My consultation with Elizabeth was, and remains, incredibly valuable. It bore fruit during our time working together, and continues to benefit me with ongoing worth now that we are done. There were things in my life that I needed to shift, and hadn’t been able to even with much effort and other types of support. It turns out I needed a different kind of help and guidance to do this, and Elizabeth and her gifts were what brought me to important breakthroughs. The advice I received from her was always incredibly accurate. 

After our consultation, I have new paths to explore, and feel more settled about multiple life areas, and more in touch with my real, best potential. I‘ve  experienced a deep emotional and spiritual shift which is powerful and lasting.

I sometimes brought my own blocks to the work, and even when things were challenging for me, Elizabeth’s support and insight never faltered. I’m continuing to grow and feel more alive and aligned, and aware of what’s real and right for me, and finding my best life in every moment I can. I wouldn’t be here without the work we did together, and I am so grateful. – Anonymous