chart Analysis includes a fully detailed answer to a single question and an Astrology and Numerology chart analysis pertaining to your inquiry.

Full Length Reading With Chart Analysis

A Full Length Reading includes fully detailed guidance pertaining to unlimited questions, topics, or life areas and an optional Astrology and Numerology chart analysis.

3-Month Guidance And Support

3-Month Guidance and Support includes one weekly full length reading and support for 3 consecutive months with detailed, personalized guidance and support pertaining to any questions, topics, or life areas as well as an optional Astrology and Numerology chart analysis, as needed.

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What Clients Have To Say

About Readings

“My readings have been so spot on that it’s scary ridiculous. They’re so right on and I get very similar conclusions during my therapy sessions. Elizabeth has gone over and beyond her pay grade. She communicates not only clearly, timely and professional but also with love, kindness & affection. I would tell her my deepest darkest secret and feel so loved and accepted.” – Heather Magee

“You responded professionally and on time…. I’d absolutely recommend your readings to others…. The reading was accurate! As someone who was taught about the evils of tarot, it’s so awesome that I’ve come across someone like you, Elizabeth….  You blow all my preconceived conceptions of tarot right out of the water. You’re the real deal.” – Robert D. Underwood

“Elizabeth, you have a tremendous gift and this whole experience has brought about a great conversation with my fiance and I. My jaw dropped a few times reading the accuracy of the reading…haha…true story!  I look forward to re-reading my results over and over again.” – Jeff  Bontrager

“I appreciated the gentleness and caring you expressed to me about my reading. You helped me so much and gave me the clarity I was searching for. It was absolutely everything I hoped it was going to be. I recently found you on Twitter and I think you’re amazing. Thank you for everything!” – Cortney Allan

“Great details that helped answer my question, really interesting info for me to continue reading about, and practical advice on how to work on opening myself up to my greater purpose and clearing some blocks.” – Krista

“Everything was spot on and you were straight to the point which I respect. You did a beautiful job with my reading. I’m so satisfied and happy. I have a sense of clarity that my soul very much needed. You’re a beautiful, gifted soul. Thank you.” – Amanda

” I appreciated the professionalism and sensitivity when covering some of the not so nice aspects. I also love the fact you have given me courage to take a long overdue, massive step forward.” – Anonymous

“My reading gave me answers I have been searching for and have been unable to either find or accept. My reading gave me such a feeling of relief. I have never felt so seen before. I was surprised by the great advice I received about my relationships with others. I wasn’t even aware of how much I had been struggling with working with others, but after my reading I feel like I have gained great knowledge for moving forward.” – Katie, Student

“I liked finding out about placements I had no idea I had.” – Tatiana

“Fascinating reading full of detail.” – Anonymous

“Great reading. Thank you!” – Anonymous

“I appreciated how there were so many aspects to analyze and explanations behind them, really helped.” – Luisa

“My reading was so thorough! It’s obvious Elizabeth has studied astrology and numerology at great depth, and my numbers really validated my journey as well as who I am and what makes me tick. The tarot card reading was so important and gave me some great insights and direct guidance. Overall, I feel a greater sense of comfort about my next steps on a couple fronts and I received some validation about some recent choices that I made intuitively.” – Cheryl Ensom Dack

“I appreciate the accuracy and insights I received from the reading. I feel this validated my thoughts and I now have the confidence to take steps forward where I previously hesitated. In addition, Elizabeth was lovely throughout the process and quite professional in all efforts. I will happily return for future readings.” – Erin

“I really enjoyed reading about my different astrological placements. I knew I had a Yod, but not a Grand Trine or a Castle or a T-Square. I just loved the whole gosh darned thing! The interpretation was my favorite part, the way you write made me feel very calm and supported. :) YOU DA BEST.” – Ronda

“I really appreciated the tone and feeling of my reading. It was detailed, yet open ended enough that I was able to pull what I needed to open the necessary dialogue within myself. The mix of astrology, numerology, and tarot painted a colorful picture regarding my current crisis and gave me the tools to come to peace with it. Elizabeth’s reading left me with a sense of calm and I really look forward to purchasing another reading in the near future.” – Regina

“Elizabeth truly went above and beyond what I expected for my reading. Some of the details in my reading are a little hazy to me right now, but overall, the reading was spot on in what I have experienced and felt in my situation thus far. Elizabeth’s interpretation of my natal chart and the spread was thorough, and delivered without judgement, but with love and clarity. The reading/interpretation resonated with me so much. I feel so much more comfort and confidence since receiving my reading, and I will definitely be coming back to Elizabeth for any future astrological or tarot related questions. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!” – Jessica

“I am impressed and so full of gratitude for your gifts in reading my confusing situation accurately and providing me with wonderful new insights and perspectives that empower me. Thank you!” – Marina McQueen

“I’ve always known a lot of the things you said in the reading but I kept them hidden for fear I was going mad. It’s nice to know I’m not, ha.” – Tommy

“I liked how my reading included an analysis of my natal chart also! My reading was very thorough. Definitely going to purchase another one when I need to — and also going to recommend you to my friends.” – Jazlyn

“Elizabeth was so great. She was very helpful on giving me insight about the relationship I’m currently in. I was referred by my friend Jazlyn after she told me how wonderful her reading was that I thought I’d give it a try and I was very pleased by her reading. Thank you again, Elizabeth! I deeply appreciate you for being caring, uplifting and unique.” – Julie

“You spoke to my soul and all that you shared resonated. I became uplifted with confidence and blissful joy. My visions became clearer. I am now in alignment with my life purpose soul mission. I am grateful.” – Josue, Teacher/ Aspiring Artist

“Elizabeth gets straight to the point with her reading and intuitive insights and she gave me an excellent feedback on my questions after the reading. Do not hesitate to share some information about you so the reading could resonate more for you and where you need guidance.” – Sarah A.

“This was very helpful in reiterating other themes that are present in my life and solidified where I should stand.” – Courtney

“I liked everything about my reading… a lot of great information!” – Anonymous

“I really loved my reading. I loved receiving the insight and clarity.” – Mother/Wife

“I especially appreciated that my reading let me know to be patient and trust my intuition, to follow my feelings for they are the truth.” – Anonymous

“The reading is a unique blend of astrological foundations and the guidance of Tarot. The interpretation reflects a combination of individual needs, aligned with lifelong experience, and hurdles to success, both internally (self) and externally (others).” ++ Jim

“You can feel that Elizabeth cares about the information that you will receive. It was sensitively and thoroughly written, did not feel generic or “copy-pasted” like other readings I have purchased from other people. It felt right. I am very happy with my reading and looking forward for more!” – Erika

“Elizabeth has done a few readings for me and they’ve affirmed my natural inclinations and given me so much confidence to proceed with my life and walk strong.” – Melissa Ligtenberg

“You showed a professional way and were very clear in the way you communicated the information. The answers cleared up many things for me. Very spot on!!! I lost my job and my wife passed away. The reading dealt with that without you even knowing. It was very on point…. I would recommend you without hesitation!!!” – Joseph Ortiz

“I most appreciated the thoroughness, kindness, and the visuals (tarot cards, planetary map) that were included in my reading.” – Mary Caan

“My reading provided so much clarity about my current situation. I’m definitely still processing, but it’s provided me some sort of route that I can follow to work through my thought processes & what I truly want to get out of life and how I want to go about getting there. Thank you.” – Taylor

“My reading was very thorough and Elizabeth gave fantastic advice. Definitely something I needed to hear.” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much for taking your time to do this. I loved the mini- chart reading, I have only received computerized birth chart readings before. The reading was very insightful.” – Anonymous

“Elizabeth was professional, easy to contact, and very responsive. I was able to add a question just before she completed my reading. She also delivered my reading 24 hrs earlier than originally promised. It gave me clarity about my life path!” – Anonymous

“Special Configurations (T-Square, Rectangle and Yod) section I never seen from other reader before and its awesome insights on multiple effect of all planets working together.” – Rabbit Scorpio

“It was very thorough and I liked the combination of astrology, numerology and tarot. It hit a nerve, just coming the day after a break-up, so there is a lot to digest, but I know I will go back to it again and again. I especially appreciate the diligence, the care and the very transparent communication before and after the reading. I have always felt in good hands and being open with matters close to my heart came naturally.” – Anonymous

“Elizabeth’s natal chart reading was sooo extremely detailed I couldn’t have asked for more clarity! Not to mention, any other time I reached out to her for questions or added inquiries, her response was fast & she was willing to make anything work which I so appreciated. Her knowledge & intuition is such a gift to help other’s, like myself, understand themselves at a deeper level with facts & direct explanations in front of them. The tarot card reading integrated in my session was very accurate as well.. almost too accurate & raw to where some of the cards I couldn’t finish reading because they hit some deep areas/emotions. But I’m so appreciative of the openness & her ability to connect with my angels so it can guide me in my journey of self love & healing. I have so much gratitude for Elizabeth & getting this done by her – thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Haylee

“I was a little surprised how much of my tarot reading showed about what I’ve been struggling with for quite sometime. I’ve been struggling with low energy frequencies since I was a little kid, causing severe depression, fear and anxiety, as well as causing me to isolate or self-sabotage myself. This reading helped make it more real for me. Most of the time I felt like it is all in my mind and that I was crazy. I’ve been becoming more and more conscious of this deep wound and replacing each fear with love. I was feeling selfish and impatient about spending so much time focusing on this, but hearing my spirit guides affirm that this is most important for me to do takes a big burden off my shoulders. I feel full of love and support that I am not being punished and never was. I still have a lot of emotion to release, but this is giving me the drive to finally let it all go and create with it. And I am excited and grateful for the huge transformation that this has been building up to. Even though my main focus for this reading was on my career path/talent, I feel like this is exactly what I needed to hear and once I’m ready, I would love to have another reading. I loved all the information given and your personal advice and interpretation which is why I came to you for my first ever reading. Thank you for your presence as it’s very comforting to me and sharing your gift.” – Hailey

“I thought you did a nice job after my first reading of helping me to pinpoint where we needed to focus. And I just love the reading that you designed.

You responded to my thoughts and feedback (on the first reading) quickly, and then you gave me a time when I could expect my next reading and I received that reading exactly on time! In fact, if I remember correctly it was in my email inbox first thing that morning, and I was so excited it felt like unwrapping a gift at Christmas!

The reading was accurate and also very intuitive. Everything you wrote really resonated, and each point you made was right-on. It was almost as though you had taken a look into my innermost thoughts and feelings and allowed the understanding and insight from that to guide you as you read the cards. As I read each piece, I kept thinking, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

It felt very safe for me when I read the results, and you were very gentle as you touched on areas that may be personal for me….” Mary-Claire Bryant

About Counseling Sessions

“Elizabeth has a remarkable insight into all things divine. Her intuition and discernment is spot-on, and a session with her will truly give you the deep and welcome clarity you need. Even if you come to her without a question on your mind, she will dig deep and pull out the question in your heart. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!” – Kelsey

“Finding Elizabeth was like coming across a long-lost family member who intuitively understands the inner-workings of my mind and soul. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be in touch and have her share the depths of her knowledge with me. Her guidance and insight is invaluable. I wouldn’t trust many with my life, but I trust her: other people may offer services, but Elizabeth offers more―her compassionate heart. Thank you. x” – Lueda

“Elizabeth has a connection to the divine, unseen mysteries of this world. She asked the tarot cards questions that I had sent to her, and the results were that she was able to offer me guidance that my inner most soul had been whispering! It was like she illuminated things that had been vague, but starting to take shape for me, and emboldened those inner soul whisperings. Thank you, Elizabeth! ” – Amanda Christine

“Elizabeth helped me feel supported during a time when I felt like I had no one to talk to. She is absolutely gifted with astrology and tarot and her words have helped me immensely. I hope everyone gets to spend some time talking with her!!” – Amy Noon

“Elizabeth brought great clarity to a painful relationship issue I was struggling with. I saw into what the matters were for the other party involved, plus her giving me validation in how I handled it, as well as the course of action I should take to heal myself from it. It really solidified so much in my mind that I wasn’t to blame for any of it, and that I didn’t have to beat myself up over it anymore. Very, very helpful!” – Liebe Shoepke

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be guided by Elizabeth – a.k.a Intuitive Fish…. Everything she told me was spot on. She also helped me to see more clearly about my new career path and how to go about it. She has so compassionately and graciously showed me the way. Elizabeth is a kind soul. I am so happy I got the chance to hold space with her. Thank you, Elizabeth.” – Isabel

“I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Elizabeth. She is warm and welcoming , which eased my mind and made me feel safe. Meeting online in Facebook chat was a unique experience for me, which I also enjoyed. It was nice to get the Tarot part in written form… so I could reference it at any time. It did not feel impersonal at all. Elizabeth has a way of entering the space authentically with love and compassion. I was able to see some areas where I was, perhaps, working too hard to make things happen, when in actuality what I needed to do was let go of certain aspects she helped me see. I have since put that into practice and I feel much less anxiety around several areas of my life. I highly recommend spending an hour of your time with Elizabeth. It will be well worth it!” – Anonymous

“Elizabeth’s session gave me a clear focused understanding on the aspects I should focus on to resolve some of my current issues, she also has a beautiful way of showing you that what you might perceive as weakness can be your biggest strength… what a wonderful reading!” – Lili

“Thanks so much for your time today! Really was nice talking to an unbiased party. You gave me a lot to consider. Let’s do this again soon.” – Carl Storey

“Elizabeth was recently introduced to me via a friend and I knew right away that I’d be using her counseling session. I felt very comfortable in the chat and am very excited to dig in to all the information she shared. I also thought the whole process from booking to pre-interview to chat was super smooth.” – Steve Long, Filmmaker & Photographer@shootbydaylight

“What a wonderful session you provided me, Elizabeth!! I couldn’t be more grateful for the divine timing of first finding your website to you briefly setting up a counseling session. As I mentioned to you I was a bit nervous to have a connection like that, without visuals or sound but it worked beautifully! Right away you brought your generous and warm human side across and I felt extremely comfortable. And even more so when I intuitively felt your full attention on how we together could get to the bottom line to my specific concerns, step by step. From preparation and experience, I was so humbled by you having an answer and guided messages to everything that came up throughout the entire session. Plus having the ability to go back and reread our chat later on was also so useful for me. If there’s someone who can take advantage of every single minute, it’s definitely you. I can only say bravo over and over again!! Thank you so much for all the insights you shared with me. They have all been incredibly precious to my current situation and with no doubt valuable to bring with me into the future.” – Rebecka Uirab

“Elizabeth was wonderful. She kept in touch prior to our appointment and asked me which approach i would prefer. We started chatting and in all honesty it was like speaking to an old friend rather than someone at the opposite end of the world that i had never met face to face!

She is insightful and has a lovely way around her approach to your concerns. She asked plenty of open questions about my current situation and never once chastised my responses. I didnt feel judgement or negativity in the slightest just comfort and warmth.

Towards the end of our conversation Elizabeth read my tarot and spoke a little about my numerology as well. There were no sales pitches or pushiness to book another appointment and for that reason amongst others i will book a follow up session for sure.

After our chat i felt rejuvanated and uplifted and giving how low my moods have been lately it was quite something. I cannot recommend this type of intuitive counselling enough and i would highly recommend Elizabeth to help you on your journey whatever that may be.” – Lindsey M

“I have done a lot of inner work, taken a lot of courses and worked with many counselors and coaches. Elizabeth has an approach that helped me to know myself and to change things that I was not able to before. I feel thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

I decided to work with Elizabeth so I could know and love myself better and experience a more abundant and joyous life. I chose Elizabeth because I trust her and admire her for the inner work she has done. She is respectful, intelligent, and authentic.

Elizabeth’s approach is unique because of the work that she has done within her own being and also because of the work that she has done around the systems – astrology, numerology, and the tarot.

Since I have worked with Elizabeth, I have taken many steps to set better boundaries and end toxic relationships. I am easily able to refuse to be treated in a way that is not nourishing to me. This includes how I treat myself! I trust my intuition more.

Working with Elizabeth is NOT for you if you want to keep doing the same things that are not nourishing, or you want to be fixed by someone else without doing any work yourself.

Elizabeth is DEFINITELY for you if you want to know yourself better and you want to create a kinder world by making the changes you want in your life.” – Christine Marsh

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